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Title: Dino Crisis 2
Producer: Capcom
For: Sony Playstation
font: Courier 10
Created: 11/28/00
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]

If anyone wishes to use this on their site, I would like to know. I don't have a 
problem with it's use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites or being copied for 
personal use, etc. I do, however, have a problem with someone making money from it, 
however unlikely that may be. It wouldn't be ethical, eh! I would like to know if 
it's to be used on a site, just so I could drop by and see it



  This guide provides all the information needed to minimize the hassle of playing a 
Dino Crisis 2 speed game.

 The speed game will be played non-enhanced, (no cheat codes or Shark) 
 The ubiquitous Ghidrah will know if you do, I will visit you in the night and place 
a large lump of chilled jellified spam in your PJs!

 R2, (R2, 180° spin, Quick Turn), hence known as R2. The R2 is a wicked fast 180° 
spin, it's use will make your DC2 gaming experience funnererer and maintain a 
healthier playing character. Thereby concerving time accessing inventory for Med 
use, it eats up the clock. R2 will be used for every direction reversal (comes in 
handy when the Dinos are breathing down your hairy neck. R2, backstep while firing, 
R2, run) 
 WEAPONS SERVICE:  Only the weapons outlined in this section will be used in the 
speed game. They are set in order of appearance, by default and or purchase. If you 
are playing correctly, you will have just enough EPs to make the first two weapons 
purchases in the game. After that, the game provides you with all the EPs you need 
for the next two weapons purchases.

 RECOVERY SERVICE: Will be accessed near end game only, to load Meds for the final 
conflict with El Gigante. Therefore no information on it will be provided.

 TOOL SERVICE: Will not be used in the speed game, no information will be provided.

 You will not stop to pick up Med Kits unless they are directly in front of you in 
the prescribed path set in the walkthrough. Out of the Med Kits that are directly in 
your path, you will acquire only those that are free from Dino harrasment. (If 
you're in imminent danger, you won't be stopping.)

 We will stop at the SAVE/SHOP BOXES five times. Four of them to purchase the Flame 
Launcher, Solid Canon, Aquagrenade and the Chainmine, which are detailed in Weapons 
Service. The last time at the Facilities SAVE/SHOP BOX

 Prior to the Final Conflict you may purchase enough Meds to fill all slots.

 If any saves are made at all it will be just prior to the Final Conflict.

 This walkthrough will be for a Normal Mode game. Many of the MedPaks that are 
strewn over the games landscape in Normal Mode are gone in Hard Mode.




  SHOTGUN: Default weapon. Can be used along with a sub weapon. This pistol-gripped 
autoloader does very well for itself. It's an adequate refire weapon and more than 
great range. It can be used on the run and while back stepping. It has an excellent 
shot spread for the much needed collateral damage when two or three dinos are 
bearing down on Dylan at the same time from the same general direction. Up close, 
(in your face style) it can take a raptor out in one round. To me, it's a waste of 
ammo to fire at Dactyls and Inos with the Shotgun. However, I replace it as soon as 
I can with the Solid Canon.

  MACHETE: Default sub weapon. This is mainly for the ivy-covered doors that bar 
Dylan's access from important areas of the game. It doubles as a minor weapon for 
those times when you're low on ammo. When I first played DC2 I used it and was often 
frustrated. Learn to use ammo and dodge more efficiently. 

  SEMI AUTO PISTOL: Default weapon. it can be used with a sub weapon. It has a 
decent range and Regina is an excellent shot, so most or all of her releases hit 
their intended target. It has a rapid reload time, so she can throw much lead in a 
reasonable time frame. It works well up close and will take a raptor out within 
three rounds, easily. It can be used on the run and Regina can back- step while 
firing. This is a good thing. When there are two or three Dinos in front and up 
close, back stepping often seems to keep them at bay long enough to be killed. When 
speed gaming, Regina may remain with the pistol until she is forced by her 
encounters with the Marsh, underwater dinos and the Inostrancevias to switch to the 
forced purchase weapons.

  STUN GUN: Default sub weapon. This is a limited-use device. It is used mainly for 
shocking electrical panels into working properly. It can be used to fend off 
raptors. I didn't waste any time learning to use the device offensively because it 
took too long to remove a dino from the scene. I know that the Battery upgrade makes 
this more useful, I just learned to use other means to move forward in the game. If 
you run out of ammo, it can be used in a tight pinch. If there is more than one dino 
to deal with, forget it. It's pretty much useless against all monsters, except the 

  FLAME LAUNCHER: 8K EPs. A two-handed weapon, this device is used mostly for 
clearing the plants out in the poison marsh area. It throws the fire out in front of 
you to get at the plants that sit off the path. It keeps Regina at a safe distance 
from them to keep her healthy. It works against the Dinos, too, but takes too long 
to cook them thoroughly without rotating. You can't run while using the Flamer. This 
is a walk and flame gun, which makes it impractical as a useful weapon when you add 
that to it's short range and that it doesn't work on Dactyls.

