Digimon World 2

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Digimon World 2 FAQ

                 Digimon World II       
                 What to do.
1.Pick a name.
2.Beat Leomon, but on the way you will meet a Gazimon and a Gizamon.
3.Once beat, Leomon will disappear and you will have too go to an exit warp.
4.You will receivesome items including your own Digibeetle:Name it.
5.You will have too pick your Digi Team too join.
6.If you join a certain team you will get a certain digimon:Gold Hawk:Agumon:Name 
                                                            Blue Falcon:Patamon:Name 
Sword:DemiDevimon:Name him/her.
7.You will get one mission after another.
8.When your fighting the first digimon on your first mission mission(Haguramon) have 
atleast two digimon(if you have a Champion you must like fighting or are lucky).
9.When your fighting the Birdramon use atleast 1 or 2 Champions.
10.When your fighting the Greymon use 2 or more Champions with atleast two attacks 
11.When you get where your able to catch MetalGreymon i would catch him, because the 
game would be easier, because he is an Ultimate.
12.When you fight the Blood Knights DO NOT I advise DO NOT have a rookie in your 
party while fighting the Blood Knights.
13.If you caught the Ultimate you will have an atvantage, because ONLY ONE will have 
an Ultimate.

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