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-  = weak but effective
+ = strong
! = stronger 
* = huge (above 60 damage)

d = down
t = towards
a = away
u = up
h = hold

A combo is a series of kicks and punches.

When your opponent hits you, block and make a special move the screen will turn dark for a second and then you will attack the opponent with a counter.  

Rush battle: 
If you and your opponent both make a kick or a punch that hit each other at the same time both fighters will start making punches and kicks at high speed, after 
a while they stop and jump away from each other, as soon as they do that push A button as soon as possible (and hold) that will allow you to make your ultimate 
move while your opponent is still tired of the battle. After that the fight will continue.

   B+Y                                                                              = power up
- B+R/Y+R                                                                      = 3D attack (right)
- B+L/Y+L                                                                       = 3D attack (left)
- dt X                                                                             = go to next higher level
- da X                                                                             = go to next lower level
- tat X                                                                       = go to next side level
*dat A                                                                          = ultimate attack
! adt A                                                                          = upwards energy beam
  a                                                                                    = block

GOKU             super tip                                                  
How to defeat: never stand still, and use all kinds off moves
+ tat A                                                                       = energy beam
+ t B                                                                                = double kick
+ da B                                                                              = windmill kick
! adt B                                                                           = quadruple kick
! dtdt B                                                                         = rising knee
- u+t d+B                                                                         = slash kick (jump)   
+ dt Y                                                                              = double rush punch
!  t+X    (close)                                                                = throw away
* adtu+X  (can't be done in the air)                              = desperate attack

First Goku will power up for half a second, then he teleports to the opponent, becomes a Super Saiyan level 3, makes a huge uppercut, then he will keep flying in 
normal Saiyan form and launches a spirit bomb, after that he will turn back to Super Saiyan level 2. (to do this attack you must have less than 80 HP)
How to defeat: keep moving, use ultimate attacks and look out for his energy shield.
Don't rely on combo's, use beams instead, if you come close make sure you get away fast enough.
* dt B  (x4)                                                                         = sliding kick combo
! dtdt B                                                                             = rising knee
+da, t (or ut) Y                                                               = flash (or air flash)
- du (fast) Y                                                                            = ground flash
+ dt A                                                                                  = triple energy ball
! dada Y (or air da Y)                                                        = energy shield
- da A (air)                                                                           = vertical fireballs
* jump towards your opponent and when you're close to the ground and your opponent: ud Y                                                                      = desperate attack

Vegeta picks up the enemy, he jumps with the enemy over he's head and throws him on the ground.
Then Vegeta will shoot a bunch of energy balls, and then he launches one huge ball that will turn the whole area on fire. (you must have less than 80 HP if you 
want to use this attack.)

How to defeat: don't dodge his attacks by jumping, (or don't jump at all cause he will blast you) but use 3D attacks that's his weakness.
Don't come to close once he's got you, there's a good chance you will get above 50 damage. (Some times around 110)
+ dt Y                                                                                = wild boar attack
- Jump forwards d+Y                                                           = diving head butt
! adt Y                                                                             = fist combo
+ jump tat A                                                                = energy bolt
+ dt A                                                                                = triple energy ball
* dtdt A                                                                          = fireball fury
* tadt Y                                                                        = desperate attack
Gotenks fires 3 rings to the opponent, once they hit the opponent they will form a ball with your opponent in it.
Gotenks will kick the ball and meditate wile the ball bounces around the battlefield.
Then the ball will explode and the battle continues.

How to defeat: use beam attacks, Gohan is better at close attacks so stay at distance.
- d Y                                                                                  = rushing uppercut
! ha t B                                                                         = rushing double kick
! hd u B                                                                             = flame kick
! ha t Y                                                                         = quadruple punch
+ ut d+B                                                                         = fast jump kick combo
+ dt A                                                                             = triple energy ball
* tdaadt B                                                                     = desperate attack
Gohan glows for a short time than he makes a long and powerful combo.
You can dodge this attack but if Gohan hits you once you can't escape.