   SOLID CANNON: 18K EPs. It can be used with a sub weapon. This is an in-your-face 
killer. For me, this is the all-around best weapon in the game, mainly because of 
it's lingering effects. It's range is short, but it's effect is devistating.  The 
cannon will take out Raptors, Dactyls, Oviraptors and Allosaurs.
You can run through the discharge without being damaged, but the monsters can't - 
which is good when you're being run down by Ovis, dactyls and Raptors. Because it's 
a run and fire weapon, it sees much use in my speed game.

  NEEDLEGUN: Default, main weapon for the Deep Sea Suit. This gun fires three 
needles per round, infinite ammo, regardless of game mode or EPS Platinum card. It 
throws the needles pretty fast, although it can take a lot of needles to take a 
Crocagator out. If two come in at once, one hopes they're from the same direction. 
If you follow the walkthrough closely and are proficeint with your weapons, you'll 
have enough EPs to buy the Aquagrenade as soon as you enter Water Circulation System 
Control Room. At most you'll use it on five Crocagators.

  SHOCKWAVE: default. A sub-weapon for the Deep Sea Suit. Shockwave expels a Sonic, 
or percussion wave at Mosa, momentarily stunning the Mosa and allowing you to finish 
off Mr. Crocagator with the Needle gun or the Aquagrenade. I never use it. If you've 
played the game 5 or more times, you remember where they come up and will be ready 
for them with the Aquagrenade. When I'm just goofing, I like to use the boost to 
jump out of their way then bear down on them with the Aquagrenade. We won't have the 
time for goofing today.

  AQUAGRENADE: 20K EPs. can be used with a sub weapon. It is the most powerful of 
the underwater weapons. In normal mode, except for Mr. Manners, it's a one shot 
weapon. For where it's being used, it's range is fine, although I think it's a bit 
slow on the refire rate. So, starting out, it can be scary when the second Mosa gets 
in close. That's what the suit's boost system and the shockwave are for. You more 
than likely will never need to use this option.

  CHAINMINE: 12K EPs. This one throws 5 mines out in front of Regina or Dylan, 
destroying boulders and flipping Inostrancevias onto their backs, (blows up a 
boulder, but only flips an Ino, go figure) making it easier to kill them with the 
main weapon. It's best used on Inos in the caves and at the Missile Silo exit. Don't 
waste time on killing them, you don't need the EPs.  This is excellent in the speed 




01. Dylan, Military Facility
02. Regina, Research Facility & rescue Dylan
03. Dylan, To Research Facility
04. To 3rd Energy Facility
05. Regina, 3rd Energy Facility To Edward's City Gate
06. Dylan, Edward's City Gate To Edward's City
07. Regina, To Missile Silo
08. Dylan & Paula, To Facility
09. Dylan, Final Conflict
10. FIN


   Dylan's recovery inventory consists of 1 Hemostat, 1 small Med Pak, 1 Medium Med 
Pak and 1 Resuscitate, which I wish I could get rid of, I 've accidently used it a 
couple of times in the past, It's a shock to be dragged back to the beginning of the 
particular conflict instead of continuing from the spot where you would have been if 
you had used a Med instead.


