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Defeating Gorea 1& 2

When Gorea was fighting all the hunters(Except Samus of course), he absorbed all 
the other hunters powers; Trace, Spire, Kanden, Sylux, Weavel, and Noxus.

What he can do as an updated type of attack from hunters:

Kanden-Volt Driver: Homes on enemies, scrambles their vision, and takes heavier 
damage than regular Kanden.

Trace-Imperialist: Take stronger damage and good aim.(Hard to dodge headshot 

Noxus-Judicator: Can freeze for a long amount of moments. Easier to dodge though. 
Stronger damage.

Spire-Magmaul: Faster shots, heavier damage, and a long time damage with more 
damage in it. Normally easy to dodge.

Weavel-Battlehammer: Shoots like a laser, wide blast radius, hard to dodge, and 
heavy damage depending how many times you got shot.

Sylux-Shock Coil: Attacks like the same shock coil but longer distance and more 
damage. Impossible to dodge while Gorea is dodging.


Getting to Oubliette


When you have all Octoliths, go to Alinos. Go to combat hall. On the way, you'll 
have to fight a hunter-guardian.(Maybe 2 of them) When you get to combat hall, 
you'll have to fight another hunter or 2 guardians.(Maybe 2 hunters or 2 guardians 
or 1 guardian and 1 hunter) When you get in the chamber past the door on the floor 
in combat hall. Step in the middle and wait for the thing to finish. Go back to 
your ship. You can take the portal past the door in Alinos perch and enter the 
portal. You'll be next to your ship. Go in your ship and launch it. The way to 
Oubliette is open go to it.


Getting to Gorea


When you enter Oubliette, follow the path and you'll be on the elevator. Wait for 
it to stop. Go past the door and enter the portal. Pass the door and you'll be in 
the final chamber. Go right and enter morph ball. Pass the morph ball trail and 
you'll see a portal. Step in it and you'll see an energy tank. Get it and get out 
of the portal. Fall down to the ground and pass the door. You'll see all the 
hunters attacking Gorea and Gorea kills and absorbs their weapons.


Defeating Gorea 1


First, get on the outer edge of the arena. Do you see the color panels on the wall? 
Shoot them but in the order I list them: Volt Driver on the yellow one first, 
battlehammer on the green panel second, magmaul on the orange panel third, shock 
coil and the blue fourth, judicator on the purple fifth, and finally imperialist on 
the red one last. When that's done, shoot Gorea 1 on the shoulder a few times.
(Varies with what weapon you're using.) You shoot him on the shoulders with 
whatever color he is. You shoot his left and right shoulders with these weapons. If 
you don't destroy his shoulder sides(Left and right), he'll regenerate his arms 
again and you'll have to start all over.(You don't have to worry about the panels 
anymore though because they don't become back to normal)

Gorea color code:
Orange: Magmaul on his shoulders.
Red: Imperialist on his shoulders.
Blue: Shock coil on his shoulders.
Green: Battle hammer on his shoulders.
Yellow: Volt Driver on his shoulders.
Purple: Judicator on his shoulders.

You should destroy both his shoulders when he's red that way you can take more 
damage on them. When both his arms are destroyed(Shoulders), he'll turn up-side 
down revealing his weak spot.(The little ball on top) Whatever color he is(I said 
it was best to attack while he's red), you use the same weapon to attack his 
shoulders. If you get too close, he'll try and grab you with his orange tentacle 
and throw you around. If you attack far, he'll still try but It'll be easier to 
dodge and he'll try to throw those capsule things at you. Repeat everything above
(except the panels, once they're shot, they don't go back to normal) and attack 
him. If you're losing energy, attack the blue things on the outer part of the arena 
and they'll either drop UA(universal ammo) or energy from 50-100

He's defeated...


Gorea 2


Normally easy Boss-final boss, Gorea 2 shows up for a rematch in a different form, 
and in this battle, you use the ultimate Omega cannon because any of your other 
weapons don't work on Gorea 2.

You are on the top of the arena. When you recieve a message from your ship, jump 
down and you'll see a dark colored artifact case. It'll open and you get the 
ultimate weapon, the OMEGA CANNON! There are some energy balls around, so get them 
and shoot the projectiles Gorea 2 shoots at you; shoot them with your power beam. 
Once you get the Omega Cannon while fighting Gorea 2, you can't change weapons.
(Affinity) You can still switch to power beam and missles. You can switch from 
power suit to morph ball, and you can switch from your power beam, scan visor, 
missles, and omega cannon. When your HP is full, go to the top and switch to omega 
cannon and shoot it at Gorea 2. Dodge or shoot his projectiles(with power beam or 
omega cannon) All you have to do is shoot him with the omega cannon a couple times, 
dodge(or shoot)his attacks, and you win.(Note that the omega cannon doesn't count 
like an affinity weapon, in other words, you don't run out.

When you defeat him, you have to watch those annoying credits or do something else 
while you wait for the credits finish because if you turn it off while the credits 
are showing, you have to fight Gorea again. When you finish with them, your records 
show on the menu. You can't use Omega cannon for free out of arena.(How sad) )=
After that, you have Oubliette as on open level for multiplayer and Wi-Fi. On top 
of it is the omega cannon. It kills enemies in one hit and if you shoot it and its 
blast hits you, you die. Even when fighting Gorea 2, so becareful.

Hope you liked it.

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