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Start: Begin by speaking to Asgarnia the Archaeologist in the Bedabin Camp. 
Skills: At least level 53 Thieving, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 10 Slayer, and the 
ability to defeat high level enemies over level 150. A high Agility level will also 
Quests: Troll Stronghold, Temple of Ikov, Digsite, Tourist Trap, Priest in Peril 
and Waterfall.
What You Need: Around 700gp, Shantay Passes, Waterskins, something sweet (like a 
Cake), 12 Magic Logs, Tinderbox, 6 Steel Bars, 6 Molten Glass, Ashes, Charcoal, 1 
Blood Rune, Bones, a Silver Bar, Garlic, Pestle and Mortar, Spiked Boots, Spice, 
Lockpick, Antipoison Potions, Ice Gloves, Fire Staff, 30-40 Prayer Potions, Prayer 
Robes, Blessed Holy Symbol, Facemask.


Getting Started

First off, head to the Shantay Pass and buy some Shantay Passes, Waterskins and any 
other needed desert traveling equipment. Make your way to the Bedabin Camp and 
speak with Asgarnia the Archaeologist. He thinks that there are treasures buried in 
the desert somewhere. He found a Stone Tablet and he will ask you to bring some 
Etched Notes to Terry Balando in the Digsite east of Varrock. 

Terry Balando turns out to be the Archaeological Expert in the Digsite Exam Center. 
He will give you a readable, translated book on the Etched Notes to bring back to 
Asgarnia the Archaeologist.

The Treasure 

Asgarnia says that he is more of a treasure hunter, so agree to split the reward 50-
50 with him. He'll ask you to search the west, so head south to the Bandit Camp. 
Speak to Eblis about the history and each of the other options. Go to the bar and 
buy him a Bandit's Brew for 650gp from the Bartender, and then ask him about the 
Diamonds of Azzanadra. Ask Eblis about them as well and he'll tell you about the 
God Wars.

Agree to help Eblis and he says that he needs a few things. Get him 12 Magic Logs, 
6 Molten Glass, 6 Steel Bars, Ashes, a Blood Rune, Charcoal, and a set of regular 
Bones (use them on him). Once you give him everything, he'll ask to meet you on a 
hill to the south. Speak with him there and look into each of the mirrors. Some of 
them are false, so watch out! You'll see the Ice Gates south of Trollheim, the 
Ardougne Picnic area, Canifis, the Pyramid of Azzanadra, Smoky Well and the Bandit 

Important: Once you obtain any of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, be sure to bank it 
right away until you need it at the end. Otherwise, you may come across a level 95 
Stranger with a Poisoned Dragon Dagger that attacks you! 

Diamond of Blood 

Go to the Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis and you should see Malak the Vampire 
and Roavar the Innkeeper speaking about Lord Drakkan and his Tithe of Blood. Malak 
will then ask you to speak to him. Talk to him about the Diamonds, and he says that 
he'll give you the Blood Diamond if you kill Lord Dessous. 

Malak tells you that you need a Silver Pot made by Ruantun in the Draynor Sewers, 
blessed by the Entrana Head Priest with Blood and by crushing Garlic, along with 
some Spices to hide the odor. This is how you can poison and fight him. He says 
that Dessous must be killed so that Drakkan can claim more lands. 

Get the Garlic in the cupboard from Draynor Village and bring Ruantun a Silver Bar. 
He can be found in the sewer by climbing down a trapdoor southeast of the village, 
near the jail. Now head to Entrana and talk to the High Priest to get it blessed, 
teleport to Ardougne and get some spices. Go back to Malak who will cut you for the 
fresh blood... as fresh as it gets! 

