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 Unlocking the Ultra Raptor

Title: Dino Crisis 2
Producer: Capcom
For: Sony Playstation
font: Courier 10 and 12
Created: 03/08/01
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]

My work can be viewed at these sites. 


As for the other sites that have permission, I'm sorry, I didn't save your 
addresses, If you come by and read this and would like your Addy posted with the 
others, EMAUL me.

If anyone wishes to use this on their site, I would like to know. I don't have a 
problem with it's use by others on Gaming forums or being copied for personal use, 
etc. I would like to know if it's to be used on a site, just so I could drop by and 
see it and get to know some of the denizens who are lurking.


Table of contents

01. Crap
02. Introduction
03. Armor
04. Characters
05. Weapons
06. Tools
07. Definitions
08. Velociraptors
09. Oviraptors
10. Ultra Raptor
11. Insights
12. Dylan, North Jungle Route 1 to Military Facility
13. Regina, Ship to Research Facility
14. Dylan, Ship to Research Facility
15. Dylan, City Front Dock to Edward's City
16. Regina, South Jungle Route to Launch Site

01. CRAP

  I prepaid for Dino Crisis 2 over the NET 2 months prior to it's retail debut 
hoping to get a jump on the rest of the gamers, figuring I could show off some 
advanced knowledge at the forums I go to. I may have received it about a week before 
it hit the public shelves. I was hooked on Dino Crisis for all the same reasons that 
every other DC monkey is, (a game I didn't even want 'til I got it as a Christmas 
present along with TRLR and RE3) so I had hoped DC2 would be it's equal or better. 
In the ensuing months before it arrived, I began to catch bits of info on the game 
in PSM and the NET. I became apprehensive; my fear that I wouldn't like the game 
grew. The need to purchase weapons and supplies bothered me, big time! It's 
apparently just a shooter game, EEWWWEE! I was comfortable with the idea that Rick, 
Gail and Regina were a team, and didn't like the idea of a whole new set of names 
without all the old familiar ones. Lastly, what bothered me most (the wave of terror 
completely consumed me now) was the rumor that DC2 wasn't Regina's game, but this 
newbie upstart's - Dylan Mortan. ["GASP" ... can't ... breathe ... room ... 
getting ... dark ......spinning."] Then, to top it all off, the company that I 
bought it from said, "We're sending it UPS or FedEx". (Loud and obnoxious game show 
error noise). The twits sent it regular mail, using our residential address and not 
our Post Office Box Addy. (We don't have a residential Postal address - the GITS.) 
It was about to be returned to sender when, by good fortune, a mail handler from OUR 
PO was working overtime at the local distribution center. He  happened to be 
handling the returns for that part of town and saw our surname on the container. 
Knowing the FAMBLY, he called the house and said come and get it Hoss, oh, and BTW, 
we're closing in 30 minutes. So, I tied the kids up, threw 'em in the closet and I 
beat feet to the PO distribution center and brought Dino Crisis home.

What a biased old woosied brat, eh?

 OK, the game grows on you. Not everyone will like it - so what!
One of the first of the not-so-many questions asked on the NET was, "How do I get 
all the endings?" "Can Dylan be saved?" and "What the hell was that all about?" 
Others were: "I can't understand the damn story. Is it in the future or the 
past?" "Who was that hologram guy that Dylan was talking to?" "Who's that blonde 
Swedish babage in the SCHWEET Dominatrix get-up? Where can I find one of those 
outfits for my girlfriend/wife?"
 Many people must have been:
A. Stupified through the game.
B. Didn't read the files as they collected them.
C. Didn't listen to the coversations as they transpired through the game.
D. All of the above.

  Not to say that there aren't some holes in the story (lack of information) that 
need be addressed in the sequel.



  During game play, if you collect all the files, you learn of the never seen but 
often suspected Gigantosaur (played by none other than the great El Gigante) from 
the Edward's City folk. El shows up (the first of three times,) just to eat Blinky 
in front of Regina. (Played by Mr.Theodore Rex.)
The Ultra Raptors (played by Axe and Smash of Demolition, an old Wrestling tag team) 
are also mentioned in a file but not seen throughout the game. Miss or Myth? Play it 
again, Sam, maybe I missed a spot in the game. Nope! Hmmm, maybe they only come out 
in HARD MODE? Nope! Well, at least not the first few times I played through.
 Somewhat naturally, one progresses in DC2 as in DC and the Resident Evil games, 
to "The Speed Game", for which I have also written a walkthrough. (shameless DC 1 & 
2 promo) Maybe the Ultras are a bonus object for achieving fast times? (like in RE 
2, Launcher and Gattling) NOPE AGAIN! I've certainly qualified in that regard on 
both NORMAL and HARD MODES and they still didn't pop up. What to do, what to do? The 
only clue to their existance at all is a short mention in file #17, the VELOCIRAPTOR 
FILE, but no clue as to how to get them to come out and play. The very FIRST time I 
ever saw them was in hard mode. As I went through the big doors to Edward's City, I 
landed on City Front/Haul Road. I certainly wasn't prepared to properly greet them. 
(No time to shower, shave and change my underwear, even though I was in the habit of 
carrying the ATR at the time.) I began firing at one just off screen when the second 
one ran in from the side (which is tres difficult to do when using the ATR on them) 
and grabbed Dylan's lily-white buttocks and commenced to throttle him. Once 
released, I ran around for a while, shooting and wasting Meds. I allowed Dylan to be 
killed and restarted from the ship. I worked out a move that lined them up in a row 
and took them out together which gives you an extra 1400 EPs on top of the 14000 for 
15400 EPs. I have recieved 15500 EPs using the Solid Canon up-close and personal-
like. It took 25 rounds of ATR fire per raptor. When lined up, that's a total of 27 
rounds for the pair. When I completed the game, I went on-line to tell everyone I 
had found them. The problem was, I didn't kill 20 of anything. I didn't know you had 
to kill twenty raptors to bring them out in NORMAL MODE let alone HARD MODE, so the 
confusion continued on. A poster with the SN Carlos Oliveira (at then UBI) said he 
read at IGN that you had to kill twenty raptors to unlock the Ultras. I pointed out 
that I hadn't killed twenty of anything, and a debate on it lasted for a couple of 
days. It gave me something to chew on. This was around November 2000. Over the next 
couple of days I unlocked Ultras in three cells on Dylan's march to the Military 
Facility. I shelved the project at the time, because I wanted to see what I could do 
in speed-gaming, plus I had just finished writing the DC2 in-depth walkthrough and 
was considering writing the speed game version. I took a break and went back to the 
speed game after a week or so. Ten games later, I had a pretty good time of 1:15:52, 
which I later (after writing the DC2 Speed Game Walkthrough) pared down to 1:14:24. 
One should have half way decent times if one is going to stick ones neck out on the 
WWW. chopping block. I don't own or use a GS so all my times are achievable.
 Christmas arrived, and so did Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter 2, 
so three months later and a bunch of other games played, I decided to get back to 
the Raptor Files.
 I like the sound of Raptor Files. 

