Complete Walkthrough- V1.0 - Guide for Elemental Gimmick Gear

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	Elemental Gimmick Gear (E.G.G.) is an action/RPG for the Sega 
Dreamcast. The basic gameplay is similar to 'The Legend of Zelda' for 
the SNES and 'Beyond Oasis' for the Genesis. This game was originally a 
Saturn game, but it has been redone for the Dreamcast with better 
detail, color, and the inclusion of 3D boss battles. 
	This game is a lot of fun for those who like the 2D overhead 
adventures like Zelda. It features mech-like vehicles and a sci-fi 
theme, and the visuals are colorful. The cutscenes are animated 
beautifully. This is a welcome addition to the Dreamcast's slow trickle 
of RPG's, and I had a lot of fun with it.
	Unfortunately, the game often does not tell you where to head 
next, or whether or not you're on the right track. The purpose of this 
walkthrough is to take you through the game play-by-play. I advise you 
to try and figure out everything yourself first (since that is the basic 
idea behind playing a game in the first place), but if you find yourself 
stuck on where to go next, or stumped by a puzzle, then I hope this 
walkthrough can help you out.
	Since the story is told through the opening cinema, in-game 
cutscenes, and flashbacks, I have not detailed the storyline here- just 
the gameplay. 

This walkthrough is broken down as follows:
Introduction-- the part you just read
Controls/ Basic moves/ Basic hints-- pretty self explanatory: your moves 
and the basics behind the gameplay, as well as general hints to get you 
Items-- the different things you can find, and what to do with them
The Flowers-- scenery that plays a valuable role in your quest
Walkthrough-- step by step through the game
Misc. information-- This section covers all of the oddities in the game, 
like where to pick up some random items, and explains some of the little 
sides. I'd suggest reading this if you're looking for a few more 
Capsules, or if you just want a better idea of what's happening (this 
section includes Clay's questions, the Primeval Metamo, etc...)
Mini games-- a guide to the mini-games. How to reach them, what to do, 
and what you get for winning. Since these aren't necessary to play the 
actual quest, I've put the entire mini-game section at the end of this 

Controls/ Basics
NOTE: You can change the key configuration in the OPTION mode during the 
game. Therefore I have not assigned these moves to specific buttons, but 
rather just explained the possible moves your character can make. You'll 
have to assign the controller functions in whatever way makes playing 
easier for you.
Your moves are as follows:
Punch- Your basic attack. It is also used as an action button, to talk 
to people and to activate computer consoles and switches. 
Wire Punch- Once you have obtained the Wire Arm item, you can activate 
it by holding down the punch button until your fist lights up.
EGG mode- Pressing this will turn your machine into an egg shape. Tap 
the button again to revert back to machine mode. In the egg shape, hold 
down the button to start spinning. Once you're at full speed you can 
release the button, and can move around in this mode. This is used to 
break down doors or walls, enter tunnels that are too small for your 
machine mode, or attack enemies. NOTE: As you spin, your hit points 
slowly decrease. If your EP are 10 or below, you cannot spin in egg 
mode. While spinning, though, enemies take off fewer EP.
Block- Use to defend against attack, You will still lose EP when hit, 
but at a lower rate.
Item Access- Opens up the item screen, which allows you to choose and 
equip available items.
Use items- Allows you to use whatever  special item you have equipped.
Push- Move against a movable block to push it forward.
Carry- With a special item, you can lift and carry blocks. Pressing the 
action button once will lift and automatically throw a block. Press and 
hold the action button, and you'll hold the block and can walk around 
with it. As soon as you release the button, you'll toss the block in the 
direction you're facing. There are two levels- the first lets you lift 
small tiles, and with the second you can pick up large tiles as well.
Catch- When you reach Skill Level 2, you can catch thrown items by 
getting in position and pressing the punch button at the right moment.
Pull- With a special item, you can pull blocks.
START- The start button will pause your game. It also brings up the 
status/ configure menu. The status screen shows your EGG. It displays 
your levels and current capsules, your EP and the number of energy tanks 
you have obtained, as well as you current Gabaro (money) amount. The 
configure screen lets you change the message speed, toggle the sound 
from stereo to mono, and change the color of the text screens. You can 
also configure your controller in this screen. All settings will be 
saved with your game.

The Basics- You start the game with 25 energy points (EP), and can find 
and/ or buy items that will increase this number. You start with no 
items, and only at the basic level. At first, your only available attack 
is the basic punch and the egg mode, but with only 25 EP the egg drains 
your strength too quickly to be of any real use.
**If your EP should hit 0, the game over screen will appear. In normal 
play, you may continue and start at the entrance to the screen you died 
on. If you die during a boss fight, you can continue from the screen 
before you enter the fight. When you restart after death, you will not 
restart with full EP.
**When you encounter a boss, the game will shift to a 3D fight. All of 
the moves that you can do in the basic screens are the same in the boss 
**Throughout the game, you will be able to save when you find a floating 
blue save pod. 
**The monetary unit in this world is the Gabaro (shortened to 'g' in 
this text). You can gain Gabaro by killing monsters in the basic 
screens. The money can be used to purchase items, by energy refills, or 
donate to charity.
**It is possible to jump down from a higher level to a lower level, 
whenever there is no wall or fence at the edge. If you can see a floor, 
you're safe. Fall down a black chasm, though, and you'll have to restart 
at the entrance to that room- and you'll lose 20 EP. 
**In the 3D battles, if you're charging up a special long-range attack 
(fireball, ice beam, wire arm, etc), a green arrow will appear on the 
floor in front of you. This shows you the path your attack will take. 
While chargin, you can move side-to-side to adjust your aim. 

Basic Gameplay Hints- **If you've got to get enemies, and you're running 
dangerously low on EP, use your egg mode to spin through the danger. A 
spinning hit against an enemy will kill them faster, and if you get hit 
while spinning you'll only lose one EP. Of course, if you're too low, 
you can't spin in egg mode at all. If all else fails, though, spin 
through the danger.
**Blocking a hit will still cause you damage, but only a point or two 
instead of full damage. It comes in handy during 3D battles and while 
fighting more difficult enemies.
**When in doubt, look along the walls: Doors can sometimes be hard to 
see, especially along the bottom wall, when all you have to go on is a 
bit of light spilling out onto the floor.
**Once you open doors or activate something in a room (by pushing 
buttons, etc), it will always stay open, so you won't have to repeat the 
process if you come through this room again.

The items you will find throughout the game will raise your ability 
levels, give you new attacks and special abilities, and allow you access 
to previously closed off areas of the game. Here are the special items 
Energy tank- This will raise your EP by 25 (to a max of 400). You can 
buy these on occasion, as well as find them at specific points in the 
Attack capsule- A red capsule. Obtaining 3 of these will raise your 
attack by one level (max level 7).
Defense capsule- A grey capsule. 3 of these will raise your defense 
level (max level 7)
Mind capsule- A brown capsule. Getting 3 will raise your mind level by 
1. This will raise the amount of elements you can hold. 
Skill ROM- These will raise your skill level by 1 (there are 3 skill 
levels in all). Getting these and raising your skills will allow you to 
carry and catch blocks. They are blue square-like things.
Access chip- A yellow, triangular object. These will raise your computer 
access level (to a max of 3). You will come across computer panels 
throughout your journey in Fogna, and you must have the proper level to 
activate them.
Wire arm- This super-handy item will allow you to cross pits, wherever 
you see a little hook that you can catch on the other side. You can also 
pull certain blocks with this, and punch enemies from a distance (which 
will serve to shove them back, but will take away less damage than a 
regular punch).
Flame stone- This will allow you to shoot a fireball, which will burn 
enemies and melt ice. You must have the proper number of red elements to 
shoot a fire blast (which is 3).  
Freeze stone- This handy rock will let you shoot a beam of ice, which 
can freeze enemies or certain water. This uses blue element. Takes 3 
element per use.
Subtank- This will let you store backup energy, which you can use when 
you run dangerously low on EP.
Geo stone- This yellow rock will make you punch the ground. You'll 
damage every on-screen enemy, as well as break certain weak floors. 
Plus, occasionally power-ups will fall from the ceiling. Takes 8 yellow 
Plasma stone- The Plasma stone detonates a plasma blast, which damages 
all on-screen enemies. Plus, you'll need it to activate certain panels 
throughout the game. This uses green element, 6 per blast.
Flame spinner- Surrounds your spinning egg mode in fire. Press the item 
button while spinning to activate it.
Teleporter- A handy little device that will get you out of a dungeon. It 
takes 15 blue elements to operate, and will put you right outside the 
entrance to whatever dungeon you're in.
Waterproof suit- This will allow you to move freely under the water, 
instead of being slowed down and sluggish. Plus, you can now pass 
through the underwater doors that had been previously blocked by bubbly 
Vacuumer- With this item, you'll be able to step into beams of light 
(they're hard to find, but around) and suck up the energy into an empty 
Super Grip- This allows you to pull blocks. Punch the block and hold, 
then move in the direction you want to go.
Nova Stone- this super-powerful stone gives you the Nova Blast. This 
will damage all on-screen enemies, as well as disable Nova traps 
(spinning blue vortexes that take off damage if you touch them). This 
stone uses 8 of each element per use.
Gravity Shield- With this, you can create a temporary shield around your 
EGG. This can be used to defend against enemy attacks, as well as pass 
through energy fields. The shield lasts about 5 seconds. It uses 15 
yellow element.

Here are the basic items, which you can get from killing enemies on the 
regular game screens:
Gabaro- you can pick up money in 3 denomination: the smallest is worth 
5, the medium coin will give you 10, and the biggest coin will put 20g 
into your pocket.
Energy- these red and yellow balls can give you back some of the EP 
you've lost. A tiny red ball will give you 5 EP, an orange ball will 
pump you up by 10, and a big yellow ball will give you back 20 EP. Very 
Red element- you'll pick these up only after you get the Flame stone. 
These are what powers your fireballs, and you will use some up each time 
you fire a blast. A tiny red block will give you 5, a medium chunk will 
give you 15, and a big hunk of red rock will give you 30.
Blue element- like the red element, but this one powers the Freeze 
stone. Small=5, medium=15, and large=30.
Yellow element- for the Geo stone. You get the idea by now.
Green element- powers the Plasma stone. 
Energy stock- this will fill your reserve tank with energy. If you're 
getting low, you can activate this item and get a one-shot refill of all 
of your EP. Energy stocks can be bought at any shop.

