Dragon Evolutions - Guide for Breath of Fire 4

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After attaining 10,000 game points or more, you can make a few of your dragons 

First Evolution-     10,000 game pts.
Second Evolution-    20,000 game pts.
Third Evolution-     35,000 game pts.
Fourth Evolution-    50,000 game pts.

Dragons that can evolve:
Behemoth-   Mammoth
Mutant-     Punk
Myrmidon-   Knight
Wyvern-     Weyr
Serpent-    Peist

      The Mammoth's abilities- Attacks-> Searing Sand, Blitz, Patoh, Chi Patoh, 
Patoh Pah and counter          Breath->  MeteorStrike
      The Punk's abilities- Attacks->  Snap, Silence, Sleep, Howling, Curse, and 
Chlorine                     Breath->  StarDrop
      The Knight's abilities- Attacks-> Wind Strike, P'ung, Nah P'ung, Cleave, 
Shadowwalk, Ahryu P'ung      Breath-> MetaStrike
      The Weyr's abilities-  Attacks->  Flame Strike, Hwajeh, Might, Protect, Hwa, 
and Jeh                       Breath-> Gigaflame
      The Peist's abilities-  Attacks-> Bing, Frost Strike, Pa Bing'ah, Bing'ah, 
Snap, and SwordBreaker        Breath->  Waterspout

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