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Crash Team Racing

CTR Walkthrough/FAQ
Version 1.1(Version Info comes later)
Wrote by Tom Yang

This walkthrough was written by Tom Yang. You can email me in my member folder.
-Emails I will answer: Questions to add to the Asked question list, anything to 
to the walkthrough, a high score for the Wall of Fame.
Emails I won’t answer: Insults like “your FAQ stinks” or “I’ve seen a better FAQ 
written by monkeys!” People who send me these will be blocked.


1. Legal Stuff
2. Introduction
3. The Story
5. Hub1
6. Hub2
7. Hub3
8. Hub4
9. Hub5
10. Gem Cups
11. Oxide
12. Cheats
13. Asked Questions
14. Wall of Fame
15. Credits
16.Version Info

Legal Stuff

This walkthrough is the property of Spyro4 (T. Yang).It is only allowed to be 
on www.cheatcodes.com. You may print out a single copy for yourself, but don’t 
it. You may put it on a different site, but you must get my permission first. 
Copies that are stolen will be asked to be removed.


This is the guide for CTR (Crash Team Racing). I have finished the game 100% and 
have found out all the cheats and shortcuts. If you want to add 
something, email me. I won’t answer letters saying rude things.

Crash's Crazed Kart Race: The Story
Crash Bandicoot's "take it easy" island life is about to get cramped. 
Crash's newest nemesis, a crabby alien named Nitros Oxide, just flew 
into this part of the galaxy looking for trouble. This cranky space 
invader thinks he's the fastest racer in the entire universe and has 
challenged the best driver of Crash's world to a race for the planet. 
Worst of all, if Oxide wins, he promises to turn the entire world into 
a concrete parking lot!
It's obvious that Oxide isn't playing with a full crate of wumpa fruit. 
Even past villain Dr. Neo Cortex has taken Crash's side as an unlikely 
ally. Things must be really desperate.

All of Crash's friends, and even a few of his past foes, think that 
they are the fastest driver in the world, and should be the hero racer 
to face Oxide and save the planet. But Oxide is a world-class 
speedster. So who will be his toughest competition?

Looks like you'll have to wait and see!

Hub 1: N. Santinty Beach

1. Crash Cove

Difficulty: 4/20
My Relic Time: 0:46.37
Relic I got: Platinum

The first race! You will be surprised to know that there’s a shortcut! When you 
jump over the first ramp into the pool, head for the low cliff beside the bridge. 
When you almost got out of the pool, jump for the cliff. If you’re lucky, you’ll 
get there! When you drop down and go on the big bridge, stay on the left side. 
About two Karts away from getting onto dirt, jump left. That’s how you’ll go 

2. Roo’s Tubes

Difficulty: 2/20
My Relic Time: 0:51.47
Relic I got: Platinum

This is the second, but easiest track in the whole game! And there is a shortcut 
well! The ending blue tubes part is where you slow down most. I prefer sliding. 
Wait! Here’s the short cut! When you get the last boost pad, jump onto flat 
and drive left onto dirt. Then head for the finish line!!! Going on dirt for too 
long will slow you down!!!

3. Mystery Caves

Difficulty: 7/20
My Relic Time: 1:39.78
Relic I got: Sapphire
I HATE THIS TRACK! Except with Aku Aku. The fireballs are soooooooooooo annoying. 
NO SHORTCUTS?!!? This is the hardest track in the game…for now. JUST GET THE 

4. Sewer Speedway

Difficulty: 7/20
My Relic Time: 0:48.69
Relic I got: Gold

Way easier than Mystery Caves, but I add a little difficulty cos it has lots of 
ways to choose from and confusing! There is a shortcut! When you get out of the 
three way pipes in the beginning, go right and you will see a hole in the wall. 
on the ramp and jump to the hole and get the booster, but wait! DON’T GO PAST THE 
and you’re back-further up the track. Go past the log and you’ll see another 
Don’t go into it. You’ll go the wrong way!

Ripper Roo-BOSS

Difficulty: 6/20
Weapons: TNT
Weaknesses: Missile, Turbo Boosts 
So, now you’ve seen some good racers, now you’re going to verse the best racer 
now-a BOSS!
It’s Roo’ Tubes and you’re racing Ripper Roo! He’s not that tough though, but 
out for his TNT’s! But if you do get one, just keep on jumping and you’ll get it 
off. Get two and BOOM!!!
Just don’t use a missile when he’s putting down a TNT, it will hit the TNT 

Hub 2: Lost Ruins

1.	Coco Park

Difficulty: 4/20
My Relic Time: 1:07.16
Relic I got: Gold

Boring! This is about...neck and neck to Roo’s Pipes! I think it is harder than 
Roo’s Pipes because it was lots of turns(Did you know that Coco’s Park is an 
and way Way WAY boring than Roo’s Pipes! Er...boring...getting very sleepy...