The Flowers
	Throughout your travels, you'll see large blue flowers that have 
sprouted around the land. When you step up next to these flowers, they 
open up. These aren't just an odd bit of scenery- they can be used to 
further your quest and reach items.
	When you come up to one of the flowers, it'll open its petals. 
Transform into your egg mode, and you'll automatically hop into the 
flower. You will then be spit out, and land somewhere else. Sometimes 
this can act as a shortcut, or a way of traveling between unconnected 
areas. Others may spit you up to a new ledge on which you can pick up a 
useful item.	
	I have given the location of each flower, as well as where you'll 
end up if you hop in. Also, throughout the walkthrough, I will 
occasionally suggest that you 'take a flower', which means to get in the 
flower and go where it sends you. Some of these descriptions below may 
not make too much sense until you reach the right point in the game:
	[Flower to the right of Fog Tower- shoots you over to North 
	[left of Fog Tower (across second pool)- takes you up to a ledge. 
Go down into a hidden door to get an Attack Capsule.
	[Flower in room south of S. Fogedge (where you get the first Skill 
ROM)- shoots you to N. Fogedge, on a ledge with a beam of light you can 
get with the Vacuumer, which gives you the element stock (fully restores 
all element)
	[Flower on ledge next to Moon Bay sandpit- drops you in West 
	[Flower in upper right in West Fogedge- takes you to South Fogedge
	[Flower in lower left of South Fogedge (opens later in the game)- 
takes you to West Fogedge.
	[Flower at bottom of West Fogedge tentacle- drops you in Moon Bay.
	[Flower in North Fogedge (opens later)- spits you up to The Fog 
Tower area.

	Now for the main event: the walkthrough. During this text, I will 
refer to directions as 'up, down, left, right'. These correspond to your 
own sides, not your characters. So, if I say "take the right door", 
it'll mean to head to your right (the right on the controller), 
regardless of which direction your character is facing.

	You'll start out after the opening cinema, when Selen returns you 
to your EGG and lets you go. The first thing I recommend doing is 
heading to the left and saving your game. You may have noticed by now 
that you can't skip over the opening cinema, so saving now will save you 
from having to watch it all again (it's pretty, but long). 
	Look along the bottom wall for a bit of light. This is a doorway 
(get used to looking for bottom-wall doors by the light they throw onto 
the floor). Go through this door. Pass through the outer ring of the lab 
building, then go right, into a wide doorway. In this room is a mom 
scolding her son, who is playing on a big pile of rocks. He falls down. 
Go around the path, pushing blocks out of the way and using your egg 
mode to break the gray one, and rescue the boy. They thank you, and you 
can leave (throughout the game, you'll be saving little Harry more than 
	In town, if you so choose, you can wander around at talk to the 
populace. If you want to go into a building, though, it is only polite 
to get out of your EGG first. You'll see panels on the ground with a red 
person symbol (looks sorta like the sign for a men's bathroom). Stand on 
this and push the action (punch) button. You'll climb out of your EGG. 
You can't fight, but you can go into houses and buildings and talk to 
	One building in town that you can go into in your EGG is the shop. 
It is in the lower right section of town. In here, you can buy items as 
well as restore your EP. In the upper right corner of teh shop is a big 
machine. Punch this, and the shopkeeper will offer to recharge your EP 
for a small fee. Pay, and you'll automatically go into your egg mode and 
get into the machine, which will max out your EP. Pretty handy. Go south 
to exit the town. 
	Before you can leave the town, someone comes out and challenges 
you to a fight, thinking that you're a pirate. He rushes at you, and the 
first 3D battle starts with Justice Horn.
	*In a 3D battle, your controls are the same. Punch Justice Horn, 
then immediately run around him. He'll rush at you and punch the air 
where you were just standing. Punch him again, and repeat. Don't worry, 
though, the game will continue whether you win or lose this particular 
	When you win or lose, Luckie will come out of the Justice Horn and 
realize that you are not a pirate. After a brief conversation, he'll 
give you an Attack Capsule as an apology. He'll then go home (he'll tell 
you that you can fight Justice Horn whenever you want by punching the 
EGG next to his house. If you want some more 3D fight practice, you can 
play with him whenever you want).
	Now, go south, into South Fogedge. Go up the ramp, then down and 
to the right. You should see a glint of something on the ground hidden 
from view by the trees. Go and get this: it's a Defense Capsule.  and 
follow the path to the left. You'll see the entrance to Fogna. Go on in.
	Go up in this first room, then go through the doorway. Follow the 
hall, and use your egg mode at the top to break through the door. You'll 
now be in a fairly large room. I you'd like, you can jump down to the 
right to save. You'll then have to circle down and around, back into the 
main room. When you come to a door stopping your progress, punch the red 
light on the wall beside it to open it up. Make your way back onto the 
upper level in the room with the save pod.
	To the left of the door you'll see a mechanism on the floor. When 
you get close to this, the center opens up. Stand on the hole and turn 
into your egg. You'll automatically spin around, and this will open a 
door to your left. Go through this door. Continue downward until you see 
a door in the left wall. In this next room, punch the block to reveal a 
Level 1 Access Chip! Now, go back the way you came, back into that room 
with the save pod. Now go to the right side of the room, up to the top 
corner, where you'll find a computer. Punch the console, and you'll 
activate it and open a door next to you. Go through it, then down the 
hall with the doors blocked by pillars. The floor will rise up and 
attack you at one point. Kill the tiles and keep going. At the bottom of 
the hallway will be an open door on your right. Go through and get the 
Defense Capsule, then punch the red light on the top wall. This will 
lower the pillars. Go back into the hallway and go down to get an Energy 
Tank, which will raise your max EP by 25 (you should now have 50).
	Before going any further into Fogna, I HIGHLY recommend that you 
head back to town with at least 300g (kill enemies until you have 
enough). You've got a boss coming up (in the door to the right in that 
hall), and you'll need all the EP you can get. Wander around and kill 
enemeies until you have 300g, then go into town to the shop, where you 
can buy an Energy Tank, raising your max EP to 75. Incidentally, you can 
only buy one from the shop. 
	Go back through Fogna 1 (all of the doors you've opened and 
accessed are still open). Go back into the hallway that had the pillars 
blocking the doors. Cross the hall into the right door. Welcome to your 
first real boss battle!
	*JOINTER*- Jointer is a big robotic centipede. He'll come out in a 
short cutscene, then the fight begins. 
	You'll want to aim for his head and his tail segments. DO NOT GET 
RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE!!! If his pincers grab you, he'll take off 15 
EP. Occasionally, when he tosses you against a wall, you can get a large 
EP refill, but not always.
	If you hit any segment other than the head or tail, he'll come 
apart. The other segments blow up, and the explosions pull away a couple 
of EP if you're caught in them. Hit the segment right behind his head, 
and he'll separate, which means he can't grab you in his pincer.
	Jointer will come in and out of the holes around the room, and 
sometimes climb the wall. Sometimes a bunch of segments will fall and 
scurry around the room separately. Aim for the head (the one with the 
pincers) or the tail (with the gray eyes). Any other segments that you 
punch (the ones with the glowing red eyes) will freeze, flash, and 
explode. Occasionally the head will just peek out of a hole while the 
segments run around. There's a lot of stuff running around the screen- 
don't get distracted, keep going for the head and the tail.
	If you die, you'll start in the chamber before the hallway, but 
not at full EP. Go back and forth between the rooms and kill enemies to 
get EP recharges. Don't worry, when you go back in to fight Jointer 
again, you won't have to go through the full cutscene first.
	When you kill off the head or tail, it'll freeze and spit some 
foam out, then explode. 
	Just keep hitting him, careful to avoid his pincers and the 
explosions. He took me several tries, but he is beatable. 	
	When Jointer is history, you'll get another Energy Tank (upping 
you to 100 EP). At the top of the room a door will have opened. Go 
through, and follow the bridge upward.
	Next comes a cool cinema, where your EGG is put into a big machine 
and upgraded. You'll get the Flame Stone now! As soon as you get it, 
call up the item screen and equip it.
	You'll notice in the upper left of the screen, you'll see your 
stone. Next to that is a number (3). this is how many red elements are 
needed to blast a fireball. You'll also see a little red chip with a 15 
below it: this is the number of red element you have. Now, when you kill 
regular enemies, you will occasionally get red element, and you can now 
buy it in the shop. 
	When you go back into the save pod room, you'll notice a block of 
ice in front of a hall. Ignore it for now. 

	Leave Fogna, and go back to town. As soon as you enter, Luckie 
will run up to you, saying that the pirates attacked and kidnapped 
Selen! Go through town and go out the north exit into North Fogedge. 
You'll be on a rocky plateau. Jump or climb down to the next level, 
where a man will call to you. He's trapped in a tree's roots. Go to him 
and blast the roots with a fireball, which will free him. He'll thank 
you, and give you the invaluable Wire Arm as a reward. To use this, hold 
down the punch button until your fist lights up, and release. It can 
catch on to hooks and pull you across chasms, and can grab items from a 
distance. You can also hit enemies with it, but it gives less damage 
than your regular punch.
	Now that you have the Wire Arm, I'd suggest cutting back through 
town to South Fogedge. Remember seeing a Defense Capsule on a hill, out 
of your reach? Now you can jump across from the other hill and get the 

	Go back up through town to North Fogedge, and enter the hole you 
put into the tree when you saved Sheeba. Inside you'll come to a gap 
with a flower monster guarding it, spitting seeds at you. You have to 
hit him with the Wire Arm, and once he's dead it'll be easier to cross 
the gap. Once across, go down. You'll be on a plateau. Go up from here, 
where you'll see a bubbling pool. Down on the next level will be some 
water and a couple of monsters. Jump down to them, and head northeast 
(upper right) to find a door that will lead to a Mind Capsule. Now go 
out, and follow the river down to the previous screen. Go back up onto 
the plateau, and use the Wire Arm to cross over to the left hand side. 
Go up to get a large energy refill, if need be. Go back down.
	Below the plateau, you'll see a door. Go to it, and this will 
trigger a flashback. Now go into the door, to find yourself in another 
part of Fogna.

