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Please big smoothin don't steel the taunt of RVD without asking the maker
which was powerhouse at least i asked.

Head: nose 1 type 3                      
      eyes 11 type 3
      mouth 18 type 3
Hair: hair 1 v125, s125, b124
      back hair 34 v0, s122, b88
Facial hair: 21 type 3 v120, s150, b192

Upper: base 1 type 3
      shirts 23 n3 all 128
wrist band: (both) 27 v128,s128,b0
elbow pad: (both) 5   v128,s128,b0
hands:remove fingers type 006 you'll need that type of fingers 
because later on in this faq i'll show you how to do the thing that
rvd does with his hands pointing himself 3 times
shoes 5 n1, v128,s129,b48,L60
tights 7 n1, v128,s128,b112,L66
knee pad (both) 1 n1,v128,s0,b88
belt10 n1, v128,s128,0
skin color: white i guess

head:all 130
chest:all 110
arms:all 108
forearms:all 108
wrist:all 108
hands:all 128
waist:mass:112, width:116, thickness:108
thighs: all 111
legs:all 105
ankles:all 115
feet:mass:125, width 118, thickness:132
heiht: 597
weapons: piped chair

He is a man (if you weren't thinking of putting that you need
to see a doctor
music: cactus jack
crowd sings: whatever you want
yes comments: sure dude
no comments: whatever man

powerful: level 3, attack 2, defense 3
speedy: level 4, attack 4, defense 4
technical: level 3, attack 2, defense 3
roughneck: level 3, attack 1, defense 3
moves: speedy
logic 1 arial, logic 2 hardcore

bases: fighting stance normal
rim rolling
rom normal
taunt: capoeira role and the taunt i am gonna show how to do later on
winningm: backward sommersault
entrance: speedy

ready moves: attack whatever sort of kicks you want and grapple whatever
crazy moves you can find
ground: whatever you want
turnbuckle: frankeinsteiner, moonsault kick, super back drop
rope: whatever you want
aerial: stand: Spinning wheel kick, missile dropkick.down: corkscrew and diving 
moonsault and senton bomb
running: attack: spinning wheel kick, flying lariat. grapple: running ddt, queen 
sunset flip pin, facecrusher 2. counter: shoulder back toss, monkey toss
double team: calf kick&tiger suplex, calf kick&sweep
special: frog splash(5 star frog splash
favorite: whatever you want
In combinations put a sort of kicks

if you want to do this go to create a taunt. put modify upper
ther are 30 little lines you could fill. Delete all the defaults
Now go to the first line put select and pick number 19
2nd nothing, 3rd nothing, 4th nothing, 5th put number 310, 6th nothing,
7and 8 nothing, 9 put number 152, 10,11,12 put nothing, in 13 put number
310, in number 14, 15, 16, nothing, 17 put 152, 18 19 20 nothing. 21 put
310, 22 23 24 nothing, 25 put 152, in number 26 27 nothing. in 28 put 19
29 nothing and alomost there 30 number one. Well, your done now her in the
exaple it looks like he's fingers look like the peace sing, but when you
do it in a match it looks like RVD's so now put the taunt to him and do 
your crazy stunts with rob van danm next it will be andres the giant 
hulk hogan, new rob van danm and all the members from the nwo 

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