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Dragon Warrior Monsters Author: James Sandusky([email protected]) Date: 5-
07-2003 Version: 5.0 Well, this is the fifth version of the walkthrough. I have now 
added section K of the breeding chart. I decided to take a break from the Gates for 
one update, I'll start again on the next update, which I will be soon. I updated one 
of the Reader Teams(The only one, send 'em in please!) I also added a link to a 
website that has the monsters you can get from foreign trainers and their skills. If 
you need help on a Tournament or through a Gate, just email me at 
[email protected] or James Sandusky Table of Contents Version History Story 
Getting Started The Kingdom of GreatTree Controls and Windows/Menus/Subscreens 
Personality Info The Journey Begins Walkthrough of Traveler's Gates Breeding and 
Advanced Info Monster Trainer Monsters Monsters Breeding Recipes Reader Teams Items 
List FAQS Hints and Tips Special Thanks Contact Information Legal Stuff Version 
History 1.0-First copy. Posted on GameFAQs 5-07-2003 2.0-Added sections A and B of 
breeding recipes and added contact info. 3.0-Added sections C-E of breeding recipes, 
one reader team, and the gates of Anger and Strength. 4.0-Added sections F-J of 
breeding recipes. I threw in one new hint in the Hints and Tips section, and a very 
popular FAQ in the FAQ section. I also threw in some Personality Info and the Joy 
and Wisdom Gates. Story Welcome to Dragon Warrior Monsters. This game starts out 
with you and your sister in your bedroom at night. Before you know it, some strange 
creature named Warabou kidnaps your sister! You see him escape by jumping in a 
drawer. Desperate to get your sister back, you do the same. You land in the world of 
GreatTree. There, you meet up with the king, and he tells you that to get your 
sister back, you must beat the Starry Night Tournament. You become determined. The 
king tells you you will need to persuade monsters to join you and buff them up to 
the ultimate level. Now your journey begins...... Getting Started Dragon Warrior 
Monsters combines two famous games. It has the RPG and collecting elements of the 
hit series Pokémon and the breeding and tourney fighting style of the Monster 
Rancher series. You will go on many strange quests, meet new people, and make new 
friends and foes. If you're successful, your efforts will pay off and you will 
battle in the Starry Night Tournament to retrieve your sister. Once you start this 
game, you will soon get addicted. The collecting craze that has snared many a 
Pokémon fan will most likely snare you, too. You will find, though, that it is not 
as cute and cuddly as Pokémon is. You will fight some monstrous creatures. To 
progress through the worlds, you must go through the Traveler's Gate(TG). At the end 
of each world waits a boss. There can be anywhere from 5 to 30 Mystic Holes before 
you reach the boss. But you can't just go right to every TG. You will have to fight 
in the Kingdom's Arena to go to different gates, and you are not allowed to use 
items while in Arena battles. The key to success lies in making the ultimate 
monster. And how do you "make" the ultimate monsters? Breeding. Breeding is a key 
element in this game. Defeat the F Class tournament will allow you access to the 
Shrine of Starry Night, where you breed monsters. If you and a friend both have the 
game and a Game Boy, you can link up and breed with each other or test your teams 
against each other. Breeding monsters results in higher stats in the newborn and 
also new skills that that monster could not have learned had it been recruited in 
the wild. You won't get far in the adventure if you don't check out this feature, 
plus some monsters can only be obtained through breeding! The Kingdom of GreatTree 
The Monster Farm At the very top of the Kingdom awaits the Farm. The Farm is the 
basis for all monster selection. There, you can drop off or pick up monsters, and 
put them to sleep. Putting to sleep doesn't mean you loose them, it just means that 
you can get new monsters. You can only hold nineteen in your farm at a time, and 
once you reach that limit, you put them to sleep. You can then catch another 
nineteen. If you want your original 19 back, you just put your new nineteen to 
sleep. The process goes on and off. Once you reach 38 monsters, though, you'll have 
to get rid of some to get new monsters. My suggestion is this: Most everyone has 
some monsters that they recruit and then forget about. Get rid of these monsters. 