   X out of all the very good sehr kuhl FMVs, Like DC1, I don't know when the 
Mission clock starts, so your better off getting down to business immediately. The 
DOCK/CARRIER LOT, X the cut scene and head to JUNGLE, NORTH ROUTE 1. As mentioned 
earlier, we'll be ignoring all of the Meds that aren't directly in our path, and 
will only pick one up if we're not being harrassed. Beat feet to the WATER TOWER and 
then to the Military Facility. Between Dylan and Regina, we have to make up 8K EPs 
for the FLAME LAUNCHER, I think it's best to let Dylan do most of the work with the 
Shotgun. If you can pick up three five Dino combos with no damage points, you'll be 
more than fine.
 Run past the three at the container, run to the fault ladder, R2 and take them out. 
Climb, run and shoot through the raptors till you get to the next fault ladder. 
Before you climb down, fire at the two approaching from off screen. If you didn't 
get slammed, you picked up about 2.5K EPs. Climb down to JUNGLE, NORTH ROUTE 2, fire 
only at what's in front of you. When you get to the next fault ladder, if there are 
any close by, clear them out before you drop down to  JUNGLE, NORTH ROUTE 3. Same 
rule! Climb down to JUNGLE, NORTH ROUTE 4 run straight to and the climb up ladder, 
fire at the dino that usually shows up ahead as you approach. Ignore the one behind 
you. Climb up and run by the container on your right (with the Med. on it) to the 
next fault. Drop down and run to the WATER TOWER. Sometimes if you kill the two 
behind you or your far enough ahead of them, a third will appear between you and the 
Water Tower door, take it to the cleaners.
  Enter the WATER TOWER, X the cut scene. Quickly check your EPs if you like, to see 
what you've got. You want to be somewhere close to 3.5K EPs. Ignore everything in 
this room and move out to the PASSAGEWAY TO MILITARY FACILITY 1, I hope you brought 
your loom, you have some weaving to do here. You must run past the three Dinos to 
the elbow like bend in the fence, (the gate is now in sight) R2, fire, three down. 
R2, Run to gate R2 and take out the next two. That should get you about 2.7K EPs. 
Enter PASSAGEWAY TO MILITARY FACILITY 2, this place is a tad tricky, many of the 
Gojira wannabes are out of the camera's lens. I try to stay in the middle of the 
road firing all the while and weaving when I must. I usually make it to the front of 
the Military Facility door and R2 to pick up the last of the Dinos before I enter 
the next cell. This will be your last chance for a more or less guarantee 5 banger, 
good shooting, another 2.7K EPs. If you succeed in taking the five here when added 
to all the prior EPs you've taken you should be hovering around the 8 to 9K EP mark, 
enough for the  FLAME LAUNCHER.    
 Enter the MILITARY FACILITY, FRONT, X out of the two cut scenes involving Blinky. 
Run Dylan's now futuristic buttocks off up and over the containers (Ignore the Med) 
to the MILITARY FACILITY, FRONT ENTRANCE, hastily make your way to the Medical room 
and get the Key. Run and shoot your way back to HARDWARE STORAGE, use the key and 
get stuck. You probably picked up a few more EPs. That's a good thing, you're 
playing for the Solid Canon now.

 If you quickly check your status board when Regina reaches the top of the dock, 
you'll know if your in the ballpark with the EP count. If you're not somewhere near 
the 8K EP mark, like 7K or higher, Regina will be spending too much time playing 
with the Raptors to concentrate on the run. Maybe consider restarting here. This 
section is all important for the flame launcher, the fire wall will do the job yes, 
but it forces you to complete the Poison plant area much slower than the Flamer 

  It's now Regina's turn to kick some green skin, but not much! All you want her to 
do is run. Remember she runs faster when she isn't aiming not much faster, but she 
needs all the MPH she can get.

 Regina's Recovery Inventory consists of 1 small Med Pak, 1 Medium Med Pak and 1 

 Yo, Yo, Yo! Looky heah! Looky heah!
 Da name is Regina, ain't findin no Ho meaner
 YO, See dah heat i'm packin,
 I be chill'd when I be whacking dem GREEN Toady boyz!
 Lissin up, Giddy yup, out mah faze fo I cap ya!
 Got no time to mess, bess clear out wit dah rest
 Fo I thrillzya when I drillzya wit Hot lead 'n' coppa! YEEEH!

(these lyrics, to be accompanied by standard Rappa background muzak. The usual hand 
and body flailing, camera mugging and all around posing with angry faces)

  DOCK LANDING SPACE. Go West to the Gate, enter and pass through DOCK SUSPENSION 
BRIDGE to JUNGLE ROUTE SOUTH 1, Stay cool through here, it's twisty turny and the 
Raptors jump in from all over the place. Your objective is to get to the fault 
ladder in one piece, hopefully without taking any hits. Climb der ladder to JUNGLE 
ROUTE SOUTH 2, more twisty turny here, you may be forced to stop and shoot if you 
run into any Raptors. Physically running into them will slow your progress down to 
the point that you may be grabbed and or leapt upon. There's a dog leg coming up, if 
you made any errors while running this spot, bumped Dinos, ran into the sides of the 
path, etc, clear them at the dog leg, if you can make it there. As much as I don't 
like to waste time, if your in imminant danger, R2, and backstep while shooting. I 
hope it isn't necessary. PASSAGEWAY TO RESEARCH FACILITY. X out the cut scene at the 
ladder and make sure you do an (R2 and run), don't run right into Al's mouth. (Not 
that he wouldn't appreciate it) Hello, my name is Albert and "I'm an Allosaur". He 
reminds me of the UBS guy from MAD TV. Ignore him, run straight, you'll make it 
inside the RESEARCH FACILITY,BACK. Climb the ladder and run through the Raptors jump 
down and enter the CONTROL SHACK. Once inside, R2 and exit. X the cut scene. Meet 
and tie up Miss Jurassic Park 3 million AD. SAVE/SHOP BOX and buy the FLAME 
LAUNCHER. R2 and blow this joint, your aiming for the Poison Plant area so scoot. 
Ignore all Dinos on your way, shoot only when forced to.

