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*Written by: Stephen Haskell*

Table of Contents
1.0- Intruduction
 1.1- DBZ
 1.2- They Can Fly?!
2.0- Characters
 2.1- Goku
 2.2- Gohan
 2.3- Goten
 2.4- Vegeta
 2.5- Piccolo
 2.6- Chi-Chi
 2.7- Trunks
 2.8- Bulma
 2.9- King Kai
3.0- Special Moves
 3.1- Kamehameha
 3.2- Beam
 3.3- Other
4.0- Super Saiyan
 4.1- Who achieved it first
 4.2- The Ultimate Powers
 4.3- Who can achieve the form?
 4.4- Levels of Super Saiyan
5.0- The Bad Guys
 5.1- Frieza
 5.2- Cell
 5.3- The Androids
 5.4- Majin Buu (1st Form)
 5.5- Majin Buu (2nd Form)
 5.5- Majin Buu (Kid Form)
6.0- The Dragon Balls
7.0- L E G A L  S T U F F
8.0- A Special Note
 Welcome, fellow humans! Lol, just kidding! You have come to view this guide 
because you are having problems. Problems with a strange show on Cartoon Network. 
Dragon Ball Z. Well, with this guide, you will not have anymore problems with the 
show, and you might be converted to a fan! So let's get started!
 1.2- They Can Fly?
Yes they can. By "unlocking a special power inside" anyone can do it! Just think of 
something happy and TADA! You got that special feeling! Whoo hoo! Ok, don't get 
carried off! They can fly, and you can't! Nananananana! Well, that includes me, so 
I should not be teasing. Sorry. 

2.1- Goku
	Goku is an extreme fighter, and probably the main character to all this 
stuff. He is a Saiyan, and can fly. He is powerful, and has died twice, so far. The 
first time, he has been brought back to life by the Dragon Balls. The second time, 
a Kai gave up his life to give life back to Goku, so he could fight Majin Buu. Goku 
can achieve the supreme level of Super Saiyan, and so far, he has reached level 3. 
In the form of Super Saiyan, you are a lot stronger than usual. You wouldn't want 
to come across a mad Super Saiyan in a dark alley at Midnight! 
2.2- Gohan
	Gohan is Goku's first son. He has defeated Cell on his father's behalf, and 
WAS an awesome warrior, probably the best, until Chi-Chi, his mom, made him go to 
school, and now, well, he's a NERD with glasses. He had a Super Saiyan rage with 
Cell, and kicked his buttocks! Pow! BAM! BOOM! WACK! OUCH! 
2.3- Goten
	Goten is Goku and Chi-Chi's second son. He has performed the fusion dance 
with his best friend Trunks, and achieved Super Saiyan at a very young age, earlier 
than seven-- while training with his mom, Chi-Chi while Gohan was at school. 
2.4- Vegeta
	Goku's rival. This bad dude is a Super Saiyan, and wants to be the most 
supreme warrior of the world. He is the prince of the Saiyans, and a strong guy. 
This guy thought he was a Super Saiyan, well, until he actually became one while 
training on an asteroid. He is the wife of Bulma and the father of Trunks.
2.5- Piccolo
	This dude's green. Yeah, he's a Namek. He fused with 2 people so far. I 
mean, shouldn't he be charging rent? I mean, he's not THAT strong, or is he?
2.6- Chi-Chi
	Goku's wife and very very irritating! 
2.7- Trunks
	Pretty darn strong. Future Trunks came down from the future and helped 
fight Cell. Goten's friend.
2.8- Bulma
	The mother of Trunks and wife of Vegeta. Very annoying.
2.9- King Kai
	A fat dude that is in charge of the "Otherworld", where deedful people go 
when the pass away.
These are short descriptions. Detailed descriptions will be coming soon!

Coming Soon! Probably in next version, ok?
 4.1- Who achieved it first?
That's Goku, while fighting Frieza on Namek. Of course Goku first!
 4.2- The Ultimate Powers
There is tons of more power for you if you're a Super Saiyan! 
You're ...........rest comin' soon!
 4.3- Who can achieve the form?
Only Saiyans can achieve the ultimate form. Super SAIYAN! Yeah. If you have just a 
tiny bit of Saiyan blood in you, and if you train severly long, and stay healthy, 
eat proper food, and you're a Saiyan, you'll probably achieve the form. Here is a 
list of the ppl who can achieve this mighty transformation:

PAN?- Well, so far, all Super Saiyans were boys, but- Pan IS a Saiyan, no one knows 
if little Pan can achieve the form in the future........
 4.4- Levels of Super Saiyan
1- Just a dude with golden hair, comes down on the face a little.
2- Awesome golden hair sticking straight up, extremely powerful!
3- Totally powerful! Golden hair down to the waist! What happens if they get a 
Coming Soon! Next version, I'm guessing we'll have it up.
6.0- The Dragonballs
 There are seven Dragonballs, and if you collect them all, you can wish for almost 
anything: bring someone back to life, become immortal, etc.
7.0- L E G A L  S T U F F
This guide is copyrighted, (c) 2003, All rights reserved. If you place this guide 
on your site without permission, you will be tracked and found-- and be sued for 
$600.99, no checks, cold hard cash. If you would like to place this guide on your 
site, just contact me, Stephen Haskell, at [email protected] I will be pleased 
to let you upload this to your server. Right now, the only sights that DO have 
permission to place this on their sites are:

Thanks for reading, and 

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