How to defeat: he usually doesn't stop after using one attack, he will use combos instead.
He will not stand still for longer than one or two seconds.
+ t+B                                                                               = hard overhead kick
! tda B                                                                           = special combo
+ dt Y                                                                              = double knock
- ut d+B                                                                            = double slash kick
+ da A                                                                              = triple energy ball
! daut B                                                                         = upwards quad kick
* daadt+Y (close)                                                       = desperate attack
First Vegetto gets an aura around his body then he makes the special combo, kick the opponent up and fires a lot of energy balls on him, then he throws him on 
the ground and the battle continues.

How to defeat: use combos and look out for his 3D attacks, if you hit him once you should hit him some more.
- tdt Y                                                                           = high stretch punch
- tdt B                                                                           = low stretch punch
! adt Y                                                                           = counter (physicals)
+ ut d+B                                                                          = fast jump kick combo
+ ad A                                                                              = shock
+ tdt A                                                                          = seeker (in height)
* tadu Y  (close)                                                           = desperate attack
Piccolo will pick up the enemy then he kicks and punches him some, and then he punches the enemy away, fires five shots around the enemy and makes them hit 
the enemy all together.

How to defeat: use speed, 3D attacks and beam attacks.
He is very good at counters.
- u d+B                                                                               = butt bounce
! ha tY                                                                           = head butt
+ dtY       (before the head butt hits)                           = butt bounce
! hd uY                                                                                = fire punch
! ha tB                                                                            = pirouette butt bounce
! hd uB                                                                                = shock, munch, spit
+ daA                                                                                = triple fireball
* dt Y+B     (close)                                                          = desperate attack
First he shocks the enemy, then the enemy gets tired and Majin Buu will fly and he will blow some fire balls around the fighting area.

How to defeat: never stop attacking and don't give him time to attack or even move, that should do the trick.
  utda Y                                                                          = fly
- ut dY                                                                                 = spit fire straight ?
- ut dB                                                                                 = spit fire down
+ dt Y                                                                               = tail whip
! adt Y                                                                            = fly and hit
+ daY                                                                                = mole leg (close)
+ da B                                                                               = mole leg (normal)
+ da A                                                                               = mole leg (far)
! tatA                                                                          = energy beam
* atdu Y                                                                         = desperate attack
Buu makes a tail whip, but instead of whipping he picks up the enemy, spins his (huge) fist around and gives the enemy a huge fire uppercut.

How to defeat: use many physical attacks and try to get him on the ground.
Once you have put him on the ground you can use an ultimate attack.
+ tdt Y                                                                           = energy blast
! u  daB                                                                             = death ball
+ da Y                                                                               = swipe
! tda Y                                                                            = psy-squeeze
- ut dB                                                                              = double slash kick
+ tdt A                                                                           = energy disc
+ ad A                                                                               = ground laser
* da B+Y                                                                           = desperate attack
First Frieza powers up to 100% and then he flies towards the enemy to tackle him.

How to defeat: stay close to him, try not to jump a lot and use combos.
! adt Y                                                                           = 3 diagonal fire balls
! tda B                                                                           = energy shield
! tda Y                                                                           = psy-lift
! tat B                                                                        = cell junior attack
+ ut dY                                                                         = energy arrow
+ tat A                                                                       = energy beam
! dt Y                                                                          = quadruple punch
* adt tda Y                                                                = desperate attack 1
* tatat Y                                                                = desperate attack 2
Cell transforms to super perfect cell and punches the ground that will fire 3 energy fields.
Cell powers up to super perfect cell and makes a huge combo followed by one energy field.

1.	To see how to defeat a character I have put the difficulty on level 4 and I     fought with Goku, so if you pick Goku you can surely win.
2.	If you dodge an attack don't jump over it, it might hit you, so try to use 3D attacks as much as possible.
3.	If you're a beginner try to learn these attacks of Goku: teleport both backwards and forwards, 3D attack and throw away, then you can use 3D attack if 
you hit teleport back you where you where first, and if the opponent blocks it you can use a throw away, cause you can't block that one
4.	If you are pretty good, try to learn all the desperate attacks for emergencies.
5.	So I hope you have learned something, good luck and sayonara!
6.	If there is something you don't understand mail me in Dutch or English to: [email protected]  

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