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Defeating The Bosses Of Crash Twinsanity.

By: Krazy_Kev33.

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First Boss: Dr. Neo Cortex.
Defeat With: Crash Bandicoot.

Dodge all of Cortex's rapid-fire shots. When he fires a charged shot, spin it back 
at him. This will decreases his life. He will then start throwing bombs, which will 
destroy pieces of the platform. Dodge this and again a series of rapid-fire shots. 
Spin back his Charged shot had decrease his life. Again bombs will be thrown and you 
will be left standing on a small circular platform. He will try to lock on to you 
and rapid fire. Dodge his attack and spin back his charged shot to finish him.

Second Boss: Mecha Bandicoot.
Defeat With: Crash Bandicoot.

Quickly climb all the stairs then run along the wall to dodge the missile barrage. 
Then either run away or jump over the chainsaw attack. Spin back the charged shot 
the robot fires from its nose. Twice destroys the chain saw, twice destroys the 
missiles and three times destroys the nose and the robot.

Third Boss: Tiki God.
Defeat With: Crash And Cortex.

Run away from the Tiki's palm assault and keep a good distance from him. He will 
then turn his mouth towards you and summon Tiki minions. Quickly throw cortex into 
his mouth resulting in him choking and losing life. The second time is almost the 
same but he shoots lasers from his eyes. Run away from the beams. Repeat the process 
of throwing Cortex into his mouth. More minions are summoned and longer laser beams 
are fired.

Fourth Boss: Mighty Uka Uka.
Defeat With: Crash And Cortex.

Run away from Uka Uka's snowball and ice barrier attacks. Throw Cortex at switches 
OTHERWISE BE BURNT!!!!! Repeat process until he is defeated.

Fifth Boss: Dr. N. Gin.
Defeat With: Crash Bandicoot.

Dodge his missile flurries. The first is only six missiles and increases when life 
decreases. Avoid getting spiked by the spikes surrounding the outer platform. When 
missiles stop, stand close to any one of the beams that holds up Gin. He will throw 
a TNT Crate at the place you are standing at and this will destroy one of the 
platforms. Repeat until all beams are destroyed.

Sixth Bosses: Dr. N. Tropy and Dr. N. Brio.

Run away from Brio when he tries to jump and catch you. When Tropy enters the ring 
he will crack the ice. Run on the outer pieces of ice and wait until he hits the ice 
a third time and lowers his shield. Spin attack him to decrease his life. Repeat 
process until he is finished.

Seventh Boss: Dingodile.
Defeat With: Crash Bandicoot.

Dingodile has four phases of attack. They are:

1.	He shoots fireballs. 
2.	He shoots a low beam. Jump to avoid. He shoots a high beam. Duck to avoid.
3.	He shoots a low beam. Jump to avoid. He shoots a hyper beam. Run away.
4.	He shoots an alternate beam that switches from high to low. He shoots a full 
beam that switches direction so BE ON YOUR GUARD!!!!! Then he shoots fireballs.

After every phase, he will shoot a charged shot. Stand in front one of the 
headstones and he will shoot it. This opens up a switch that you MUST belly flop to 
activate. This will trigger a sprinkler that will douse the flame and allow you to 
hit Dingodile. Spin or stake him four times to defeat him.

Eighth Boss: Madame Amberley.
Defeat With: Dr. Neo Cortex.

Dodge her lighting bolt attacks. If they miss they will open out pipes that spew 
fire. Either wait or shoot them shut. I suggest shooting them down. When she is 
finished, she will summon evil school bells. Destroy all of them and she will turn 
her back on you. Fire a shot at her backpack to do damage. You can't miss. Repeat 
until she falls.

Ninth Bosses: The Evil Twins. (Victor and Moritz).
Defeat With: Nina Cortex, Neo Cortex and Crash Bandicoot.

There are three phases that should be followed to defeat the twins. They are:

1.	Use Nina to grapple to the top of each pillar holding the energy crystals. 
Spin to destroy them. Destroy all six crystals to defeat the first phase. Avoid the 
flamethrower and stomp attacks as well as the minions with swords.
2.	 Use Cortex to run around the arena and dodge the machine gun and plasma 
cannon attacks. When you have a clear shot, rapid fire at the weapons until both are 
3.	Use Crash to pilot the Mecha Bandicoot to destroy the twins' robot. Avoid 
getting hit with the sword attacks and when you get a chance, fire missiles with the 
square button when you see an opening in the robot's shield. Repeat until the boss 
is defeated.

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