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For PC
An FAQ by Chaz5000
E-Mail [email protected]

Legal Information:
This FAQ is copyright 2001 Chaz5000.
"Dogz" and "Petz" are copyright P.F. Magic.

Version History:
Version 1.00-03/14/01:First version of this FAQ.  Contains list of Breedz,
and a list of the toyz available.

NOTE:Breedz descriptions taken partially from the Dogz 2 Help file.

MUTT (Scrappy)
Dogz of the Mutt breed are lovable, energetic mixed-breed Dogz who love to
play with everything and everybody - although they are particularly fond of
playing ball. Your Mutt will learn tricks with ease and will often perform
them just for fun. You won't have to worry about your Mutt getting along
with your other Petz because Dogz of this breed will make friends with most
Dogz and even Catz!  Mutts are also very loyal and will be quick to come when
you call.

Chaz5000's opinion:My second favorite of the Dogz 2 default breedz.  They 
have most of the qualities that are important in this game:loyalty, 
trainability, and friendliness.

The Bulldog breed may look a little serious and gruff on the outside, but 
Dogz of this breed have an absolute love and devotion for the user.  If 
given a bit of affection, you are likely to see their stern demeanor melt.  
Bulldogs have a special affection for puppyDogz (and even Kittenz), and you 
will often see an adult Bulldog carrying a younger Petz in its mouth or 
teaching a new puppyDogz how to fetch.  Be sure to keep your Supply Shelf 
stocked with bones if you adopt a Bulldog because this breed loves nothing
more than to plop itself down next to your cursor and chew on a good bone. 

Chaz5000's opinion:Bulldogz are a good breed for advanced users, but because
they take a while to train, they are NOT recommended for new users.

SCOTTISH TERRIER aka Scottie (Chip)
Quick, sharp, independent and feisty, Dogz of the Scottish Terrier breed are
always getting into trouble.  But, with those adorable faces, what user could
resist?  Scottish Terriers love to play, but may not always be cooperative,
especially if the user is out of favor.  They will bury any toy they can
grab, and then dig it up at a later time.  (Your desktop is sure to be full
of holes if you've got this breed out!)  Be aware if you've got a Catz out,
this breed is a consummate Catz-chaser!

Chaz5000's opinion:These guys are troublemakers, pure and simple.  "Oh, but 
they're so cute!"  Well, cute won't make these guys any easier to train, and
if you adopt one of these, then you can't play with your Catz at the same 
time your playing with your Dogz.  Stay away from this breed-they'll give you
boatloads of trouble!

Dogz of the Chihuahua breed are a peculiar, if not lovable, mix of wiry 
nerves and insatiable curiosity.  Chihuahuas love to be the center of 
attention, and will generally stop at nothing to get your or another Dogz'
notice; this might include littering your desktop with toyz or barging in
on anything another Dogz is doing.  Both agile and fast, Chihuahuas are 
great at playing Flying Disc and catching other toyz in the air.  They 
require daily exercise to stay healthy and sleep in short restless spurts.  
With a constant stream of affection, your Chihuahua will eventually calm 
down, but if it catches you petting another Dogz, you'll be sure to hear 
about it!

Chaz5000's opinion:These guys are good for those of you who want just one 
Dogz, and no more.  As the help file says, "Chihuahuas love to be the center
of attention...will stop at nothing to get your or another Dogz' notice.  
Only go with these guys if you have a lot of spare time on your hands.

An overly loving and eager breed of Dogz, Great Danes can be quite clumsy 
and are often unaware of their large size; Dogz of this breed will 
accidentally bump into toyz or step on smaller Dogz or sleeping Catz.  Great
Danes love to wrestle and play with other Dogz and adore playing with the 
mice and chew toy.  If left alone, your Great Dane will probably howl for 
your attention - and you will be sure to know when your Great Dane is on the
chase, this breed's bark is unmistakable.  Be sure to feed your Great Dane 
LOTS of food, these Dogz eat with a gusto!

Chaz5000's opinion:These guys are the best little puppies you can get!  They
are cute, lovable, smart, teachable, and cute!  I don't need to say much 
more - get this breed!

|Name of toy    |Chaz5000's description                                    |
|Flea Spray     |Stops itching as a result of fleas                        |
|Petz Brush     |Makes Dogz look classy when used frequently               |
|Blue Dogz Food |Use this to feed your Dogz daily                          |
|Blue Pillow    |Have one out for Dogz to nap on                           |
|Bone Treatz    |A treat for Dogz                                          |
|Old Bone       |Something for Dogz to chew and gnaw on                    |
|Chicken Treat  |A treat for Dogz                                          |
|Beef  Treat    |A treat for Dogz                                          |
|Grey Dogz Food |Use this to feed your Dogz daily                          |
|Green Frisbee  |Flying Toy for your Dogz                                  |
|Paint Can      |Use this to change your Dogz' colors                      |
|Duo Ball       |A toy that Dogz will play Nose-Toss with                  |
|Star Ball      |A toy for your Dogz to fetch                              |
|Stick          |A toy for your Dogz to fetch                              |
|Tug Toy        |A toy for Tug-'O-Wars                                     |
|Spray Bottle   |Use to squirt misbehaving Petz                            |
|Water Bowl     |Use this to water your Petz daily                         |
|Basket         |A place for Dogz to hang out and cuddle                   |
|Chew Toy       |A chew toy for your Dogz                                  |
|Yellow Frisbee |Flying Toy for your Dogz                                  |
|Pink Pillow    |Have one out for Dogz to nap on                           |

NOTE:In the relentless "Out with the old, in with the new" mentality of 
modern businesses(Including P.F. Magic), the downloads for these files is no
longer available at "".  However, they are available at Anso's Petz:
"".  This is the most reliable download site
I could find.

|Name of download    |What it is                                           |
|LABRADOR DOG        |A very good new breed of Dogz                        |
|POODLE DOG          |A finnicky new breed of Dogz                         |
|DALMATIAN DOG       |A good new breed of Dogz                             |
|SHEEPDOG            |An extremely loyal new breed of Dogz                 |
|DACHSHUND           |An excellent (And my favourite) new breed of Dogz    |
|MUSIC BOX           |Allows you to play sound files as music in Dogz 2    |
|BEACH BALL          |Another new toy in Dogz 2                            |
|CAT TOY             |A stuffed Catz for Dogz to play with                 |
|DOG TOY             |A stuffed Dogz for Dogz to play with                 |
|CANDY TREAT BOX     |Another box of Treatz to pamper your Dogz with       |
|SATIN HEART PILLOW  |Another pillow for Dogz to sleep on                  |
|AUTO-ROLLING BALL   |A ball that will drive your Dogz _CRAZY_             |
|THANKSGIVING FOOD   |A plate of left-overs for your special pooch         |
|TOY CAR             |An RC car for your Dogz to play with                 |
|SURPRISE TOY        |A bubble-blower for your Dogz                        |

To Sega, for Sonic R, My favourite game for the PC.
To Konami, for Rocket Knight Adventures, my favourite game on the Genesis.
To Prickly Jack and Fritter, my cats, for leaving me alone while I typed this

See Chaz5000's Contributor Recognition Screen at:

This FAQ is copyright 2001 Chaz5000

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