After clearing E class, you'll gain access to the Monster Stable. In here are 
resting monsters that give you hints about your quest. The King's Throne Room The 
purpose of this room is to let you know of your next mission. From here you can 
access TGs by going to the left stairway near the entrance. The Minister is always 
good for a quick heal and free herb. The room to the left of the throne contains 
some goodies. Don't forget to check it out. The Arena This is where all official 
battles are held, including the Starry Night Tournament. The area around the battle 
arena is where you'll find some of GreatTree's warriors and other people, like the 
Queen. Talk to everyone you meet. You may get the chance to breed with their rare 
monsters, or even get free monsters! The Library Here you can read about monsters 
and get info on the monsters you've recruited so far. There's a TG here, but you 
need to get 100 monsters to access it. The Vault If you loose during a battle, 
you'll loose some money and items. It's a great idea to store excess things in the 
vault in case of a situation like that. The Bazaar Ah.......What would an RPG be 
without a place to buy items? The classic item shop. By the end of the game, there 
will be four shops here! It is also filled with helpful people. There might even be 
a couple of TGs here.......... The Egg Evaluator This woman will let you know the 
gender of your soon-to-be newborn monster. She can also bless the egg, which changes 
its gender to allow for better breeding later on in the game. Shrine of Starry Night 
This place is run by the current Master Monster Tamer. You can breed and hatch your 
ultimate monsters here. The Medal Man's House This is where you trade in your tiny 
medals for monsters. Below is a table telling what you get from the medals: 13 
Medals: ZapBird 18 Medals: Trumpeter 25 Medals: Spikerous (This monster can be 
combined with Mirudraas to get the second form) 30 Medals: Metabble There are many 
other houses and buildings in GreatTree. It's up to you to find them and uncover the 
hidden TGs. Controls and Windows/Menus/Subscreens A- Used for investigating things 
like pots and dressers, opening treasure chests, talking to people, and confirming 
menu selections. When not facing anything or anyone, press it to bring up the main 
menu. B- Used to cancel selections and move backwards through the menus. Select- 
Brings up Map in Mystic World (HANDY) and organizes items on the item screen. Start- 
toggles between HP/MP and Level displays at bottom of screen. It also brings up the 
Joined Monsters window when in the main menu. Main Menu Screen This is your main 
source of info about monsters and inventory. It shows your current party of monsters 
and the following: Info on the monsters, Items, Their Skills, and Options. The Info 
Subscreens These give you detailed info on your monsters, including stats, 
personality, + Level( Only bred monsters have this), Skills List, and info on the 
monster's parents( Once again, only bred monsters will have anything here). The 
Skill Subscreen This screen shows your monster's skills and a brief description of 
each one. Use this menu to use healing spells outside of battle. The Item Subscreen 
This shows the items you have. Duh! You can carry up to 20 items at a time, and 
pressing select on this menu automatically organizes them. The Option Menu The 
option menu lets you customize certain qualities of this game. They are: Text Speed, 
Change Order( Used to change the order of your monsters), Change Plan(Use to change 
battle strategies. You will find more about these later), and journal, which allows 
you to save your game. Personality Info Every monster you'll find has one of 27 
personalities. The best is Hotblood, and the worst is Lazy. The monster's 
personality determines how it will fare in battle. The 6 BK items will change the 
personality of your monsters. To obtain Hotblood, use the QuestBK, SmartBK, and 
BeNiceBK in conjunction. You can also use the tactic of perserverance. If you 
continually use Charge, your monster will eventually become Hotblood, but it will 
take awhile. It's much cheaper than buying the BK items, which cost 5,000 gold 
apiece. The time the personalites come in most handy are during Arena Battles. 
Depending on what skills you want your monster to use, you'll have to alter its 
personality. The Journey Begins Well, here is where the game starts. This section 
will provide info of the game up through through the F class tournament. This should 
be a good way to get you started. When you first start in GreatTree, you will talk 
to the king and then go up to the farm to get Slib, a slime monster, from the 
caretaker, Pulio. You then go down and talk to the king again. He learns that his 
favorite monster, Hale the Healer monster, of the slime family, has escaped. He then 
throws Pulio in prison! You then offer to go to the Beginner's Gate and retrieve 
Hale to set Pulio free. Beginner's Gate Number of Levels: 5 Requirements: None 
Items: Herb, MapHerb, TinyMedal, WarpWing Monsters: Anteater, Dracky, Slime Special 
Floors: None Boss: Hale Stats: HP: 40 MP: 7 Special Skills: Heal Special Tips: Hale 
is easy to defeat once he uses up his MP and can't heal anymore. If you have a team 
of three monsters and plenty of herbs, you should be able to take him out in no time 
flat. Hale joins up once you beat him! After Hale is defeated, Watabou takes you 
back to the castle. The king is then sad that Hale does not return to him. He keeps 
his word and sets Pulio free! Then he opens up a part of GreatTree so you can 
participate in a tournament! Now you need to do some arena battling to open up more 
TGs, or you can go gain experience in the Beginner's Gate. The tournament has 8 
classes. They are G, F, E, D, C, B, A, and S. The first one you do is G. This is 
what happens in the G Rank tournament, round by round. Round one: Enemies: Dracky 
x2, Anteater. These monsters have no S. Skills, so you can easily defeat them. Round 
two: Enemies: Slime x2, Stubsuck The only problem here is the Stubsuck, who can put 
your monsters to sleep. Round three: Enemies: Spooky x2, Hork These guys are no walk 
in the park! They are all strong, and the Hork can poison you. Take him out first. 
