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Hey everyone!  This is Decimor speaking and before I get Started with the guide I 
would like to say that it’s a pleasure writing this guide and I’m gonna try and make 
it as fun as possible for both you and me. 

Well now that that’s taken care of, I guess I should start with a table of contents.

:Table Of Contents:
I.	Version info and Other Vital information
II.	Intro
III.	Character description
IV.	Spell list and description
V.	General tips and ideas
VI.	Walkthroughs
I.    Version info and Other Vital Information

Version 1.0
Just started fresh.  I’ve got the vital info section started, and I’m getting 
working on the character descriptions.  Gonna see if I can’t hunt down some spell 
costs and damage factors.  Started my walkthrough section.

Version 1.1
Fixed the stats in the character description section.  Gonna find out some spell 
mana costs.  Made my contributions page.  Also did some minor editing.  Gonna see if 
I can’t have another update posted in about a week.

you have anything that you feel the absolute and uncontrollable urge to comment 
about something in this guide or offer something to be posted in this guide please 
feel more than free to email me at [email protected]  Even criticism 
(constructive please, as in the critique and the explanation behind it, for 
example; “Decimor I think that you could improve your guide by being more 
descriptive in the steps you describe the way through a dungeon because I’m getting 
a brain-ache trying to figure out what you mean.”) would be very helpful and maybe 
JUST MAYBE I might post it so that others can view what you have to say.  The 
reality is, if you find something faulty in my guide or have found a better way of 
doing it, others probably have to and for them it’s comforting and/or relieving to 
know that you’re/they’re the only one/ones feeling this way.  If you have something 
that you feel should be in this guide I will be more than happy to review it and 
post it (if I can; please don’t get heart-broken if you’re idea/thought isn’t 
posted.  There are two reasons that come to mind when this happens:
Someone else has already contributed that same or very near same thing and has 
already been posted.
I have thought and thought and thought some more about it and have decided that my 
guide would either be better off without it or it wasn’t really necessary.).  
Anything that has been contributed to this guide that did not originate from me will 
get proper credit to the person it came from.  Any comments or anything else along 
those lines are more than welcome in my email box.  I will be taking time out of my 
very busy day just to read and respond to emails.  NOTE:  Depending on the number of 
emails I receive I may or may not be able to respond to your email.  In the instance 
of too many emails to RESPOND to (NOTE!!!!: I WILL read your email) the ones I think 
are appropriate to respond to will have the highest priority.  Those that don’t get 
answered the day I read them will probably be responded to at another date.  Please 
note however that your email has a probability of not getting responded to.  I have 
no earthly and probably will never have an earthly idea of how many emails I will 
get and/or how many I will respond to.  If you would like for this guide to be 
posted on your web page (gameFAQ’s has my utmost permission; that’s who I’m 
submitting the guide to) please contact me before you do so.  The only way that you 
would be able to include this in your website is to link to the URL of this guide AT 
GAMEFAQ’S!!!!  This is very important as if you do not follow these instructions not 
only is it very much illegal but it is also violating the trust of gameFAQ’s.  If 
you would like to have a part of this guide in your guide or would like some 
assistance please feel free to email me (I ask for your email before you include any 
part of this guide in your guide so that not only will it be ok with me but also 
with gameFAQs).  If there is anything else that you believe belongs in this section 
of the guide please email me as soon as possible.  You will be given due credit and 
will be greatly appreciated.  Thank You,

Ia. Contributions
In this section I would like to send all my thanks and give credit where credit is 

First off I would like to thank Take 2 and DSI for making this wonderful game.  I 
would also like to thank my mom for buying me this game and a playstation to play it 
on.  Now I would like to thank gameFAQ’s for allowing me to post and create this 
guide.  I would also like to thank Mtruit for reviewing this guide and giving me 
some pointers.  Last but probably not least (at least I hope not), I would like to 
thank my aunt and uncle for allowing me to use this computer.
II.	 Intro

Thousands of years ago a titanic struggle between Life and Death took place and 
mankind was on the brink of destruction.  The Goddess Kaliba called upon the Druids 
who lived in the great forests of Uma to help in this battle.  She gave unto them 
the gift of the Time Orb, which was fashioned from the tears that fell from her 
cheeks.  With the power of the Time Orb behind them the Druids were able to bring 
this war to an end.  After the war, the Druids that had survived the battle against 
Death decided to break up the Time Orb to prevent it from being used for evil 
purposes.  And so it was divided into seven crystals and entrusted to anonymous 
guardians throughout the land.

