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Discworld Strategy Guide
Act I 

Get your pouch out of the wardrobe. After a visit to the Arch chancellor, you have 
to fetch the dragon-lair compendium. Wake up the luggage with the broom from the 
closet. Give the banana found inside the luggage to the librarian. Now we are off to 
show the Arch chancellor the book. The five ingredients of a dragon-locator must be 

Exchange the broom with the magical staff from Windle Poons. Wait until he reaches 
over to fetch some food, and leaves the staff unguarded. 

Talk to the apprentice wizard outside to learn how to open the gate. Take the frog. 
Go to the Livery Stable and take some corn out of the sack. Go to the Alley and 
visit the alchemist. Walk around the jumping floor tile. Use the corn on the flask 
and you can get the imp out of the camera. However, it is too fast at the moment. Go 
to the market square, and take a tomato. Throw the tomato at the tax collector. Take 
another tomato to find a worm. Get the string from the Toymaker, tie the worm to the 
string, and use it at the hole containing the Imp. 

Dragon Breath:
Enter the Palace. Talk to the guards to bypass them. Once inside, get the mirror 
from the Fool's room. Place the mirror in Rincewind's inventory, and not in the 
luggage. Return to the Alley, step on the jumping tile, and climb up to the tower. 
Hang the mirror on the tip of the flagpole and use it to disturb the dragon. Kick 
the ladder down on your way back to the Alley. 

Magic Coil:
Return to the Square and talk to the street urchin to learn how to pick pockets. Go 
to the barber and look at the hair roller in the woman's hair. Talk to her about it. 
Talk with the barber and pick his pocket as he thinks about the milkmaid. 

Metal Container
Visit the psychiatrist twice to get the butterfly net from the wall. Place the 
butterfly net in the inventory, not the luggage. Go to the rear of the University 
and use the ladder to reach the window. Take the pancake with the butterfly net. 
Return to the Kitchen and take the frying pan 

Give the five items to the Arch chancellor, then use the detector to find the hidden 
dragon's lair. It is located somewhere in the lower-left corner of the city. 


Act II 

The next task is to reveal the secret brotherhood, and to take a golden trinket from 
each member. With all the gold of the kingdom in our pockets, return to the Library. 
Talk with the sleazy man about the golden banana in his ear. He will sell the banana 
for the gold. Give the banana to the librarian to enter the L-space. 

Travel to about twelve hours in the past to witness a thief stealing the dragon 
summoning book. Quickly leave the University as the thief did to find the secret 

Go to the Park, and place the frog in the mouth of the drunken Rincewind. The 
butterfly may now be caught with the net. Use the butterfly on the lamp on the 
street-corner where the monk usually stands. Bring the pot along. 

Returning to the present, take the black robe on the clothesline near the toilet. Go 
in the Broken Drum and order something to drink. Take the tankard. Behind the barman 
is a bottle with counterwise wine. Talk with the barman about the bottle. Take the 

Travel to the past again. Immediately go to the secret Hide-out. Turn the left 
drainpipe in the direction of the door and wait until the thief arrives. Use the 
glass to listen on the right drainpipe to hear the secret password. Disguise 
yourself with the robe and join the ceremony. 

The identities of the members of the brotherhood will be revealed. The next task is 
to get their golden items: 

A gate pass is needed. Go to the Broken Drum in the present time and talk with the 
scared man. Visit the Inn and take the sheet from the bed. Travel to the past and 
return to the Inn. Use the sheet to disguise yourself as a ghost and repeat the 
events that the scared man stated. Note that he did not reveal everything in his 
story. Return to the present and talk to the scared man again. Return to the past 
and repeat the events completely. Take the gate pass. Return to the present time and 
show the pass to the gate guards. Walk to the Edge of World. Look at the coconuts 
and shake the tree. Use the butterfly net to get the coconut. Stop at the mountain 
pass when returning to the city.. Take the egg and the feather. Go to the Barn and 
take the screwdriver. Use it to poke a hole in the coconut. Return to the Market 
Square again and talk with the street urchin. He will tell you the secret handshake 
if you prove you are a man. Return to the psychiatrist. You will be allowed to go 
upstairs after a short wait. Take the inkblot pictures and use them to get past the 
palace guards. Talk with the peasant inside the Palace. You can now enter the 
shades. Return to the past, stop at the kitchen and take the corn flour. While in 
the past go to the toilet and read the graffiti on the inner side of the door. Go to 
the shades and find the House of Negotiable Affection. Talk to Big Sally and give 
her the egg, the flour, and the coconut. Return to the present and give the bloomers 
to the street urchin. The urchin will reveal the secret handshake. You now have a 
new skill and a bra. Visit the mason in the shades. Use the new skill on him and to 
get his golden trowel. 

