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Create Rob Van Dam For Smackdown! 2 Know Your Role
Appearance, Create A Taunt, and Moves
Contains Game Shark Code

Male Body: Type A
Body Figure 2

     Face:  Type 003
     Nose: 014
     Eyes: 069
     Mouth: 015 * If you have not unlocked mouth 015 yet, use mouth 018.
     Hair:   Hair 003
     Base:  Hair 001   Default Color V 125/ S 125/ B 125
     Forehead:   None
     Back:   Longhair 034      V 0/ S 122/ B 88
     Facial Hair:  021 Type 003  V 120/ S 150/ B 192
     Paint: None
     Accessories: None
     Mask: None
     Hat: None
     Glasses: None

Upper Body
     Base: M-Type 001 Normal 03
     Tattoo: None
     T-Shirts: None
     Base: None
     Accessories: None
     Shirts: 022  Normal 03    V 128/ S 255/ B 180
     Wrist Band: Updated
      Right: Wrist 09     L 060/ V 128/ S 128/ B 000
      Left: Wrist 09     l 060/ V 128/ S 128/ B 000
     Elbow Pad: Updated
      Right: Remove
      Left: Remove
     Hands: Updated
      Right: None,  Fingers 006 
*006 makes it so he makes thumbs up for his special taunt that must be created. 
Details on create a taunt after Appearance.
      Left: None,  Fingers 006
     Vest: None  Normal 03
     Accessories: None
     Jackets: None

Lower Body
     Base: M-Type 001  Normal 01
     Tattoo: None
     Underwear: 001  Normal 01  Default
     Feet: No Socks
     Shoes: 005   L 67/ V 128/ S 0/ B 52
     Tights: Body Suit 004   L 62/ V 90/ S 255/ B 200
     Short Pants: None
     Pants: None
      Right: 001 Normal 01  V 128/ S 0/ B 88
      Left: 001 Normal 01  V 128/ S 0/ B 88
     Pattern: None
     Letters: None *You can put in the letters RVD even though they should have a 
place to put them on his upper body to be more like the real outfit of Rob Van Dam.
     Accessories: None
     Long Skirt: None
     Belt: 002  Normal 01 Default Colors *Use the belt to cover up the bright blue 
line on his waist.

>Skin Colors
     Base Colors: Color 2
     ADV Colors:  V 126/ S 128/ B 128

     Head:    M 130/ W 130/ T 130

Upper Body
     Chest:  M 110/ W 110/ T 110
     Abdomen:  Default; M 128/ W 128/ T 128
     Arms:  M 108/ W 108/ T 108
     Forearms:  M 108/ W 108/ T 108
     Wrists:  M 108/ W 108/ T 108
     Hands: Default; M 128/ W 128/ T 128

Lower Body
     Waist:  M 112/ W 116/ T 108
     Thighs: Default; M 128/ W 128/ T 128
     Legs:  M 105/ W 105/ T 105
     Ankles:  M 115/ W 115/ T 115
     Feet:  M 155/ W 115/ T 115
     Height: 597 *Trick: Make him as shortest as possible then make him the height 
of 597 or you will not be able to select 597 for his height.
     Weapon: Piped Chair

Profile:*I shouldn't have to tell you to select Man when it gives you the option.
     Name: RVD or Rob Van Dam
     Music: Whatever you think is best for him *I picked Cactus Jack for the theme.

>Crowd Signs: Pick whatever you want. *Below are the signs I picked.
     1: page 26 Bottom row Center
     2: page 26 Middle row Center
     3: page 2 Bottom row second from the right

Comments: Yes for Yes and No for No, or you decide what he should say. Something for 
yes like, Yeah man lets chill at 4:20. For no, You need to relax.

Weight: Light Heavy
      1: The Undertaker-
      2: Single+
      3: Hardcore+
      4: Career
      5: Kane+
Ability: If you have the Infinite Ability Points cheat on the Game Shark activate it 
and max out all his abilities. If you don't use Auto Setting and Speedy and then add 
more points throughout the rest of the abilities if you have any points left. You 
will need to max out his speedy ability for his Frog Splash finisher.

Infinite Ability Cheat: *There are no letter O's in any Game Shark codes, what may 
look like an O is a Zero.
It is the same with the letter S and the number 5, No letter S.


Moves: This option is to make it faster to create your Superstar. You can choose 
this option and pick an existing Non-Created Superstar moves for your created 
Superstars moves. I have a move list further down below.

