Create Rob Van Dam - Guide for WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It!

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1.Eyebrow-020 brightness 44
4.Mouth-011 brightness -7
6.Hair-054 color 64/shade 127/brightness -9
7.No Front Hair-001
8.Back Hair-058 color 83/shade 76/brightness -43
10.No Sleeves-030 color -122
11.Tights-050 length 51/color 90/shade 7
12.Kneepad-001 shade -61/brightness -48
13.Boots-034 length 32/color 43/shade -127/brightness -5
14.Hand-008 color -108/shade -2/brightness -127
15.Facial Hair-065 brightness -20
16.Facial Hair-062 brightness -20
17.Alphabet R-018 shade -127/brightness 127
18.Alphabet V-022 shade -127/brightness 127
19.Alphabet D-004 shade -127/brightness 127
Nick Name-Flying Man/Moves-Unknown 004 ERV/Music-Original 11/Movie-Hardy Boyz 

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