D-Day - Your Finest Hour Walkthrough - Guide for Medal of Honor Frontline

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	Finest Hour Walkthrough

	When you first land on the beach go to the wrecked ship no the left and join 
with the captain (stay behind for cover) He will tell you that you need to rescue a 
few men by providing cover fire. Once he gives cover make a mad dash to your right, 
look for a red smoke signal. Once you find your comrade give him cover fire by 
firing on the gun decks, He will then run away. Go to your immediate right once 
again and look for a red smoke signal to find another trapped soldier, give him 
cover fire as well. If your health is running low, scan around the shoreline for 
canteens. No proceed left to find a huge crater after you find this go to the red 
smoke signal which is near a crater to find another soldier trapped. Give him cover 
fire as well. Now your last soldier to help is on the west end of the beach all the 
way to the end. Once you give him cover fire make your way up to the barb wire to 
find your captain. He will tell you that you need to provide cover fire for a pinned 
down technician. Follow the barb wire all the way down to the east side of the 
beach. You will find a man pinned under a structure. He will inform you to provide 
him with cover fire. When your ready, fire away, make sure to keep providing fire or 
else it could prove fatal. Stay well behind him because when he sets his charge for 
the wire you do not want to be around! Once it blows make a mad dash to the side of 
the gun deck to your left. Your captain will give you the gracious honor of running 
across a minefield. Once he gives you cover fire RUN! Try to stay in the middle of 
the field, there will be less mines. On the other side of the gun deck you well find 
ammo and health, pick it up.
Down in the trench 3 will be a couple Nazis, make do with them a go up the ladder to 
the machine gun. Your goal here is to shoot 2 gun nests in between the 2 gun decks, 
destroy these so your men can cross the field. Look straight down the trench and 
Nazis will start coming. Just keep firing and they will run into the bullet fire. 
Once your men get down to the trench talk to your captain. And missions over!

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