You did it! You beat G Class! Okay, it sounds like it wouldn't be that high of an 
honor, but now the library, vault, and bazaar are open. Head down to the vault and 
deposit unnecessary items and money, so you won't loose them if you're defeated. In 
the next TGs, you will encounter some special floors. All the types of Special 
Floors are: Church, Shop, Lost Woods, Conveyor Rooms, Maze Rooms. There are three 
versions of both the Conveyor Rooms and the Maze Rooms. Villager Gate Number of 
Levels: 5 Requirements: Clear G Class Items: Herb, Beefjerky, Gold, ATKseed, 
DEFseed, LifeAcorn, MapHerb, PorkChop, Rib, TinyMedal, WarpWing Monsters: Anteater, 
Picky, GoHopper, Stubsuck, Gremlin, PillowRat Special Floors: Church, Shop Boss: 
Dragon Stats: HP: 90 MP: 60 Special Skills: FireAir, FireSlash Special Tips: A 
monster with sleep would be good here, along with a good team and lots of teamwork. 
His special skill FireAir will hit your whole party, so come packing herbs. Next up 
is the Talisman Gate Number of Levels: 6 Requirements: Clear G Class Items: Herb, 
Beefjerky, Gold, AGLseed, INTseed, MapHerb, Mystic Nut, PorkChop, Rib, TinyMedal, 
WarpWing Monsters: Anteater, MiniDrak, ArmyAnt, Spooky, Goopi, Picky Special Floors: 
Church, Shop Boss: Golem Stats: HP: 100 MP: 20 Special Skills: ChargeUp, PsycheUp, 
StrongD Special Tips: SLEEP IS NECESSARY FOR THIS BATTLE. It will make him 
vulnerable to attacks, making it easier for your party to take him out. Make sure 
Hale is with you, just in case. Well, here comes F Class- round by round Round one: 
Enemies: SpotSlime x3 These guys have three skills: CallHelp, Imitate, and 
LushLicks. The only problem will be CallHelp, because you get hit up to three times 
by it. Round two: Enemies: MudDoll x2, Almiraj These guys have a variety of special 
skills. You want to take them out as quickly as possible. Round three: Enemies: 
Putrepup, Skullroo, and MadRaven These guys are much harder than the G Tournament's 
Round three. They have many skills, including PaniDance, which makes your monsters 
confused. Take them out quickly, too. Well, there you go. Hopefully that part will 
get you into the game. I will do a few Traveler's Gates now, but most I will do in 
my update. So, now that you've cleared F class, two new TGs are opened up to you. 
Let's start off with the Memories Gate. Then I will do some more of the gates, up 
through the Bravery Gate. Memories Gate Number of Levels: 6 Requirements: Beat F 
Class Items: Herb, Beefjerky, Gold, MysticNut, AGLseed, INTseed, PorkChop, Rib, 
WarpWing, TinyMedal, MapHerb. Monsters: DragonKid, Goopi, PillowRat, Catapilla, 
FairyRat, Picky, SpotSlime. Special Floors: Treasure Room, Church, Shop. Boss: 
MadCat Stats: HP: 200 MP: 30 Special Skills: LegSweep, SquallHit, Vacuslash. Special 
Tips: This guy is fast and strong. If you have the Dragon, Golem, and Hale in your 
party, you should be able to win this confrontation. Bewilder Gate Number of Levels: 
6 Requirements: Beat F Class Items: Herb, BeefJerky, Gold, Antidote, AwakeSand, 
ATKSeed, DEFSeed, Laurel, LifeAcorn, LoveWater, MapHerb, MistStaff, Moonherb, 
Porkchop, Rib, SkyBell, TinyMedal, WarpWing, WarpStaff. Monsters: BigRoost, 
DragonKid, MiniDrak, SpotSlime, Demonite, EvilSeed, Hork. Special Floors: Treasure 
Room, Church, Shop Miniboss: Stubsuck Stats: HP: 80 MP: 120 Special Skills: 
SleepAll, ZombieCut Boss: Facetree Stats: HP: 400 MP: 100 Special Skills: Curse, 
OddDance, StopSpell Special Tips: If you avoid the Stubsucks, you won't have to 
fight them. You should try to avoid them and save MP for the Facetree. This guy 
tries to make your monsters do strange things, with attacks like Curse and OddDance. 
