Delfino Airstrip Guide - Guide for Super Mario Sunshine

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1.Shine Sprite 1
2.Shine Sprite 2
3.Shine Sprite 3
4.Blue coins
5.Fludd Nozzels
                         -Shine Sprite 1-
When you begin the game you end up on the airstrip.Here's what you need to do to 
get shine sprite #1.

When you land on the airstrip walk(or swim) around the goop and get fludd.Squirt 
the moving goop(located in the center of the goop) until a goop monster comes 
out.When he opens his mouth squirt his mouth.Then reapet this twice to get shine 
sprite #1.
                         -Shine Sprite 2-
When you get a chance to return to the airstrip you will find a red button.Ground 
pound it and 8 red coins appear.
                            Red Coin 1
Grab the turbo nozzle and turbo to the door.You get Red Coin #1.
                            Red Coin 2
Turbo through the strollin stu's.At the end is Red Coin #2
                            Red Coin 3
Keep turboing into the ocean and you get Red Coin #3
                           Red Coin's 4,5
Turbo past some bouys and get Red Coin's 4,5
                            Red Coin 6
Turbo under the bridge to get Red Coin 6.
                           Red Coin's 7,8
Lastly,leap over the 2 boats to get Red Coin's 7,8
                         -Shine Sprite 3-
Go to the airstrip and collect 100 coins.It's easy.Just follow the path of coins in 
the ocean.
                           -Blue Coins-
                           Blue Coin 1
Go to the airsrip and get the turbo nozzle.Then turbo through the door and spray 
the ice.
                         -Fludd Nozzles-
The Hover nozzle is located from where you begin after the first time.Th Turbo 
nozzle is located in the same place as the Hover nozzle.The Rocket Nozzle is not 
availible in the airstrisp.But there is a way to get it to the airsrtip.
                           Strolin Stu 
Squirt it with water then run into it.
                           Cheep Cheep
Squirt it with water..                       

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