Use the bra with the ladder to get to the sleeping thief in the hovel. The bra will 
allow the ladder to be dropped silently on the hovel. If you try to get the key from 
the thief, he will turn away. Use the feather to get the golden key. Remember to 
take the ladder. 

Get a donut from Dibbler and give it to the Dunnyman. Visit the milkmaid again and 
take her note to the barber. Give the barber the note and use his apparatus on the 
Dunnyman to get his gold tooth. 

Return to the past. Enter the Broken Drum and start a fight. This may be done by 
looking at the picture behind the little man, then turn his glass around when he is 
not looking. After the troll joins the fight, use the ladder on the shingle outside 
the bar and get the drumstick. Return to the present, and use the drumstick to ring 
the gong in the dinning-hall. Take the prunes that are outside the University. Walk 
to Nanny Ogg's house in the Dark Woods. Once there, fill the pot with the custard 
from the cauldron. Go to the fishmonger. Tie the octopus with the string. Pour the 
custard in the toilet. Place the octopus in the toilet. Place the prunes in the 
fishmonger's caviar to send him to the toilet. Take his golden belt. 

Take a garbage can from the rear of the University. Take the bubble bath from the 
Inn. Next go to the Palace. If not already done, use the second ink blot picture on 
the other guard. Once inside, use the garbage can on the Fool. Use the bubble bath 
on his bathtub to get his cap with the golden bell. 

Chimney sweep: 
Get the hogfather doll from the Toymaker. Take the fireworks and gunpowder keg from 
the crate at the city-gate. Take the matches from the Broken Drum. Put the doll in 
Rincewind's inventory and return to the roofs of the Alley. Stuff the doll in the 
chimney of the alchemist. Enter his house and put the powder keg in the fireplace. 
Use the string on the powder keg as a fuse. Light the fuse with the matches from 
outside the house, in the drainpipe. Take the golden brush 

Give all six golden items to the dragon. Talk to the dragon and return to the Market 
Square. Buy the carpet from Nanny. When she asks for a kiss, steal her custard book. 
Travel back to the past and get the dragon-summoning book before the thief steals 
it. Exchange the cover of the dragon book with the cover of the custard book. Place 
the fake dragon book back in the empty spot in the library. Allow the thief to steal 
the fake book. 


Act III 

The next task is to find items that make a hero. 

The Old Timers suggest that heroes need a posing pouch. The Amazon Warrior states 
that a mustache and a magic sword are needed. The Wizards suggest a magic talisman. 
Big Sally states that camouflage is needed. Return to Nobby and solve his what-do-
you-need-to-be-hero riddle by doing a little math. A talisman, a mustache, a 
birthmark, a magic spell, camouflage and a magic sword must be found. 

Magic talisman:
Return to the Hideout, knock on the door, and get a custard tart. Visit the 
Alchemist. Tell him where to get more corn. After he leaves, take the camera. Go to 
the Livery Stable and read the bumper sticker on the donkey cart. A new location now 
appears on the map. Go to the dragon sanctuary and knock on the door. Talk with Lady 
Ramkin. Go behind her house, then knock on the front door again. When she opens the 
door, walk behind her house and take the rosette, leash and nail. Return to the 
Broken Drum and buy a glass of cactus juice from the barman. A new worm can now be 
placed in inventory. Buy the paper bag of leeches from Dibbler. Selecting the paper 
bag will reveal the leeches. Use the bag or the leeches to knock out the palace 
guards. Enter the palace and find the dungeons. Use the worm on the mouse hole. 
Remove the rat's disguise to get another imp. Put this imp in the camera. Go to the 
fishmonger and get the octopus picture. Go to the house of Nanny Ogg, and talk about 
the truth potion that is behind her. Eat some of the custard tart and take the 
potion when she waits for a kiss. Follow her wool to find a sheep. Stick the rosette 
on the sheep and photograph it. Take the mallet when you leave. Return to the Broken 
Drum. Use the nail on the beam. Frame the picture of the sheep by joining it with 
the octopus picture. Hang the picture from the nail. Talk to Braggart. Mix the truth 
potion with his beer before giving it to him. He will tell you how to find the 
Temple of Offler. Go to the Temple and meet the monk. Use the carpet on the bridge 
to solve this problem. Once in the Temple, take the blindfold. Tie the leash on the 
luggage and wear the blindfold. Approach the Eye of Offler. Fill your pouch with the 
sand and exchange it with the Eye. 