  MARSH, POISON PLANT SOUTH AREA Load the flame Launcher, our mission here is to 
burn all but one or two of the plants in each cell (make sure they are out of the 
way). As you know if one plant remains in each cell, no dinos will appear there 
later in the game which is a good thing when your trying to cut time. Take out the 
first three plants and leave the plant near the dog leg that leads to the poison Gas 
area. Clear out the next four, leave the two up near the tree. Continue, take out 
the rest of them to the gate. Enter MARSH POISON PLANT NORTH AREA, Take the two near 
the gate and the next two. When you approach the group of four, take the first three 
if you can without wasting any time on it. Take the group near the fault ladder and 
exit this area to the WATER TOWER. Pass go, pass jail, pass everything in here and 
get your ass to Mars, I mean the Military Facility. When you enter PASSAGEWAY TO 
MILITARY FACILITY 1, X the cut scene, exit this cell and pass through the PASSAGEWAY 
TO MILITARY FACILITY 2. Enter MILITARY FACILITY FRONT, avoid the Dactyls as best you 
can, don't get into a shooting match, you'll lose and waste time, if you get knocked 
down get up as fast as you can and continue on. Enter HARDWARE STORAGE, get the key 
and head out to the MILITARY FACILITY FRONT ENTRANCE. Ignore the Dinos if possible, 
fire while running, it'll clear a pathway to the Military Facility corridor. The 
corridor may be full of Dinos too, enter the CONTROL ROOM, and do the key switch, 
get the Blue Key as efficiently as possible and make your way back to HARDWARE 
STORAGE, all the while avoiding teeth and beak on and over the ground. Use the key 
and free Dylan!

   I consider this point as the first leg of the game, which is now complete. Regina 
and Dylan reappear back at the ship, discovering that it has been ransacked, 
suffering a detrimental loss to the power system. It will be Dylan's job to search 
for the replacement parts. There is no reason to watch the cut scenes so X through 
all of them.

 Did you get slapped around and called Susan in this section? Did you have to be 

 Don't bother the SAVE/SHOP BOX, you don't have enough EPs to purchase the Solid 
Canon yet. 