A thousand years later one of Kaliba’s monks, Draak, tempted by the power of Death, 
left the monastery, and chose a path of darkness.  Death soon found a powerful ally 
in Draak and gave him access to the secrets of necromancy.  Using his powers of 
necromancy he was able to resurrect a dragon lord and take over his body.  Now 
wielding the power of a dragon, he plans on devastating the world, by capturing its 
people to allow Death to feed on their souls.  Kaliba’s monks tried to talk sense to 
Draak, but were set asunder by the flames of his dragon’s breath.

To regain the balance of the land of Uma you must embark on a quest marked with 
death and destruction.  Upon this trek you will learn skills and spells that will 
help you defeat Draak and his minions, thus bringing an end to his dark demented 
dream of total annihilation.
III.	Character description

This is where I will attempt to describe the characters as best I can while listing 
their attributes and some helpful tips for each class.


Warrior: Male
This is the guy you don’t want to get in a bar fight with.  He has the best strength 
stats of all the classes.  His ability to strike quickly in close range combat 
rivals that of the assassin and thief.  When starting for the first time, this would 
probably be the character that you would pick to get familiar with the many aspects 
of DarkStone.

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 10
Vitality: 15
Magic: 5
Life: 35
Mana: 25

This is a great character to get started out with.  With the best strength and great 
vitality, this is a likely choice for beginners new to the DarkStone game.  Although 
his mana and dexterity aren’t very big, over time they increase as do your stats and 
experience.  Although the warrior can use any type of weapon (as long as he has the 
stat requirements), the warrior class weapons and armor are best suited for him 
because he not only can he attack faster with them, he can also hit better.  This is 
not to say he isn’t still a mighty -opponent with any weapon.  Other hand-to-hand 
combat weapons from different classes would still aid this warrior if forced to use 
them.  One thing though, never, unless you have no other weapons, never EVER NEVER 
EVER NEVER equip a warrior with a bow or throwing knife or other similar projectile 

Amazon: Female
This is one bad chick.  Born, raised, and trained by other amazons, this is the 
kinda woman that makes Bruce Lee cower in fear.  The woman of the fighter class, the 
Amazon has the stats equal to the warrior.  Again, easy character that most people 
would use starting out (although I would think the men would choose the warrior and 
the women the amazon, there are a few crazies or really experienced die hards that 
will pick the character of the opposite sex).

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 10
Vitality: 15
Magic: 5
Life: 35
Mana: 25

Not really much different here than the warrior.  Again stick to close combat and 
you should be fine.  Although I would recommend getting your magic up very high as 
soon as possible so that you can cast spells to get you out of a tight spot, ones 
like magic door, teleportation, and fear (don’t forget about healing!!!).  Once 
again can also use weapons outside of their normal class but I personally wouldn’t 
recommend any projectile weapons.


These are the guys that you have to watch for.  Being trained in the art of stealth 
and killing, I wouldn’t want to get on this guy’s bad side.  A good choice for 
intermediates that have either gone through the game with the warrior, or people 
with very honed gaming and RPG skills.

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 10
Magic: 10
Life: 30
Mana: 30

Since he’s not exactly as strong or as healthy as the warrior, I would recommend 
staying out of close combat situations unless you’ve either got lots of potions or 
you’re really confident, or you just wanna die.  This character more relies on speed 
and long-range combat than anything else.  Not doing bad in the magic department, it 
wouldn’t hurt to develop some spell-casting skills to improve upon ranged combat.

Thieves are the kind of people who don’t exactly make friends very easy.  Lurking in 
the shadows, they rely on their stealth and theft skills to make a living.  Doing 
pretty much the same as the assassin, the thief is another good choice.

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 10
Magic: 10
Life: 30
Mana: 30

Well not much to say here if you’ve read the tips on the assassin.  If you haven’t 
then well, go back and read it.  The thief is a great character.  Again, this 
character relies on speed, stealth, and long-distance attacks.  In my opinion you 
shouldn’t even equip a hand2hand weapon unless my bow or throwing knife broke and 
even then I probably wouldn’t equip anything shorter than a halberd or lance.  I say 
this because not only does this lower your rate of attack, it also lowers your 
attack efficiency (what really poo’s is that even if you do have a halberd or lance 
it’s required stats are too high.  In that case run like heck). 

Spell Casters:

This is the dude that can turn you into a toadstool if you make him mad so I’d do my 
best to please him if I were you (unless of course he never liked you in the first 
place and in that case you’re gonna have a really dull time as a mushroom).  This 
guy is for the more advanced people in DarkStone.  I have yet to meet a person, who 
had never played Darkstone, chosen a wizard, and then beat the game without starting 
a quest with another character (does that give you a clue as to how difficult this 
guy can be?).

