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                           DARK CLOUD 2 DARK CLOUD 2

1.the begining
2.chapter 2 [sindain] 
3.chapter 3 [balance valley]        

  1. the begining [chapter 1]
  o.k. i'm new at this so go easy on me. well at first you chose max's clothes and 
that stuff then the game starts you go to town square and go to the cirucs YAY! but 
a little brat steals the ticket from you so you have to chase him around the tent 
[you need to talk to people so you can get him!] then you finally get to tackle the 
little brat then you give the ticket to the kid! then all of a sudden everything is 
frosen the kid blabs some stuff then disapears max looks confused then grabs the 
ticket and goes to the show and it's half done already. Then max overhears somthing 
he wasn't sopposed to then that freaky clown chases you in the end you beat him and 
his clownlets. then you get the battle wrench and have to go through the dungons.

   2.chapter 2 [sindain]

congradulations! your at chapter 2! remember the little brat HE is actually a SHE, 
monica my favroite she kicks butt with her sword! anywho... you meet little firbit 
people and hear their story. afterwards you have to 1.revive Jurak 2.find the other 
firbits 3.find "Holly" once you revive Jurak he will give you a lafrica seed get 
the himarra badge from the tailor shop [you need Adel] then turn monica into a 
himarra and TALK to a himarra and it will give you a sun drop. get to the end of 
the dungon throw the seed into the little pond then the sun drop. THEN A HUGE 
FLOWER POPS OUT OF THE GROUND! touch the tentacle thing and go on the petals then 
the rainbow butterfly attacks you out of nowhere hit the yellow tentacles after 
that [monica's armband comes in handy] attack the small butterflies IN RAINBOW 
ORDER red, orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo in that order! after that the 
RB butterfly is....HOLLY!i'll leave the rest to you.

3.chapter 3 [ballance valley]

o.k. you get here and another road block! so time to explore. when you get out you 
see a little house go inside an owl tells you to get out. talk to him then go get 
dr.dell and he'll give you his diognosis. go in starlight canyon and fight your way 
to the end [devloping ballance valley along the way]. once you have lao chao in the 
future talk to him and he'll say you need a white wind flower explore the dungon 
somewhat evetually you will get to a golf corse place you will talk to the condor 
and she will say there is a thing in her nest with her babies in there, then you 
will be introduced to spheada if you can't do it monica will she'll say you stink 
though. then the condor will be very thankful she asks how she can help you she 
bows and the flower is growing on her head!that's all  for now Bye-Bye!


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