     1: Aerial
     2: Hardcore

Create A Taunt
RVD thumb pose
Select Modify
Select Upper
If you know what you are doing skip this description. You will see a horizontal bar 
with 30 vertical lines though it. You will need to pick specific move numbers for 
the vertical lines but not all the lines will have a move. Some of the vertical 
lines will need to be blank to cycle through the taunt correctly. This is where the 
importance for the selection of the 006 position for the fingers.
 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
1st line: No.19
2nd line: Blank
3rd line: Blank
4th line: Blank
5th line: No.310
6th line: Blank
7th line: Blank
8th line: Blank
9th line: No.152
10th line: Blank
11th line: Blank
12th line: Blank
13th line No.310
14th line: Blank
15th line: Blank
16th line: Blank
17th line: No.152
18th line: Blank
19th line: Blank
20th line: Blank
21st lint: No.310
22nd line: Blank
23rd line: Blank
24th line: Blank
25th line: No.152
26th line: Blank
27th line: Blank
28th line: No.19
29th line: Blank
30th line: No.1

Now you should Preview the taunt and you should see him hold both of his arms in the 
air while pointing his thumbs at his head three times. Go ahead and call the move 
RVD so it is easy to find when you make the moves next.


Fighting Stance: Wrestling 2
Ring in move: Rolling
Ring out move: Normal
1: Use the taunt you just created.
2: Taunt Capoeira Role
Winning Move: *You can't use the created move for the winning move.
Backward Summersault
Entrance: Use whatever you see fit. I used the Entrance called Relax.
Ready Moves
Attack: Use an assortment of Kicks. All attack ready moves are found in the Speedy 
category except for the moves with the number 2 after them, those are found in the 
Technical category.
Spinning Back Kick 1
Spinning Back Kick 2
Shuffle Side Kick 1
Spinning Wheel Kick 2
Spinning Wheel Kick 1
Spinning Kick
Grapple: * F= While Facing Front, G= Grapple while opponent is dazed, B= While 
Facing Back
     F: Arm Drag
     F: Snap mare   
     F: Front Dropkick   
     F: Snap Suplex   

     G: Hip Throw   
     G: Hopping Sunset Flip   
     G: Hurracanrana   
     G: Kung-Fu Back Rolling *This move needs to be unlocked*

     B: Reverse Pin   
     B: Rolling Clutch Pin
     B: Back Drop Pin   
     B: Spinning Hurracanrana * Move must be unlocked* It will appear with only one 
R after the U due to a lack of space so it will appear as Spinning Huracanrana.

Attack: Flip Splash, Leg Drop, Double Knee Drop
Grapple: U= Upper, L= Lower
     U: Mahistrol Cradle Pin   
     U: Crash Holly Cradle Pin   

     L: Toss   
     L: Big Swing   

Turnbuckle: F= Front, B= Back
     F: Shoulder Thrust
     F: Moonsault Kick
     B: Super Backdrop  
Lower: Foot Choke
Run to lower: Knee Attack

Rope Opponent

Rope Down: Throw to Rope
Jump off Rope: Asai Moonsault
Jump Down Over: Dive Through Ropes

Aerial: Opp = Opponent

Opp Stand: Missile Dropkick, Spinning Wheel Kick
Opp Down: Twisting Body Attack, Diving Moonsault, Senton Bomb

Attack: Cross Body, Dropkick
Grapple: Running Reverse Pin, Running Spinning Pin, Face Crusher
Counter: Shoulder Back Toss, Scissor Sweep

Double Team: Calf Kick & Sweep, Calf Kick & Tiger Suplex

Special Move: Frog Splash
Favorite Move: Spinning Kick
Combination Move 1: Spinning Kick. : * No Horizontal Flip
Combination Move 2: Spinning Back Kick. : * No Horizontal Flip
Combination Move 3: X-Pac Spinning to Face
Auto Setting: * Do not select this option or the move data that you just input will 
be lost.

Words from the Author: When I created RVD for the first time on SD!2, I would have 
never thought I could make him look like he should have been part of the game from 
the start. I did it and I am proud of it. He looks similar to the RVD on ECW 
Hardcare Revolution. It's like I took that character from that game and put him in 
SD!2. If you have any question's my e-mail is below. Insults and negativity will be 
laughed at, and the person who gives it will be knocked down a notch on their 
maturity and I.Q. level. I bet most of you don't even know what I.Q. stands for.
RVD Smackdown! 2 character created by Joshua Barrus.
E-mail mailto:[email protected] 

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