Draft Guide - Guide for Madden NFL 2005

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This Guide is for the NFL draft in the Franchise mode offseason.


1. Scouting
2. the Draft
 A. Who to listen to
3. Signing your picks
4. Conclusion

1. Scouting 

Rookie Scouting may or may not be a waste of time, depending on your preferences.
If you do scout player, pay attention to their results.

HB- look at how quickly they finished workouts like the 40 yard dash and the
shuttle run.

OL and DL- look at things like bench reps

2. The Draft

A. Who should you listen to?

During the draft, the computer will give you advice on who to draft.  However
look at your team's position needs and draft according to that. 

Positions you shouldn't draft:


3. Signing you picks

sign picks according to these guidelines

1st round- Sign them to 4-5 year deals
2nd-5th round- Sign the to 3 year deals. That way if they become stars, they
will also become Restricted Free Agents. Then you can get draft picks for them.
6th-7th round- sign the to 1-year deals

4. Conclusion

So that's my guide to the NFL Draft process.  Oh, and I give Cheatcodes.com
permission to use any or all of this.

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