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Hey all you role-playing fans!The walkthrough you are about to read is for one of 
the best games in the final fantasy series!(my opinion)My nickname is role player 
because i love to play role playing action packed games.Before we get started i 
have to tell you that this is the first ever walkthrough i have ever written so if 
i mess up on something, email me, my address is [email protected], or if you 
have any comments or suggestions, but please dont send anything rude, or with 
anything saying i copied somebody elses work, if you do i will erase it.Now most 
importintly DONT COPY MY WORK!!!Or you will be legaly punished, you may download 
it, write it down, or anything like that.I will however allow you to use my 
character description, because half of it is from squaresoft, but give me credit 
where i should have it.Ok thats it, lets start.Oh and if you see this walkthrough 
on any other site exept then please email me.

1.squaresoft copyright and version information
2.getting started
4.basic controls
6.boss stragities
7.clelestal weapons
8.aeon guide
9.special thanks


The following copyright is from squaresoft entertainment, violate it and you will 
have to deal with them yourself...

copyright 2001-2002 square co.,Ltd All rights reserved.FINAL FANTASY and the 
SQUARESOFT logo are registered trademarks of square co.,Ltd.Character 
design:Tetsuya Nomura.

Licensed to play on playstation 2 computer entertainment systems with the NTSC U/C 
designation only."playstation" and the "ps" family logo are registered trademarks 
of sony computer entertainment inc.The ratings icon is a trademark of the 
interactive digital software association.Manufactured and printed in the U.S.A. 
this software is compatable with playstation 2 consoles with the NTSC U/C 
designation U.S. and foreign patents pending.


To get the game to play first off you have to hook up your playstation 2 system 
according to these directions.

First off get the cord that plugs in to the wall, and well plug it in,on the other 
end insert the object in the hole in the back of the playstation 2 console.Now het 
the cord with the three colored plugs in one end and plug them in either the back 
of your t.v. or your vcr, match the colors, then plug the other end of the plug in 
the back of your playstation 2 console also, right under the previous cord.Now flip 
the switch in the back of the console and you should see a red light on the top 
button of the front of the playstation 2 console, push that button and it should 
turn green, make sure you t.v. channal is on either 3 or 4 then you should see the 
playstation 2 symble appear on the screen,and a button below the green one will be 
blue, now push that button, and the disc tray should pop out, insert the final 
fantasy x disc in face up and push the button again, it should now close, you 
should be at a screen that will let you ajust your settings if this is your first 
time turning on your console, just press start and you should then be at the final 
fantasy x title screen, if new go to new game, and if you want to pick up where you 
left off last time go to load game screen and pick your game.You will need 64kb to 
save your game on final fantasy x, and there are 99 save files.


The following characters are the main characters in final fantasy x...

Tidus is a cheerful, rising blitzball star playing for the zanarkand abes.He has 
long hated his father, who was a reknowned player himself before his untimely 
death.Tidus's quick moves allow him to attack even the swiftest foes with ease.
Daughter of high summoner Braska.Honest and determained, Yuna embarks on a 
pilgrimage to obtain the final aeon and defeat sin.Yuna is learnu=ing the mystical 
art of summoning aeons-powerful spirits of yore.
Coach and captin of the local blitzball team the besaid aurochs.Wakka plans to 
retire from the sport after this years tournament, so that he can devote himself 
fully to serving as Yuna's guardian.His deadly blitzball is especially useful for 
knocking down arieal enemies.
One of Yuna's guardians.She and Wakka think of Yuna as a younger sister.Lulu's 
stoic  and self possessed nature makes her seem intensive at times.She specializes 
in the art of black magic, using various dolls to help cast various spells.
A powerful warrior of the Ronso tribe.Kimahri has watched over Yuna from her 
youngest days.He speaks little, but is deeply devoted to Yuna and serves her 
loyalty as a guardian.Kimahri can learn enimies skills with his Lancet ability.
The legendary guardian who together with high summoner Braska, defeated sin ten 
years ago.A man of few words, he guids Yuna and Tidus on there mission to vanquish 
sin once more.He swings his gigantic sword with such power even the toughest foes 
are cut asunder.
A young Al Bhed girl. Her personality is upbeat and positive,and shes not afraid to 
speak her mind.she works hard to restore her out cast people to former glory.Rikku 
handles mechanical enemies with ease,and can steal items from them too.