	Climb the stairs, cross the gap, and go to another access hole on 
the floor. Turn into your egg mode to open a door. If you'd like, go 
down to a ladder and a red platform, which will have a save pod on it. 
Now go through the door that you opened. You'll be on a platform, and 
you can see another across a gap, with a switch on it. Hit the switch 
with your Wire Arm, and a bridge extends. Cross it and go through the 
door into a large room with big pools of water in it. Go down a red 
bridge in the center of the room (between the two pools), and find 
another access hole. Turn into your egg mode and activate it. Now go 
back up, and go into the right-hand pool. Go down to a set of stairs 
which will bring you up to dry land. Now go down and to the left. Go up 
the stairs and through door to a large, circular room. Get the Mind 
Capsule. Go around, and jump down to another egg mode access hole. Use 
it to open a door right below. Jump down and go through.
	*The enemies here, especially the evil EGG's, take off a load of 
EP! If you go through the south door in this room, you'll find yourself 
in the first Fogna, in the room with the save pod (remember the hallway 
blocked by the ice cube?). You can fireball the ice chunk to get it out 
of your way, then save and/or head back to town and recharge. You can 
also come back this way and get rid of the ice to get back to where you 
	In the large, round room, go through the door that you opened on 
the left side. You'll see two bridges leading upward. They're both made 
of falling tiles, so you'll have to egg spin across. Choose the far left 
one, because midway across you'll pick up an Attack Capsule. Just don't 
let it throw off your speed, or you'll fall. When you reach the solid 
tile at the end of the bridge, hook across the gap and head right 
through a door. Go across the screen to another door. Now you'll be in a 
blocked-off section of the big water room. Hit the console, and it'll 
activate the cooling system, which will freeze the pools. Now go back 1 
screen, and hop down. Climb the stairs and hook across. I'd recommend 
stopping at the save pod, and then go back into the pool room.
	Now you can cross the surface of the pools. In the middle of the 
room you'll see an opening in a tube. Turn into an egg and spin into the 
tube, and follow it. It'll take you into the next screen, and just keep 
moving forward until you come out. Hook across the gap to the left, and 
punch the block for a large energy refill. Go through the door on the 
	As soon as you enter this room, the door will close behind you. 
You'll now have to kill 4 flying enemies. They're not really too tough, 
but they can shoot at you from a distance. Just keep pounding them, one 
at a time, until they're history. When you kill them, the door will 
reopen, as will another door across from it and a door at the top of the 
room. Take this door, and it'll lead you to another upgrade room. Here, 
you'll get the Freeze Stone! Now you can turn enemies into big blocks of 
ice. Plus, remember those pools of water with the big bubbles in the 
middle? Now you can ice those over and go across. 
	Leave the upgrade room, and now head left. Follow the room around, 
and freeze the enemy. Push the block of ice onto the button next to the 
door, which will open the door and keep it open for you. Go on through. 
Jump down, and follow the route to leave the area (you're in familiar 
territory now). 
	Leave, and I'd recommend going home to recharge. Plus, you'll need 
to head to South Fogedge again anyway.
	Go through town, back into South Fogedge. Climb the plank to the 
first hill, and go down to the bottom of the screen. You should see a 
log blocking your path. Blast it with a fireball, and it'll burn away. 
Now head down through the path you've cleared. 
	In the next screen, you'll see a little gray thing nearby. Go to 
it and press the punch button. You'll climb out of your EGG and pick the 
item up, then get back into the EGG. A message stating that you've 
picked up a Primevil Metamo will come up (don't worry. This is explained 
in the Misc. info section at the end of this text). 
	Go down the stairs, and aim your freeze beam at the big bubble on 
the surface of the water. Use the freeze beam to ice the water, then 
walk across. Don't dally, as the ice will only last for a little while 
before melting back to water. Go through the door on the other side. Now 
you'll be in a room with a couple of enemies and, most importantly, a 
Skill ROM. This will allow you to pick up and toss aside many of the 
small blocks that will get in your way! You can pick up an item by 
pressing the action (punch) button. If you just tap the button, you'll 
lift and instantly throw the block. If you hold down the button, you can 
carry the block around. When you release the button, you'll 
automatically toss the block in the direction you're facing.
	Go back to town. Go into the room where you rescued little Harry. 
You'll have to do it again (some kids never learn), but this time you'll 
have to hook across a gap and pick up a few rocks that block your path. 
Save him, and again he and his mommy will thank you (she should probably 
get a leash for that kid). 
	 Now head north, back through the tree cave, but this time go up 
from the plateau on the other side. Freeze the pool, and cross, and go 
across the pink bridge. There's another pool to ice and cross, then a 
bunch of stairs leading up to Fog Tower. Fog Tower is a long, somewhat 
complex dungeon, but at the top awaits Selen and the pirates. so, you 
really have no choice but to brave the danger.
	FOG TOWER-- As soon as you enter Fog Tower, you can go to the left 
and find a save pod. Save if you'd like, but I'm going to recommend you 
go back to it and save in a couple of minutes. Go up to the desk with an 
EGG behind it. He'll demand 400g to let you pass. If you don't have the 
cash, wander around and kill enemies until you do, then pay him. He'll 
open a nearby door, and you can get on the elevator and go up. Before 
you do, take note of the capsule on a platform out of your reach. You'll 
be getting this in a second.
	On the next floor, jump down the hole immediately to your right. 
You'll land on the first floor, but on the platform. You'll get a 
Defense Capsule. Hop down, and get back on the elevator. On the second 
floor, now go left and push the block out of your way. You'll see 
another hole in the upper left-hand corner. Jump down. You'll end up on 
the first floor, on another platform, and now you'll get Mind Capsule. 
Jump back down. This is where you want to hit the save pod, as long as 
you're nearby, so you'll have saved any level increases. Now get back 
onto the elevator and go back up to 2F.
	2F- Go to the tall block, and push it all the way to the left. 
Then circle around and push it down, then circle again and push it to 
the left. Now go around to the right, hook across the gap, toss aside 
the red tile blocking your way, and then push the tall block up onto the 
button on the floor. This will open up the door, behind which is the 
elevator to 3F
	3F- Go down and step onto the platform, which will move and bring 
you downward. (If need be, go through the left door, hook across, and 
toss the red tile aside for a large energy refill.)
Go through the door on the right wall, hook across the gap, and toss the 
red tile to reveal an Attack Capsule. Go back into the moving platform 
room. You'll see a tall purple block in front of you. Go around to the 
left of it, then push the block straight to the right, under a light 
hanging from the wall. This will activate the second moving platform. 
Now push the green block onto the platform, which will take you across 
to the other side. Push the green block onto the floor button, and go 
through the door that opens.
	4F- To your left, you'll see a block. Push this al the way to the 
left, then go down and hook across the chasm. Go right, pushing each 
block out of your way. Slip between the two blocks you'll come through, 
and push the upper one onto the button. This will open the door. Now go 
back around and go through the door. NOTE: If you screw up during your 
block pushing, jump down the gap. You'll fall down to 3F, and you can 
just go back up to 4F and try again.
	5F- In this room, you just have to freeze 3 enemies and push them 
around onto the 3 buttons in front of the door. It takes a bit of time, 
and remember that if you don't hustle, frozen enemies will thaw, and 
you'll have to freeze them again. Keep a close eye on your blue element 
level. If you run low, go back and forth between floors and kill enemies 
to replenish. Once the 3 buttons are pushed, the door will open and you 
can go up to the next floor.
	6F- You'll see a blue square light on the wall just down and to 
your left. Punch it, and you'll see a platform move into its lower 
position. Now go down and hook across, then get into the egg hole to 
extend a bridge. Cross, then you'll see a green block. Push this onto 
the moving platform. Now circle back around to the blue light, and punch 
it again. The platform with the block will move back into the upper 
position. Now push the block off of the platform, and onto the button 
that will reveal the next elevator.
	7F- You'll come across a green block. Ignore it for now. Jump down 
the hole you'll see, which will drop you back to 6F and onto a platform 
with an Energy Tank, which ups your total EP to 125. Circle back up to 
	Go down, then to the right. Across a gap you'll see a green block- 
hook this to cross the gap and then push the block onto the button. A 
bridge towards the top of the screen will extend. Hook back across the 
gap, then cross the bridge. You'll see a red light on the right wall. 
Punch it, and a garage-like door will open on the right wall. Don't 
bother going through it yet- this will come into play a bit later.
	Go back towards the elevator that put you onto this floor, and 
push the green block that you saw when you first got onto this floor. 
Push it across the bridge, then up to a button a platform. The platform 
will move to the left. Get off it, then go back around, and that moving 
platform will have created a bridge to the next elevator.
	8F- Step onto the blue button to open a garage door nearby. Do not 
try and go through the red beams just yet, or you'll get zapped. Now go 
back down the elevator to 7F, and go through that first garage door that 
you opened. You'll come out onto an outdoor bridge that leads to an 
elevator. Punch the door to activate it, and you'll be given the choice 
of going to: 1F, 7F, 8F, 9F, and 12F. Don't bother with 9 or 12 yet-- 
those door are still closed off. 
	NOTE:: At any time from this elevator (from any floor it 
services), you can go back to 1F, and it'll put you right outside of Fog 
Tower. You can go back to town and recharge, then get back onto the 
elevator and go back to the floor you left off on.
	From 7F, go up to 8F. Go left, and kill the enemy (who shoots at 
you, but doesn't hurt all that much), and go inside.
	You'll see some more red beams. Don't touch them yet. Push the 
green block up and left, into an alcove with a blue beam. This will cut 
off the electricity, and you can now go through the red beams without 
getting hurt. Repeat this process with the next block at the next blue 
beam. This'll shut off the zapper to those top red beams, so you can go 
through them a little bit later.	
	Go onto the elevator.
	9F- Go down and around to the right. Ignore that small door- 
you'll need access level 3 to open it. Go up, and forget about the 
garage door for now, since you'll need access level 2. Go up to the 
elevator, and get on to go to the next floor.
	10F- Go to the left, and kill the EGG. Go down, but you can't open 
the door that you see (wrong access level again). Go down and around, 
and toss aside the red block to get a Defense Capsule. Now go up to the 
next elevator.
	11F- Go down, but DO NOT toss the red tile that you see. This'll 
activate the electric security field, which will cut you off from most 
of the floor (if you do move the block, just go down the elevator and 
back up again). 
	Go to the egg hole in the middle of the room, and jump in. This 
will move a platform. Now you can cross that platform to get to the 
other side of the room. Go down, and push the green block into the blue 
beam. This shuts off the electricity. Now pick up and HOLD the red tile, 
and carry it to the upper right. Throw it onto the blue button in the 
upper corner, which will open the door. Go on up to the next floor.
	12F- Step on the button to open the garage door. If your energy is 
low, go down to 1F and recharge, then you can go right back up to 12F.
	Use the save pod when you're recharged and ready to go. Ignore the 
green block for now.
	Go through the door on the left wall, outside to some stairs and a 
bridge. Go straight.
	You'll now get stopped by some pirates and their leader, Juji. He 
spouts something about wanting 'strong guys' to join him, then he'll 
send his flunky Glen to kick your mechanical butt. This will start a 3D 
battle against Maximum.
	MAXIMUM- Max is a fast little EGG. Once he gets into his dash 
mode, just keep moving and try to stay out of his way. Max can also fire 
a long-range attack at you.
	DANGER-- Don't get to close to the edge of this arena. If you get 
knocked off, the game is over.
	I ended up getting into my egg mode and spinning at him. Once you 
hit him, he'll run away from you. Follow him closely, and nail him when 
he stops to turn around (you can do that either in or out of egg mode). 
Don't let him ger too far ahead- if he has time, he'll start dashing or 
firing at you again. Don't bother with special attacks, he's too fast 
for that. Just watch his pattern closely, and attack when you get close. 
There's no real 'trick' to Max. 
	I got whipped by Maximum quite a few times. At first I would just 
go back to the title screen, since if you choose 'continue', you'll only 
have 45 EP when you restart, and choose to continue the game from the 
save pod in the room before the fight. Then, I came up with a better 
plan: Choose to continue  from the 'game over' screen, then go down that 
elevator to 1F. Go to town, or just run around and kill easy enemies to 
recharge your energy. Then get back onto the elevator and go back to 
12F. Now save again. Now you can continue as often as you need to, but 
you won't have to go through that entire cutscene with the pirates 

