Cool Strategies - Guide for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

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If you successfully execute a Bros. Attack a certain number of times, Mario and 
Luigi will learn a more advanced version of that same move. This guide teaches you 
those advanced moves. The moves use a different button sequence than the normal 

Slash Bros. (Mario)
Press A and Mario will jump. Press A again as he's coming down to launch him even 
higher. Press B and Luigi will toss Mario back up. Press A to make Mario drill into 
his enemy.

Bounce Bros. (Luigi)
Press A to make Mario jump. Press B to make Mario and Luigi cartwheel toward the 
enemies. Press B to attack with Luigi, and then A to attack with Mario.

Chopper Bros. (Mario)
Press A to make Luigi pound into the ground. Press A when Mario and Luigi reach 
their target. Press B and Luigi will pop out of the ground underneath the enemy. 
Alternate between pressing A to make Luigi go back into the ground and B to make 
him pop out again.

Knockback Bros. (Luigi)
Press B to hit Mario using Luigi's hammer. Press A and Mario will pop into the air.
Press B to swat Mario toward the enemy. Press A as Mario hits the enemy. As Mario 
comes back toward Luigi, you may repeat the process.

Fire Bros. (Mario)
Rapidly press A to build up Mario's Firehand. When Mario throws a fireball at 
Luigi, press B to make Luigi hit it. As the fireball is passing over Mario's head, 
press A to make him catch it.Repeat this process and press A to attack.

Thunder Bros. (Luigi)
Press B and Luigi will charge his Thunderhand and jump. Press A before Luigi lands 
to move Mario into position. Press A again to make Luigi pound into the ground with 
Mario's hammer. When Luigi burrows under the enemy, press B and he will jump out of 
the ground to attack.

Swing Bros. (Mario)
Hold down the A button until the targeting reticule becomes full size. Let go of A 
and press B when Luigi hits the enemy. As Luigi comes back to Mario, press A to 
catch him and fling both Mario and Luigi back at the enemy. Alternate pressing A 
and B repeatedly to build up the follow-through attack.

Cyclone Bros. (Luigi)
Press B to pound Mario with Luigi's hammer. Repeatedly tap A to make Mario spin as 
fast as possible. At the end of the first attack, choose a target using the Control 
Pad and press B. 

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