2.	Tiger Temple

Difficulty: 9/20
My Relic Time: 0:48.52
Relic I got: Gold

The hardest track yet. Not that hard though. Avoid the flame breathing
Statues and only get the wumpa fruit boxes when you need to. There is an 
shortcut!!! When you get past the first Flame Statue corridor, you’ll see a door 
with an idol on top of it. Use a weapon(Sheild, Aku Aku, Missile, etc)to attack 
door and it will open. Get all the wumpa fruit inside and you should get full 
Wumpa! Jump down and if you’re no too further behind(No more than 3 racer in 
of you)and you’ll come first(The past 1st racer will be turning around the 

3.	Dingo Canyon 

Difficulty: 10/20
My Relic Time: 0:58.25
Relic I got: Gold

Harder than Tiger Temple still! Naughty dog is putting the tracks in order (from 
easiest to hardest except Coco Park and Blizzard Bluff). Avoid the blue Drops of 
water that interfere with you. If you hit on of them, you’ll go into a spin!!! It 
won’t be nice to hit one if you’re first! Sorry, no shortcuts!

4.	Papu’s Pyramid

Difficulty: 12/20
My Relic Time: 1:32.69
Relic I got: Sapphire

The hardest track yet (I always say that). Way harder than Mystery cave because 
there are man-eating plants! In Relic Race, when you pass the first turbo boost 
onto the bridge, jump left to get 4 extra boxes.
There are three shortcuts! The first one is after the first man-eating plants 
When you see the yellow and black fences go between the first and second one on 
left ton go on a platform and jump off. The second one can only be done if you 
didn’t do the first. After the turn (where the yellow and black fences are)go on 
the turbo boost and go the the left corner and jump the a ledge where there is 
wumpa fruit and jump onto a bridge(familiar isn’t it! It is the bridge in the 
beginning!). The third one is almost impossible without Aku Aku. Go on the ramp 
after the third plant area and jump sharply right. You should land on the part 
where you will be after the turn.

Papu Papu-BOSS 

Difficulty: 14/20
Weapons: Red and Green Beakers
Weaknesses: Bowling Bomb, Missiles 

It’s Papu Papu! (He looks if he’s going to squash his kart cos he’s so fat!) You 
race him on Papu’s Pyramid and he’s using beakers! His main weakness is bowling 
bombs as he throws his beaker high and will not do any defense. Use the shortcuts.

Hub 3: Glacier Park

1.	Blizzard Bluff

Difficulty: 8/20
My Relic Time: 1:07.34
Relic I got: Gold

Whoa! Slidey! This place is snowing! The only main interference is the giant rock 
that rolls around. There are two shortcuts! The first one is when you start. Go 
left and go into a tunnel. This should save 0.5 seconds. The second one is past 
first ice area. Go left instead of right and jump over water to get to the other 

2.	Dragon Mines

Difficulty: 13/20
My Relic Time: 1:26.36
Relic I got: Sapphire

The name “Dragon Mines” doesn’t mean it has Dragons! The mine carts are very 
annoying as they can squash you! There is a shortcut, but a risk one. When you 
the first train track, turn right into a tunnel where the carts are going. Keep 
going and you’ll see the twisty turn. Don’t go down here! Go forwards and go off 
the track. You should be squashed about two times. (Get an Aku Aku before going 
the tunnel to stop being squashed.)

3.	Polar Pass

Difficulty: 14/20
My Relic Time: 2:26.50
Relic I got: Gold

Quite Hard! Especially with the stupid seals and sharp turns. Polar and Penta 
Penguin are the most efficient racers in this track. There is a shortcut!!! When 
you pass the straight way and go into a cave, there will be two seals. Avoid them 
both and go on the hill and jump over the wall(If you get hit by one of the 
you will lose your speed and crash into the wall).

4.	Tiny Arena

Difficulty: 14.5/20
My Relic Time: 3:15.29
Relic I got: Gold

Mud, mud, mud! This place is muddy!!! Avoid the Mud Pools!!! Oh, sorry, I was 
a bit too mad. Sadly no shortcuts but there are some minor ones. Just don’t slide 
on the turns! Jump instead! My Friend said that he thought Tiny Arena was the 
property of Tiny! Just avoid mud!!!