	Once Maximum is history, Juji grants you access to Metal Heaven, 
the pirates' base. He leaves, and you should go back into 12F and save. 
Now go to the upper left, where an elevator has been revealed. This will 
take you up to 13F.
	13F- Kill the enemies, then go down and toss the red block to get 
a Mind Capsule. The console you see needs level 2 to access it, so just 
go down through the bottom door to get to Metal Heaven.

	METAL HEAVEN- Go forward onto the platform, which will bring you 
down a level. Go to the left, killing the green EGG's that get in your 
way. Go down the stairs, which will trigger anothe flashback.
	Now go down to a door, which brings you into a Junk Shop. You can 
recharge your energy here, as well as buy an Energy Tank (500g) and a 
Mind Capsule (400g). I recommend you wander around and save your money 
to get both of them (I hopped back down to 1F- the monsters are easier 
to kill, which makes saving money quicker). 
	Go up from the shop, past the stairs, and go up a plank to a 
higher ledge. You'll see a red cannon, the top of which will open when 
you get close. Get next to it and turn into your egg mode, and you'll 
automatically hop into the cannon and get fired to the next part of the 
	If you go up, through the door, you'll find a residence. You can 
talk to the people, and they whine about the pirates, but offer no real 
	Go downward from that doorway, and jump down at the edge to the 
lower level. You'll see another red cannon. Ignore it- it'll shoot you 
back to where you started. Instead, jump down again from the level with 
the cannon, to the next level down. Go down the left-hand plank, and go 
through the door. If you go upstairs, you'll come into another home 
where the residents are complaining about the pirates. 
	From the lower floor of that home, go down through the bottom 
door. Go to the left to find another cannon. Get in, and you'll be shot 
up to a yellow platform, where you'll pick up a Defense Capsule. Now go 
through the door, into the Factory.

	FACTORY- Go straight up the corridor, through the door you'll come 
In the next room, step onto the left-hand conveyor belt. It'll bring you 
to a platform with an arrow panel on the floor. Step onto the arrow 
panel to reverse the movement of the belts (if you want to get a large 
red element, go back down the belt and take the right belt to the box. 
Break the box, get the element, and follow the belt to the end. Reverse 
it with the button, then go back to where you should be).
	Once the lit arrow is reversed (it should be pointing down), hook 
upward. Go up the stairs, kill the enemy, then go right through a side 
	You'll now find yourself in a lava-filled room. Don't get too 
close to the edge, and don't let one of the exploding enemies push you 
into the lava. You'll start back at the top of the screen (just like 
falling down a pit). Go down and around, hooking across when necessary, 
then go back up and take the door on the right.
	You'll be outside. Go down, but DO NOT STOP. The cannons will 
fire, but they'll miss as long as you keep moving. The same goes for 
those annoying bomb enemies. As long as you keep moving downward, 
they'll miss you and hit the edge behind you. Once they all explode, you 
can go back up and pick up the treasures they left behind. Now go down, 
and to the left through the next door.
	Go up and around, killing the green EGG that gets in your way. 
Step onto the moving belt, but push upward. You'll step off and be able 
to get the Attack Capsule that you see. Now get back onto the belt, and 
stay on it until it drops you down. Go up the stairs. Ignore the tubes, 
getting in them will only bring you back outside to where you started 
(This is handy, though. if you want to head back to town, though this is 
unnecessary at this point).
	DO NOT jump down to the large energy refill. Instead, go up to the 
moving belt, and push upward. You should end up on the left side of a 
red pipe. Go up, through a door.
	This room has a few moving belts, going in opposite directions. 
Get on the belts, and work your way to the lower left, where you'll find 
an egg hole. Activate it in your egg mode, and it'll open up a door in 
the upper left corner. Now switch the directions of the belts with the 
button on the floor, and get back on the belts. Now go through the door 
you just opened in the upper left corner. You'll get an Access Chip 
Level 2! Now you can access more computer consoles!
	Go back through the door, and go up to the computer screen. Punch 
it to open the door, then go through to get an Energy Tank. Go back 
down, back onto the belts, and make your way to the upper right. Access 
the computer screen, then get back onto the belts and go to the lower 
right, then go up through the door that you opened. You'll get the Flame 
Spinner, which covers your spinning egg mode with fire. Push the item 
button while spinning to activate this.
	Go back down, then down again through the bottom door. Get onto 
the belt again, just like you did earlier, and get back to the left side 
of that red pipe again. Go around on the path (heading to the left), and 
get onto the next moving belt. Push down, to get to a small area with an 
arrow button. Step on the button to reverse the belt, then get back onto 
the belt and stay on it until the end. 
	You'll see an elevator in front of you. It has no power, so don't 
bother with it just yet. 
	Hit the computer screen, which opens a door to the left. Go 
through the door, and hook across to the next platform. Break the box to 
get an Attack Capsule. Now go down to an egg hole, and do your spin in 
it. This will activate a small stream of electricity, which will in turn 
power up the elevator in the previous room. Go back the way you came, 
and get onto the elevator.
	2F- As soon as you get off the elevator, you'll find Selen. She'll 
talk to you a bit, telling you that you have to stop Juji, the pirate 
	First, though, go straight to the left, where you'll see a cracked 
panel in the wall. Spin and break through this. Go through the hole 
you've created, into a treasure room. Break the boxes, and you'll find: 
Mind Capsule, Defense Capsule, 3 large Gabaros, large energy refill 
	Now, use the save pod. Go back into the room with Selen, and go up 
through the top door.
	Walk upward until Juji stops you. A conversation will ensue, and 
you'll piss Juji off. He'll come down to face you in a big armor suit 
called Metal Guard. Before the fight, he'll show off his flame throwers. 
	METAL GUARD- This boss is actually one of the easiest to take 
down. Don't get to close to him, or those flame throwers will blast a 
bunch of EP away from you. From a distance, he'll toss little bombs at 
you, but you can avoid those by staying just out of range.
	The best way to kill Metal Guard is to hit him with your Freeze 
Beam. Once he's iced (he'll turn blue), rush up and punch him. You can 
usually get 4 or 5 hits. Once he starts to blink, back away quickly. If 
you're too close, he'll blast you with those flames, and you want to be 
out of range before he throws more bombs.
	Just keep freezing him from a distance, and pounding him when he 
can't move. The battle will be over in no time at all! 

