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Defeating the Colossi 1-4

Table of Contents:
Colossus 1
Colossus 2 
Colossus 3
Colossus 4

     Okay, this faq only has the colossi 1-4, but i assure you there will be more.  
Also, if you need any contact, just e-mail me at [email protected], but 
please DO NOT send me junk e-mail, i don't want any mail that says things like "I 
beat the game!" well, guess what, I don't care!  I've beaten it too!  So only e-
mail me if you have a serious question.  Also, i will not tell you how to get to 
the colossi, only how to beat them.  So now, let's get this faq started!

Colossi #1

     Wow, the first colossus is actually HUGE.  Now, you should start out behind 
him, this actually gives you an easy vintage point.  I want you to run up behind 
him (yes, run), also watch out for the feet, the shockwave could hurt you, so watch 
it.  Now, behind his left leg, there should be a patch of fur, equip you sword, and 
jump onto the patch of fur, then grab onto it.  There should be a shiny spot in the 
middle of the patch.  Stab this spot, and then he should kneel onto his knees.  Now 
this is the tricky part, just try to understand.  On left thigh, there is armor.  
The armor has two places that you can grab onto (I call these rings), the LOWER 
part of the armor and the UPPER part of the armor.  You need to time it just right 
so you can jump, make sure to grab onto the UPPER part of the armor, if you 
accidently grab onto the LOWER part, then either let go and try again or as quick 
as you can jump up to the higher ring.  The colossus will only kneel for a few 
     When you grab the top ring, jump up to the patch of fur on his buttocks, now 
climb up.  Make sure you keep watch on that grip gauge of yours, ya know, the red 
circle?  Anyway, there should be a platform with teeth sticking out of the edge.  
Climb up onto the platform and crouch.  This will make it harder to shake you off.  
After you get your gauge all the way up, jump up onto the hair, then climb up.  
There should be two platforms on each side of you, you can try to get on one, or 
just keep climbing.  Whatever you choose, just watch your grip gauge.  After you 
get past the two platforms, you now should be well on your way to his shoulders.  
Double-check if your sword is equipped, then let go of the R1 button to rest your 
grip gauge.  Watch it, this colossus shakes.  If he starts to shake, just grab on 
to the patch of fur, if you don't know how to grab onto things, CONSULT THE 
MANUAL!!!  Anyway, now run up onto his head, with your sword equipped, you should 
see a shiny symbol, this symbol represents a vital spot.  Grab onto his patch of 
fur on his head, and LET ER RIP!  Keep on stabbing until he is finally dead, this 
is his only vital spot.  Later in the game, the colossus will get more vital 
spots.  TA-DAA!  You beat the first colossus!

