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Dragonball Z Budokai Custom Character/ World Tournament

Table of Contents

I      Introduction
          II      Capsules 
         III     Custom Characters
        IV      Saiyans
         V      Humans/Aliens/Androids
        VI      Best Moves
       VII      World Tournament
      VIII      How to beat Advanced
      IX        Legal

    I.   Introduction
 In this FAQ, I will tell you how to create awesome Custom Characters, how 
to           beat World Tournament Advanced, and what good moves to use are.  

II.   Capsules
Capsules are the abilities that fighters can do.  There are different kinds of 
capsules.  Red, which are Death-Moves such as Kamehameha.  Blue, which are Physical 
Moves, like Throwing Attacks.  Then Green for items like Senzu Bean.

III.   Custom Characters
Now, you can create a custom character and put on him whatever moves you want, 
items, etc.  The way to get the character the strongest is by getting   
Breakthrough.  Breakthrough is a capsule you get from the Dragon. Breakthrough 
takes up all 7 slots, but you get all the moves of that character.  Two good things 
about that.  One is that every character has more than 7 moves, so instead of just 
having 7 you get all of them.  Second is that Breakthrough makes all your moves a 
little stronger than normal!  That will prove useful in battle.  

IV.  Saiyans
Saiyans are a powerful race of fighters that were wiped out by Freiza.  Goku and  
Vegeta are the only pure-blood Saiyans left. Gohan and Trunks are half human half 
Saiyan, but are still considered Saiyans, especially because of their high power 
levels.  In the TV Series and game, Saiyans are the strongest and most powerful 
fighters in the Universe.  

V.    Humans/Aliens/Androids
Humans capable of high power levels are rare, but the ones who do are included in 
the Z Fighters.  Aliens, good and bad are also strong, but Androids, mechanical 
fighters are even more powerful.  




VI.   Best Moves
Like I said before, Breakthrough really is the way to go to be the strongest 
fighter.  But those who don’t yet have 56,000 Zenie to spend on 7 Dragonballs 
(8,000 Zenie per Dragonball) will just have to settle with 7 moves.  Now, I can 
only list a few characters, but these are the only real good ones.  The others are 
too weak or not worthwhile.  I will list 7 of the BEST moves to put on your 

GOKU: King Kai Fists 2, 5, &10,  Super Saiyan, Kamehameha, 
Warp Kamehameha, and Spirit Bomb.

VEGETA: Super Saiyan, Super Vegeta, Galak Gun, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Nose 
Dive Crash, and  Meteor Break.

GOHAN: Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, Jackhammer, 
Fierce Ramna, and High-Speed Hammer.

TRUNKS: Super Saiyan, Super Trunks, Super Trunks 2, Buster Cannon, Finish Buster, 
Burning Attack, and Rapid Fall Slash.

HERCULE: High Tension, Dynamite Kick, Present for You, Hercule Ultra Dynamite, 
Hercule Special, Hercule Critical Attack, and Hercule Ultra Dynamite.

CELL:  Second Form, Perfect Form, Perfect Form (Power-Weighted),  Kamehameha, 
Lasso, Cybernetic Radar, and Spirit Bomb.

VII.  World Tournament
World Tournament is a place where you can use your new Custom Characters and battle 
enemies for the prize!  10,000 Zenie for Novice, 20,000 for Adept, and 50,000 for 
Advanced.  Each Tournament is harder than the next, and longer by one battle.  
Novice has three battles, Adept has four, and Advanced has five long hard battles.

VIII.   How to beat Advanced Tournament
Okay, now this will take a lot of  practice and time, but it is worth it, because 
you gain two things: 50,000 Zenie, and the Great Saiyaman.  I HIGHLY advise you to 
use a Saiyan for this, because it is easiest for several reasons.  Saiyans are 
stronger, and moves are more powerful.  Well, here’s how you do it.  First choose 
the character you fight best with.  If it is a Saiyan, good.  If not, practice with 
Saiyans until you find the one your good with.  Like me, I’m best with Teen Gohan.  
First, go to the Options menu, set “Difficulty” to VERY EASY and “Com” to VERY 
WEAK.  Then work to get a lot of money from World Tournament Novice.  Use your good 
character.  The best thing to do would be to get all 7 Dragonballs and get 
Breakthrough for the character your best with.  Practice a little, then go to World 
Tournament.  Beat Novice about 5 times to get the hang of it, after that, go on to 
Adept.  Once you feel comfortable with this, try for Advanced.  It is very hard, so 
keep trying.  LISTEN CLOSLY!  If still you do not beat it, go to Edit Skills, and 
select your character.  Take off breakthrough, and add Vaccine and Viral Heart 
Disease, and an average death-move such as Kamehameha, or Galak Gun.  If there is 
extra space, add another move or something like Super Saiyan.  This helps because 
Super Saiyan makes you stronger.  Enter Advanced, and hopefully, this should give 
you the edge you need to win.  I did it and it worked, and if it worked for me, the 
person who takes about a year to get good at a simple game, it will surely work for 
you, too.

This guide is copyrighted, (c) 2004, All rights reserved. If you place this guide 
on your site without permission, you will be tracked and found. If you would like 
to place this guide on your site, just contact me, Michael Ford, at [email protected], 
and I will be happy to let you use this FAQ. 



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