	After knocking out Juji, you'll end up back in town, where the 
authorities are containing him. You'll talk to them and Dr. Yam for a 
bit, then you're free to move around. First-- go into the lab, and get 
out of your EGG and go upstairs. You'll see Selen to the upper right as 
soon as you enter the room. Go down and talk to her. She'll give you the 
Waterproof Suit. Now you can move freely underwater, instead of being 
slowed down, and you can now move against currents (bubbles coming out 
of certain underwater doors that prevented you from entering). 
	Leave the lab, and go to the right. Save little Harry again. This 
time you'll have to push the block all the way to the right, and then 
turn into your egg and spin through the narrow opening. Now hook across 
the gap and go save the stupid little kid.
	What I did next is a little out of sequence, but the item you'll 
obtain in the process is worth the side trip.
	NOTE: WARNING!!!! The enemies you'll encounter in your travels are 
now different, and a lot stronger. Most of them have long-range attacks, 
as well, so be careful!
	Go back up to Fog Tower, and take the elevator up to 12F. From 
there, go up to 13F. Access the blue console, which will open the 
elevator to go to 14F. Now go to the green block and break it with a 
punch. You'll get the Teleporter. This useful piece will, when 
activated, transport you out of a dungeon and drop you right outside of 
the front door. It takes 15 blue element to power, but it can save your 
	Now, as long as you're in the neighborhood, go back up into Metal 
Heaven/ Factory and go back to the room where you fought Juji. You won't 
have to go through everything to open the doors- all your earlier work 
remains intact. In that room (Factory 2F), you'll find a box that you 
can break for a Defense Capsule. The fastest way back out is to use the 
Transporter, which will drop you onto that yellow platform right 
outside. Go back into the Factory, and take the stairs to your right. 
Turn into egg shape and zip through the big tube, which will deposit you 
outside. Now go left, and you can get back down from there.
	Now go back to town, and down through South Fogedge to the first 
Fogna dungeon. You'll encounter tougher EGGs here, and they can hit you 
with wire arms. Either block the hit (which will drop your damage down 
to a mere 1 EP), or take them out with an egg spin.
	In the first room of Fogna, go to the left and toss aside the tile 
that blocks the stairs. Go down the stairs through the door. Go up to 
the top of the room and activate the console, which will power up the 
nearby elevator. Step onto the elevator, which will bring you down to 
	I'd recommend using the save pod, then go into the next room and 
go down to 2 purple tiles. One will uncover a Defense Capsule, and under 
the other is a large blue element. Now head up. You'll have to freeze 
two of the enemies and push them onto the buttons on either side of the 
door in the upper right corner. Once the door is open, go through. 
Follow the hall to another door.
	Go down to the egg hole, which will open the door right below you. 
Go down into the water, and go right and up the stairs. You'll be in an 
area with a bunch of killer midgets. Freeze 2 of them and push them onto 
the buttons, which will activate some nearby hooks.
	Go back to the platform with the egg hole, and now you can hook 
across to the far side. Head up, through a door.
	Kill the enemy, and pick up the upper purple tile for an Attack 
Capsule. Now pick up the lower tile and hold it. Carry it to the left 
and toss it across the water to a button on the other side. This will 
turn on the hooks, which you can use to cross the water. Go up through 
the door.
	Hook over to the left, and break the block to get a Subtank!!!!! 
Now you can buy reserve energy and keep it in the Subtank. When you're 
getting low, you can activate the tank and get your EP filled to the top 
(the reserves are one-use).
	Now turn into an egg and spin against the left wall where you see 
a little blinking light. You'll smash through.
	Go downstairs, go right through a door, and go down to the passage 
on the left that will take you back up to the egg hole. Hook across 
again, and go up through the door. Kill the evil EGG, and go to the 
upper left edge of the platform. Shoot your Wire Arm across the gap, and 
you'll snag a Skill ROM. Now you can catch items that are flying at you. 
This takes good timing. 
	Go into the next room to the right. You now have to test your new 
ability. A hole in the wall is tossing purple tiles at you. Get over to 
the spot where the tiles are hitting the floor, and get ready. If you 
get hit by the tiles, they'll damage you. When one is close to you, hold 
the punch button. You'll catch a tile, and now carry it over and toss it 
to the button across the water. You'll now be able to hook across to the 
other side. Go through the blue square door on the right wall. In the 
next room, go up/ right to the next square door. Go down to the egg 
hole, and spin in it to open a passageway in the water. Go back the way 
you came until you reach water, and jump in. Go down, and go through the 
bubbly door you'll find on the right.
	Go up the stairs, then down through the door.
	In this room, all 4 doors will close. There are 4 bugs. Killing 
them will open the doors in a certain sequence, which is:
	Kill 1 bug- the right door opens. This will lead to a save pod.
	Kill 2 bugs- the left door opens. This goes to the next part of 
the level (and a 3D battle).
	Kill 3 bugs- opens the bottom door, which leads to a dead end.
	Kill all 4 bugs- the top door reopens.
	This is a good place to replenish your energy by going back and 
forth between the rooms and killing the bugs. To be honest, though, I 
went back to town and bought an  energy reserve, then made my way back 
here. The upcoming battle can take a fair amount of energy.
	Go through the right door into an empty room, and again go through 
a door. You'll be in a large room with a platform in the center. On this 
platform, at the top of a ramp,  is a button. Stepping onto the button 
will initiate the 3D battle with Tantarm.
	TANTARM-- This enemy is a royal pain in the tush. You'll never get 
close enough to land a punch, since he backs away and teleports, so 
you'll have to rely on long-range attacks. Ice is useless, fire is OK. 
Your best bet is the Wire Arm.
	Stay on the platform. Tantarm will teleport into position, and 
shoot a ball or two at you. Dodge these (they only take off 1 EP, so 
don't get freaked if they hit once or twice). His floating arms will 
block most attacks, but fire off your Wire Arm and hope for the best. If 
you see a blue collision, he blocked, and if you see a little yellow 
burst you've hit him. As soon as you hit him, he teleports. He'll also 
teleport after a few seconds regardless of whether or not you hit him. 
Keep hitting him with the Wire Arm whenever you can, and keep dodging 
those bullets.
	Once in a while, Tantarm will toss a large bullet at you. These 
hurt, but you can see him raise his hands above his head before he 
shoots, so you have time to dodge. Also, he'll occasionally claw at you, 
which you can see ahead of time and move accordingly.
	Here's where things get nasty-- after you've hit him several 
times, Tantarm will suddenly double, which means you've now got two 
Tantarms to deal with! They'll both teleport around and shoot at you. 
Pick one each time and hit him. You only have to kill one. Just pick one 
at random each time and hit. Eventually you'll kill him (he really only 
takes about 20 hits or so, overall). 
	Once Tantarm is a memory, you can pick up an Energy tank and up 
your EP total. Now go up through the door into an upgrade room. Here, 
you'll get the Geo Stone.
	The Geo Stone will cause a major earthquake when you use it. This 
can damage a screenful of enemies, and can break certain damaged floors 
to reveal a passageway down. Plus, once in a while, you can make special 
items drop from the ceiling in certan rooms. The Geo Stone uses yellow 
element, and takes 8 per use.
	Now go down through the battle room, to a door that's opened up at 
the bottom of the room. Go through, into a hallway. Stick to the right 
side. There will be a section of floor on the right that you can't walk 
on-- use your new Geo Stone and break the floor to reveal a staircase. 
Go down, and you'll be in a room with a bunch of killer midgets. Wipe 
them all out, and pick up the Vacuumer. This will allow you to suck up 
certain beams of light (like the one right next to you in this room), 
and get some form of energy for your Subtank. You need an empty Subtank 
to do this. Just stand in the light and punch, and you'll suck it all 
	Sucking up this particular light will fill your tank with Double 
Stock, which (when activated) will refill your EP and elements by 50%.

	Go back upstairs, then go down and follow the hall until you see 
another closed off door. Use your egg spin to bust through, and hook 
across the gap to get a Mind Capsule. Push the block out of your way to 
get out through the upper door. Go downstairs into the water, and go 
left. Then, go all the way down and exit through the bottom of the hall. 
Go to the stairs on the left, and go up them and then down through a 
door. You'll be in a big, empty room. Use your earthquake power to shake 
up the room, and an Attack Capsule will drop down.
	Make your way out of the dungeon. Your next stop is the Fogna 
entrance in South Fogedge. 
	Once back in Fogna 1F, go up to the hallway that led to your fight 
with Jointer (up a few screens, then right into the hall). Once in this 
hallway go down through the bottom door. The platform that you're on has 
a broken section that you can blast away with your Geo Stone. This will 
reveal a staircase. Go down this staircase into a little room to get 
another Mind Capsule.
	Now, go back to the first room of this dungeon, and go left, down 
the stairs and through the door, and then take that elevator down to 
	Go through the door, then go up to the top of the next room. There 
will be a section of floor that you can blast through with an 
earthquake. This reveals stairs, which you should take. After a small 
bit of text in the next room, go through the top door, into another 
upgrade room.
	This upgrade will give you the Plasma Stone. This rock gives you 
the power to create massive plasma explosions that damage all on-screen 
enemies. Plus, you can now activate certain panels that need plasma 
energy (like the one in the very first room in Fogna). This rock takes 
green element.
	Go back up and out, all the way back to the first room of Fogna 
1F. Go up to where you see a computer panel and a dead elevator, and 
activate your new plasma power. This will power up the elevator, and you 
can now go to the next part of the level: Fogna 2F!

	Fogna 2F- in this room you'll find two bridges that don't lead 
anywhere (yet), and on either side of each bridge you'll find egg holes.
	Get onto the first (left) bridge, and spin in the egg hole on the 
left side. This will move the bridge upward. Go up the bridge, to 
another platform with an egg hole. Get in, and this will move the next 
bridge. Get onto this bridge and go through a door in the upper left 
corner of the room. In the next room, you'll be able to break a block 
and get an Attack Capsule. Now go back, and get back onto the first 
bridge. Go down to the end, and get into the right-side egg hole. This 
will move that first bridge back down, and now you can go down and 
around to the next bridge (on the right side of the room). Go to the 
end, and get into the left egg hole, which will move this bridge upward. 
Go up it, and get into the next left-hand egg hole. This will move the 
bridge upward again, and now you can reach the next door.
	Go upstairs, through the right door. There will be a console 
nearby, use the plasma energy to activate it. Now the hole in the wall 
will toss purple tiles at you. Catch one, hold it, and carry it onto the 
moving platform. Face right, and get ready: you'll have to toss that 
tile onto a button across a gap, and this will take a bit of timing to 
get the toss right. Once that button is pressed, a door above you will 
open. Go through the left door, down the stairs, and through the bottom 
door. Break the block in the next room to get a Mind Capsule. If needed, 
hit the block on the next platform with your Wire Arm, and then use the 
Wire again to grab a large energy refill. Go back up and around into the 
moving platform room.
	Now you'll have to repeat the catch/ toss routine, but this time 
the button is moving as well. Just time the throw correctly, and you'll 
open the next door. One more time after that, with a faster button, and 
then you can pass into the next room. Go around to the left and down (if 
you stop at the railing and press the action button, you will look up to 
see a view of Fog Tower). 
	Go down the stairs, to a tile puzzle. You may notice that if you 
step on most of these tiles, you'll fall to your death and have to start 
at the top of this room again, minus some EP.
	The pattern is this: step on a blue panel, then a green, then a 
red. Any deviation from this pattern will result in a very long drop. To 
make this a bit easier, here is a diagram. The - means a tile, and the 
numbers indicate the tiles that you step on, and in which order:
- - 1 - - -
- 3 2 - - - 
                   - 4 - - 11 12 >platform
  - 5 - 9 10 -
- 6 7 8 - -

	Go up the stairs, and break the block for a large energy refill if 
you need it. Go down and around, and go through the left door. The 
console here needs level 3, so pass it by. Go straight down from the 
console to the end of the bridge, and break the block for a Mind 
Capsule. Now go back into the previous room, and now take the bottom 
door. Hook to the left, and go through the door. If needed, hook up to a 
platform with a beam of light-- vacuuming this will fill an empty 
subtank with energy stock.
	Go upstairs, and go down through a door. Go through the door to 
your right. The egg hole that you see will open a door that allows you 
to get back to the entrance of this floor. Go up, and you'll be in a 
room with a save pod. If you follow this room all the way up, you'll 
come to a block that you can bust to get a large green element.
	Go back two rooms, to where an egg hole is in the top center. This 
next part is tricky. You've got to spin in that egg hole to open a bunch 
of doors along the path below you. Once you jump out you've got to 
transform into egg shape again, and spin as fast as possible through all 
of the doors before they close. One minor slip-up of timing will cause 
you to have to repeat the trial again, by jumping off the platform and 
circling back up to the egg hole.
	Once you manage to get through, there is another egg hole that 
will open a nearby door, which will eliminate the need to repeat this 
room's puzzle ever again (I saved again, too, so I wouldn't have to go 
through that again).
	Now, you can go down through the door in the bottom wall. Now 
you've entered West Fogedge!