Colossus #2
     Okay, this colossus you really don't have to worry about being attacked, not 
unless you like to stand in front of a gigantic monster, run in circles 
yelling "Stomp me, stomp me!" but this colossus really isn't fast AT ALL, even with 
four legs.  Okay, first run behind him, or just ride Agro behind him, any way, this 
method always works for me.  Get off of Agro (if your on him) and pull out your 
bow.  When you get behind him, he'll try to turn.  He is REALLY slow, so don't 
worry about getting Christmas presents while he is trying to turn.  Now, every 
single time he lifts a foot, you should see the bottom of them, in this case, his 
back feet.  Draw your bow, and pick a back foot, then wait for him to lift it.  
When he does, shoot quickly, and the colossus should kneel in pain.  Run to the leg 
of the foot you just shot, and BOOM!  The is a patch of fur right there above the 
rock hard armor! 
     When you jump onto the patch of fur, quickly climb to his back, as when he 
stands up, he'll try to shake you off.  Now, Run to the very back of his body, and 
draw your sword.  You should the vital symbol, So you know what to do! STAB HIM!!!  
Wait, the vital sign disappeared!  What are you gonna do?  RUN TO HIS HEAD!  The 
second vital symbol is on his head, and your all the way in the back!  So now, take 
you run of pride towards his head, making sure you grab onto fur when he shakes, 
and stab what's left of him.  See, not so hard is it?
Colossus #3
     This is one of the tallest colossus, now, this one actually takes a little 
thinking.  First you need to find a sort of pink plate around the middle of the 
circle your on, the pink plate should be towards the colossus when you start off, 
okay, make sure he's a good distance away from the plate, and if he's really close 
to it, he'll stomp the living heck out of you, so try to lead him away from the 
plate, and when you do, just stand on top of it.  If he's a good far away, he will 
go into the motion of swinging the largest sword since Cloud's sword in FF7.  If 
you time it right, and run towards him at the right time, he hit his sword right on 
the plate.  Then, a scene should show the armor on the colossus's arm falling off, 
leaving an exposed patch of fur!  This might take you a while to do, but trust me, 
just try to make him hit the pink plate.
     Now since there is a way to get on him, how do you get on him?  Caution, what 
I am about to tell you may be shocking, get away from the pink plate, and wait for 
him to swing.  If he hit dirt, then the sword will sort of, go underground, and 
this is the moment, to run up his sword, jump, and grab that piece of fur!  Yes it 
sounds crazy, but you have to run up his sword.  Make sure to grab the side, 
because he will lift his sword out of the ground, and then you WILL fall off, so 
grab on to the edge.  Once you run up all the way, jump and grab his fur, and climb 
up.  On his upper arm, there is some broken armor, you can use this as a platform 
to rest your grip gauge.  Now, make sure you go to the upper platform and go behind 
his arm, there should be some wrinkled skin and a thin patch of fur, jump onto this 
patch and climb up to his shoulder, now run towards his head.  You'll probably have 
to jump to get on top, equip your sword, get on his head, and stab away.  The vital 
symbol will disappear, that means there is another vital.  Now Run down to his 
back, there should be armor that goes all the way around him to his chest.  Then, 
if you look down, there is a platform that goes around his waist.  Very carefully 
try to do either two things, one, you can try to fall and land on the platform, 
two, you can try to grab onto the armor, then drop to the platform.  Either way, 
you're gonna have to drop.  Now, when you land on the platform, be careful because 
there are no teeth sticking out the side to save ya from falling off.  So, run 
around his waist until you are in front of him, then bam!  There is the vital 
symbol, shining brightly on his tummy.  Now finish the job, and now you have 
defeated #3!

Colossus #4
     Goats fused with lamas make a HuGe colossus.  This four legged colossus may 
actually take some time to understand and get it to do what you want it to do.  
Okay, when you first enter the plains, do you remember those small hills sticking 
out?  and there were doorways?  And the doorways (if you went inside) were actually 
leading to an easy web of tunnels?  Well, these tunnels are your key to get on the 
colossus.  First, run into one, make sure the colossus sees you.  Run into one of 
the tunnels, and take a left.  This will lead you to another opening above ground.  
Go ahead and run outside.  The colossus should see you.  Run back inside like the 
mouse you are and take a right.  Be careful, it might get a little dark.  Well, 
head up to the opening, and wait about 3 seconds before you do anything.  Now run 
outside and immediately look for the colossus.  It should be heading towards the 
second tunnel entrance where you came out of.  This colossus is pretty dumb, just 
sit back, make sure it doesn't see you, and wait for it to look over the entrance.  
It will stab at the entrance, thinking you are in there, when really behind it!  
Well, after a few stabs with it's leg, it will finally poke it's head down towards 
the hole, now is your chance.  The armor that looks like a tail has places you can 
grab onto.  Grab that armor, and you'll be on your way!
     Okay, run up the backside, being careful of course, and equip your sword.  
There should be a tiny spot on the back of it's neck.  Stab this spot, and it will 
lower its head for you.  Run down its neck and onto its head, boom!  There is the 
vital symbol!  Now stab away, and now, you have beaten the 4th colossus!

     Now, i leave you to your bidding.  Please check back with me, and if you have 
any questions e-mail me, it should be in the intro.  So please, enjoy one of the 
best games I have ever played, and trust me, you'll slay those nasty colossus, 
farewell for now!  There will be more!

Orphen the Sorcerer


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