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                    [- T A L E S  of  L E G E N D I A -]

                      Cottage Quiz Guide (Cheat Sheet)

                       by: Paul Michael ( Vhayste )
                         email: [email protected]
                                 NA VERSION

June 4, 2006
-primary guide finished


I just recently finished my walkthrough for the game. This is one part I
originally planned to include in the faq yet to make it more accessible
I just decided to create it as a seperate faq. The cottage quiz is a sidequest
that actually deals with hidden cottages. On each cottages you will need to
answer questions and if successful, you will be rewarded with great, rare items.
This is a must if you want to complete everything on the collector's book, and
it is also possible to get all items during your first playthrough. 

If in case a question is missing in this faq, its either the question is too
easy and the answer is obvious from the choices given, or I didnt encounter
that question during the time i took the quiz.

Although anybody can beat the quizzes by having a pen and paper, taking note
of the wrong answers chosen for a particular question, this guide can be used
only if you seem to be stuck on a specific cottage.


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without the author's permission. Please email me just in case you
wish to post this faq to your site. I will be able to respond as soon as I
read your email.

No part of this faq may be reproduced in any form. This is protected by
copyright and any violations will be dealt legally.

-C O T T A G E S-

(taken directly from my faq)

Scattered around the world map are cottages that gives you access to some of
the game's rare items. You will be taking a quiz, and need to get 10 correct
answers in a row. You can try as long as you want, but the questions will be
randomly arranged and also the choices. To make it easier for you, like I did,
I got a pen and paper, taking note of the questions and the correct answers. I
have a list myself but since I already put an effort to it, I suggest so would
you. Dont worry, most of the questions are game-related (of course) and if you
manage to read the story, you will know the answers. Also, you can start this
quest as soon as you get the bow cottage key. However, the locations for the
other cottages have powerful monsters as random battles so better be prepared
if you want to go there.


Requires: BOW KEY (acquired as a key item from Fallingwaters)

Location: Take the duct to the Secret Passage and go south. Just follow the
dirt road and you will find it.

Items: Port Key
       765K Hammer (weapon for will)


Requires: PORT KEY (acquired from BOW cottage)

Location: Take the duct to the Hidden Fortress and follow the coast (the beach
line) until you reach two bridges that are close to each other. go north a bit
and you'll see the beach. go across it [dont worry it should be shallow] and
just follow it.

      Kitty Cap (for Norma, Grune, Shirley)


Requires: STARBOARD KEY (acquired from PORT cottage)

Location: Take the duct to the Hidden Passage and go north a bit, then to the
right [side with shallow waters] go there and then keep going south.

       Bear Suit (for Will, Jay; material for DEMON SEAL)


Requires: STERN KEY (acquired from STARBOARD cottage)

Location: To the Quiet Lands. Go southeast and take the duct [almost beside the
path to the thunder monument] and basically go south.

Items: Emperor's New Clothes (for Moses)


This is undeniably the easiest. You need to answer 10 questions. The anwers will
be indicated in all caps, beside the question

Number of stars in Jay's clothes -- 8
Color of Quppo's belt -- BLACk
Will's bracelet that is larger -- RIGHT
Location of Moses' eyepatch  -- LEFT
Csaba's hair color -- GREEN
Part of Cashel's armor that has spikes -- LEFT
Color of the jewel in Norma's Clothes -- RED
Equipment Jay cannot use -- BLOOD ROBE

Walter's true name -- DELQUES
Shirley's true name -- FENNES
Stella's true name -- TELMES
Stingle's alias -- THE VICOUS
Harriet's last name -- CAMPBELL
Name of the Oresoren that has a wrench -- POPPO
Name of peddler in Forest of No Return -- WANDERING PEDDLER
Name of the person that watches over Fallingwater -- CAFU

Melanie's "Blossom Rush" technique's effect -- MAKES MONSTERS ATTACK
Team that Norma and Grune created -- LAUGH BRIGADE
Duration of Will's stay in the Legacy -- 10 YRS

Monster without TEETH -- PARADISE PEPPIT
Monster with tail -- PHYNX
Monster with egg shell -- EGG BEAR CUB
Monster with clothes -- GENTLEMAN

Place known as "If you come unprepared, you're bound for disaster"--MAN-EATING 
Name of equipment shop in Werites Beacon -- PHALANX
Bulletin board in Werites Beacon indicates -- TOWN MAP
Name of the grocery store in Oresoren Village -- SCALLOP KITCHEN
Direction of frontlines from Maurits' Hermitage -- 1 O'CLOCK
Shop in the same building as "Get Ready" -- CRAFT SHOP
Vaclav's country -- CRUSAND

Number of lights in the hospital's chandelier -- 4
Number of towels out to dry in the hospital -- 4
Number of chairs in the table at the end of the hall in Will's house -- 1
Item in Musette's house -- PORTRAIT
Item in the park before the graveyard -- SWING


Let's just say this could be average. But there could be some tough questions
in the fray. 10 consecutive correct answers needed.

