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July 2, 2002

Crash Bandicoot: Warped Boss Guide

Boss 1: Tiny Tiger
For this boss, when he jumps up and down he'll accidentally stick his javelin in 
the cage. When he does that, use your spin on him to hurt him. Next he'll jump on 
the gladiator stage and send out a lot of lions. Do this three times and you'll 
beat him.

Boss 2: Dingodile
This boss is sort of tough to beat. To beat Dingodile, let him target you. Then 
when he's locked on to you, jump out of the way for him to break the ice barrier 
around him. Then when there's a clear path, run up and hit him with spin. Then his 
pack will blow so run away after you hit him.

Boss 3: N. Tropy
For this "clockwise" boss, there's a lot of complicated steps. First, dodge his 
attacks that he'll use against you. Then, he'll make a shockwave that will make a 
weird looking path for you to cross. Next, when he's on one knee panting, attack 
him to hurt him.

Boss 4: N. Gin
This boss is really easy to beat. You'll be Coco with Pura on a spaceship. First, 
you shoot his chest and arms. Next, he'll change into a bigger ship. Then, you'll 
have to shoot all along the bottom of the ship, the two sides and the top to beat 

Boss 5: Dr. Cortex
This extremly hard boss is soooooooo hard to beat. Uka Uka and Aku Aku will be in a 
tornado type vortex fighting while Cortex is throwing bombs at you. When Cortex is 
done throwing bombs at you, he'll be very tired and won't do anything. While he's 
not doing anything, jump and hit him. Then he'll be knocked off his hoverboard and 
Aku Aku, Uka Uka and Cortex will be sucked in the little vent in the ground. Then 
Aku Aku will bring Cortex and his hoverboard back up on the platform. Repeat these 
steps two more times and you win!


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