  What I intend to do is give the location of all the cells where they (ULTRA  
RAPTORS) can be unlocked, with the zones and "SWEET SPOTS" in each of those cells 
and some technique into the process. I will also supply the reader with a weapons 
list, which I'm convinced will bring the most success and why I believe so.
  I will give a description of each Raptor type - their strengths and weaknesses. 
Also, a little insight into dealing with them, with information on cells that 
generate Ultras.

  A generator cell can generate Ultra Raptors up to two times. However, there are 
cells that don't support Ultras on the first pass through, but will on the second 
pass. There are cells that support the raptors that spawn Ultras, but that 
particular cell doesn't spawn the Ultra, you must travel further in the game to find 
them. Maybe the purpose of this is to throw you off guard.



  I don't purchase the offered armor in the TOOLS SERVICE. I've become movement 
adept playing speed games (weaving in and out of the Dinos) to avoid serious damage 
during game play. Concerning Ultra Raptor hunts, wearing armor won't prevent a break 
in the Combo Counter. If and when you are hit by a Dino, the count is reset. 
However, if you wish to wear the armor, more power to you. You'll have more than 
enough EPs to cover the bill. It will afford better protection for the trials 
between the Ultra Generating cells, for those who need it.   
 Unfortunately, the inner and outer armor doesn't become available 'til later on in 
the game. Consider this: there may be times when you wish to punish Regina and/or 
Dylan for repeatedly screwing up! If they're wearing armor, you will have to wait 
forever for them to die. THAT'S JUST WRONG! I want them to die fast so I can get 
back to the game. I hate having to go through all that button-pushing just to take 
another hit and start over again. Having the characters at partial health gets them 
to die faster, which means you can avoid some of the resetting to get back into the 
 Sometimes I wonder, why I do this to myself? BrAiN daMAge!



  There isn't an ability that one character has over the other, as far as I can 
tell. Their agility is limited only by you, the player, and your ability to maneuver 
in the game. Although, Regina doesn't get a damaging weapon like Dylan does. Too bad 
they didn't include 'roll'.



  I suggest these main weapons basically because they are the best for the job. I'm 
sure, after I give my explanations, as such, I may win you over to my tenet. 
  Initially, for the early part of your Ultra Raptor search, you don't have a 
choice. You must play using the default weapons. (Excluding Game Shark players, I 
think.) Not to worry, the default weapons work just fine for what's going on at the 
  To maintain continuous combination counter quotas, (Ooh, I 'urt me broin-tongue, 
it gots numb on 'at one) you have to be ferociously mobile. You must be able to fire 
your weapon on the run, do a 180° and book back in the opposite direction. You can 
only run and fire with the Shotgun, Pistol, Machine Pistols (TWINS) and Solid Canon.
 The other main weapons, as powerful as they are, will get you mouwed on, nearly 
every stinking time. Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants stinking raptor breath and spit 
on them. Youz don no wha demz mouwz been mouw'in on.
 Regarding Regina and her dilema with Ultra Raptors, all her working weapons don't 
have much of an effect on Axe and Smash. If you can't maneuver well between the 
raptors, (close quarters, in and out weaving, circles, figure eights) then I highly 
suggest using the "Missile Pod" when it becomes availible. Re-enter the cell, move 
into the cell deep enough to hear the pitter patter of Ultra feet, stop and begin 
firing. It'll keep Regina safe. I don't use it on them because I'm always trying to 
improve my maneuvering ability.



 Default weapon - the only usable main weapon for Dylan until he can afford to buy 
the Solid Canon. The shotgun is best for the job until Dylan makes his way to the 
Passageway to Military Facility and the Marsh Poison Plant areas, (North and South) 
where he can use the Solid Canon more affectively. Even then, the shotgun holds it's 
own. The shotgun is precious for three important reasons: 

1. The shotgun has spread, which means it catches dinos off 
   to the side (collateral damage) - very important when in close quarters.
2. It has distance. It fires and contacts the enemy at a distance the Solid   
   Canon can't match. Fro example: When you're at one end of a zone, your     
   target has just spawned at the other end and you're near the end of the    
   combo counter's stay on screen. What will you do? What will you do? 
   Why,use the Shotgun! It fits the bill nicely. Run and fire at the target.

3. In-your-face killing. The shotgun will chunk an early to mid-game raptor   
   or an Ovi in one round. Much later in the game, the shotgun just isn't  
   powerful enough to take out the end-game raptors in one or two 
   reliably enough.

 Later, about mid-game, the purchase of the Silver EPS Card extends the combo 
counter's stay on screen. This is important because some of these later cells force 
you to move between sweet spots and zones to maintain a constant number of Dinos 
spawning. The shotgun still works well in this respect but it's no longer powerful 
enough to take the dinos out quickly. This raises the risk of being hit and forcing 
a break in the counter. You no longer worry about getting to the next dino to 
maintain the count. Instead, you now worry about getting hit. This is when the 
Shotgun losses it's luster and the Solid Canon begins to glow red hot. 


 Default weapon. This is the only usable weapon for Regina until she can afford the 
Machine Pistols (TWINS). Considering what Regina is firing at, it holds it's own. 
The pistol is only slightly less damaging than the shotgun. Three things help the 
pistol when in close quarters: the backstep, the circle and the figure eight run. 
Your best tactic is to keep moving. Never stop 'til you're sure the last dino is 
down. Running at your targets helps you to move to the other end of the sweetspot. 
This gives the area you're leaving a chance to generate new dinos. Mucho importante 
in keeping the Counter alive.
 Like the shotgun, the pistol becomes a liability later on in the game when the 
Raptors and such become tougher. That's when the Twins come into play. You'll 
acquire the Silver EPS Card a little later, so, no worries in that department.


