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Welcome to The Absolute Reality’s Devil May Cry 3 walkthrough. Over the next few 
weeks, I will be posting a walkthrough to every mission in Devil May Cry 3, which 
will give you the easiest and simplest method for beating that given mission. In 
coming weeks I may also publish a guide to the bonus features of Devil May Cry 3, 
such as the secret missions available throughout the game.
Before I begin the walkthrough, here is some background information about the game 
so you know exactly what I am talking about when you read the walkthrough itself.

Devil May Cry 3 is a prequel, happening before the events of Devil May Cry. It 
takes place just after Dante, the main character of the series, has set up his 
detective agency. He has not yet named his agency, and the agency is not fully up 
and running. Fans of the original game will know that it begins in Dante’s 
detective agency, and that the agency is fully up and running at the games start.

The main characters of Devil May Cry 3 are as follows:

Dante: One of sons of Sparda, the demon who sealed the door to the demon world 
thousands of years ago. Dante is half demon himself, and has chosen the path of the 
demon hunter. He is never without his two customised pistols, the Ebony and Ivory, 
and his trusted sword.

Vergil: The second son of Sparda, and Dante’s twin. Vergil’s past is largely 
unknown, though it becomes apparent that Dante has encountered his brother many 
times before. Like Dante, Vergil is half demon but that is where the similarity 
between brothers ends. Unlike Dante, Vergil has chosen to embrace the power of his 
demon qualities and is hoping they will aid him in undoing what Sparda fought for 
thousands of years before.

Arkham: Vergil’s right hand. Arkham is a human, though his dream has always been to 
be a demon of absolute power. Arkham is aiding Vergil in his vendetta to reopen the 
door to the demon world, but it is clear that he has intentions of his own.

The Lady: Another demon hunter that Dante encounters on his mission to stop Vergil. 
The Lady seeks to destroy all demons, including the half demon presence of Dante 
and Vergil.

The Jester: A mysterious clown like character who Dante encounters. The Jester 
appears to have no intentions of his own at first other than to get in Dante’s way 
though his real intentions become clear soon enough.

Now that the background to this outstanding game is complete, let’s get on with the 

Devil May Cry 3 – Mission 1: A Crazy Party

The first mission in Devil May Cry 3 is easy enough. Dante’s detective agency has 
been attacked by demons and it’s your job to kill them all. This mission is fairly 
simple and the only thing you need to be aware of is the sudden lunging attacks 
that the demons can throw at you, and if you are aiming to get a perfect score, 
that can be really annoying. Use your guns and sword to full advantage by using 
combos on the enemy. There are two types of demons, black and brown coloured ones. 
The brown ones are tougher to kill, requiring you to hit them a greater number of 
times. The easiest way to avoid damage is to attack at close range with your sword 
and then as the demons prepare to counter, leap into the air and fire a few shots 
off with your guns. This mission should not prove too challenging.

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