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In this guide I will tell you how to beat Jack of Blades from my own personal 
experience. Some of you may find a better, more efficient way to do this, but this 
is simply how I did it.

First you need the proper skills. Level 3+ enflame, summon, and physical shield 
greatly help throught out the entire process of this guide. Minimum of level 6 in 
each strength and skill stats as well as level 5+ will.

Next you need the proper gear. I used dark plate armor myself with dark chain helm, 
but to each his own. Minimum obsidian weapon of any kind as well as minimum ebony 
bow. Ronok's axe works well too, but I prefer greatswords for their extended reach. 
Arken's bow makes the final few minutes a breeze. Plenty of health and will potions 
are a must as well as resurrection vials. Will master's elixer helps a ton.

Now for the storyline, after you kill Maze and everything, you are called back to 
the Hero's Guild. You speak with the quest guide for a while, its easier just to 
skip the dialogue. He then tells you to step through the cullis gate. Turn on your 
physical shield BEFORE YOU STEP THROUGH THE GATE!!! Now you must decide between 
doing this the easy way or the hard way...

The easy way:
It's pretty self-explanitory. Keep the physical shield up with will potions and just 
run past all the monsters that spwan. In most places there will be heros such as 
Thunder and Black Rose that help to keep the monsters off your back as well as 
guards and apprentices that spawn to do the same. Just run through and let the dregs 
take care of 'em.

The hard way:
I haven't really tried this method as of yet because I don't really like to kill 
unnecessarily during a quest, thereby wasting time but again, to each his own. Its 
an easy enough idea, keep physical shield up and murder everything in your path, 
npc's still come to your aid and i'd imagine you get tons of experience from these 
creatures, they range anywhere from spellcasting minions from wasps although i 
havn't seen any earth or rock trolls or any balverines. The majority are dogwarrior 

Wichever path you choose just follow the quest markers to each destination and 
eventually you will wind up back at the Hero's Guild. speak to the guide for the 
last time and he will tell you that the three (jack, your mother and sister) are in 
the Chamber of Fate. Go there and on the bridge connecting the chamber and the guild 
will be an oak bow, take it to sell later. Now go through the door and the story 
will continue. Skip through the dialogue or read through it and afterwards, the 
fight will begin...

Phase one:
Jack will hide himself and your sister (he kills your mother during the dialogue) 
behind a shield, just like the one in hook coast. He will have summoned minions, 2 
spellcasters and 4 dogwarriors. Dispose of them anyway you wish.

Phase two:
After his minions are defeated Jack will then attack, make sure your physical shield 
is up and you will potions are autoset for easy replensih. Jack is wielding the 
sword of aeons and can do some major damage if you're not careful plus his will 
spells cause their own fair share of damage, but at this point he only uses his 
electric ball attack. Use summon to get Jack distracted and flourish the hell out of 
him when you get the chance. At random intervals he will use assain rush to get away 
from you (which is a fair distance) so run up to him and continue the onslaught of 
attacks and flourishes. Once he is halfway dead, phase three will begin...

Phase three:
This is where the bow comes in. You may do this in any way you feel most 
comfortable, but this is what I did. After you kill him halfway, Jack levitates off 
the ground in the center of the room and attacks with 3 types of will spells. Dont 
bother with summon at this point, its a waste of mana and he cant even get close 
enough to attack Jack. Physical shield is a must unless you want to use up all of 
your resurrection vials. First he starts out with his electric ball and electric 
wave attacks. Both can be easily dodged and dont cause too much damage. His third 
attack however is a near kill everytime and is NOT avoidable. Keep on top of your 
health and mana at all times. The Arken bow makes this phase go by in a blink of the 
eye. If you dont have the Arken bow then I suggest using multiple arrow with ebony 
or master bows (regular or crossbow, it doesn't matter). If after a few minutes you 
still haven't killed jack yet, he will summon minions to his aide, kill them or keep 
attacking jack, it doesn't matter, but they do hinder you somewhat. Once you kill 
Jack, the most difficult choice of your life soon follows.

The Sword of Aeons:
Now with Jack dead you must choose one of two paths, toss the sword in the vortex 
and save all of Albion from its great and terrible power for all eternity, or slay 
your sister and keep the sword for your own selfish gains. If you choose to kill 
your sister, you gain one of the most powerful swords in Albion as well as more than 
enough evil points to turn you completly evil. If you dont well then, you're out a 
sword and u get a Halo. After you make a descision the end credits scroll for about 
5-10 minutes and then comes the part where u save your game for continuos play. 
unfortunatly, the hero's guild was destroyed save for the cullis gate and the 
experience platform, all the other rooms are blocked off from the map room except 
the fron door of course (it might be wise to get everything in the hero's guild you 
want before stepping through the cullis gate). With the Sword of Aeons, you can 
pretty much one-hit most creatures. And with mana, health, experience, and 
sharpening augmentations, you pretty much have little to no use for health and will 
potions. At any rate, if you want to turn a new leaf and become good but you still 
want the Sword of Aeons, theres always the Temple of Avo to pray to. >:-[)

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