 These babies will keep Regina healthy throughout the game. Their greatest asset is 
their multiple targeting capability. To my mind, Regina can have no better weapon 
for Ultra hunting, until she actually finds the Ultras, of course. Pick the twins up 
at the Control Shack, along with the Flame Launcher, and you're good to go. They 
aren't devastating; it takes a few rounds to chunk a raptor and tons of lead to take 
down an Ultra. The twins will stop the standard raptors in their tracks. The Ultras, 
on the other hand, will not be slowed in the least. This is where you must get 
creative with the running because backstepping won't work here. Circles and figure 
eights will be your movement weapons of choice. If you're a clusterer, you'll more 
than likely still take some savage hits from these Badboys. Maneuver Regina to a 
spot where she'll have some running room. "DO NOT" run in long straight lines - you 
might as well stick an apple in your mouth and ring the dinner bell. Short runs, (to 
add a little shooting distance) circles and figure eights work best. Get creative 
and make up some different patterns of your own if you like. I like these because 
they're simple and get the job done. 


 This is a wonderful weapon. I consider it the all-round best weapon in the game 
when playing normal game and speed games. When on an Ultra Raptor hunt at the 
beginning of the game, the Solid Canon has two liabilities:

1. It doesn't shoot up well. When you're trying to maintain the combo count,  
   and you're in an area full of rift faults, the Solid Canon is lacking. It 
   can discharge down adequately enough, but there is always that one spot 
   here and there where it doesn't foot the bill.

2. It has lousy range! It will only chunk something about 10 feet in front of  
   Dylan, which isn't bad when he's on the run and the Dinos are dying to get 
   into the canon's discharge area.

 The solid Canon is best utilized a bit later in the game in flat, twisty- turny 
areas where level shots are required.
 The Solid Canon will take out an Ultra Raptor in 5 rounds. I try to position myself 
in front of them. The canon will hold them in place while doing the job. For the 
Allosaur - if you feel the need to go after him, you can catch him as he descends 
from a container or from an elevated portion of a rift. The belly shot does the most 
damage. Of course Al won't sit still, so the canon can do it's job quickly. I only 
take out Al in the two ponds area, so it'll be full of raptors on the way back from 
the Research Facility. I like to take him in the first pond after he jumps through 
the break in the wall. I enjoy chasing his butt around and watching him twitch with 
delight as I jolt his dino hide. (The hunter has now become the hunted.) Aside from 
the forced shoots (on the way to Edward's Allosaur nests) I leave the rest of them 


  This is the best weapon for taking out plesiosaurs in one shot. It slaps the 
Dactyls around and calls them Susan in the open air, with room to catch them at a 
distance. It's not so hot in close quarters, where containers and walls get in the 
way of torching the blighters. It works well on Inostrancevias too, especially when 
used in conjunction with the Chainmine.


 This puppy carries a big wallop. I like using it on the Dactyls in the 3rd Energy 
Storage Space. I always get hammered by the Dactyls if I try to fight them with 
anything other than the Missile Pod. Just in case I didn't mention it anywhere else 
in this pile, "I hate Dactyls!" The Missile Pod also works dandy on the Ultras. It's 
the only weapon that Regina can possess that'll stop them in their tracks. It works 
wonders on the Inostrancevias, too. I bought it a couple of times to see what it 
would work on. Because you can't run and shoot with it, you must have the room to 
shoot it. In the time it takes to raise and shoot the Missile Pod, you could get 
moued on. Notice that when Regina has been knocked down by a Inostrancevia while 
using the Missile Pod, that she will whack the dino on the side of the head as she 
rises from the ground. The weapon works well but I don't purchase it, mainly because 
it's a stop-and-shoot weapon.


 This is a tres cool sounding and looking weapon. Except for the Ultras, it chunks 
all raptors and dactyls (when you can target them) in one round and at long 
distance. It will chunk inostrancevias in three rounds, if they've been flipped. The 
main problem with the ATR is that it's a stop-and-shoot weapon, like the Missile 
Pod. This will put you at a disadvantage when you're in close quarters, swamped by 
dinos. At the end of the game at FACILITY AREA FRONT, even though it doesn't 
generate Ultras, (as far as I've been able to tell) the ATR is valuable in that it 
fires up and down and at extreme distances with deadly acuracy. So, if you're in the 
mind-set to chunk these guys anyway, the ATR will come in handy when those pesky 
varmints are at the other end of the cell or up on one of the raised areas. Other 
than that, I don't use it.


 The few times I have used the Launcher, it has been in the final conflict with El 
Gigante. You would think it would rack up higher EPs when firing it into El's mouth, 
but the best I ever did was 1800 EPs, which I think came as a counter attack. 1200 
EPs seems menial compared to the job at hand. More often than not, I use nothing, 
and run Dylan's lily-whites off. I have completed this run one time without the use 
of meds. I was knocked down only one time and it also happened to be the fastest 
time I ever had for the run.

 The default weapons work fine for Dylan's first run to the Military Facility. 
However, the Solid Canon becomes available in the Water Tower, so take advantage of 
it. For Regina, she needs to get the twins as soon as they are available. All the 
other weapons are walk and shoot, or worse - stop and shoot. In a regular game, this 
isn't a problem. In an Ultra Raptor hunt it is imperative that your character be as 
mobile as possible, so as to continue removing raptors and keep the counter alive 
and ticking. The heavy weapons just don't foot the bill.

  Well, that's all I have to say on the weapons in the Raptor Files. I hope I got 
you to see my angle on the weapons set. Feel free to experiment with the OTHER 
weapons if you like; go ahead, see if I care! You'll be back, though. You'll be back 
to my way of seeing things - oh yeah, you'll be back!



  The only tool needed in the game from the TOOL SERVICE is the Silver EP Card. The 
Silver EP Card extends the Combo Counter's screen time, giving you that extra second 
or two to take out the next Dino. It becomes important in the long cells and the 
cells where the Dinos seem to be reluctant to spawn fast enough, like North Jungle 
Route #4, on the way to the Research Facility.
 The Gold EP Card isn't needed, although it makes for higher EP counts at the 
Ranking screen. The points generated by the Ultra Hunt are more than adaquate to 
purchase any and all weapons, Tools and Meds.




 An area containing one or more zones that generate dinos, confined between an entry 
and an exit gate or ladder. All Extinction Points acquired from eliminating dinos 
within this cell are calculated when exiting said cell.