Add some Spices and crushed Garlic, and get ready for a battle. Bring food, potions 
and some strong weapons and armor. Now head south of the bank to the Myreque bridge 
(blue on the map), cross it, and then head east to the Graveyard (in red). If you 
can't cross it, you'll need to go around the swamp to the Graveyard:

Tips for Killing Desseus (level 139)

If you are going to kill Desseus I would recommend not using melee. On this part 
you want to try not to use prayer potions. But bring 2 prayer potions just in case. 
Once you get there you will start fighting him. I would recommend maging with earth 
blasts or waves, as I found this pretty useful against him. If you don't have the 
mage level then range him, but make sure you have a Crystal Bow on you or Karil's 
Crossbow. If you hide behind the fence use protect from melee. As Desseus will send 
bats and each time the bats will hit a 10, with prayer they only hit 5. 

After killing him, head back to Malak for the Diamond of Blood.

Diamond of Ice 

To start off, you'll need a Cake, 4 Super Restore Potions, Prayer Potions and some 
Spiked Boots. Walk or teleport to Trollheim and head north with Protect From Ranged 
on until you pass the Thrower Trolls.

Now talk to the Troll Child and use a Cake on him, who says that a "Bad Man" 
kidnapped his parents, and that he'll give you the Diamond of Ice if you free them. 
Squeeze-through the Ice Gate, put your Protect From Melee Prayer on and kill 5 
Level 120-124 Ice Trolls. If you need to, head back to a bank for food and potions 
and return. 

Note: upon squeezing through the Ice Gate, your hits and other stats will decrease 
by 1 for every 10 seconds you're inside. 

Go through the small cave you just opened by killing the Trolls, go past the level 
134 Ice Wolves with Protect From Melee on, and then the level 154 Kamil will appear.

Tips for Killing Kamil

Killing kamil requires some thinking, because all of the combat ways will be just 
as helpful as the other. Make sure to bring super restore potions, and if you are 
going to use melee, bring this many Potions:

For level 50-60 attack try filling half your inventory with super restore stats 
For 61-70 attack bring about one-fourth of your inventory with super restore 
For 71-80 bring 5 super restore potions. 
Also bring along 5 4-dose prayer potion and fill rest of your backpack with sharks, 
lobsters or swordfish. Now that you have that you need to decide whether to choose 
melee, ranged or mage. If you have fire wave as an option for mage use it. If you 
have 75+ range use range. If you are 90+ combat (melee style) use melee. When your 
stats go below 45 drink a dose of your potion. When you become frozen change to 
mage prayer and eat 1 food unless you have over 86% of your hp. 

Also, if you need to bank after killing him, you can come back without needing to 
kill him a second time. 

Once he's dead, follow the barely-visible road until you see a slippery patch of 
ice. Equip your Spiked Boots and cross the ice patch (you may fall more often with 
a low Agility level and get hit by 2), go through another Ice Gate and cross the 
bridge, and at the end you'll see 2 Trolls, each in a block of ice. Smash the 
blocks (each has 10 hits), and they will also tell you about who froze them and 
teleport you back to the Troll Child who will give you the Ice Diamond. 

Note: To get a pair of Spiked Boots, bring an Iron Bar and a pair of Climbing Boots 
to Dunstan in Burthorpe. If you don't have a Law Talisman (made it into a Tiara or 
dropped it) just say that you have lost yours and get a new one, and then talk to 
him again and ask him to make you some Spiked Boots. He will say that they can only 
be used on the top of the mountain and will ask you if you're sure that you want 
them. Say "Yes" and he will take 1 Iron Bar and your Climbing Boots and give you a 
pair of Spiked Boots. 

Diamond of Smoke 

This time, bring some Energy and a Prayer Potion or 2, Ice Gloves, a Facemask and a 
Tinderbox to the Bandit Camp. Either take a Magic Carpet to Pollnivneach and go 
from there, or run from the camp (this is slower) and head to the circle of Mystic 
Mirrors where Eblis is and go east until you find a well. While wearing a Facemask, 
climb down to find a chest that you need to light 4 torches to open. This is where 
those Energy Potions come in! 

