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Hi, It's been a while since I've written a FAQ but have been trying to think of 
something to wright about so this is it.

I will wright about how to get certain types of digimon to join File City.

Airdramon: Defeat him before you go to Mt. Infinity.

Devimon: beat him in Mt. Infinity.

Metal Greymon: Beat in Mt. Infinity.

Greymon: Talk to Jijimon until he says the city's prosperity rate is thirty. Then 
when you walk out of his house, greymon will challenge you to a fight. Beat him and 
he will make a battle arena.

Cocatorimon: go to a certain place in Misty trees in the morning and he will be 
there. He makes a statue by the city's toilet.

Drimogemon: after you beat Meramon go to the bottom of the mountain. You'll find him 
digging another way through the mountain. After he is done talk to him and he will 
join the city.

Vegiemon: in the forest where you find Pixiemon, you'll find a wilted plant. Give it 
a Rain Fruit Plant and it will turn into Vegiemon.

 Before I go I want to tell you how to get to Mt. Infinity. Do the same thing as you 
did to get Greymon except the rate has to be 50. the entrace will appear on the 
other side of the waterfall.

If you have any questions about how to get didmon please contact me  . My screen 
name is Cjp328.

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