 An area within a Cell that generates dinos. There can be one or more Zones within a 
cell. Each zone has one or more generation points and a sweet spot. The best zone is 
the one in the cell with the most generation points. If you're lucky, you'll have a 
zone on either side of the zone with the most generation points.


 A place within a zone, where said zone generates it's Dinos. Some zones will have 
one or more generation points. The reason being, when running the zone from one 
generation point to another, you will come up against the abutting zones which may 
generate and attract dinos from the adjoining zone. This can keep an ample supply of 
dinos coming. Knowing they all want to be on you, it can get exicting having them 
come from all over the place. Be strong. Don't suffer from "Dino Overload Flake 
Syndrome", known as DOFS, This happens when you keep getting hit by dinos in the 
easiest places to defend from. It's burnout time. This is when you need to put the 
game down for a while. It may prevent you from breaking your cheap default or 
expensive Analog controller from repeated VIOLENT contact with the floor. (I was 
amazed at the amount of abuse my default controller took before it broke.) 
Unfortunately, the Analog/dual shock controller doesn't fare as well as the 
defaults. The shock motors make it too heavy - what a drag. I was able to put them 
back together but they'll never be the same. Most of the damage was created playing 
Metal Gear Solid. I have a blanket in front of me now, and a ball and gag in my 
mouth to keep from getting it washed out with soap from the Tourette Syndrome-like 
barks and swears that spew from my mouth when playing unreasonable games.


 Same as Generation Point


 A spot within a zone, often centered between generation points. Moving in and out 
of the sweet spot activates the generation points.

 The game device that maintains the count of dinos eliminated within a cell.

 This is the group of Velociraptors and Oviraptors that you confront in a cell to 
unlock Ultra Raptors. Not all groups support Ultra Raptors, and not all cells that 
sport spawning groups (1st wave dinos that produce the Ultra Raptor) actually 
produce the Ultras. As the game progresses, certain cells increase the count of 
dinos necessary to unlock Ultras. The counts start at 20, then gets upped to 25 and 
finally, in a few cells, top off at 28 dinos.


 Extra dinos that the game supplies you with to maintain the combination count when 
trying to unlock the Ultras. All cells have reserve dinos - however, not all cells 
allow Ultras to generate.


 First wave dinos that produce Ultra Raptors


 Cells that produce Ultra Raptors   


  There are three basic velociraptors in DC2. If they truly existed in these color 
forms, surely they would have been wonderful to see. You can catch them at different 
parts of the game.
  At the beginning of the game there is a Gray Raptor with small black blotches 
running the length of it's form and cream-colored on the underside.

  The second is the Green Raptor with the red splotches on the back, red bands on 
the tail and legs, and a cream-colored underside (neck, belly and tail). When you 
view the FMVs on an idle start screen, they don't seem to have the bands, but they 
look like bands to me on my tube.
  Later on in the game, a raptor, sporting a reddish-brown body sprinkled with 
mottled tan spots, appears on the way to the Missile Silo. They react like the 
earlier raptors but are a tad tougher. It can take two hits from the Solid Canon and 
have a slightly different death scream - much louder and piercing.

 Except for the different body colors, I can't tell that there is any measurable 
difference between them. They all are very aggressive and exhibit the same types of 

1. Leaps for take downs
2. Leaps on with violent rending action
3. Arm and leg grab with violent shaking action, (the rending and shaking  
   actions are visceral down to the marrow)
4. Arm grab with violent toss
5. If your character is standing motionless, a velociraptor will step back  
   and forth and take small, slightly damaging bites to the head
6. Tail slap
7. Last but not least, the up-and-over-the-head toss.

 The violent rending and shaking actions are what cause the blood loss. This is when 
you will need either a L.Medpak or a Hemostat and S. Medpak.



  I hate these guys, just not as much as Dactyls. There are two types, as far as I 
can tell, The first appears to have a bluish gray body. Both sport black blotch 
bands that span their entire length from back of head to tip of tail and a 
pronounced, reddish-pink sagital crest topping the head. The second type, seen after 
retrieving the "BATTERY" and leaving the Research Facility Entrance, is reddish-
brown. The Oviraptor is small compared to the Velociraptor but no less aggressive, 
and they seem to inflict damage at a faster rate than the velociraptors do - 
although, they don't appear to beef up their defenses like the velociraptors (become 
tougher) as the game progresses.
 By now, I'm sure the seasoned player is familiar with the Ovi's attack methods. 
This is for the new player, who wants to have a go at unlocking the Ultras for the 
heck of it.
 BE AWARE - you may very well end up just being overly frustrated, if you don't 
posses the skills to avoid contact with any of the dinos, let alone the Oviraptors. 
It's quite difficult for anyone, even those who consider themselves experts.
1. Ovis are fast
2. Ovis spit poison 
3. Ovis have flying drop kicks
4. Ovis leap on you and use their beaks to hack on you about the head and      
   shoulders. (Their most damaging attack)

  One thing of note - in the "Research Facility Entrance", while running this area 
for attack and physical characteristics information, I noticed that the game had 
generated four Oviraptors at one time. Aside from the occasional three Plesiosaurs 
in the 3rd Energy Facilities' first Plesiosaur cell, I haven't seen this phenomenom 
occur with the other dinos. Has anyone else out there seen this happen? It must be a 



  The Ultra Raptor, aside from the color, for all intents and purposes appears to be 
just another raptor. The main body color appears to be a shade of purple  with black 
blotches, much like the black blotches on the Grey Velociraptor. (I know the file 
#17 says they are blue, but on my tube they're purple.) The ultras have a long red 
smear on either side of their head, traveling the the entire length of their neck 
and terminating at the breast bone. The aggressive character is no different than 
the standard raptor. However, the Ultra Raptor must get it's name from it's 
unbelievable capacity to withstand damage. With the default weapons this can produce 
some interesting counter moves. They are able to walk through the barrage from the 
default weapons, the fire of the Flame Launcher or Firewall and even the heavy 
machine gun. The only other mobile weapon that has stopping power is the Solid Canon.



  Save often! Save before you tackle an Ultra spawning cell, especially if it is 
more than two cells away from your last save. You can never predict the generation 
output for any cell or zone, save for after you smoke the Ultras. 

  When in the midst of dealing with dinos, don't get too close to exit doors or 
ladders, because you could accidently enter them by hitting your fire (action) 
button before hitting the ready (R1) button. The game is frustrating enough without 
accidently screwing it up. I've done it enough times to think it's worth the warning.
  I keep the sound effects on and remove the background effects. Usually there's 
enough noise going on in the house that the BG makes it that much harder to hear the 
pitter patter of little dino feet on the rug. To each his (or her) own.