	As soon as you get through the door, you'll trigger another 
flashback. If you follow the tentacle downward, you'll see a building. 
Inside you can buy a Super Stock, which completely restores your EP and 
all element. It costs a whopping 1500g, though, and you'll need an empty 
	At the bottom of the tentacle is a blue flower. Get into it, and 
it'll spit you over to Moon Bay. You're on a ledge above a sandpit. Go 
into the sandpit and up to a half buried machine. You'll trigger a brief 
message. Remember where this is-- it'll be important in just a little 
	Back on the ledge, go down to the next screen. Follow the path 
down to a plank, and down from there is a block you can break for a 
Defense Capsule. Now go back to the entry to this screen, and take the 
stairs down into the water. Go right to a door. Go up to an egg hole, 
and spin in this to activate the electricity. Leave this room. Get out 
of the water and go down to a green platform. In the center of the 
platform is a blinking elevator, which will drop you down to the Trench 

	TRENCH PLANT- Go through the door to your right for a save pod. Go 
into the water and up from there. You'll see two blocks in front of two 
buttons. Push the blocks onto the buttons to open a door. Go through.
	Go into the water, then straight across to the left door. Go down 
a little bit to a left wall door, and then cross the bridge. 
	Go up, and punch the blinking button. This will drain the water in 
part of the dungeon. Go back a few screens, until you reach a Plasma 
button that was submerged in water earlier. Use the Plasma Stone to 
activate this, and go up onto the elevator that it powers.
	2F- Go to the right and down. Freeze the pool, and grab the tile, 
and hurry across before the ice thaws. Toss the tile onto a button. Go 
around to the door than it opens, and cross the bridge.
	Use the Freeze beam twice to freeze the two-part pool. Pick up the 
tile when you get across, and toss it onto a button in the upper left 
corner of the room. This will power up the elevator, which will take you 
	1F- Go left and up. Hit the blinking button to fill this room with 
water. Go back up the elevator to 2F.
	2F- The pool that you freezed earlier is now empty. Go into it and 
use the Geo Stone to break through the cracked floor. Jump down the 
	1F- You'll land on a platform, and get the Super Grip. You are now 
able to pull blocks! To pull, punch a block and hold the button down. 
You'll grab the block, then move in the direction you want to pull the 
block in.
	Go down, and out the door. Jump down to the lower ledge, and go 
down until you see a block you can pull. Get it out of the way and go 
into the small room, where you can break a block for an Attack Capsule. 
Go upstairs, into the building, and get out of the water. You should 
find another block that you can pull to get another Attack Capsule.
	Go into the next room (the room with the save pod), and go up to 
those blocks you pushed onto buttons earlier. You can now pull them out 
of the way, and pick up a Mind Capsule and some red element. 
	Go back to the previous room, and down through the large door. Go 
to the right, between two pipes, and go up into the next building. Go 
straight up onto dry land. There will be two armadillo-like things to 
kill. When you do kill them, they turn into brown carcasses. Pull the 
carcass down onto the button, then go down and jump into the water, then 
back up and repeat on the other side. This will power up the elevator 
(if you choose to jump dwon to get the large energy refill, you will 
have to follow the only available route back to the save pod room and 
come back around to here).
	2F- Go to the left and down, down some stairs. Get out of your 
EGG, and up to the person floating in the tank. You'll get a MAJOR chunk 
of storyline here, about your identity and your quest.
	After you're done there, make your way back to the very first 
room, then take the elevator up to leave the Trench. 

	You'll come back out into Moon Bay. You are supposed to go 
straight down into the sand, which will activate a major 3D battle, but 
I propose that you take a different route: Go straight up to the Flower, 
which will spit you out in West Fogedge. From there, go up and down the 
left-hand stairs from the tentacle. Pull the block, and break the next 
one for an Attack Capsule. Now get back onto the tentacle, and go to the 
upper right to find another Flower. This will send you over to South 
Fogedge. You can now go recharge, and save if you want. 
	In South Fogedge, on the second hill (near the stream), there will 
be a new Blue Flower. You can egg intothis to get back to West Fogedge. 
Now follow the tentacle down to the bottom, where another Flower will 
spit you up to Moon Bay. Now, go into the sand. 
	After a short cutscene, you will be battling a gigantic boss, 
named Armordress, in a 3D fight. 
	ARMORDRESS- This huge boss is very strong, but fairly easy to 
dodge. He won't hurt you by running into you, so you can run up to him 
and pound away while he's just moving around. He'll stop, then raise his 
arm, and you should get out of the way. When he punches the ground, 
he'll send out a wide shockwave in a straight line outward.
	Now and again he'll fly up into the air, and one of two things can 
happen. If he pauses up there, a green shine around his eyes, he's going 
to spin around and fire a laser around the arena. Just dodge the beam 
and the explosions, and make sure you're not under him when he drops 
back down. His other air-based attack has him flying up, then coming 
right back down, sending out a small circular shockwave all around him.
	Your Plasma Stone attack works really well. You'll tell that it 
hit by the brief green electricity that surrounds him. You can also 
shoot your fireballs at him from a distance. 
	Now and again he'll raise his arm, and turn red for a few seconds. 
Get the heck away from him, quickly! When he punches the ground, he'll 
send out a pretty large, very dangerous explosion.
	This arena has a few interesting quirks. you can run up either 
side to a higher plateau, but some of his attacks can still hit you up 
here. Also, in the bottom left and top right corners, you can see little 
blue flowers. Turning into an egg next to either one of these will spit 
you across the screen to the other. Handy when you have to get out of 
range and recuperate for a second.
	Make sure that you have a spare energy reserve, and just keep 
pounding at him whenever you get the chance. Since his basic punch 
shockwave only takes off 10 EP at a time, you might want to keep 
punching him through a couple of them. That's how I finally killed him 
(with only 20 EP to spare).
	One minor note-- at times, Armordress will turn transluscent. This 
has nothing to do with the battle. He just does that so you can see your 
own character when you're behind him. 

	Once Armordress is scrapped, you'll have a brief conversation with 
Omega, who tells you to go to Fog Tower, and from there get to a moon 
colony. Once he's done talking, you can pick up the third and final 
Access Chip, bumping your console access level up to 3.
	Take the Flower in the upper left corner to West Fogedge, then 
take the next Flower (in the upper right) to South Fogedge. Now go back 
into town.
	Go up to that room with the idiotic kid. He's at it again. Despite 
the urge to let him fall and break his neck, you should save him one 
last time. Pull the first block out of your way, then hook across. 
You'll have to push, then pull the next block to get to Harry. Once the 
little moron is safe, he finally makes it worth your while by giving you 
a Defense Capsule. 

	Before heading to Fog Tower, there's a short detour you can take 
to get a couple more items. Go up into North Fogedge and through the 
tree cave, then go straight down the river into Fogna B1F.  Go down the 
stairs, then right and through the door. Now go down, as far as you can 
go through the next couple of rooms. When you are all the way at the 
bottom, take the stairs you'll see on your left. Nearby there is a 
console that you can activate with your new level 3 access. A door will 
open into a small room, in which several of those killer midgets are 
running around. There is also an Energy Tank, which will give 25 more 
valuable EP to your total. Now leave the room, and head back the way you 
came, all the way up until you're as far as you can go. Now go to the 
right, through a bubble door. Go up the stairs, then up to a couple of 
big blocks in your way. Pull the first one, then push the second, and 
you'll get a Defense Capsule. Now get out of Fogna and head up to Fog 

