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Hello, again! Since I had finished the game and I was slightly bored, I decided to 
clear off the remaining purple boxes. This led me (when in Air Ride) to discover 
some helpful tips on the courses.

On the Frozen Hillside stage, never use any type of bike, as the snow will slow you 
down a lot. The ramp at the beginning; it doesn't take you to a shortcut, it is 
really the same distance, but you don't have to go through the lasers.

On courses such as Magma Falls, however, with plenty of boosts, you should use a 
bike.  Even if you fall asleep at the end accidentally, you can still maintain a 
high speed.  Just watch out for the large lava field where the flaming dragons are.

On Checker Knights, near the final stretch, there is a wall you must go around. If 
you noticed, there is a small uneven bump in the road.  If you are in a reasonable 
flying machine, you jump off the bump and save some time. Also, if you are a wheel, 
and you have to go around, avoid the grass and edges, as they somehow get something 
stuck in your tire, slowing you down. And finally, at the very beginning, boost 
slide on the icy section, as you won't lose speed.

On Beanstalk Park, be sure to ride the Ferris Wheel, even if you must stop to catch 
it. There may be a boost in front of you, but most vehicles(especially bikes) have 
trouble climbing hills. When you come to the part right before the tilting ground, 
there are two grindable stalks with a Boost Pad in between. If possible take the 
boost, as it will shoot you to the final stalks.

Now for vehicles!

With the Rocket Star, it is best to charge up all the way at the beginning. When 
you get to the first turn, don't charge up unless you're charging all the way. 
Instead, press A repeatedly while turning, youi'll turn tighter and lose less speed.
Use as many Boost Pads as possible.

Remember that the Swerve Star can't hit boosts because it stops when you press A.
Remember bikes automatically hit boosts

The three bikes are very different. If you want good control or a jumper, choose 
Wheelie Scooter. If you wan't a well-rounded machine with good acceleration and a 
pretty good top speed, choose Wheelie Bike. If you want high top speeds, but don't 
mind long acceleration times, choose Rex Wheelie.

Remember, when in doubt(or a bad machine), use Copy Abilities.

Goodbye! I will write more soon. Please vote if you liked this.

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