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Game Name:Space Quest VI-Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
Type of game:Point-and-click adventure
Creator:Sierra On-line
Game Copyright:Sierra On-line, 1996
Game content age rating:13 and up (My opinion)
  "T"-13 and up(ESRB's opinion)
Game Content indicators:Violence, gross deaths for Roger,
  Mild language, difficulty level, Visual Innards
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough on the Deepship 86
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:10 and up
Guide content indicators:Discussion of Violence, description
 of some of Roger's deaths, Mention of Innards
Version Number:1.00
Date of Creation:September 10, 2001

   Deepship LXXXVI
 When you're back in control of Roger, use your hand icon
on the hair on the PGA.  Use the hair on the DNA scanner, 
then talk to Jebba the Hop a couple times.  You'll finally
convince him, so use the Hair on the scanner AGAIN.  Press
the scan button, then the Imprint Datacart button. Take the
Datacart, and use it on the ComPost.  Remember the name-it
comes in use later.  Once back in your good 'ole quarters
(What's so futuristic and wondeful about Shimmery Sheets!),
use the hand icon on the ComPost, and read the message for 
you.  Go to the transporter room, and beam down to Delta
Burksilon.  Talk to Kielbasa, then exit the room and press
the "Quarters" button.  Enter the room.  
  Follow Sharpei's instructions until some gas starts to
come in from the vent.  Quickly grab the piston, and use
it on the door.  Stellar will beam in to save you, and
is "Killed" in the process.  You return to the ship.
  When you're in control, use the eulogy on yourself.
After the groundskeeper(From New Orleans cemetery #3)
buries Stellar, type the HoloCabana program #5551212 in
the control panel(NOT the ComPost).  Once you've learned
the Vulgar Nerve Pinch, go back to your quarters.  Click
on the ComPost to see another new message.  Go to the bridge
and confront Kielbasa with your findings.  He'll give you the
day off, so make good use of it.  Go to 8-rear, and talk to
Circuit Sidney twice.  Grab the body parts he leaves on the
table, and go to sickbay.  Open the cabinet on the east side
of the island, and grab the bottle of Morphin.  Go to the
shuttle bay entrance, and use the Vulgar Nerve Pinch on
the smaller of the two guards.
  You awake in the brig.  Wait a few moments until Dorff 
shows up.  After you get all the food, put them together in 
the following order:Shishkabobs with Yoda's Ears with the
Rack of Orat with the pastries with the tubers with the
melon with the pasta.  Viola!  A grammatically incorrect
sentence and a duplicate of Roger.  Put the replica on the
bench, and wait until Dorff leaves.  When Dorff returns, hide
in the cart as soon as you can.  Once you're free, go to the
Shuttlebay again.  Use the Morphin with the Donut, hide around
the western corner, and put the 'special' donut on the guard's
plate.  After he eats it, use the nerve pinch on the runty guard.
Search the guards for keys.  Press the left button on the 
shuttlebay door, then use Sidney's arm to reach the right button.
  Use the keyring(After entering the shuttlebay)to unlock a 
shuttle AND figure out which one to nab.  After entering the
HamSter, grab the recall notice from the back of the seat.
Now sit down in the captain's chair and press the "Power"
button.  Press the ICD button, then set the fuels to the
following:Lanthanum, Sulfer, Silver, Neon.
  Press the "Initiation" button, and hold up Sidney's eye
to the scanner.  As you blast off, a Storm Pooper throws
a fish into your engine.

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