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Unlockable: Legendary Dark Knight:
You must finish the game under Human difficulty setting.

Unlockable: Son of Sparda:
You must finish the game under Devil Hunter difficulty setting.

Unlockable: Dante Must Die:
You must finish the game under Son of Sparda difficulty setting.

Unlockable: Hell or Hell:
You must finish the game under Dante Must Die difficulty setting.

Unlockable: Haven or Hell:
You must finish the game under Son of Sparda(s) difficulty setting.
Unlockable: Bloody Palace:
You must finish the game under Devil Hunter difficulty setting.
Unlockable: The Gilgamesh:
You get this after you beat Echidna with Dante.

Unlockable: Obtain Lucifur:
After you beat Berial with Dante you get the unlimited sword summoning weapon

Unlockable: Obtain Pandora:
After you beat the giant frog Dagon with Dante you get the gun weapon Pandora.
Get More Red Orbs:
Use your Proud Soul to by Get More Red Orbs in Abilities, this means not getting
more red
orb, but the range of collecting Red Orbs to maximum level. So you won't miss
Red Orbs only.  

Complete Secret Mission in Human Mode:
You have to complete Secret Mission in any Mode except Haven or Hell. Don't wait
Haven or Hell mode to complete Secret Mission like in Devil May Cry 3. You can't
Secret Mission in Haven or Hell Mode.

Charge Weapon without Holding Keys:
Choose Automatic Mode in Costume Selection Window, this mode will help you to
charge weapon

Finish Enemy and Bosses Quickly:
While playing as Nero you can use your Devil Bringer to attack enemy and finish
them instantly. Try using the Devil
Bringer when Devil Trigger is on Nero will attack more powerful than ordinary. 

While fighting Bosses try using the Devil Bringer on air, this will make Nero's
attack powerful(eg: While Echidna is laying
her children's Chimera Seed try using the Devil Bringer on air). If you use the
Devil Trigger and the Devil Bringer while the 
enemy is weak, your attacks will be extra ordinary.

Be careful while playing Dante Must Die Mode, it seems Bosses have their own
Devil Trigger their attacks will be awful.

Lost Woods:
For Nero go Straight then Left and then Right.

For Dante go Straight then Back and then Right and again Right.

Mine Darts:
For this you have to upgrade Nero's Blue Rose Charge Shot Level 3. Now Charge
your gun until Devil Bringer glows red,
try shooting an enemy, the enemy will fly off and after few seconds the bullets
will burst inside the enemy's body, Like 
in Resident Evil 4 Mine Darts. This Shot will be helpful while fighting Electric
enemys(Blitz) and Bosses.

While playing with Nero you can use Fire Dog(Basilisk) as this type of weapon.

No Items and Blue Orbs:
When you play Haven or Hell mode you wont get any Items. You can't destroy
Divine Statues or enter Secret Mission.
But Three Gold Orbs are given as credit which wiil be used automatically if you
get a single hit.

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