 Get Dylan moving, He's going to be running through a lot of Dino flesh. As 
mentioned earlier, you'll be shooting at what's in your way, so make no stops unless 
you err and must kill to protect. Get Dylan up to and onto the dock. Run over to the 
gate which leads to JUNGLE PASSAGE TO NORTH ROUTE. Ignore Al, through the gate, 
ignore Al, make your way into the second pond and retrieve the THIRD ENERGY FACILITY 
KEY. Don't dally here Al's hungry. Climb the last ladder and run to the gate. Enter 
JUNGLE NORTH ROUTE 1, look and sound familiar? OK, make your way to the WATER TOWER, 
If you're good at evasion run around Dinos, when your at arms ready you move a 
little slower. Luckily Blinky is in the neighborhood and has scared all the raptors 
away from one of the cells, free sailing here eh! Now that you are back in the MARSH 
POISON PLANT AREA,leaving a plant or two in each cell makes mucho sense. No Worries! 
Exit the Marsh area and continue on to the RESEARCH FACILITY BACK, ignore Al. Ignore 
all the raptors until you have climbed down from the second ladder run a few steps 
R2 and fire (Dylan won't be able to remove the ivy with them sticking their teeth in 
his head) Enter RESEARCH FACILITY ENTRANCE, waste no time, head for the security 
door, X out the cut scene and run in a circle to take out the Oviraptors (these guys 
are too fast, deal with them immediately) Head to the door firing as you go, when 
the  door comes into view, you may elect to R2 and fire as you back step to the 
door. They only make a quiet little pitter patter as they approach so you must keep 
a sharp ear and eye out for them. Use the key and enter the RESEARCH FACILITY 
PASSAGE, turn East and enter the door on the right at the end of the hall. The POWER 
SOURCE ROOM, ignore the tiny pansy door, Pansy will never get to this point for you 
to worry about it. Run to the end of this room and cut your way through the ivy. 
Enter the RESEARCH LOUNGE, close the pansy door, (don't think you can cut some time 
here by leaving this door open, trust me, you'll suffer for it when you try to get 
Pansy in the cage room) Move into the cage room, close the pansy door and open the 
cage. I leave the Med Kit alone until I have the little pecker in the cage, (It is 
possible that the Med may attract said Pansy into cage room. It could happen!)
 At this point you should have enough EPs to buy the Solid Canon. I recommend 
getting it now and switching to it. If your still shy of EPs you may acquire enough 
on your way back to the ship. Leave this last pansy door open, move to the exit door 
on the same wall and cut through the ivy. You will exit here and return to the 
RESEARCH FACILITY PASSAGE, Turn left and proceed to the PRECISION LAB security door, 
use the Key Card and X out the cut scene. Now you must get Pansy to enter the pansy 
door you left open close by. Pansy will have run out into the center of the large 
portion of the R.F.PASSAGE, you want to stay close to the wall on Dylan's left. 
Proceed out along the wall, hug the vine, pull out your quartz crystal, feel the 
power! "Stimpy, I tell you, I feel de love oozing out all of de pores in my body". 
Enough with the love already! Move over to the wall with the security door and move 
a few steps past the pansy turn into the room and advance toward said pansy in 
halting steps, (run a few steps and stop, run a few and stop, all the way back to 
the pansy door you left open. This is the fastest way I have found to get it into 
the door. You have to herd the beast into the door, BE the BORDER COLLIE) Once in 
the door run back to the lounge and close this Pansy door. Pansy will be somewhere 
in the Lounge, herd him again (haltingly) into the empty cage and retrieve the 
R.F.Key, also the only Dino File you'll get in the game. Now pick up the Med on the 
floor. When you return to the security door, you'll be attacked by OVIS, so come out 
firing, turn your back to the door and finish off the next wave of OVIS as they 
approach. Use the key and enter the PRECISION LAB, get the STARTER BATTERY and exit. 
Another wave of OVIS will accost you, start running to the exit security door. If 
your good and lucky you'll have the agility to hit the door lock, open inventory, 
pull the Key card and exit this room to the RESEARCH FACILITY ENTRANCE, without any 
damage. I'm successful maybe 70% of the time, the rest of the time I must turn and 
fight to minimize or eliminate damage. It's much easier to do with the Solid Canon. 
This puppy is my favorite weapon in the game. It's lingering charge sends neuron 
frying shivers up the cortax of those primative over grown salamanders, cooking them 
thoroughly from the inside out. "I LOVE MY JOB"!
 So get going! Only shoot what's in your way, Ignore Al outside and make your way 
back to the WATER TOWER. Now run to the JUNGLE PASSAGE TO NORTH ROUTE gate. Avoiding 
conflict. "But PAW, ah likes it, Killins fun"! "Cleatus, shut yer pie hole n get ta 
goin and leave that thar sheep here"! Where the heck did they come from? Now that 
Dylan is in the Jungle passage North Route, you must be even more careful, you left 
Al in a pissy mood. When you approach the fault ladder drop down and keep Dylan's 
left side close to the wall, Al seems to have a problem turning to follow Dylan 
against the wall, this will give Dylan the time he needs to make it to the next pool 
and through the gate to the DOCK LANDING SPACE. Now when you get into the Dock 
Landing Space, you guessed it Al! Deal with it by avoiding him. Most times he's on 
or between the containers and no threat to Dylan's run to the Dock ladder. Sometimes 
he's between the Dock ladder and Dylan, I hate it when that happens. He's a jumpy 
twit and may land on you for a takedown, or just bite, shake and throw you to the 
ground. Hopefully your not on the verge of death and can take the punishment. If 
he's hogging the lane to the Dock, you can hug one side of the lane and at the last 
second veer out to the opposite side of the lane for a run by. If you time it right 
it'll work, wrong and you suffer. You might try a round or two of the Solid Canon or 
the less powerful shotgun as you approach in conjunction with the fancy footwork.
  Climb down the ladder. "Safe at last, safe at last, God almighty I'm safe at 
last". Well' for a few minutes anyway. (that's not plagiarism is it)

 Dylan makes his way into the ship and hands the Battery to Regina.

 This is the completion of the second leg of the game congratulations!!!
 Did you get hammered on your yoyo trip back and forth to the ship? Did you have to 
take a Med.?


 It's now time to get this tub under way, Ready yourself for the Lizard and Dactyl 
shoot. You should be able to rack up from 20K to 60K plus EPs. ( I can't say for 
sure, but it seems like the faster you clear the screen the more Dinos are sent at 
you from all over the screen. Obviously a head shot on the Plesiosaur is a quickest.


