WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

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"Create Hulk Hogan New Style" Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role


Male body gigure 2

face- nose 1, eyes 1, mouth 1
hair- base 25 128/128/128/, back 5 128/115/172
facial- 17 or 8 128/125/128
hat- 19 128/128/16
glasses- 1 128/128/128
base- 8 fig 2
hands- left and right 15 128/128/82
tights- 48 [unlock]128/128/120 or 43 128/128/100
feet- shoes 36 leanth 56 128/128/128
belt 3
upper body- arms mass 160
height- 658

for moves givwe him his leg drop if not unlock give him what you want  i gave him 
the pilerdiver befor i unlock the leg drop

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