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 15
Vitality: 5
Magic: 20
Life: 25
Mana: 40

In my opinion (this is just an opinion) you shouldn’t start a quest with a wizard 
until you have completed the game with another class or you have gotten to the 
legendary level (required level 60) and are just so fed up with your character that 
you’ve decided to choose another class.  However, once you get the hang of the 
wizard, the game becomes a breeze.  Since I’m a firm believer that at least half of 
beating DarkStone relies in spells, this guy would be your best bet.  I would be 
particularly fond of those immensely powerful long-range attacks such as fireball 
and magic bomb.

Does the evil lady in Snow White give you a clue?  Well turn her 180 degrees and put 
her on the good side.  That’s right.  Equally as powerful and difficult as the 

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 15
Vitality: 5
Magic: 20
Life: 25
Mana: 40

I really don’t know what to say about this character.  If you haven’t gotten the 
hint that it’s just best to look at the tips for the first character and apply it to 
both characters of the same class then you haven’t been paying attention.  Read the 
stuff for the wizard.

Monastery people:

What’s to say about this guy?  He’s bald, lives in an old tower, and knows more 
martial arts than Jackie Chan (but I think Jackie Chan only knows 1 form of martial 
arts…).  Like I said what’s to say?

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 5
Vitality: 20
Magic: 15
Life: 40
Mana: 35

I really don’t know much about these guys.  I hope that in later updates I can fill 
you in more on these guys (you’ll of course have to allow me time to beat the game 
with these dudes).  All I know is that their stats are more well rounded than that 
of the thief’s.

This is the chick in church that stands up on the podium that leaves you drooling 
(NOTE: This is very important.  I am in no way relating what actually happens in 
church.  If this is an issue you would like to discuss please email me and I will 
get back to you.  If you find this offensive, please let me know.  I would be happy 
to rephrase).  Though don’t get fooled or they’ll pull one of those super karate 
woman things on ya.

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 5
Vitality: 20
Magic: 15

Same thing as the monk.  You’ll just have to wait until I can get some good stuff 
on ‘em.

Well that just about rounds it up for the character description.  If you need some 
better explanation on my tips please let me know.  This guide is out so that you can 
benefit of it.  And if you’re not benefiting from it then well… email me and I’ll 
see if I can’t take care of it.
IV.	Spell list and description
Ok now bear with me now.  I have just started this and so I’m not sure that all of 
this data will be exactly accurate.  Also, please don’t ask me about spell book 
prices.  These vary as quickly as level to level so any price data I give you would 
be inaccurate and the fault of misleading you and leading you to a disappointment 
would be mine (Yes that’s happened to me.  On several occasions I have looked for 
something in a guide yet it wasn’t there in the game or vice versa.   I know how 
that feels.  I get a lot of mixed emotions.  Not the least of which is confusion and 
disappointment.  I bet the guide was disappointed too when it was burning in my 
fireplace).  Well I guess I could start with a few spells common early on.


Mana cost: 7
Spell Description:  Cures Poison.  Not very interesting early on but it’s a 
lifesaver when you hit the later levels.

Mana cost: 10
Spell Description:  Increases your character’s armor class, attack rate, and chance 
of a hit.  You can also gain life points doing this. 
Durability: 33

Mana cost: 15
Spell Description:  Heals yourself.  Usually it won’t heal you all the way so, don’t 
expect it to.  I don’t know how many points it heals at one time.

Mana cost: 5
Spell Description:  Provides illumination for the surrounding area.  Very useful at 
first and later on.  Collect more light books to increase the spell’s power.  I 
can’t for sure say how long it lasts.
Durability: 40

Magic Missile
Mana cost: 2
Spell Description:  A magical missile (pretty self-explanatory huh?).  Very useful 
for taking out skeletons when you can’t hit ‘em or attacking while running (another 
useful tip that we’ll get into later on).
Damage: 9-19

Mana cost: 10
Spell Description:  If you can’t figure out what it means by yourself go get an 
brain scan.

Magic Door
Mana cost: 20
Spell Description:  The name says it all.  It’s a gateway from your current position 
to town.  Extremely useful.  I cannot tell you how important it is to learn this 
spell as soon as possible (or if you can’t find the book or it costs too much stock 
up on scrolls.  You can always sell the ones you won’t use after you find the book).