Location of Stella's grave -- WERITES BEACON
Location of the skeleton of a large monster displayed -- WILL's HOUSE
Location for the Rite of Accesion -- ALTAR OF THE SEA
Direction of Ferines Village -- 8 O'CLOCK
Direction of the Great Hollow from Ruins of Frozen Light -- 9 O'CLOCK
Place known as "Can be seen but can't be reached" -- MIRAGE PALACE
Not found in the Hidden Fortress -- REMNANTS OF VACLAV's ARMY

Monster with wings -- PEEPIT
Monster without tails -- MANDRAKE
Monster wearing a hat -- PEEPIT CHICK

Number of plants in the hallway of the inn -- 4
Number of points in a grand gaet's horn -- 6
Number of the small mushrooms surrounding an Eryngi -- 4

Material that the staircase in Will's house made of -- WOOD
Item acquired from the Man-Eating Ruins -- Whisper Crystal
Shirley's 1st friend -- Fenimore
Shape of the windows in the rooms of the inn -- CIRCLE
Not the rule in town -- INTERRUPTING A SONG

Name of peddler in the Front Lines -- PERSISTENT PEDDLER
Name of peddler in the Village of Ferines -- SHY PEDDLER
Name of weapons shop in Werites Beacon -- CHAMPION
Name of the spider monster in Crystal Forest -- CYRSTARANTULA
Name of the person that lives across the street from Will's house -- KOZISHA
Name of the dinowyrm as called by the Oresoren -- LONG LONG DEMON
Name of the person that gave the map -- MUSETTE

Senel's age when assigned to kidnap Shirley -- 12
Score the swimming race between Senel and Moses -- 18-0
When was Chloe's father killed? -- 5 YRS AGO

Way of finding the hidden room in the Waterways- GEMINI SHELL   
Way of inflitrating Ruins of Frozen Light -- GOING UNDERWATER
Jay demanded in exchange for info -- THIER LIVES

The phrase after "When the pillar of light appears.." 
                     --"A NEW MERINES SHALL ARISE"
The phrase after "The blood-stained thunder" -- SHALL NEVER BE AWAKENED


>Reason why Chloe got mad at Jay after returning from the man-eating ruins

>Poppo referred to MK III after fitting the grand gaet's horn -- just 

>Person that arrived after Senel in the night party before going to the
Wings of Light -- CHLOE

>Harriet's mother used to say -- A MAN AND WOMAN DOESNT NEED A REASON

>Name of Senel's detachment while fighting Vaclav -- 30th INDEPENDENT PLATOON

>image on the first tablet found -- BIRTH OF THE MAINLAND

>Temporary member of Bantam Bouncers -- Quppo

>Broke the rules in Werites Beacon --Senel

>meaning of "Teriques" -- Wings of creation

>place where Capoeriaco reached -- QUIET LANDS

>Didnt get a medal from Gadoria -- CURTIS

>Spied on Chloe and Senel while training -- NORMA AND MOSES

>Sound Norma made when sleeping in the Man-Eating Ruins -- ZZZZ (well, duh?!)

>Not amongst the legend about the sacred eres according to Moses' people

>Norma's description of the Everlight -- JEWEL THAT GRANTS ANY WISH


You only need to answer one "tough" question here. Even if you got it wrong,
you will always have the same question.

Old man's name - QUIZ GRANDPA


Thanks to Namco, Melfes for another great game.

Thanks again, 

....primarily to all the gaming sites that hosted these faqs. 
I really appreciate it.

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively participating and
contributing, helping their fellow gamers alike. my family, especially to my brother and sister on helping on this
faq's completion. my friends, family and office mates.


Special mention to Mogg 13?-41 and lilcreator

Mabuhay ang Pinoy! Hehehe...

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