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Crash Team Racing F.A.Q.

1. Controls
2. Characters
3. Tracks
4. Weapons
5. Cheats
1. Controls
Gas: X
Brake: [   ]
Power-Up: O
Powerslide: R1+> or <
Look back: L1

2. Characters

Crash and N. Cortex (Intermediate)
These racers aren’t such a good way to start playing but if you get the hang of it, 
these are perfect.  They are balanced and easy to use.

Beginner **
Intermediate ****
Advance ***

Pura, Polar, and Penta Penguin (Beginner)
If you just buy the game, these guys are perfect.  They have great turning, though 
not so fast.  These are great for beginners.

Beginner: *****
Intermediate: ***
Advance: *


N. Gin and Coco (Between Intermediate and Beginner)
If good at go-kart video games, start here.  It is a perfect combination! 
Beginner: ****
Intermediate: ****
Advance: **


Tiny and Dingodile (Advance)
These are for very advanced people.  They have great speed, but have very poor 
handling.  Don’t use these until you’ve beaten Oxide.

Beginner: *
Intermediate: **
Advance: ****


Papu-Papu, Roo, Komodo Joe, Pinstripe, and N. Tropy (All)
These racers all use cheats, but they are the best.  They’re great at everything!  
Highly reccomended!

Beginner: *****
Intermediate: *****
Advance: *****


3. Tracks

Crash Cove
Rating: ***

Roo’s Tubes
Rating: ****

Sewer Speedway
Rating: *****

Mystery Caves
Rating: ***

Coco Park
Rating: ****

Tiger Temple
Rating: ****

Blizzard Bluff
Rating: ****

Dingo Canyon
Rating: **

Papu's Pyramid
Rating: **

Dragon Mines
Rating: ***

Polar Pass
Rating: ****

Cortex Castle
Rating: ****

Tiny Arena
Rating: ***

Hot Air Skyway
Rating: ***

N. Gin Labs
Rating: ****

Oxide Station
Rating: *****

Slide Coliseum
Rating: ***

Turbo Track
Rating: ****

More Soon (Forgot the rest!)

4. Weapons
Powered Up means with all 10 Wumpa fruits.

Tracking Missles
Normal-These great devices usually always work.  Try to get these and you will be 
Powered Up-More accurate!

Bowling Bombs
Normal-Same as missles exept you have to have good aim.  Great for shortcuts!
Powered Up-Can hit more people at 1 time.

Power Shields
Normal-Can be used as bowling bombs, these are even better.  They are shiels and 
bombs! Lasts for a short time.
Powered Up-Same as normal but lasts till you shoot or hit something with it!

TNTs and NITRO Boxes
Normal-If a player runs into these babies, they'll have to hop! If they don't 
enough, KABOOM!!!!
Powered Up-If someone hits these, KABOOM!!!!!!!! autimatically!

N. Brio's Beakers
Normal-If someone hits these they'll spin for a few seconds.
Powered Up-After they spin, the player wobbles fo more than 5 sec.!

Aku-Aku/Uka-Uka Masks
Normal-This mask protects you from anything but falling and eating flowers
Powered Up-Lasts even longer!

Normal- A big speed burst!
Powered Up- A bigger speed burst!

N. Tropy Clocks
Normal-Every kart spins out of control and wobbols for a few seconds.
Powered Up-An even longer time!

Warp Orbs
Normal-Hits the player in first place, sending them tumbling and crashing.
Powered Up-Hits everyone!


Turbo Track: L1+R1 right, right, left, triangle, right, down, down.
Scrapbook: L1+R1 Up, up, down, right, right, left, right, triangle, right
Penta Penguin: L1+R1 Down, right, triangle, down, left, triangle, right
N. Tropy: L1+R1 Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right, Right
Ripper Roo: L1+R1 Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Down, Right
Komodo Joe: L1+R1 Down, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Left, Down
Papu Papu: L1+R1 Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left
Pinstripe: L1+R1 Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down


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