Crystal's Club Xizzle Mission - Guide for The Urbz: Sims in the City

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                         The Urbz: Sims in the City
                          Crystal's Xizzle Mission

1. Details
2. First Step
3. Second Step
4. Third Step
5. Fourth Step
6. Final Step
7. Club Xizzle

1. Details
  One of the missions in Urbania is the Club Xizzle mission with Crystal. She tells 
you if you give her a good time, she'll show you where Club Xizzle is.

2. The First Step
  The first step is to show her a cool place in Urbania. Take her to the pizza 
place in between the 2 houses you can buy. You go in there and the first step is 

3. The Second Step
  The second step is to by her pizza to eat. Buy the small or big piece and give it 
to her. Then the second step is done.

4. The Third Step
  The third step is to play a game with her. In the restaraunt, a dance game is in 
there. If you play it for a while and she stops you stop playing and the third step 
is done.

5. The Fourth Step
  The fourth step is to go shopping. Go inside the Thrift Store and the fourth step 
is done.

6. The Final Step
  The final step is to buy her something streetie like. Your supposed to shop at 
that mini shop in front of the houses you can buy. Buy her a ring or a teddy bear 
and the final step is done. She will tell you about Club Xizzle but she will not 
tell you the password to it. You need to find that out on your own.

7. Club Xizzle
  The password to Club Xizzle is "bucket". Club Xizzle is a place where you can 
dance and buy xizzles. Xizzles are things that can help you. They can slow down 
hunger or comfort, give you money, and get you rep points. You have certain 
xizzles. Club Xizzle is way at the top of Urbania behind a door by a dumpster. The 
person will ask you if you want to buy and xizzle or go inside.

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