Komodo Joe-BOSS

Weapons: Explode-on-Impact TNTs, Nitros  
Weaknesses: Missiles, Aku Aku

You race Komodo Joe in Dragon Mines. It’s bad to use the shortcut as you will get 
squished a lot and will be slower. Don’t get too close to him or he’ll use nitro! 
Just stay on the side. His weakness is Aku Aku because the track is a straight 
track; you can use the shortcut, destroy his weapons, and best of all, bash him 

Hub 4: Citadel City

1. N. Gin Labs

Difficulty: 16/20
My Relic Time: 1:29.58
Relic I got: Gold

The Mad Mechanical Genius’s Lab! N. Gin is no the best racer to use on this track 
though. The only shortcut is to cut the corners of the U turn after the logs. The 
best way to win is to Cut some corners, get the boosts (including the ones the 
are rolling on but don’t if it’s too risky)and best of all, use your weapons!

2. Cortex Castle

Difficulty: 16.5/20
My Relic Time: 1:39.14
Relic I got: Gold

Cortex doesn’t have a castle (laughs)! Oh well, Naughty Dog sure have a lot of 
imagination! Avoid the boxes under the spiders, only get em’ when you really need 
it. There is a shortcut! When you go past the stairs, turn right to enter a blue 
room. When you enter, go on the ramp and jump left. If you’re lucky, you’ll land 
a bridge to the turbo jump.

3. Hot Air Skyway

Difficulty: 17.5
My Relic Time: 2: 15.13
Relic I got: Gold

Hard as! You can fall off anywhere! Don’t get too close to the edge or you’ll 
off! It’s a pain in the neck if you fall off when first! Now for the impossible 
shortcut! When you get past the straight way about 8 tenths along the way, you’ll 
go on a turbo boost. Go on it and jump left and if you’re 100% lucky, you’ll get 
there to the end! (Believe me, I’ve done it before)!

4. Oxide Station

Difficulty: 20/20
My Relic Time: 2:16.22
Relic I got: Platinum
The hardest track in the game! It’s so hard, you won’t be use to it in a thousand 
plays (It took me 2 tries to get used this horror). There is a shortcut but I 
AROUND!!! Sorry to be so harsh, but that’s the nature of the beast these days. 
Here’s a helpful hint to cheer you up: Slide-Boost a lot and you’ll go faster!


Difficulty: 19.5/20
Weapons: Back-Bowling Bombs
Weaknesses: Bowling Bombs, Shields 

Pinstripe in Hot Air Skyway!  It’s a very tough challenge but you’ll beat him. 
avoid his Bomb and hit him with your own (Bowling Bombs go through other Bowling 
Bombs). DO NOT USE SHORTCUT!!! You’ll waste your time! And don’t panic! 

Hub 5

1.	Slide Coliseum 

Difficulty: 16/20
My Relic Time: 1:30.08
Relic I got: Platinum 

The first track you have to slide a lot. Keep you eyes open, there are heaps of 
shortcuts! Jump over tyres and obstacles! Cut corners by going on grass! You only 
can do Relic Race on this one. Get all the boxes and lots of em’ are gotten by 
going through shortcuts!

2.	Turbo Track

Difficulty: 17.5/20
My Relic Time: 1:02.71
Relic I got: Platinum

The slidey track would make everyone think it is hard! Actually, no! You can cut 
through grass; you can’t jump over tyres in this level and slide around sharp U 
turns! That’s the hardest part: U turns! It really hard and you’ve slide a lot to 
get past these.

Gem Cups

Red Gem Cup

Difficulty: 10/20
Character Unlockable: Ripper Roo
Tracks: Crash Cove, Mystery Caves, Papu’s Pyramid, Blizzard Bluff

Green Gem Cup

Difficulty: 12/20
Character Unlockable: Papu Papu
Tracks: Roo’s Tubes, Coco Park, Polar Pass, Cortex Castle

Blue Gem Cup

Difficulty: 14/20
Character Unlockable: Komodo Joe
Tracks: Sewer Speedway, Tiger Temple, Dragon Mines, N. Gin Labs

Yellow Gem Cup

Difficulty: 17/20
Character Unlockable: Pinstripe
Tracks: Dingo’s Canyon, Tiny’s Arena, Hot Air Skyway, Oxide Station

Purple Gem Cup

Difficulty: 20/20
Character Unlockable: Fake Crash
Tracks: Roo’s Tubes, Papu’s Pyramid, Dragon Mines, Hot Air Skyway


Nitros Oxide-FINAL BOSS

Difficulty: 25/20
Weapons: Every weapon a boss can use
Weaknesses: Everything

At Last! The final Race, against Oxide! He’s Supa Tough and will not let anything 
get in his way. But if he does hit something, he’ll spin, but he’ll move forward 
shortcut to win him. You need to beat him two times to win him. If you beat him, 
he’ll leave earth and you’ll see the credits and Scrapbook.