  Always keep moving. This will keep you healthier and get you to the other end of 
the sweet spot quicker, for some raptor killing.

  If there is a dino on your tail, as long as you hold the ready button (R1), you 
don't have to physically turn your character back. It'll be an automatic turn to 
confront the oncoming dino.

  Don't waste time climbing up and down ladders or containers within a cell. You 
can't shoot when doing this and it eats into the Combo Counter. Run to the edge of a 
rift. (I think this helps generate dinos from an adjoining zone) If you must utilize 
containers and faults, like in NJR4, do the climbing first, when at the top kill. 
Then run to the opposite side and drop down. This may give you time to kill the 
newly spawned raptor in the next zone. It can get very tricky, and in most cases it 
isn't worth the effort.

  Dancing with Dinos! It is the wise gamer that learns to embrace the enemy, to 
become comfortable in close quarters. Who grocks it's demeaner and can anticipate 
what the rotter will do? Knowing that Dinos can't handle circles or figure eights 
well is a boon to the close quarters boy and girl. There are times when you have no 
choice but to mingle with the guests. Knowing "guest etiquette" will keep you 
healthy, wealthy and wise.

  Each cell has an initial set of Raptors. NJR#1 has 18, #2 has 15 and #3 has 15. 
There is a secondary set that comes into play for one reason or another. Mainly, I 
think, to give you another chance at the 20. Each cell has a total of something like 
29 to 31 raptors in two groups. Group one is the group you contact first. Group two 
holds the raptors you contact if you blow the combo counter. It will supply the 
needed dinos required to meet the twenty kill. If you exit the cell and return, you 
can kill 9 to 11 more. Now, if you're in the throws of battle (going for the 20, you 
have killed 5 raptors and been hit to break the counter), exit the room and return. 
If you do the math, you have removed 5 of the 20. That leaves 15, yes? Well, the 
surplus raptors in group #2 will add 5 to the 1st group and allow you another try, 
leaving 5 raptors remaining in the 2nd group. In this scenario, it would allow you 
to screw up one more time, giving you 3 attempts at the 20. 

  Have you ever noticed that sometimes, when entering a zone and you go to weapons 
ready, Dylan or Regina will point at a building's wall, fence, bushes or one of the 
elevated faults, instead of the raptor beside or behind him/her? I'm thinking these 
spots "MAY" be generation points in the stated zone.

  There are occasions in the game while using the Solid Canon where, as you are 
running and firing at a dino, it leaps at you, or a dino leaps from the side or from 
off-screen. It has happened more than once where said dino has leaped over the on-
coming discharge from the Solid Canon and made a hit on Dylan.

   My discovery came on the morning of 3/27/01. I had time to kill; I had to pick up 
Ma at Logan (international airport), so I wasn't going in to work. I was running 
Dylan to Position NJR4. I was, as usual, frustrated beyond telling. I would get to 
raptor 22, 23, and/or 24, and the last one, two or three would hang 'til the clock 
ran down. Why I did this next thing, I do not know. I killed the twenty-fifth 
raptor, entered the Water Tower enclosure and exited. Can you guess what I found 
running around out there in NJR4 when I returned? I expected to see the second-wave 
raptors (replacement raptors). I was throttled to see Ultras! Now I have another 
anomaly to deal with. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie 
Roll Ultra pop?


 D'OH!!! I hate it when this happens. All this time working on the Combo counter 
principle, believeing that it was necessary to unlock the Ultras. Man, do I 
FEEEEEEEEL STUPEED!!! I better have a look in the mirror to make sure there isn't a 
VEELAAGE EEDEEOT sign stuck to my hairy back. (I could probably use an Epilate 
treatment. "MARGE! could you epilady my backy, please?" "OH, Homey! You know that 
won't work. Remember, your back hair wrecked the cutting blades on the push lawn 
mower the last time we tried.")

  So, here's the deal so far: on a cell with twentyfive raptors, you must combo 
count at least twenty without a break in the counter. The last five can be picked up 
and still get the ultras to show. It doesn't matter what the order is, as long as 
there are 20 under the counter. Someone might like to try killing, say, 3, then 20, 
and then 2, to see if it works that way, too. Sorry to say, it doesn't work on the 
20-count cells.

  RATS! This is going to mean a bleedin' partial rewrite of all the 25-count cells 
to comply with this new data.



  For starters, North Jungle Route 1 to North Jungle Route 3 will be practice for 
North Jungle Route 4. Hence known as NJR 1, 2 and 3. If you successfully eliminate 
all the raptors in the first three cells, you'll have more than enough EPs to 
purchase the Solid Canon when you enter the Water Tower. The first three cells are 
your reflex warm-up. There are 18 raptors in NJR1, 15 in NJR2 and 15 in NJR3.
 NJR1. This is an easy cell. It has two zones and at least eight generating points. 
The best sweet spot is at the upper level in the cell, where the circle (or cul de 
sac) is, from the rift ladder to the NJR2 entrance ladder. Basically, I run back and 
forth from rift ladder to the little dog leg just before the entrance ladder to 
NJR2. I also run around the circle counter clockwise. (I feel more secure running 
counter-clockwise.) I have general success either way. You will receive 10,400 EPs 
for 18 raptors - more if you luck into a few Counter Attack Shots.
 NJR2. This cell is a tad more difficult, having two zones and at least five 
generating points. It's sweet spot is a little long. The sweet spot starts just 
before the elevated rift on the left, (coming from NJR1) to the rift drop near the 
end of the cell. This is about three-fourths the length of the entire cell. Stay on 
the upper level of the cell and keep moving back and forth to these two extremes. 
You get 9500 EPs for 15 raptors.

 NJR3. This cell is short, which is a double-edged sword. The whole cell is a sweet 
spot. There is one rift fracture in the middle of the cell, creating the two zones. 
You get 9500 EPs for 15 raptors.

