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When you first start D-Day you will be sailing on to beach, the man behind you who’s 
steering the boat will yell how many sec. you are from the beach, and your 
commanding officer (General Barns) in the front of the boat will keep telling 
you “We gota’ take that beach” and “ If you get lost look for me”. After the guy 
that’s steering boat behind you say’s 7sec. you will here faint crackle and 
whistling noise then the next thing you know your swimming in the water, (da your 
boat got hit by that missile) your guy is in automatic until you brake the surface, 
you will be able to control your guy when he pulls his M1 Garand next you want to 
head to your left where there you will see a broken ship sticking out of the sand, 
and general Barns standing behind it he will tell you that 4 of our men are 
cornered, then a guy will get blown up and Barns will say, “Damn it I’ll, give you 
some covering fire, now move out !” The first person is almost straight to the right 
of where you are standing about three steel x guard things down. When you see him he 
will be yelling can, “You give me some covering fire?” then he will say, “ I think I 
can make it to the bottom of that bunker if you can cover me!” So then aim for the 
tower that is firing at you and him and keep firing until the fire in the bunker 
stops, and the guy you helped out gets up and runs. The next person is to your right 
again. Head at kind of an angle until you see a guy trying to save his friend from 
dying (the guy is performing C.P.R on him) right next to them is a field surgeon 
pack, pick it up. Now right in front of the surgeon pack is the next guy, and he 
says, “Give me some cover so I can get the hell out of here!” so help him out by 
shooting at the tower that is firing at you. When the firing stops he will run off, 
now turn completely around and go sort of slanted to your right until you see a guy 
that looks like he is pinned, but then he gets blown up, the real person you got to 
save is in the hole right next to that one. Before/or after you save him pick up the 
health canteen at the bottom of the hole. The guy will say in a shaggy voice, “Can 
you give me some covering fire?” Then aim for the tower that the fire is coming from 
and keep shooting until the fire from the bunker stops and he gets up and runs off. 
Now almost directly from that hole is the next guy he will say in another shaggy 
voice, “Can you give me some covering fire?” so get behind the steel x with him and 
shoot the guys out of the tower, he will get up and run but you want to stay there 
until the plain fly’s by shooting at the path you could have steeped in so as soon 
as it passes get up and run like the wind because it about to shoot at where you are 
standing! So run up to where every body is laying on the barb wire bank in front of 
you run to your right until you see Gen. Barns he will tell some guy to go and 
retrieve Bagalors down the line and trapped behind a Belgium gate. The guy will 
start to run off then get blown away, then Barns tells you to go and retrieve him, 
and to wait for his order, if you do not wait until he tells you to you will get 
killed to. Now go straight down the line until you come across a big thing that 
looks like a ship stuck in the sand again, go to the back of it, crawl in, and get 
the Thompson gun. The guy will then say, “I’ll never make it back with these lower 
bagalors unless you give me cover, stay behind me and keep shooting. Ready?” Now 
shoot the guy in the tower just to the right of you, when the fire from the tower 
stops he will crawl out and run, and all that you need to do is follow him. When he 
reaches the part where he will drop down and stick the explosives in the ground STAY 
BACK!!! When the barb wire is cleared run through the gap, pick up the ammo and 
field surgeon pack, and then place Patterson (your guy) next to the tower, (where 
everybody else is) Barns will tell you to man the machine gun and blow the two gun 
nests up, but first you got to get across the mine field, (I have no clue how to, 
but I just run straight across!). When you get to the other side kill the guy in 
front of you, then the guy to the right of you standing in front of the ladder. When 
you start to climb the ladder look up while you climb (It makes climbing easer). 
When you get to the top press the O button, (you might have to do it twice, cus he 
might have to reload) when you get sight from behind the machine gun aim it at the 
two bunkers in between the two towers and shoot at one until it explodes then the 
other until in explodes. Next aim the machine gun at the people shooting at you and 
kill them, (more people will come, if you hit the start button it will say kill all 
the guys or something, but when the box next to it is checked off then jump down). 
After you kill all of them jump off the plat form run forward and take a right, you 
will see Barns and the will tell you to move out. That’s the end of the level.


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