Fill the pot with water from the Wishing Well in the woods. Go to the Inn and use 
the pot, soap and the tap. Go to the Palace. Again, use the paper bag or the leeches 
to enter. Take the brush out of the bathtub. Use the brush on the pot with soapy 
water. Go to the Livery Stable. Use the wet brush on the bumper on the donkey cart. 
Select the clean license plate to look at it closely. Go to the shades. Look the 
hovel and take the knife.
Place the knife in Rincewind's inventory. Return to the roofs. Use the knife on the 
ladder of the assassin training track. An assassin will appear. Tell him the license 
number of the donkey cart. The responsible donkey will be arrested. Go to the Barber 
Shop and take the scissors. Go to the Market Square to find the donkey. Use the 
scissors on the donkey-tail to get a mustache. 

Enter the Palace dungeons and take a bone from the skeleton. Go to the Toymaker and 
the glue pot on the bone. Go to the Inn and give the dog the glued bone. Look at the 
sailor's tattoo and talk to him. If he asks for a glass of milk, ask the Innkeeper 
for one. The sailor will give you a parrot whistle. Go to the Market Square and try 
to get an egg. You will get a snake instead. Go to the rear of the University and 
get the fertilizer. Enter the closet and light the lamp, which is only appears as a 
shape, with the matches. Take the starch. Use the starch and the fertilizer on the 
snake. Exchange the snake with Windle Poons staff. Use the broom handle to enlarge 
the butterfly net. Go to the Arch chancellor's room and get the hat. Return to the 
Edge of World. Blow the whistle and throw a lit firecracker at the parrot. Catch the 
parrot with the enlarged butterfly net. Return to the sailor. You will be told to 
get the whistle. Return the Edge of World and take the lamp of the fork. Look 
closely at the magic hat, and place it on the lamp. Climb down the World and take 
the "glint". Give the whistle to the sailor. He will tell you to ask the barber 
about tattoos. Go to the Barber Shop. Get the appointment book and show it to the 
milkmaid. You must have been at the Casting Agency about three times to get 
this work. Walk to the Woods and show the appointment book with the autograph to the 
barber. Then, visit the barber in his shop and talk with him about tattoos. The 
barber will send you to the street urchin. Talk with the urchin to find out more 
about getting a tattoo. Use the knife on the rubber band of the Dunny/Custard-King 
machine. Place the rubber band in your pocket and climb up the tower again. Tie the 
rubber band to flagpole tip and jump. You now have a birthmark-tattoo. 

Magic spell:
Return to the library. Find the magic book that is well hidden. Look where the 
sleazy man stood. 

Take the spatula from the kitchen. Return to the shades. Use the spatula on the 
mural. Take the soot, which can be used as camouflage. 

Magic sword:
Go to the Woods and use the screwdriver on the crank of the well. Take the crank and 
use it on the racks in the Palace dungeon. You will get a sword-that-goes-ploink. 
Talk with Carrot from the city guard about the sword. He will send you to the 
dwarves, which will now appear on the map at the Mine. The dwarves will want a glass 
of elderberry wine. Return to the Broken Drum. The barman will tell you that the 
wine cellar is full of foxes. Go to the Inn. Once there, something will be behind 
the door. Talk to it, then use the screwdriver on the door. Talk again, and the 
bogeyman will go and scare the foxes. Go to the wine cellar at the Broken Drum. Fill 
the tankard with elderberry wine. Place the filled tankard in your personal 
inventory. Give the tankard to the dwarven blacksmith. Give him your sword and he 
will enhance it. Leave the Mine. 


Act IV 

Get the key from the tied-up Lady Ramkin and visit her estate. Unlock the dragon 
cage and enter it. When you step in the molten pile, do not let Rincewind turn 
around. Force him to move forward. Take the little Mambo and return to the Market 
Square. Put a lit firecracker in his throat. Leave the square and return. The 
firecracker was not successful. Throw the tart with the love custard at the dragon. 


Note: For v2.0 of Discworld, once you have Mambo, he must be filled with coal from 
two of the following three places: the forge in the Dwarven mine, the brazier in the 
dungeon, or the cauldron in Nanny Ogg's house. The lit firecracker may then be used. 


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