  NORTH JUNGLE ROUTE 4, 20 raptors

 This is the first cell to generate 20 raptors and to spawn the Ultra Raptors. This 
cell is very long and has three zones. Each zone in itself is long and/or 
encompasses a wide area, not to mention the cell has three elevations.
I suggest that you not touch a dino in this cell 'til you have saved in the Water 
Tower. You should have, if you were successful in the prior cells, 29400 EPs, or 
somewhere close to it - more than enough to purchase the Solid Canon. I suggest 
staying with the shotgun in NJR4 if you're adamant on tackling NJR4 at this time. 
This is going to be a toughy - highly difficult and extremely frustrating. In four 
runs through this cell, I have spent anywhere up to 15 attempts at getting the Combo 
Count needed to spawn the Ultras, most often because it doesn't generate the raptors 
fast enough. I haven't been successful using the Solid Canon here on this leg of the 
journey. On the way back from the Research Facility, on the other hand, with the 
Silver EPS Card in posession, it's managable with either the shot gun or the solid 
canon. If you save first you can give up after a number of tries and proceed to the 
next cell without having to restart at NJR1 over and over.
 If you do hang with the pitbulls, you can get Axe and Smash to come out and play. 
If you're adventurous, stay with the shotgun. If you're not in the mood, use the 
Solid Canon. Enter and exit the Water Tower. Run out into the zone and wait for them 
to show, then maneuver yourself so that they're on one side and fire away with the 
Canon, taking them out within the counter's alloted time. The counter coughs up an 
extra 1400 to 1500 EPs. If you're still being the pitbull, be prepared for a drawn-
out confrontation. You might consider saving before reentering NJR4. In any case, 
save when you're done with Demolition.


 This is one of the easiest cells to run! It's short, with just one zone and it has 
at least five generation points. The raptors come fast and heavy. You'll be swarmed, 
but the odds are more likely that you'll be hit harder than ever running the combo 
counter out. The Solid Canon shows it's stuff in here and the shotgun's still dandy, 
more than adaquate for the job at hand. Exit the cell. If you're staying with the 
shotgun, save here. If not, return and smoke some Ultras and save.

 Remember, you don't want to waste any more time than necessary restarting, but if 
you take a chance and continue on without the save, you risk getting dumped and 
having to do the 20 and Ultras all over again, so to retain your count, save.
 When you return, you'll see the RESERVES (extra dinos a cell provides for retries). 
The game is set to give you a couple of chances to maintain combo count without 
restarting from the last save.


 This cell is relatively easy, albeit a tad long and has proved testy in the past 
when using the Solid Canon. Re-arm with the shotgun. The shotgun's range is what 
gives it the edge in this cell. PTMF2 has five generation points like PTMF1 but they 
are spread out along the whole length of this long cell. I spend all my time between 
the overhead door at the Military Facility and just before the scene change showing 
the rift fracture and ladder.

 Once you have shredded all 20 dinos, return to PTMF1 and greet your purple 
playmates. As I suggested earlier, the Solid Canon makes quick hot meat of the two 
and will add the combo bonus to the EP count. Return to the Water Tower and save. 
Now complete Dylan's mission to the Military Facility.



  Regina appears, climbing the dock ladder. Turn her cheeks around and get her 
beauteous gluteus back to the ship and save.
 Regina starts her first journey out like Dylan - default weapon only. If you can 
keep your mind fixed on the dinos' movements, you will do fine.
I wonder why the game Gods don't want us to kill the Pansies? (Compagnosaurus)

  SOUTH JUNGLE ROUTE 1, 20 raptors

 This cell isn't very long, but it's tricky and it arches like a big question mark. 
A good portion of the cell is always hidden, so, you must be careful of the off-
screen leapers and the combo counter. Keep moving from one end of the cell to the 
other. There are at least four generating sites in this one and they're all pretty 
close together. I run between the rock where the first raptor appears, to about 
twenty feet short of the rift ladder exit.

 Now, as you know, Regina won't have a weapon to stop the Ultras in their tracks 
like lucky Dylan does. It almost makes me think that they either don't want Regina 
to take on the Ultras, or that they want to punish her for being one babe Wamma 
Jamma. Don't you think they made her a little too cute for DC2? Of course, it's 
understandable that all the dinos want to eat her - I do! Still, I prefer the DC1 
version, SHE's the muffin I fell in love with.
 (But, I digress.) For this problem, you will need to put on your fastest and 
sharpest running shoes, because there'll be some tight cornering going down, (I'm 
down wit dat, are you down wit dat? I bet Regina is down wit dat, come on everyone 
get down wit dat, OK, I'm done wit down... wit dat!) If you're good, you can get out 
of this with one, maybe two meds. Go back to the ship and save if you have any 
reservations. Exit SJR1 and return to "PARTY!" Maybe it would help if you 
play "Can't touch this" as background music? Done - OK. Now go save, you animal, and 
meet me at the beginning of South Jungle Route 2.

  SOUTH JUNGLE ROUTE 2, 25 raptors.

 YIKES! Now this is a long cell! It has three zones and five, maybe six generation 
points. I spend all my efforts between the gate to the Research Facility and half 
way between the Marsh door and the beginning of SJR2. It's not a difficult cell for 
getting hammered by dinos, but you may have a problem keeping the counter going. I 
exit and return at the door to Poison Marsh Plant South. I'm guessing that all exits 
work, it just seems I'm always at or near this door when SJR2 dinos have been 

 I have two prefered places to fight off the Ultras. One is at the dog leg near the 
Marsh door and the other is at the beginning of SJR2, where the path opens up. It 
gives you some maneuvering room.
 When you're finished dealing with the Ultras, I think it's faster to head to the 
Research Facility and save in the Control Shack.


 Head straight for the Control Shack and save. This is a difficult cell to deal with 
in general. It has 4 generation points, but an elevated walkway. The walkway poses a 
problem for wasting time in climbing. It's hard to tell when to climb it for the 
dino triggering points along it. If there is a raptor at the top of the ladder and 
there isn't one running up your tail pipe, take it out and climb. Dropping down is 
faster than climbing up so that isn't as much of a problem. I have only been 
successful when using both zones. The odds here are on the counter running down 
before you're able to kill the next dino. I suggest purchasing the Twins and the 
Flame launcher after cuffing Paula. 

 Once you eliminate the fodder, enter the Control Shack, return to RFB and dance 
with the Ultras. It doesn't seem to go any faster with the twins blazing than it 
does with the pistol. I also like to run out away from them, stop, turn and fire 
away for the couple of seconds it takes them to relocate and advance. The circle and 
figure eight has a draw back in that it throws lead in directions other than what 
you intend as the target. You must maintain an angle of attack that allows the 
bullets to hit the raptors. A little closer to real I suppose. Save before leaving 
the RFB. 