The basic controls in Final Fantasy X are not complicated, this is how they are 

X button- select option such as sphere grid, aeons, or customize.
Triangle button- press to display menu.
O button- press and hold to make Tidus walk,or press to cancle.
Directional buttons- use to move courser or Tidus.
Left anologe stick- same as directional buttons.
Square button- Nothing.Or press to guard.(In battle only)
Right anologe stick- nothing
L1- use to scroll up in a large amount.
R1- used to scroll down in a large amount.


Ok its time to get down to business, here is the longest part of the walkthrough, 
the walkthrough to final fantasy X.

Part one - Blitzball?

After you take control of Tidus walk upto the three boys on the left of the screen, 
and they will ask you for your autograph, this is where your name.After you have 
chosen your name go to the two girls on the right of the screen, they will ask for 
your autograph to and you will then start flirting with them.After that go to the 
center of the screen, you can talk to the other people if you want and i think you 
get a potion or something from one of them, but when your done go to the center of 
the screen and a cutsceen should appear.After that when you take control of Tidus 
again you will be looking at his father and he will sart running.Go to the end of 
the bridge and another cutsceen should appear.It will show Tidus playing Blitzball, 
and then a big wave coming into Zanarkand and shooting out missiles that destroy 
it.Then it will show Tidus hanging onto the side of the stadium and then fall.

Part two - Zanarkand

After you take control of Tidus again you will see the man in the red cote, walk 
over to him, and you will find out his name is Auron and that Tidus knows him.After 
that go to the red triangle shown on your map.After you catch up with Auron it will 
play another cutsceen, this time it will show a small boy who freezes time and says 
that "It begins, dont cry", and time will be unfroze and he is gone.It will show 
Tidus confused.When you regain control of him follow Auron to the red triangle on 
your map.You will run into some enemies called feinds.Auron will give you a sword 
and say it was a gift from his father, who died ten years ago,and tell him that he 
hopes you know how to use it, and your first battle begines...Only attack the 
feinds on the far right, and after about three attacks you will defeat them.Now 
continue down the road.You will then run into a boss who is stuck into the 
ground.This guy is known as "sinspawn" and you will have to fight it in various 
forms throughout the game.
Sinspwan Ammes
This battle is easy, you cant die.Since all this thing casts is Demi it will never 
kill you, just lower your HP.Sart off using Aurons overdrive, Dragonfang.That 
should kill the little scale things, especially if you get a perfect.Then just hack 
away at him.If you get a chance use Tidus's overdrive, Spiralcut.After about ten 
turns he will die and you will win.This really isnt a hard battle.
After the battle keep going and up the road to your right is a save point, save it 
if you want.Keep going and you will run into more scales.After a few hits you will 
relize there are to many of them and Auron will say "This could be bad, that over 
there knock it down!"And you will then have to attack a gas crate, after about five 
hits it will explode and the sin scales will all die, and the road will start to 
fall.Auron will say "Run."And a cutsceen will appear.It will show Tidus running 
then jumping and  grabbing onto the ledge of the road, Auron will pick you up 
andright before youget absorbed by sin he will say "This is your story, it all 
starts here. And you will be evaperated into a strange light.After that you will be 
in some strange water, swim down using the O button and you will see Tidus as a 
child, and he will say that he is starting to feel light headed and sleepy, and you 
will then fall asleep.

Part three - All alone.

When you wake up you will be in some ruins, Tidus will scream "Is anyone out 
there?"But no one will reply.Swim forward and you should be at some stairs, go up 
them and follow the narrow path to the left,there is a save point to save 
your game, do it.

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