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"Create Rob Van Dam" Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

Make Rob Van Dam for "WWF Smack Down!2:Know Your Role" for the Playstation.
Base Model:Type A/Base 2
Nose:# 003/Type 1
Eyes:# 011/Type 1-->V=128/S=128/B=100
Mouth:# 029/Type 1
Hair:# 016/Hair 1-->V=128/S=128/B=20
Back:# 034/Hair 1-->V=225/S=128/B=40
Facial Hair:# 042/Type 1-->V=128/S=128/B=120
Upper Body-->Advanced-->Base
Upper Body:# 002/Normal 1
Shirts:# 022/Normal 1-->V=128/S=255/B=80
Wrist Band-->Right
Wrist:# 001-->L=50/V=128/S=128/B=0
(Now do the same for the Left wrist)
Elbow Pad-->Right
Elbow Pad:# 004-->V=128/S=0/B=100
(Now do the same for the Left elbow)
Type:# 007/Fingers 006-->V=128/S=128/B=0
(Now do the same for the Left hand)
Lower Body-->Advanced-->Feet-->Shoes
Shoes:# 001/Normal 1-->L=55/V=128/S=0/B=80
Tights:# 016/Normal 1-->L=60/V=50/S=255/B=60
Knee Pad-->Right
Knee Pad:# 005/Normal 1-->V=128/S=0/B=80
(Now do the same for the Left knee pad)
Skin Colors-->Base Colors
Color:# 2
Adv Colors:-->V=126/S=128/B=120
Weapons:Piped Chair
Name: Rob Van Dam
Gender:(I hope you'd know to pick man)
Entrance Music:Pick What you want,I picked the Hardy Boyz
Crowd Signs:Pick what you want I picked...
         Page 4/Center Row/4th from the left(WWF Logo)
         Page 25/Top Row/4th from the left(Get The Chair)
         Page 19/Center Row/Right Side(Cool)
Yes Comments:Cool
No Comments: Whatever
Character:  The UnderTaker-
Ability: Powerful: Level 2/Attack 2/Defense O
         Speedy: Level 3/Attack 3/Defense 3
         Technical: Level 3/Attack 3/Defense 2
         Rough Neck: Level 3/Attack 3/Defense 2
(Skip Auto Setting after Rough Neck)
Logic 1:Aerial
Logic 2:Attack
Now After you save your data,go to the Main Menu and select,"Create a Taunt"
After it loads go to...
Now delete all the little turqouise lines on the bar at the bottom of your 
screen.Now when your finished with that,go to the first little line and select 
it.Then go to select.Now do the following...

1st line: No.19
2nd line: Blank
3rd line: Blank
4th line: Blank
5th line: No.310
6th line: Blank
7th line: Blank
8th line: Blank
9th line: No.152
10th line: Blank
11th line: Blank
12th line: Blank
13th line No.310
14th line: Blank
15th line: Blank
16th line: Blank
17th line: No.152
18th line: Blank
19th line: Blank
20th line: Blank
21st lint: No.310
22nd line: Blank
23rd line: Blank
24th line: Blank
25th line: No.152
26th line: Blank
27th line: Blank
28th line: No.19
29th line: Blank
30th line: No.1
 Now when finished,save it as,"R...V...D"
Now save your data again after you save & exit "Create a Taunt".Now get back to the 
main menu and got to Create a Superstar,then select Moves.After your screen 
loads,Select edit,then select Rob Van Dam.Now when the screen comes up,do the 
Bases-->Fighting Stance-->The one thats up there already(might be The Rock)-->and 
pick Shoot Wrestling
Ring In Move:Rolling
Ring Out Move:Normal
Taunt 1:R...V...D
Taunt 2:Taunt Chyna
Winning Move:Normal Win
Ready Moves-->Attack
(Do different Kicks in the catogory Speedy)
*Make sure that the very fist one says:Spinning Back Kick 1
Grapple Moves:Facing-->Hip Throw
              Facing-->Front Dropkick
              Facing-->Arm Drag
              Facing-->Snap Suplex
   		 Groggy-->Spinning Back Drop
              Groggy-->Samurai Driver
              Groggy-->Mexican Stretch Bomb
              Back-->Rolling Clutch Pin
              Back-->Mexican Suplex Pin
              Back-->German Suplex Pin
              Back-->Dragon Suplex Pin
Ground Moves-->Attack
Flip Splash
Senton Splash
Fist Drop
Ground Moves-->Grapple
Up-->Head Scissor Roll Over
Up-->Knee Smash
Legs-->Bow and Arrow Lock
Legs-->Pin with Bridge
Front-->Shoulder Thrust
Back-->Super Back Drop
Turnbuckle-->Lower:Foot Choke
Turnbuckle-->Run to Lower:Knee Attack
Rope Opponent-->Rope Down:Throw To Rope
Jump Off Rope-->Asai Moonsault should already be there,so don't mess with it.
Jump Down Over-->High Flying Body Press
Stand 1: Diving Hurracanrana
Stand 2: Martial Arts Kick
Down 1: Diving Moonsault
Down 2: The 450 
Down 3: Diving Fist Drop
Attack 1:Cross Body
Attack 2:Karate Kick
Grapple 1:Queen Sunset Flip Pin
Grapple 2:Head scissor Take Down
Grapple 3:Face Crusher 1
Counter 1:Neck Breaker
Counter 2:Arm Drag
Double Team 1:Calf Kick & Tiger Suplex
Double Team 2:Calf Kick & Sweep
 Special Move: Frog Splash
 Favorite Move: Spinning Back Kick 1
 Combo 1:Spinning Kick/No Flip
 Combo 2:Spinning Kick/Yes Flip
 Combo 3:Spinning Back Kick 1
Now save and exit,and get to the main menu.Now once at the Main Menu,go to 
Rankings,and select it.After your screen loads,go to re-enter,others,go down and 
select Rob Van Dam,go to hardcore,and place him there.Now save and exit.Save Your 
Data aaaaannnnndddddddddd........
   Your Done!!!!
_________________________________________Ethan Brown


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