  SOUTH JUNGLE ROUTE 2, 25 raptors.

 "Kill them all, Hamarabi." Follow the instructions from the first run- through.


 I mention these areas now, because all the poison plants must be removed at this 
time so that PMP N & S can be filled with Ultra Raptor spawning raptors later in the 
game. The Flame Launcher works wonderful here, the Fire Wall works too, but it's 
range is shorter and you have a greater chance of getting hit with the spores 
ejected from the plants.





  Al must be removed from this cell to make room for raptors on Dylan's return from 
the Research Facility. I prefer to take him out in the first pond near the break in 
the wall. He has less room to maneuver. I have taken him out in five shots with the 
Solid Canon, catching him as he moves toward the edge of the rift ladder to jump 
down. I like to take him down in the pond; he looks really funny trying to get away 
from the discharge. Don't forget to get the Key on your way through. 

  NORTH JUNGLE ROUTE 1, 25 raptors

 I suggest using the upper level of the fault line for your dino killing pleasure. 
Follow the same proceedure as your first run-through here. This time, though, 
there'll be some Ultra meat on the barbee!

   NORTH JUNGLE ROUTE 4, 25 raptors

 Follow the instructions from the original pass with Dylan. Remember, this is a very 
difficult (frustrating) cell; save at the Water Tower first. Also, if you can get 
the 20, you can let the counter run out. Just make sure you get all 25.


 This is a long, squiggly cell with enough nooks and crannies to make Thomas's 
English muffins jealous. There are 5 trigger points in the cell with  3 zones - an 
easy cell. I run the whole cell for dinos; they readily spawn. Be careful of the off-
screen leaper. The Solid Canon is best. Exit the cell to the Water Tower and return. 
I like to take Axe and Smash in the depression here because it confines them in the 
little low pocket at the WT door. Save.


 "OOOH-WEE, Deputy Dawg! This gots ta be duh longest cell in duh game!" More or less 
a giant L, it has what I consider 4 zones, although some might think that's a 
stretch. There are 7, possibly 8 generating points. The problem will be in 
maintaining the combo count. The shotgun will do as well or better than the Solid 
Canon here, because of it's range.

 I tend to stay about 40 feet from the PMPNA door when looping on the run, and about 
25 yards from the SJR2 door. Any closer than these distances can run the combo clock 
down before meeting up with another dino.

 I don't know - is it me, or is it the actual game noise? I swear, Dylan's and 
Regina's running noise sound in the marsh area sounds like, schmuck- schmuck-schmuck-

 Exit the SJR2 door and return. You may have to advance into the cell some distance 
to call both of them out, to take advantage of the combo counter.

  SOUTH JUNGLE ROUTE 2, 25 raptors

 Dylan will have to remove 25 raptors to unlock the Ultras. The timer will tend to 
run down more often than Dylan being hit, but getting hit is a pain, too. I like to 
have Dylan take a hit or two in PMPS before entering SJR2. (It helps when I punish 
him for getting hit and use the resuscitate to reset instead of the long run from 
Water Tower) 

There will be 20 raptors in RFB - follow prior instructions.


 In general, this should be more or less an easy cell to deal with on both passes. I 
have had the counter run out on me more times than I care to remember. Occassionally 
the Oviraptors somehow make it through the Solid Canon's discharge. It appears to be 
a simple half-circle cell. It can be a pain sometimes, so stay on your toes. Use the 
Solid Canon and move back and forth between the two doors. You can use the last 
pillar heading to the card locked door and the place where the railing ends near the 
RFB door. If you don't see any dinos up ahead, stop running. If there are any 
targets approaching from the rear, Dylan will auto-turn and fire at the oncoming 
 Enter the Research Facility Passage and then the Lounge's Save Box, after you have 
dealt with all the doors and cage. Pick up the SILVER EPS CARD and complete this leg 
of the game. Before you leave this area, save in the Lounge. 


 When you return to the RFE, you'll be barraged by at least 23 more 
Oviraptors. "Kill them all, Hamarabi!" Exit RFE and head straight into the Control 
Shack. SAVE! I could swear that when I played this last time, there were 28 Ovis on 
the way back, too.


 When you exit, even though you have the Silver EPS CARD, you may have a job on your 
hands keeping the counter lit. I have been most successful with a combination of 
Solid Canon and Shotgun. I have had to utilize nearly the whole cell, excluding the 
entrance to the Facility, to scrape all the Ovis together under the clock. I use the 
Solid Canon on the ground, and the elevated walkway. I make a few passes back and 
forth along the Control Shack to the bridge. On the way back to the walkway, I 
switch to the Shotgun, just as I clear the Control shack to catch Ovis on the 
walkway. I climb the ladder and switch back to the Solid Canon, plow the field a few 
times up there and drop back down to the ground for one more pass to get the 

  SOUTH JUNGLE ROUTE 2, 2 Ultra Raptors

 If you were successful in your endeavors, you'll have Demolition waiting for you 
when you enter SJR2. I leave it up to you, but I'm not having fun unless my eyes are 
bleeding from the stress, so I'm going after them with the Shotgun this time. (I 
hope I can get to sleep tonight, it's gonna take a while for the blood pressure to 
drop back down below stroke level - OH, YEAH!)
 This is another one of those Cells I mentioned earlier in the guide. The Research 
Facility kind of like sponsored the Ultras in SJR2. This is a little confusing, 
especially when the RFB spawned Ultras in the first level of the game. That was 75-
plus Oviraptors taken down. One of these days I may find out whether one or all of 
the stated cells had to be done to get the Ultras. If I were to guess, I might say 
the last 25.


 This is the same as the earlier run through. This time, however, do not exit and 
return, just continue to PMPNA and remove Ovis from there.  


 Here's something - I tried it out on the way back to the tower. Usually I kill all 
Oviraptors in both Poison Marsh Plant Area North and South. This time I only 
eliminated the Ovis in the South area and I still got the 2 Ultras in NJR4. So, 
maybe it's optional, possibly. You only have to do one area or the other.


This is a somewhat easy cell. I use the Solid Canon and make two circular passes on 
the upper level, then drop down for the rest. It can get a little hairy on the 
counter. (Amomaly) If you leave the raptors in NJR1, the Ultras from NPJR will 
appear in NJR1. If you remove the raptors in NJR1, the Ultras will appear in NPJR. 
Exit to NJR1 and return for the Ultras. Most of the time, I catch them at the base 
of pond #2 and smoke 'em without moving a virtual muscle.
 JEEZE, listening to all that babbling brook stuff makes me want to see a man about 
a dino (nudge, nudge, you know what I mean?) Get back to the ship and give Major 
Babeage the battery so we can get that tub underway.