I will refer to Up as U, left as L, down as D, right as R, X as X, 
circle as O, triangle as T and square as S. Please don't blame me if 
any of these don't work.

-Unlock N. Tropy (Secret Character)-

To unlock N. Tropy beat him in all the Time Trial races OR at the main 
menu hold down L1 & R1 and press DLRUDRR.

-Get Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Demo-

To get a secret demo of Spyro 2 at the main menu hold L1 & R1 and press 

-Unlock all Secret Levels-

To open the three secret battle arenas and turbo track at the main menu 
hold L1 & R1 and press RRLTRDD.

-Unlock Penta Penguin (Secret Character)-

This character cannot be unlocked without a cheat. At the main menu 
hold L1 & R1 and press DRTDLTU

-Unlimited Aku-Aku or Uka-Uka masks-

This is my favourite cheat. At the main menu hold L1 & R1 and press 

-99 Wumpa Fruit-

To have 99 Wumpa fruit and not lose any if something bad happens to 
you, go to the main menu and hold L1 & R1 and press DRRDD.

-Unlimited Bowling Bombs-

Go to the main menu and hold L1 & R1 and press TRDRUTL.

Asked Questions
This is the section for asking me questions. You can Email me the Questions. I 
won’t answer questions asking for cheats or shortcuts as they are already listed 
this FAQ

[email protected]: Where’s the “T” in Crash Cove?

Answer: The T in crash cove is on a bridge. When you go into the pool near the 
beginning, you’ll see a low cliff beside a bridge. Before you get out of the 
jump for the low cliff. When you get there, turn right onto the bridge. Get the T 
that’s on the right side of the bridge and fall into deep water. Then Aku Aku 
turn you around.

Wall of Fame 
Email me your best time to me! I’ll update every 3 days! Remember to include a 
screenshot (To make sure your time is correct).And your name and level and Relic 
Race or Time Trial. Time Trial is coming soon.

Relic Race

Track          Name               Time

Crash Cove

First          Tom Yang           0:46.37
Second         Shawn Argon        0:51.69
Third          Kelly Mage         0:59:56

Roo’s Tubes

First          Tom Yang           0:51.47       
Second         Shawn Argon        0:58.12
Third                             0:00.00

Mystery Caves

First          Ryan Huge          1:27.86
Second         Tom Yang           1:39.78
Third          Shawn Argon        1:45.00

Sewer Speedway

First          Tom Yang           0:48.69
Second         Shawn Argon        1:56.45
Third          Edward Lee         2:00.45

Coco Park      

First          Tom Yang           1:07.16
Second         Shawn Argon        1:20.56
Third          Ryan Huge          1:34.00

Tiger Temple

First          Tom Yang           0:48.52 

Dingo Canyon

First          Tom Yang           0:58.25

Papu’s Pyramid

First          Tom Yang           1:32.69

Blizzard Bluff

First          Tom Yang           1:07.34

Dragon Mines

First          Tom Yang           1:26.36

Polar Pass

First          Tom Yang           2:26.50

Tiny Arena    

First          Tom Yang            2:51.34

N. Gin Labs

First          Tom Yang            1:29.58

Cortex Castle

First          Tom Yang            1:39.14

Hot Air Skyway 

First          Tom Yang            2:15.13

Oxide Station

First          Tom Yang            2.16.22

Special Thanks to:

Universal Interactive for creating the Crash Series

Naughty Dog for Developing the Crash Series

Sony Entertainment for bringing out the Playstation

All the other helpers for helping to create Crash Team Racing

Myself for writing this FAQ

And you, for simply reading my FAQ

Version Info

December 25th 2003–Version -1
Was given Crash Team Racing for Christmas

Sometime in January 2004-Version 0.0
Finished Crash Team Racing 100%

2nd November 2004-Version 0.1
Began today.
Wrote Legal Stuff.
Wrote introduction.
Wrote Story

3rd November 2004-Version 0.2 and 0.3
Wrote Hub 1

4th November 2004-Version 0.4 to 0.7
Wrote Hub 2 and Hub 3
Checked for Spelling Mistakes
Change my email address

5th November 2004-Version 0.8 and 0.9
Wrote Hub 4
Finished the credits and Wall of Fame

6th November 2004-Version 1.0 to 1.1
Wrote Hub 5
Wrote Wall of Fame

That the end of my guide, thanks!


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