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Spawn: Armageddon
Demon list and Easy ways to defeat them  Version 1
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This is a list of enemys that Spawn has in the Entire game. There is also a list of 
ways to easily beat them too.

Angel Hunters: Use your chains to hurt them. You can use your Axe of Agony to do 
more damage.

Angel Warrior: Just like Angel Hunters but use Agony more than the chains.

Angel Predator: Use your chains and stay as far away as you can. 

Assassin: Use the hell power, Demonic Fury, to take a large chunk of health away.

Beserker: Use your chains to distract them and get up close to use Agony.

Brute: Only agony and hell powers can hurt them.

Claw Demon: Use upper-cut with Agony to knock them over and use Agony to kill them. 
Repeat if nessesary.

Cy-gor: Use your chains and when it is about to through something, Use a gun to 
knock it out of its hands. When its head is close to the ground use Agony but 

Fire Demons: Use your chains to do damage but when its heart is on the ground, Use 
Cleave chop with Agony to finish them off.

Flying Imps: Use your Chains or your guns to easily kill them.

Frenzied Violator: Use any weapons to kill him other than Agony.

Imp: Use any weapon to kill these.

Hell Leach: Use your chain to hurt them at a safe distance.

Lamenting Demon: Use th hell power, Demonic Fury, a few times to rid of these 
strange creatures.

Hell Eye: Use your sawed-off shot gun at close range to kill them in one blow.

Meat puppet: Use your chain, or for a challenge, use Agony.

The Metatron: Use your chains only in its first form.  In its humanoid form, use 
every weapon you got(don't attack when he is attacking).

Newborn: Use Agony, Brimstone Cannon, or inferno gun to kill these guys.

Possessed Soldier: Any weapon can Kill them.

Reaver: Use your Hell Powers and Agony.

The Redeemer: Any weapon are able to hurt him exept Agony because he flies.

Robot Drone: You can use any gun or your chain to destroy these.

Tree Demon: Use Agony to rid of these creatures with ease(you can also use your 

Space Station crew: wait til their shields are down then you can hurt them with any 
weapon, but be careful because the disappear and teleport.

Spidertank: Use your guns to get rid of this creature.

Violator: The same as the Frenzied Violator.

Whip Demon: Use anything you got because they can take a beating before they can die.

Wynn Soldier: Can use anything against them because they are humans, not demons.

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