  CITY FRONT, HAUL ROAD, 25 raptors

 This is my prefered way to deal with this cell: ignore the dinos and run straight 
into the Containers and Materials Yard. Run to the back and give Al what he's always 
 "Tell them, tell them Don Pardo, tell the audience what our pal Al has won!" "A NEW 
POOP SHOOT! Yes, Bill, Al gets a completely new ANAL TRACT, without HEMORRIODS and 
Al's been swallowing ALL THOSE MANY YEARS."
 What do you say Al, will you take it? Will you take it like a dinosaur, Al?

 Save, return to City Front Haul Road and deal with the 25 raptors. This is kind of 
a long, L-shaped cell, worth at least 5 raptor trigger points. but not very 
difficult to complete. Stay away from sharp corners - you can get hung up and moued 
on. The solid Canon works best. Stay mobile and tight - feel the pucker!

 When completed, enter Containers and Materials Yard and return. Axe is definitely 
in the mood to rumble; stick 'em with a fork to tell when they're tender. Now return 
to Containers and Materials Yard and save.


 When you complete the save, you'll have about twenty lizardy friends waiting for 
you. The Containers and Materials Yard is kind of like another question mark. There 
are 6 generating points in this cell and the raptors appear freely. I make a 
complete run from one end to the other the first time. From that point on I stay 
about forty feet from either extreme in the cell. Exit to the City Front Haul Road 
and greet two more Ultra Raptors.



 As in her earlier run-through, chunk them babies like there's no tomorrow.
(I guess if as Dylan, he removed all the raptors on his way through to the Research 
Facility, Regina would have an easier time.)


 Follow the same procedure as the earlier run-throughs.

  LAUNCH SITE, 25 raptors

 We're at Launch Site, dealing with the site's raptor fodder. Launch site is more or 
less a stubby C. There are four generator points, and there should be no worries 
about the counter here. I've only ever been hit - the clock's never run down on me. 
You must be able to maneuver extremely well in this cell, and the twins are of key 
importance when it comes to their multi-targeting ability. They'll help keep that 
tiny hyney of hers from getting bit.

 When you're done torching the Mutt and Jeff clones, return to the Waste Disposal 
Chamber, not the Data Control Room, because it'll trigger El Gigante and Blinky's 
confrontation. I've been feeling bad for Blinky ever since the Tank Battle. He's the 
Rodney Dangerfield of the REX set; he aint gettin' no respect, you know what I mean? 
(Whoa, tough crowd!) You want to return to pick up the last set of Ultras in the 
game. At this point in the story, Axe and Smash don' even wanna to play no mo'! They 
be tired, you know? They just want to pick up their toys and go home. So, punish 
them even more! Keep shooting even after they're dead. Return to Waste Disposal 
Chamber. save, and continue on with the game.

 This is the last place I have been able to bring out the Ultra Raptors. 

 When you've finished El Gigante, allow Regina to save for the last time. As far as 
I've been able to test, there aren't any more Ultras in the game.
 From past experience, the Inostrancevias in the next two rooms don't generate 
Ultras. However, the way they are set up in these rooms make them formidable foes. 
I've been able to make it through here a few times using the Heavy Machine Gun and 
Chainmine, but the Missile Pod makes it much easier, not that it's a walk in the 
park, mind you. Consider, even though they're slow and low, there is so much junk in 
the way that clear shots are tres defacile. You'll spend much time getting moued on. 
There are 10 Inos in Back Door Accessway 1 and 15 in Accessway 2. They may not 
produce Ultra Raptors, but they give some big-time EPs.

 I had high hopes for this cell. I prayed that Facility Area Front would generate 
waves of Ultra raptors - it certainly has the potential for it. I've killed them as 
I entered and I've killed them in so many different ways and exited and/or saved in 
every way I can think of, still no Ultras.

 The walk up to the Facility Area front doesn't allow for an Ovi count (protecting 
Paula) If the Water gate Raptor count is related to the Ultras, then I have failed 
there. I haven't been able to get a final count out of the cell. The best I've ever 
done was 23 raptors before the timer ran out. There were still raptors coming as it 
dimmed out. Plus, it's very hard to keep the raptors off Dave, sometimes they bunch 
up on him and even though I'm firing directly into the pack, often, one of them 
seems to get a bite in.
 So, I'm really big-time bummed! I was expecting, hoping for a blitzkrieg by the 
Ultras at the Facility Area front, but it never transpired, Too bad! 

 My best time running for this game is 2:37. My worst,(when writing this guide) 
5:42. I would guess that a good 10 minutes of the time is in running back to save 
points. I ignore all the raptors in the non-generating cells, so it's much like a 
speed game. A hefty portion of the "REAL TIME" playing this game is restarting in 

 This guide took much longer to get out than the other DC guides I've written. 
Certainly not because there is more information to transcribe and/or digest. To the 
contrary, the Raptor Files was relatively easy to write. I had a good idea where at 
least half of the Ultra-producing cells were before I got started on the guide. 
 Here's the thing: when I started logging the info on my notepad for the  individual 
cells in the game, I may have accidently mixed some of the files up. I thought I was 
keeping rather good notes. What I did, where I did it, number of raptors, etc. Once 
I completed the game, I started to type in the data on the computer. Once I had all 
the roughed-out data logged, I started a new game to test the information. As Dylan 
was returning to the landing site from his run to the Research Facility area, my 
notes said, he was supposed to meet up with another group of 25 Ultra-producing 
raptors at NJR1. This did not happen. I got the raptors and Ultras in the NJRP (two 
ponds area), but not in NJR1. An anomaly - I love anomalies, unless I can't solve 
them. This one I hate! I've tried every way I can think of to get the blasted things 
to come out in this cell at this time, to no avail. So, if any of the sites I spoke 
to about the Raptor Files are wondering, "What the hell happened to 'I'll have the 
files done in about two weeks'?" This is the excuse: if anyone can get 25 raptors to 
appear at NJR1 on Dylan's return from the Research Facility, PUHLEEEZZZ E-mail me at 
the above address.

 Oh, and you're all animals. I mean that, now get outta here!



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