	Omega told you to go to 9F in Fog Tower. First, though, go a 
different way. Hop the outer elevator up to 12F, then take the inner 
elevators to get up to 14F. There's a block that you can pull out of the 
way, so you can pick up a tile. Under the tile is an Energy Tank, giving 
you 25 more total EP. Now go down to 10F, through a door that opens when 
you access the level 3 console. Here you'll find a tile with a Mind 
Capsule under it, as well as a vacuum-able beam of light that will fill 
an empty subtank with element stock.
	Now go to 9F, to the room in the middle of the floor. Access the 
console to open the door, then get out of your EGG to enter the cockpit. 
Go straight up to the dashboard, and hit the big orange button. The 
machine will ask if you want to begin the launch sequence, so choose 
'yes'. A brief conversation with Omega will ensue, and then one of the 
coolest cinemas of the game commences. 
	Now, you've arrived on the moon, in the Moon Colony. You begin on 
	3F- To the right of your shuttle is a save pod. Go down, through 
the bottom door, and you'll be outside. Go down the first flight of 
stairs, then go to the left to find an Attack Capsule. Now go back up 
into the first room, and take the left stairs and go through the door. 
If you stay on the upper level and go to the left, you'll find a beam of 
light that will put an energy stock into your subtank (provided it's 
empty). The cool thing about this beam is that it will recharge if you 
leave the room. So, if you use your energy stock later, you can come 
back and get a fresh one! 
	Now go down to the lower level, and pull the block onto the 
button. This will drop a bridge. Go back to the upper level, pick up the 
tile, and carry it up the stairs and up across the bridge. Toss it onto 
the button to open the door. Go through.
	This room has two purple crystals and a computer. Activate the 
computer, and it will melt the crystals to reveal two guard robots. The 
'bots are pretty easy-- only two shots to wipe them out. Now leave the 
room, and head back to the first room.
	You'll find that all the purple crystals that you've seen are 
gone, and robots now roam the colony. 
	When you come back into the first room, go up and take the first 
door that you see. This room takes timing and speed. To your upper right 
is an egg hole, which will open a door on the lower level. As soon as 
you pop out of the hole, you have to turn into an egg and spin to the 
door. The route takes you all around the perimeter of the room, down a 
small break in the railing to the lower level, then around again and 
down some stairs. To make things a bit more interesting, most of the 
walls are electrified, which slow your progress. If you don't make it 
before the door closes, go down, hook across, and try again. If you're 
starting to run low on EP, the tile hides a large energy refill.
	As soon as you make it through to the next room, punch the 
blinking red button you see right next to you. This will keep open that 
door, so you never have to go through that trial again.
	In this next room, you should first dispatch the enemies that are 
flying around. I tend to just Plasma blast them all. Now go to the lower 
right, where you'll find a strange electrode-like thing. Pull this 
upward, and take it over towards the left, where you can push it down to 
the lower left area. In this alcove you'll see two small rods-- one from 
the top wall and another on the left. The electrode that you're push/ 
pulling also has two little rods. By now, you've walked across the 
nearby button, and seen that it activates some electricity for a short 
period of time. push the electrode so its top rod is level with the rod 
on the top wall. Pull the electrode down so the left rods also line up, 
then pull the electrode down just a little bit. Now go and push the 
button. What you have to do now is hurry down, and push the electrode so 
the left rods now see each other. This should create a reversed L shape 
out of electricity, which will open a door on the next level. Hurry up 
the stairs and around, hooking across the gap, and get through the door. 
This again takes some quick timing. If you don't make it, jump down and 
move the electrode a bit, then repeat the process until you can get it. 
Once you make it through this door, it will always stay open.
	In this next room, first kill the two flying enemies. Now find the 
purple block. You want to push/pull this block until it is directly 
opposite the short bridge. Make sure the block is right up against the 
white railing. Now walk around to the very edge of the bridge, and use 
your Wire Arm to grab the block. You should get pulled across, but fall 
when you hit the railing and land on the ledge below. Now go down 
through the door.
	Go upstairs, then down and around to the right. Break the block to 
get the final Skill ROM, which gives you the ability to lift up large 
	Now pick up the large tile, carry it over, and stand on the 
button. The weight sensor will open the door. Toss aside the tile, and 
go through the door. Then go through the right door to the electrode 
room. Hook across, then follow the upper ledge downward to a lower door.
	Follow the path to where you can hook across. You may need to 
destroy the cannons first, as they can interrupt your progress. Use the 
Plasma Blast to get rid of them all. Once across the gap, lift the large 
tile and stand on the button. The door will open.
	In the next room, the robots you see won't attack you. They will 
talk to you if you want them to. Go straight up, which will initiate a 
conversation with Grandmother, a computer. You'll get a big chunk of 
storyline here. After the conversation is completed, you can still go up 
and talk to the computer to get a bit more information. 
	After the talking is done, go around to the upper left door. Get 
into the egg hole to activate the mechanism, then go back to the 
previous room, and walk around to the upper right door. Kill the robots, 
and get a Mind Capsule. 
	Leave, and work your way back to the shuttle room. 
	Go to the right, and through the next upper door you come to. Go 
downstairs and across the bridge, and pick up a Defense Capsule. Go as 
far up/right as you can, and use your Plasma to activate the console on 
the next level. This will activate a nearby elevator, and you can get on 
and go down to 1F.
	1F- go down, up the stairs, and down through the door. Go down 
again. Go down/right, break the block for an Attack Capsule. The block 
on the other side has a large energy refill. 
	Take the lower level tp door. Go up/ right. There is a column with 
an electrode next to it. Go around and pull the electrode as far right 
as you can. This will lower the bars that block your way. Hurry up the 
stairs and through the door.Now hook left, and step on the button to 
activate a tile-thrower. Jump down to the lower level. Pull the next 
electrode to open the bars. Hurry to the tile-thrower and catch a tile, 
then hurry up the stairs before the mechanism closes the bars (you'd 
have to repeat the process).  Go upstairs and toss the tile onto the 
left button, then go through the door. 
	On your right is a machine. Punching the button will temporarily 
cause a rod at the top edge of the machine electrify. 
	Move the lowest electrode to go above the machine, making sure 
that the lower rod on the electrode lines up with the machine's rod. Now 
go up to the top electrode, and move this so its right rod lines up with 
the left rod of the first electrode. Take the last electrode and line up 
the lower rod with the previous electrode. Now look along the left wall 
(across a gap) until you see a rod. You'll have to line up the last 
electrode with that rod as well. When everything is activated, the setup 
should look like (* is electricity):
	Push the top electrode slightly out of synch, then run down and 
punch the machine. This will activate the electric beam. Go up and get 
on the inside, then push the last electrode into place to complete the 
circuit. A bridge will extend. Hurry up and cross the bridge, grab and 
hold the large tile, and get back down the bridge before the electricity 
stops. If you fail, you'll have to hook across, leave thr oom and come 
back, and repeat the entire process. Once you have it, toss the tile 
onto the button on the right. Reactivate the bridge and go through the 
	You are in an upgrade room, in which you will get the Nova Stone. 
This powerful rock will damage all onscreen enemies, as well as destroy 
nova traps (which are blue swirls that damage you if you touch them. 
They often cover items or important spots). This stone takes 8 of every 
element when activated.
	Leave the room, and go down one more room. Use the Nova Stone to 
break the nova trap and get a Defense Capsule. Jump down, exit through 
the right. Go upstairs, down and right through the door. Break another 
nova trap, and step on the button to open the door. Go through, and 
you'll be outside. Go straight down.
	There will be a cutscene. Once it is over, go back through that 
door you just came through, then through the left door, then down 
through the lower door. Go down the right side, and get on a bridge to 
the Armordress. In front of the cockpit, turn into an egg to get inside. 
You will be told instructions: 
	X- energy ball (charge weapon)
	A- gun
	Rtrigger- speed burst. 
	You will now have a battle with Armordress Spacey.
	ARMORDRESS SPACEY- this battle is different than the rest. You are 
flying around in the yellow Armordress, and you have to shoot the other 
Armordress. The A button is your basic gun attack, and when you charge 
the X button (the meter at the top flashes), you can unleash an energy 
ball that has limited homing capabilities. Basically keep blasting at 
him until his life meter hits 0. If you die, you start back in the 
Armordress hangar. Don't worry about recharging- the Armordress life 
meter is not related to your EGG EP meter.

	Once the enemy Armordress is dead, go straight down to a circle on 
the floor in front of the closed door. Turn into an egg, and you'll be 
teleported back to South Fogedge.
	Once again the monsters have been upgraded, so they're even 
tougher now!!
	After a recharge in town, go up to Fog Tower. Along the lower area 
of the tower you'll find a large tile that you can now toss aside. Go 
into the room to get a Mind Capsule. Leave the room and jump down to the 
stream below. Go to the right through a door. Cross through the water to 
the other side, then freeze the bubble. Cross the ice to go through the 
upper door. In this room you'll find a nova trap. Once you disable it 
with your Nova Stone, you can pick up an Energy Tank.
	Now go back through town, and go through South Fogedge to get to 
the first Fogna dungeon. Go up to the hallway blocked with an ice block, 
melt or pull the block out of the way, and go up into the next room. 
Toss the large tile aside, and step onto the square, which will bring 
you down to B1F.
	FOGNA B1F-  Follow the only path, then use the Nova Stone to 
destroy the vortex trap. Get onto the uncovered elevator, which will 
shoot you down to B61F.
	B61F- If needed, go downstairs, then up and around and break the 
block for a large energy refill. Then go back upstairs, and go down the 
hallway until you reach the door.
	Go around, then through the door all the way on the upper left. 
Get onto the moving platform, which will take you across the pit. Go up 
and through the door.
	Kill the enemies, then take the left door for a light beam and a 
save pod. Go back, kill the 4 enemies again, and this time take the 
lower door. 
	Get into the egg hole, which will extend a bridge. Go back up and 
kill those same enemies, then go through the right-hand door.
	NOTE: The moving platforms in these rooms will move in the 
direction you are facing/ opposite the side you get on. So, if you're 
heading up and you get onto the platform from the bottom, the platform 
will go up.
	Get on the moving platform to head down, and the platform will 
stop at the extended bridge. Get off the platform, then get back on 
facing to the right side of the screen. DO NOT TOUCH those yellow energy 
fields you see-- they'll take off about 100 EP with one touch!
	Get onto the second moving platform, heading left. Get off, then 
back on to go back the way you came. Once you're stopped, get onto the 
first platform from the bottom, so you'll head up. Get back onto the 
platform facing down, until you've collided with the other moving 
platform. Get onto that second platform facing down. Now circle around 
and get onto the same platform facing left. Go through the door.
	In the corner right across from the door, hidden from view by an 
overhanging tentacle, is an Attack Capsule. Go down, into the gold 
circle in the middle, which will take you down to the next level.	
	B62F- As soon as you land, the floor tiles will rise up and 
attack. A Plasma blast works to get rid of them all at once. Now go 
through the right-hand door.
	Go up, and get onto the moving platform facing downward. Get off 
on the left side, and then get back on facing the right. Get off, and go 
up to the next platform facing left. When it stops, go around and get 
back on the same platform, facing down. Get off on the left, then get 
back onto it facing right. Go down to get off of it, and step back onto 
that same platform facing up. When you stop, go up the hall and through 
the door.
	Go up to the left-hand block in the maze. Pull it down slightly. 
Circle around, then push the right block just enough to squeeze by it. 
Push the left-hand block down, then circle back around and push it to 
the left. Now pull the right-hand block down as far as you can. Go 
around and up the right lane. Pull the block down partway, then go 
around and push the left block all the way up. Pull the last block as 
far to the right as you can. Go down, push the block out of your way, 
and go around and up to get out of the maze. Go up the stairs to get the 
Gravity Shield. This uses 15 yellow element, and will make you 
invincible for several seconds. With this, you can also pass through 
those yellow electrical fields.
	Go down to the moving platform room. Get onto the platform, when 
it stops move to the right, then back onto that platform facing left. 
Leave the room through the left door. Go back up the elevator.
	B61F- Go through the left door, up the hallway. Activate the 
Gravity Shield to pass through the yellow energy field, and at the top 
of the hall you'll get a Defense Capsule. Reactivate your shield to get 
back down. Go to the previous room (the elevator room), and go through 
the upper door.
	Hop onto the platform to go right, then up. Use the Gravity Shield 
to get through the deadly yellow fields, going back and forth between 
rooms to replenish your element first if need be. Go UP (the hall 
downward is a dead end), through the door.
	Go up/ left (you can kill the enemy through the white railing, to 
get him out of your way. Pick up any treasure with your Wire Arm). Pull 
the left block as far down as possible. Go up and around, and push the 
next block to the left just enough to get by, then go down and push the 
1st block all the way down. Go back around, and pull that block as far 
right as you can, then circle around to push it into the right corner. 
Circle around again, and pull that 1st block all the way into the upper 
chamber of the maze. Pull it as far to the left as you can, then circle 
back to the 2nd block. Pull it to the right to get it out of your way, 
then circle around to exit the maze. Go left, through the bottom door.
	Get into the egg hole to extend another bridge, then go back the 
way you came.
	Go back through the maze room, and activate your shield to get 
back through the yellow field, so you can get to the moving platforms. 
	Take the lower platform all the way to the left, then back to the 
right. Move onto the upper platform so it will go up. Get off, and get 
back on facing to the left. The platform will stop at the extended 
bridge. Get off of the platform, then get back onto it facing down. The 
platform will move into the center of the room, then go down the chute 
to the Bottom of the dungeon.
	Bottom- Take the elevator down, and follow the path. You will have 
to use your egg spin to get past the textured floor, as it fades away 
from under you and you only have a few seconds to reach the next spot of 
hard floor. Go all the way down for an Energy Tank, then take the door.
	Follow the path through the next door, then walk up the plank to 
start a conversation with Psycho Mother. This will lead to another cool 
cinema, where you'll meet your next enemy- Noman!
	After the meeting with Psycho Mother ends, but before you take the 
upper door to reach Noman, you can go back through the door you came, 
and hook across to reach the elevator. From there you can backtrack as 
far as you like, to get to the save pod room, or even getting back to 
town to recharge if you need to!
	From the Psycho Mother room, go to the upper right and take the 
door, then get onto the elevator. It will take you up to a room, from 
which you should take the lower door (either one). 	
	Circle around the column of tentacles until you see an opening, 
and go inside. You will rise up to the top of Fogna, where you will have 
a conversation with Noman. Then, a 3D battle with Noman's Guard! THIS IS 
THE LAST BATTLE OF THE GAME!!!!!!! Before you even attempt this one, I 
highly suggest you backtrack your way out of this entire dungeon. Save 
up 1500g, get over to West Fogedge, and buy the Super Stock from the 
shop there. The Super Stock will totally refill your EP and you element. 
If you should die during this battle, you'll end up in the room right at 
the base of the elevator. Go back and forth between this room and the 
one above it, killing the enemies to recharge your EP. If you continue a 
game, you'll have your Super Stock, regardless of whether or not you 
used it before you died. 
	NOMAN'S GUARD- NG is a big, mean creature with several attacks and 
strong defenses. First of all, the only special weapon in your arsenal 
that does any good is the Nova Stone. The rest don't hurt him, and 
usually make him attack.
	Early in the battle, stick to punching. Get in close and take a 
couple of shots, then back away quickly. NG will stop and perform a spin 
slash, then go back to walking around. Each time he's just walking, get 
up to him and pound him. 
	His other early attack is the shield/ laser combo. He'll usually 
precede this with a leap through the air. When he comes down, he'll 
surround himself with a spinning blue shield. Don't bother attacking 
with anything-- nothing gets through. He'll then fire a steady white 
laser that lasts for several seconds. Keep walking, or even spinning, 
and you should be able to avoid it. If it does hit, it'll take off 
damage continuously.
	Keep up the punching until you start seeing signs of damage. NG's 
blue parts will start flashing, and you may even see some of his pink 
skin peeling back to reveal blinking wires underneath.
	Now it's time to unleash your Nova Stone. Don't use it when NG is 
shielded, or when he is too high up in the air. Now, too, NG will be 
hitting back with several nasty attacks:
	>He can teleport. He doesn't do it often, but he can vanish and 
reappear elsewhere.
	>NG will occasionally walk with his arm cannons open, firing 
bursts at you. You can usually walk back and forth to avoid these. 
	>If NG stops and raises his arms above his head, start walking. 
When he hits the ground, spikes will shoot up where you were standing. 
As long as you keep moving, you should be all right.
	>NG's favorite attack is to leap into the air and fire a brief 
laser shot, then come back down hard and send out an explosive shockwave 
in a random direction. 
	>Later in the battle, NG will again be surrounded with the blue 
shield, but this time he'll fire several short blasts straight up into 
the air. Keep moving, because those are going to come back down at you, 
and they're pretty accurate. Keep moving as quickly as possible, and you 
should get by with a minimum of damage.
	Through all of this, use your Nova Stone at every opportunity. You 
can see that NG is getting weaker-- his skin will be blasted away to 
reveal a cyberskeleton. When your element is gone, recharge with a Super 
Stock or Element Stock (whichever you happen to have), and continue the 
Nova blasting. Also, if you get the chance to get close, you can punch 
him (at one point he did just stop and walk around for a bit), but you 
may not get the chance to get that close.
	When NG is getting close to death, he'll move faster and get 
meaner. He'll start flashing red when he gets really low on energy, and 
will send lines of explosions out. Plus, he will stand in the center and 
send out several lines of spikes. They're easy to avoid. Don't let up 
with that Nova blast-- once he's started to flash red, he's almost 
history. Only a couple more hits (he can also be punched sometimes at 
this point).

