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hey here's how you create WCW's Glacier

select base model A,2

head                   Upper body
stadered original 22   base 8 type 2
                       t-shirt 4 type2 V128 S140 B116
                      (both) hands 1 type 1  
Lower body
tights 1 type1 
shoe 13 type1 L29 V122 S140 B90
Belt 19 type1 

head 135 ALL
Chest 139 ALL
Abdomen 135 ALL
Arms 161/170/152
Forearms 150 ALL
Wrists 120 ALL
Hands 140 ALL
Waist 130 ALL
Thighs 135 All
Legs 134/140/128
ankeles 148 ALL
Feet 165/130/200
Height 673

Kendo stick

That's it the rest is up to you.

If you have any questions
Write me at [email protected]
I will try to post more monthly
but write me and ask me to tell 
you how to make a certain character
I'll write you back with the details
on him/her.    


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