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Introduction to Donkey Kong 64
By Scorpion Kidd
Table of Contents
Hi, for those readers of this who want codes or tips you won’t find any in this 
guide.This is just info for people who don’t know anything about Donkey Kong 64.

Copyright stuff -
This guide is mine and no one else’s so make up your own guide and don’t copy 
mine.This guide is only allowed by me to be on cheatcodes.com.If it’s on anyother 
code site than its against my permission.

Introduction to D.K.64 -
Donkey Kong 64 is one of the best games for the N64.You may know of its  side 
scrolling prequels Donkey Kong (NES) and Donkey Kong Country (SNES).You play as the 
monkey Donkey Kong (and some of his friends) and fight against the evil alligator 
King K.Rool’s army.You also have to collect 200 Gold Bananas on the way.The 
controls of this game are similar to those of Mario64.This game is challenging at 
first but it’s fun from beginning to end.

The characters of D.K.64 -
Donkey Kong is the star of the game (no Duh!).He is the uncle of Diddy and the son 
of Crankey.He lives on his own li’l island in a tree house and he is the only kong 
with no clothes.He can also do the fun barrel blast game.
Gun:Coconut Rifle
Banana color:Yellow

Diddy is donkeys nephew and was also a big star in Donkey Kong Country too.He has a 
really fun mine cart mini game and can jump the highest of the five kongs.
Gun:2 Peanut Pistols
Special:Jet Pack(with awsome jet pack music to go with it)
Instrament:Electic Guitar
Banana color:Red

Lankey is my all time favorite Kong. Lankey is one of those people who have really 
long arms.But wait, there’s more they can streach even longer!! Lankey must be 
related to Mr.Fantastic or something cause he can streach his arms about 8ft!
Gun:Grape Blow Gun 
Banana color:Blue

Tiny is exactly what her name implys and she can use her special to get even 
tinier.She is the only girl in the game exept for Candy, the music lady (but you 
cant use her so that doesn’t count).She can fly to some extent and is pretty fast.
Gun:Feather Crossbow
Banana color:purple

I think Chunky is secretly on steroids.He is just plain buff.He is the only kong 
who can lift big boulders like the ones on the top of DK island.Although he’s so 
strong it’s interresting that he plays a sissy instrament and swims like a girl.
Gun:Pinapple Bazooka
Special:(I don’t really think he has one but picking up boulders might count as one 
I guess)
Banana Color:Green

King K.Rool
King K.Rool is the bad guy in this game.He is a really big gator who spends most of 
the game sitting on a really big chair watching TV and laughing at DK.He has a 
weird deformity in that one eye is bloodshot and is way bigger than the other.he 
has 3 types of minions.(note: this is what I call them, but the makers of the game 
will say otherwise)
Gators:These are your everyday green gators.They are weak and can be killed in one 
Blueprint Gators: These are the big blue gaters with multicolored hair.To attack, 
they bang the ground and make big shockwaves that hurt you if your within about 25 
feet of them.It takes 5 or 6 hits to kill them.These are the gators that drop 
BombEaters:These are pink and eat bombs.Hits don’t hurt them and they can only be 
killed by bombs.Luckly 1 bomb will kill them.

Snide:Snide is a weasel and you have to exchange him blueprints for gold bananas.He 
used to work for k.Rool but got sacked.
Funky:Funky will sell you weapons and weapon upgrades.He also ran an airline you 
could use in Donkey Kong Country.
Candy:Candy runs a shop where you can get musical instraments.D.K. has a crush on 
her.If you don’t believe me look in his house!
K.Lumsy:This is a big gater who got thrown in a cage for going against K.Rool.He 
brakes the cage easily but he doesn’t know so you have to free him by facing tough 

This is all I have room for but I will write another guide soon. Maybe I’ll talk 
about the levels and answer some FAQs. Bye.

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