	Once Noman's Guard is dead, you can sit back and relax and watch 
the ending. You've just completed Elemental Gimmick Gear!

Miscellaneous Information
The Primeval Metamo- In South Fogedge, straight down from the town and 
up on the first hill, you'll come across a log that blocks your path. By 
using the Flame Stone, you can burn through it (this is the way you 
reach the first Skill ROM). When you first pass into the next screen, 
you'll see a small creature nearby. Going up to it and pressing the 
action button will cause you to get out of your EGG and pick it up. A 
message stating that you've got the 'Primeval Metamo' will appear.
	To use this, go back into town, up to the left of the lab's outer 
entrance. You'll see the opening to a tube, with a man in an open-topped 
EGG next to it. Turn into an egg and spin into this tube, and you'll end 
up in the mini-game room (which you can unlock by means explained in the 
next section). If you pass through this room and take the door on the 
right wall, you'll be in a small back room. Towards the top is a small 
silver pod thing. Go up to it and press the punch button, and you'll put 
the Primeval Metamo into it. Now the bulb on the top of this pod will 
start flashing different colors. When it is red, punch it, and a message 
will come up saying that it is hungry and wants element, and asks you if 
you want to feed it. If you choose yes, it takes all of your red 
element. Now leave, go to the shop in town and get more red element (or 
kill a few creatures to replenish), then go back in and repeat the 
process. You can only feed it if you punch when the bulb is red. After a 
few times, the pod will go through some process and spit out a much 
larger Metamo creature. 
	Now punch the creature. He'll spit out a large energy refill. 
Punch him again and he spits out another. Hit him again and he'll spit 
up an Attack Capsule!
	Don't hit the Metamo ever again, for the rest of the game. After 
you get your capsule, he'll take away 20 EP every time you bother him.
	The capsule that you get from the Metamo may be random-- reports 
indicate that you can get any of the three, and not necessarily an 
Attack Capsule.

Clay and the questions- In town, right below the shop, is a building 
(you'll have to get out of your EGG to enter). Go upstairs, and you'll 
meet an old man named Clay. Early in the game, he'll just invite you to 
come back later. Go back to him later in the game, and he'll now have a 
mini-game for you to play.
	Clay's game is as follows: he'll tell you a short story. These 
stories scroll by fairly quickly, with no pausing. The stories often 
meander across several topics, and many of them offer some math and 
logic puzzles. After he finishes telling the story, he'll ask you two 
questions about the content of the story. Each story has 4 possible 
questions, and the multiple choice answers do not stay in the same order 
every time.
	Clay will tell you 3 stories, totalling 6 questions. If you answer 
all of them correctly, you'll get a prize. Mostly you'll get Gabaros, 
ranging from 20 to about 50g. On every fifth run, though, you'll get a 
prize of a Capsule. I got 2 Defense and 1 Attack, though I have heard 
and read that the capsules are decided at random-- you may get a 
different mix of capsules. After you get 3 capsules, you'll only get 
monetary prizes.
	The answers to the questions are given here. I don't go into a lot 
of detail, but what I do give is enough to correctly answer all of his 
Wife story #1            		strange town tale
*she's 24 years old when they marry *The house greeted people
*they have 5 children               *The EGG was eating grass
*she is bad at cooking              *Joan was the dog's name
*Clay's laugh is 'ha-ha-ha'	      *World would be a dull place

Wife story #2				The story about the neighbor kids
*Breeding started 3 weeks ago       *7 year difference
*Fogna used to be the 'Ancient Ruin'*Tim was the youngest
*Fray is 62 years old            	*Girls were 3rd oldest
*Clay's name is Clay			*Kum

The Gabaro story				The Merchant story
*Raf borrowed 2g				*155 living things were mentioned
*toy EGG cost 4g				*1 person went to Eastokion
*Mick returned 3g				*Clay's travels are unknown
*Clay gave his girlfriend flowers	*The tower is 'Fog Tower'

The tooth/ vegetable story		The children story
*He had cucumber for breakfast	*Clay says 'left' 3 times
*9 different vegetables were mentioned*Lilina is 5 years old
*10 teeth total				*Youngest son never writes
*1 tooth 4 days ago			*Area of triangle is 'base x 

Fogna						Eating contest
*Son's wife is named Seira		*Honey was on pancakes
*Clay went 27 times			*13 puddings
*Clay is called the 'Living Dictionary'*72 cookies
*Eldest son is Fray			*Apricot

Electric Gorgeous Girl (EGG)		Clay's advice/ lab
*Clay rode in EGG				*All's well that ends well
*Clay's EGG was black			*The pretty scientist is Selen
*Raf's nickname was 'Blue Lightning'*Yam is the head scientist
*Clay's rival was Hodge			*Don't 'praise' yourself

Clay's friend				The army story
*is an adventurer				*they were chest-deep
*is very lazy				*Clay mentioned Sarge 5 times
*doesn't 'wash & clean'			*11 people got stuck
*the nickname is unknown		*15 people were in the troop

That is all you need to know about Clay's questions. After you get your 
3 capsules, Clay's quiz can be used to build up your Gabaro, since he'll 
always give you a monetary prize. I found the whole process a bit slow 
and boring, though, and preferred to just wander around outside killing 
monsters to get money. Whatever works for you, though.

The Mini-Games

Outside of the laboratory's outer wall is a man in a white coat. His 
name is 'Buzz', and when you talk to him he asks you for donations. You 
can: choose not to give him anything, offer him a set amount, or give 
him all of your money. If you choose the set amount, Buzz will keep 
track of your total donations.
When the donation reaches 1000g (I just saved that much and gave him all 
of it at once), Buzz will run away. The first set of mini-games has now 
been opened up.
To get to the mini-game area, go to the open pipe right outside of the 
lab. You'll need to egg spin to get into it, and it will take you to the 
game room. Inside are two curtained doors. When you walk up to one and 
press the punch button, a menu of available games in that area comes up. 
You then choose which game you want to play, and let the fun begin!
Each game costs some money to play.
Mini-game set 1:

*'Elemental Gimmick Gear', and everything else associated with the game, 
are property of Hudson/ Birthday/ Vatical. They have been used here, 
without permission, for the purpose of this unofficial guide.
*If you would like to submit any changes to me, or if you have found 
something that I have not (please bear in mind that the last couple of 
sections are still under construction-- Justice Horn's purpose and the 
mini-games will be added for version 1.1). You can e-mail me, however, 
at [email protected], should you wish to submit anything (which I may or may 
not include in this guide).
*If you would like to use this walkthrough, or any part of it, on 
another page, you must give me accurate credit for it. If you are using 
only a segment of the walkthrough, please create a link to, 
where the rest of the guide can be viewed.
*Have a nice day.

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