Walk to the northeast corner of the dungeon and light the torch with your 
Tinderbox. Quickly Run to the southeast corner to light the torch, light the 
northwest on, and finally the southwest one. If you're quick enough and have them 
all lit, you'll be able to get a Warm Key from the chest in the room north of the 
southwest corridor. If not, you'll need to re-light the torches that went out.

Now head east to find a door; be ready to fight a level 169 Fire Demon named Fareed.

Tips for Killing Fareed

This demon is the easiest of all demons in my opinion. First, bring your inventory 
with 5 prayer potions and some energy potions too. As for what to wear, bring a 
facemask, ice gloves, water staff, and your best mage robes. Keep casting water 
wave or blast. This is very effective against him. even if you miss you can still 
at least hit a 9.

Once he's cooled down, you'll receive the Smoke Diamond. 

Diamond of Shadow

Head to the Tourist Guide near the Baxtorian Falls and speak to Rasool the 
Merchant. Ask him about the Diamonds and he will tell you that a fierce invisible 
warrior has taken it. You need a Ring of Visability to see him, and he will give it 
to you if you can get his gilded cross from the Bandits that stole it.

Now go to the Bandit Camp in the desert, bring some food and Antipoison Potions, 
pickpocket about 10 Lockpicks from the Bandits or buy them from the Rogue's Den and 
try to open the chest in the southern-most tent. Eventually you should open it and 
have the Gilded Cross. Return this to Rasool and he will give you the Ring of 
Visibility; equip this at the picnic place in Ardougne and you'll see a ladder.

Note: Be sure not to bring anything of significant value, as the chance of dying is 
great down here!

Take about 10-20 Prayer Potions and lots of good food like Sharks. Go down the 
ladder to enter Damis' Lair and head east, then north, slightly east, south, and 
then east again until you find a level 103 Damis. Before entering the room, be sure 
to use any stat-boosting potions and use your Protect From Melee Prayer.

Tips for Killing Damis

This demon is the hardest one of all the demons. He is difficult because he drains 
prayer like a madman. Bring 18 prayer potions, your best mage spell runes, Dragon 
Scimitar, Snare Runes and fill the rest with lobsters. Bring prayer robes here as 

For the level 103 it's straight forward: keep your prayer up and use melee on him 
and save some of your magic spells. On the second form he turns much more 
difficult. Immediately drink a full potion and switch to mage as fast as you can. 
Keep your prayer up while hitting him, and if you get a chance you can bind him but 
don't take too long on it! When you bind him, all the skeletons will come after you 
and leave Damis behind. Damis can't get there because the skeletons block him. But 
still keep your prayer over 35. 

After he's dead, a second form will appear and he will drain your Prayer much more 
quickly. Try drinking your Prayer Potions as needed, in between hitting him. Once 
he's dead, pick up the Diamond of Shadow and leave.

The Pyramid 

Now go to the Shantay Pass and take out the Diamonds, 5 Prayer Potions and food. Go 
to the Mystic Mirrors in the Bandit Camp, head south until you find a Pyramid with 
colored obelisks. Use the Diamonds on the appropriately colored obelisk and you'll 
be able to enter the Pyramid. Be careful, there are traps inside that, if set, will 
send you to the back of the Pyramid and you'll need to start over!

Once inside, use your Protect From Melee Prayer, run to the next ladder and climb 
down. Now head to the southeast corner and then west along the passage, then north 
and east down the ladder. Next, head south to the ladder. On the 4th floor, just 
head west at first, then north through the door. Speak to Azzanadra and he will 
tell you about the Ancient Magicks. Quest Complete! 


Ability to use the Ancient Magicks - head to the back of the pyramid, enter the 
tunnel and then pray at the altar to switch between Ancient and Modern spells. 
Ability to wield the Ancient Staff - Eblis sells one for 80,000gp. If lost, you 
need to buy one from a player or get 1 from a Mummy drop. 
Ability to obtain Ghostly Robes - you only need the ring of Visibility to do the 
miniquest, and you don't need to complete the quest to get the robes. 
20,000 Magic experience 
3 Quest Points 

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