 If you were slick enough to make it through the first and second leg of the Dino 
Crisis Gauntlet without using any Meds. congratulations! It will be a tad more 
difficult on this run, there are Dactyls from above and plesiosaurs from below and 
they all want a piece of Regina. Figure on taking some hits, don't waste time on 
revenge, just get up, run and heal when it's safe to do so.
 There are two Plesiosaur pens that Regina must run through before she can enter the 
two Dactyl areas. I have been able to make it through all four cells without enough 
damage to warrant a Med. Run as straight as you can in the Plesiosaur pens and go 
serpentine in the Dactyl pens. (Remember as long as your in inventory your safe, 
also remember that the clock keeps ticking), so try your best to hit your mark at 
the security door to 3RD ENERGY FACILITY WALKWAY 3. I got hit twice by Plesiosaurs 
this time (still in good shape) I probably won't be when I run past the boat to the 
3RD ENERGY CONTROL ROOM or out onto the roof to get the MECHANIC'S ID CARD. I'm sure 
that by the time I enter the elevator I'll need a Med.
 Get the BOX KEY on the counter and head outside for the MECHANIC'S ID CARD. You can 
run straight to the Mechanic,on the way back to the control room go serpentine. 
Return to the boat for the ELEVATOR CODE, It's easy to blast by the Nessies to the 
boat, however count on being mou'd on the way back to the Control Room. Once the 
pass code is acquired return to the Control Room and access the elevator. As I 
thought, I got hacked on by the big ********, but I'm still high yellow. Make your 
way down to the SUB LEVEL ELEVATOR, and play "SHOCK THE PANEL". Get the suit and 
take the elevator ride down to the Crocagator (MOSASAUR) rooms. As you know, you 
can't out manuever the crocks for any length of time and not waste time in the 
process. So it's advantageous to remove them immediately.
take "Deadly AQUAGRENADE" for 20K please Alex! Arm Regina immediately and move out 
to the COOLING WATER CIRCULATION CHAMBER, your going for the Plug. Remember, you can 
hear the muffled sound as the crocks approach, so listen for them. UNDERWATER 
TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY 1, take out the  two and then the single, boost over the gate 
(ignore the two coming up from the rear) and enter PASSAGEWAY 2. You can see Alec 
above, a crock will bear down on you as you pass the elevator to the next door, 
ignore it. Enter the COOLING WATER CIRCULATION CHAMBER. You know where to go, 
eliminate the two crocks and start boosting up to the central walkway. Pick up the 
MED PAK on the first boost and remove the next two crocks. Make your way to the 
platform with the leaking pylon, kill the crock, blow the pylon and enter UNDERWATER 
TRANSPORT PASSAGEWAY 2. Get to Alec, smoke the crock, take the plug and get back to 
CHAMBER. Remember to ignore the same three crocks as the first time through the 
rooms. Locate and enter the door to the COOLING AQUADUCT, removing all hostiles as 
you go. Elevator up, Pick up the CITY KEY CARD, make your way to the next elevator 
and down to the 3RD ENERGY REACTOR.

 Dylan is approaching the final contest in the 3rd Energy Area. (This is the fastest 
way I have been able to take out Mr. Manners). When Dylan exits the little hall to 
the Reactor Room, X out the cut scene. Your walk will be short and you will enter a 
long corridor. You want to stay at the very end you entered from, but have a clear 
view of the entire length of the corridor.   
 When Nessie shows his head, go to ready (R1). When he's just about to bite, (about 
10 yards away) mouth open, fire (630 EPs), immediately fire again at his under 
belly, (420,EPs), R2 and lace him with another parting shot to the belly. (420 EPs).
 R2 and move to the opposite end of this corridor, R2 and position Regina so that 
the length of the corridor comes back into view. When Long Neck returns wait until 
he opens wide and drill his teeth for him. (10K EPs) There, four rounds and you can 
stick a fork in him.
 Let's get out of here and back up to the surface, you know the route. Pick up the 
Meds if you like, I pick up the first two and leave the rest. There won't be any to 
pick up for a while so you might want to get them, they're in line and in front of 
you, there's no better opportunity.

 Once on the surface Regina books to Edward's leaving Dylan all alone and lonely on 
the dock.
 Did you need to take any Meds? I got hammered by the Plesiosaurs with all that 
running around on the docks I took one of the small Meds on my way down to the Sub 
Level Elevator. I got hit twice by the crocagators, but was still in the deep green 
when I reached the surface. 

 This is the end of the 3rd leg of the game. For next section, Dylan is going to 
need the CHAINMINE, return to the ship and buy the Chainmine. Your not playing for 
EPs in a speed game so there's no need for the Silver or Gold EPS cards. OK, now 
that you have the last of the MUY EXCELENTE weapons your going to purchase get back 
out onto the dock.