Mana cost: 17
Spell Description: Not really useful until you get into the higher levels of the 
game.  It deflects enemy projectiles back at them.  Gee, it would really poo to be 
the guy that cast fireball at you while you had reflections on…
Durability: 8

Ray of injury
Mana cost:18
Spell Description:  Like magic door, this spell starts out very useful and gets even 
more so as you progress through the game.  It’s extremely helpful to monks and 
Durability: 12

V.	General tips and ideas

You know, it’s never a bad thing to have good tips and helpful hints in a guide like 
This is a game where tips and hints are more than welcome.  I would know.

1.	It’s always a good idea to walk around the outer edge of the map.  This way 
not only do you get more than your normal experience; you see more things and 
therefore can miss less things.
2.	Don’t forget to feed yourself.  This is commonly overlooked and is often the 
downfall of many a player (especially when your character falls on his knees in the 
middle of a battle saying “I’m hungry”).
3.	Use the places visited icon in your start menu.  This can save you a lot of 
time and well of a hassle.  The only downside of this is outside of town, you miss 
some experience that you would otherwise get had you walked through and battled all 
the monsters.
4.	Whenever you’re stuck, use some common sense.  This can save you a great 
deal of frustration, time, and patience.
5.	DON’T FORGET TO SAVE!!!!!! I cannot overstress the importance of saving.
6.	Whenever you have the option of long-range combat, take it; otherwise you 
could cost yourself a lot more hurt than necessary.
7.	Try to profile your actions like your character.  With a warrior, charge 
into a fight with berserk on.  With a thief be as quiet as can be.  With a Spell 
Caster invisible yourself until you get right on top of ‘em then let loose your 
biggest spell.
8.	It’s generally a pretty good idea to get your magic up very quickly.  This 
way you can learn and cast most of the spells quicker than otherwise.
9.	Try not to spend too much on potions.  It may seem like a good idea at the 
time but when you start making trips through the magic door every other item it 
becomes a hindrance (unless of course you’re gonna fight Draak and in that case go 
for it).
10.	Last but not least.  Don’t try too hard.  You get frustrated when you 
concentrate too hard and something goes wrong.  That only worsens your playing 
skills.  Relax a little when you play.
VI.	Walkthroughs
This is going to be the more difficult part of writing this guide.  With the levels 
variating with each quest, you can’t really have a steady walkthrough (unless of 
course you wanted me to go and calculate how many different possibilities there are 
for quests and then write them all down).  What I have decided to do instead of a 
regular walkthrough is have a walkthrough of all the dungeons.  Now that is still a 
major undertaking as the game has 32+ levels.  But it would be far easier and far 
more practical.  Although I will not be able to tell you the exact locations of the 
chests and certainly not the contents, I can tell you exactly where all the rooms 
are.  With that in mind, it should take me more than a few updates to finish the 
walkthrough section, but check back frequently.

Getting started:

If this is your first time playing DarkStone, great.  If you need a controls section 
you know what to do.  Anyway, back to the walkthrough.  The best way that I have 
found to start off is to go straight to Gunther the Blacksmith and buy some armor.  
After that go visit master elmaric.  I would be very surprised if he could sell you 
a spell book after the money you just spent so just get about 7 potions of each 
(except antidote of which get 3).  If you don’t have enough money don’t fret.  You 
can earn some off dead monsters.  Once you’ve gotten all your stuff from town your 
set to start your adventure.  Exit town and go to the land of Ardyl.

Ardyl:  This is the very first land/map of the game.  It’s also the easiest.  After 
you arrive from town, start exploring the edge of the map.  You should also run 
across a few enemies along the way.  The most common enemies are Giant Wasps and 
Goblins.  Both of them are relatively easy to defeat and shouldn’t cause you any 
trouble.  After fighting gaining a few levels (I would recommend about 7 or 8.  
Shouldn’t take you too long), and have explored the map, you’re now prepared to 
enter level 1.

Unfortunately, because of the number of possible quest there is no way on earth that 
I could give you a completely accurate description of level 1.  Maybe in my later 
updates I can give you a completely accurate description of level 1 but not this one.

After you’ve completed the first dungeon, you can now either go back to town, or you 
can venture forth into the land of Terrnya.
Terrnya:  The second land/map of the game, this one is also fairly simple.  Explore 
the edge of the map but don’t go into the land of Marghor until you’ve completed 
this land’s dungeon.  Things start to get a little tougher.  A few new enemies as 
well.  I’ve noted skeletons, rat men, and an occasional orc in this land.  After 
you’ve explored the land, go gain some levels.  Once you’re up to about level 11 or 
12, feel free to enter level 5.

Again I can’t give you a description without getting it wrong somehow.

After you’ve finished level 5, enter the land of Marghor.

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