Dr. Eggman's and Tails' Level-up Items - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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 -------      | |
    |           | 
    |   ---   | |  |---
    |  |   |  | |  |---|
    |   ---|  | |   ---|

Laser Blaster: (Prison Lane) You need Bazooka. In the room with the goal ring in it, 
destroy every enemy, including the one in the corner. A gate will open and you’ll 
have to destroy the iron containers behind it. Destroy the two Gun Hunters and 
another gate will open, leading to the Laser Blaster.

Booster: (Mission Street) After the tunnel, the road ahead of you starts to crumble. 
Drop down to the road below, and walk forward until you see the barricade to your 
left. Jump over the barricade and you’ll get the Booster.

Mystic Melody: (Hidden Base) You need Bazooka. Keep going until you see a small path 
with a Chao box on it. Destroy the iron containers behind the Chao box and you’ll 
see the Mystic Melody.

Bazooka: (Eternal Engine) After the fourth point marker, you soon emerge outside 
with a bridge and a locked door at the end of it. Hover down to the platform below, 
and hit the switch. Bounce off one of the springs that bring you up to a platform, 
which will take you up to the door above with the Bazooka in it.


 |--\         |----|
 |   \        |
 |   | |---|  |--|    ---   ---  |-- --   ---  |---
 |   / |      |      |   | |   | |  |  | |   | |   |
 |--/  |    O |----|  ---|  ---| |  |  |  ---| |   |
                         |     |
                      |--|  |--|

Laser Blaster: (Iron Gate) You need Large Cannon. In the room immediately following 
the second point marker, you see two large explosive containers. Destroy the iron 
containers behind them the explosive containers leading to the Laser Blaster.

Mystic Melody: (Sand Ocean) You need Jet Engine. The Mystic Melody is on the 
platform to the left of the first spinning platform.

Jet Engine: (Lost Colony) In the large dark room, you’ll have to destroy some boxes 
to create some stairs to jump onto in order to get to the platform above. Keep 
jumping to each platform. (Each platform will be around the corner of each one) One 
platform will hold the Jet Engine.

Large Cannon: (Weapons Bed) In the middle garage to the left of the first aircraft 
carrier (where you start the stage)

Protection Armor: (Cosmic Wall) Continue your descent until you come to a platform 
on the left with a missile on it. Use the missile, destroying the cages on the right 
platform, holding the Protection Armor.

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