 Dylan is back on the dock and running to and through the gate. He's now on CITY 
FRONT HAUL ROAD, and can hear the raptors approaching. Weave past all of them till 
you arrive at the gate to LAKESIDE. R2 and fire them up, Dylan won't be able to hack 
away at the ivy with them putting their filthy Raptor mouths all over him, (you 
don't know where they've been). Dave is still marking the trees, no wonder the Dinos 
are so upset! Ater you enter Lakside, switch sub weapons to the Chainmine and find 
Regina. When you seperate, move through the next two gates to the CAVES you'll only 
be firing forward as you run to the last gate. From CAVE 1, to CAVE 4, you will use 
the Chainmine only. Pass through the SAVE/SHOP BOX Room and ready yourself for the 
ALLOSAUR NEST. If you can dodge these guys go for it, if not, the safest way I know 
of is to stand still and pump some flare rounds into the air until it's safe to 
continue. When you finish this section you'll make your way to the TRICERATOPS RUN. 
Good Luck!!!
 To keep this game moving, we must X out some very good CGI. We end up in Edward's 
City, destroyed by the Dinos. There's nothing left to this place, no survivors, so 
it's up to Dylan to find a way out of here. Go to ROBSON'S STORE and get the Living 
Quarters Key, ignore the Med Pak if you can. Make sure you have Dylan armed with the 
Solid Canon before you exit the store. Make sure you fire continuously as you run to 
each door You'll appreciate it later. Make your way to the Living Quarters Door. Are 
you Ready for the Blinky Gauntlet? Now the best advice I can give for this area is, 
as soon as you regain control of the Tank fire two rounds off. Just before the 
containers fire off a flash round. Remove the two sets of containers and as soon as 
Blinky is about 20 yards from the tank fire another Flash round. By the time you get 
to the last barrier you should have two flash rounds. Release a flash round and 
shoot the containers. Now there are no more containers and you have one flash round. 
Turn the turret on Blinky fire off a round and then the last flash round. This will 
put some distance between the two of you for the Right, left, left, right section of 
turns. Keep the turret on him at all times and firing. If you make enough hits on 
him with the Canon, you'll knock him out for a few seconds to give you some time to 
navigate the zigzag course of turns coming up. Once the Gate lowering scene comes 
into play, X it out and reappear at the opposite side of the gate. Get the GAS MASK 
and X out the cut scene. You'll reappear at the ship and Have Regina set the 
coordinates for the return to the JUNGLE AREA. 

 Congrats, you've completed the 4th leg of the game.
 Did you need to take any Meds? Did you try the stand still and fire at the Al Fest? 
I got hit once in all that Dino flesh. I only take damage when I try running with 
out using the barage as cover.

 Regina's in control again and will be on her way to the Missile Complex. Her 
mission is to stop the launch and retrieve the 3RD ENERGY DISC. As in all prior 
sections of the game the main concern is running. Beat feet!


Get Regina moving, Don't forget that Al is still up on the DOCK LANDING SPACE. Pass 
all the raptors and climb the ladder, run to the Marsh door. Enter the MARSH POISON 
PLANT AREA when you get to the POISON GAS AREA climb down, run to and enter the 
WASTE DISPOSAL CHAMBER. Pass through LAUNCH SITE, do an end run around the three 
raptors and enter the DATA CONTROL ROOM. Snatch the 3RD ENERGY DISC, scoot back to 
the LAUNCH SITE AREA, X out the cut scene and return to the Data Control room. X out 
the cut scene, continue Xing out the cut scenes until you are in control and moving 
to the first Gas Post to set El Gigante on fire. Regina must set him ablaze six 
times before he lays down for a much needed Facial. (not to mention all the aloe he 
can find) From here Regina has to complete the large electric panel swatting game 
before she can use the lifts so get her going. My best time remaining on the Timer 
is 7:36:00. Well, that's out of the way, let's book and get to the next blood 
pressure raiser. X out the cut scene. Arm Regina with the Chainmine and and blow 
this joint. Remember only flip the INOS, don't hang to kill. You end up outside, X 
out of all the cut scenes till you end up at the "I'VE GOT TO PROTECT LUNCH SHOOT, I 
mean Dave, he must  open the sluice gate" When you have finished protecting lunch, I 
mean Dave, X out the cut scene till you see Dylan up on the bank ub da ribba. 

 I like to seperate the Missile silo section from this section because it's the 
finale  and it switches from Regina to Dylan as he makes the final assault in the 
game. So, congratulations on completing the 5th leg of the game.

 Your next mission is to protect Paula till she can make a safe run for the Facility 
entrance. I prefer the Solid Canon here, for what I see as obvious reasons, which I 
mentioned earlier in the walkthrough. I liked the ATR too but it's slower on the 
fire and you can't run/fire, so, that's not going to work for a speed game. Accept 
for the ladder climb at the wall where Paula and Dylan must both move up, the ATR is 
needed there. S. Canon does such a good job protecting Paula to this point that if 
she takes a hit or two there, it won't affect her health much.
 I prefer to stay at weapons ready, behind Paula and pointing right at her. I wait 
for the OVIS to come in and attack her. Paula isn't harmed by the discharge so she 
stays healthy. I'm getting really good at protecting her this way. Most of the time, 
like about 80% lately, I'm able to get her to the wall with no hits at all. Others 
maybe one or two hits. I can almost guarantee a hit or two at the wall. 90% of the 
time I get her to the safe area in the green.


 Dylan, protect that sweet daughter of yours in those tight leathers! Get her to the 
Facility on time!
 Once Paula takes off on daddy, Dylan must, foolishly and painfully I would think, 
run into the security screen. Then he must activate all the colorful towers, all the 
while staying alive and killing raptors. Remember always run. Stop only to climb up 
or down and to work the towers. When your done with the towers, enter the FACILITY 
ENTRANCE. Ignore everything, make your way to the SUPERINTENDANT'S ROOM, and access 
the SAVE/SHOP BOX. You will want to load up on at least 4 or 5 Medium or Large Meds 
for the show down with El Gigante. There have been times when Gigante has pounded 
Dylan into paté, and then I've made it through with one Medium Med. So, because you 
can't count on an easy run, you must figure for PATÉ. With the meds that you may 
still posses and the Medium and or Large ones you buy, hopefully you'll have enough 
to complete the run. 


 It's use will send you back to the beginning of the conflict instead of healing you 
where you stand. If you still have problems with Gigante, you may opt to save here, 
as you know there won't be another chance to. Better to take a save here and still 
get a decent time as opposed to dying and losing over an hours worth of work. Your 


OK, enter the last room, fly down the stairs and meet up with Paula. X out of the 
cut scene (It's very informative and cool to listen to but you've probably been Xing 
out this cut scene for some time now.) Follow Paula to the large doors, take a deep 
breath and start reciting that Psalm, Though I walk through the valley of death 
thing. Except for the button pushing, you'll spend all your time running, being 
pounded into the ground and getting back up to run some more.
 At no time will you retaliate on Gigante.
 Also, try not to use up your Meds too quickly!
 X out of the cut scene and start running when you get control of Dylan. As soon as 
your up from the pounding you receive on the other side of the now destroyed access 
ramp, turn left, run to and activate the COMMUNICATIONS COMPUTER. Once you are free 
from that, R2 and get ready for what may be the beginning of a severe thrashing. 
Make sure you keep a sharp eye on Dylan's health meter, do the best you can to get 
over to the TARGETING COMPUTER, waaay over on the opposite side of this BEEG ROOM! 
Once there, activate the computer. It some how knows exactly where Gigante is going 
to be for his roasting. Almost home free, now for the scary part, you may have been 
eating up Meds like they were mentholyptus cough drops, and you're getting low. So, 
it's very important that you know where you are at all times, and be health meter 
aware. Quite often Gigante blocks Dylan from your sight, in all that mess, you end 
up running in the wrong direction.
 Once you make it back to the central computer activate it pronto Tonto! X out both 
cut scene breaks.
 My best time remaining on the attack sequence is 3:50. But on that particular run, 
he didn't pound me at all, I was knocked down a few times with his roar.
 When all is said and done, and all the cut scenes have been X'd out get the flock 
out of this room for the ending. Regina, Paula and Dylan gather in the Vortex 
Generator room for what appears to be their final good byes. I think Regina made it 
back and accomplished her task, what do you think?  	


 Run credits.
 Remember that your time may vary considerably plus or minus from my time because of 
a wide array of instances.

(01) Being able to evade the Dinos in the game (not bumping into them a lot).
(02) Not taking hits from them, time spent healing, is time spent not running.
(03) Hitting your marks for doors and objects that must be acquired in the game.
(05) Shooting Dinos when you can avoid them. More so than needed to complete the 
(06) Spending unnecessary time in inventory.
(07) Running into walls and the paths edges. They are very convoluted in some 
places, obviously meant to trip us up. All the more reason to be thoroughly familiar 
with the path you run. If taken into account, it could total into one or two minutes 
in the entirety of the game, for some people even more time.
(08) Indicision is a killer, standing around trying to figure out what you need and 
or where to go, or did I forget this or that. If you must stop to think, 
hit "PAUSE". It's possible that using pause still consumes time, pausing and 
unpausing many times throughout the game may contribute a few seconds in the 
entirety of the game.
(09) Spending time in the SAVE/SHOP BOXES. In this version of the game, you need 
access the SAVE/SHOP BOXES five times only. I have played the game without the Solid 
Canon so I have done the game with four accesses. My game time suffered though. The 
shotgun works well for much of the game, but after the  3rd Energy Area, the Dinos 
seem to be wearing armor, or maybe they've been soaking their hides in salt water to 
toughen it up. The fact is, the SG isn't adequate protection in the last half of the 
game. So I pick up the Solid Canon as soon as I can, It helps conserve time in the 
early part of the game as well.
(10) Saving, time spent in ingame saving is a big waster of time! I suggested the 
save in the Final conflict with El Gigante for those who still have probs with him. 
Up till I had the confidence to play through this area, I had cut out all saves but 
this one. If you are still making 2 or more saves in the game, you won't realize the 
times your capable of making.

 The ranking screen pops up and what did you see? Unless you clustered horribly, you 
should see an "S" for a rank. 

My best time to date is 1:15:52.
My average game hovers around 1:17.
 Hope it was good for you!

 I used all but one Medium Med in this run because El Gigante Thought I was an 
errent roving nail that needed to be hammered back into the floor.

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