Try to use a spell like Sap to lower his defense so you can defeat him. Peace Gate 
Number of Levels:8 Requirements: Beat E Class Items: Herb, Gold, LoveWater, Potion, 
AGLSeed, Antidote, AwakeSand, BadMeat, BeefJerky, INTSeed, LavaStaff, MapHerb, 
MistStaff, MoonHerb, MysticNut, Porkchop, Rib, Sirloin, SkyBell, TinyMedal, 
WarpStaff, WarpWing, WindStaff. Monsters: BigRoost, CoilBird, SpotSlime, Crestpent, 
BoneSlave, DragonKid, Almiraj, BullBird, Hork. Special Floors: Treasure Room, 
Church, Shop Boss: FangSlime Stats: HP: 400 MP: 40 Special Skills: CallHelp, 
ChargeUp, WarCry Special Tips: The only problem with this guy is his WarCry attack. 
It basically puts you to sleep, or at least has the same effect as sleep: You can't 
attack. Bravery Gate Number of Levels: 9 Requirements: Beat E Class Items: Herb, 
Gold, LoveWater, Potion, AGLSeed, Antidote, AwakeSand, BadMeat, BeefJerky, INTSeed, 
LavaStaff, MapHerb, MistStaff, MoonHerb, MysticNut, Porkchop, Rib, Sirloin, SkyBell, 
TinyMedal, WarpStaff, WarpWing, WindStaff. Monsters: Demonite, 1EyeClown, BeanMan, 
FloraMan, SabreMan, GiantWorm, BullBird. Special Floors: Maze, Church, Shop Boss: 
BigEye Stats: HP: 500 MP: 40 Special Skills: Heal, IceAir, SnowStorm Special Tips: 
This is the first boss that doesn't join you. Just figuring out how to reach him is 
tough. Don't worry, if you fall, you won't loose HP. Just keep trying until you 
reach him. Use monsters that can steal his MP, so he won't be able to use Heal and 
his Ice attacks. Anger Gate Number of Levels: 11 Requirements: Beat D Class Items: 
Gold, LoveWater, Herb, PorkChop, Antidote, ATKSeed, AwakeSand, BadMeat, BeefJerky, 
BoltStaff, DEGSeed, ElfWater, Laurel, LavaStaff, LifeAcorn, MapHerb, MistStaff, 
MoonHerb, Potion, Rib, Sirloin, SkyBell, TinyMedal, WarpStaff, WarpWing, WorldLeaf. 
Monsters: GiantWorm, GiantSlug, Poisongon, CatFly, Eyeder, Putrepup, DrakSlime. 
Special Floors: Lost Forest, Church, Shop Boss: BattleRex Stats: HP: 1000 MP: 50 
Special Skills: BlazeAir, EvilSlash, MetalCut Special Tips: Before you can even 
fight her, you must fight some of the monsters in the eggs(DragonKids). After you 
fight a few, a mysterious person will show up and wipe out the rest. You might 
recognize this person if you're a fan of the DW Series......Anyway, to fight this 
monster, use monsters that can beef up your defense and make sure you have lots of 
healing items and spells. Strength Gate Number of Levels: 11 Requirements: Beat 
Anger Gate Items: Gold, LoveWater, Herb, PorkChop, Antidote, ATKSeed, AwakeSand, 
BadMeat, BeefJerky, BoltStaff, DEFSeed, ElfWater, Laurel, LavaStaff, LifeAcorn, 
MapHerb, MistStaff, MoonHerb, Potion, Rib, Sirloin, SkyBell, TinyMedal, WarpStaff, 
WarpWing, WorldLeaf. Monsters: MudDoll, TreeSlime, SkulRider, FairyDrak, WingTree, 
DrakSlime. Special Floors: Lost Forest, Church, Shop Boss: StoneMan Stats: HP: 800 
MP: 36 Special Skills: Cover, SuckAll Special Tips: Explore the room to make the 
StoneMan fight you. Use your strongest monsters, and make sure to bring plenty of 
healing items and spells. Joy Gate Number of Levels: 14 Requirements: Beat C Class 
Items: Gold, LoveWater, AGLSeed, Antidote, AwakeSand, BadMeat, BoltStaff, ElfWater, 
Herb, INTSeed, Laurel, LifeAcorn, MapHerb, MistStaff, MoonHerb, PorkChop, Potion, 
Rib, Sirloin, SkyBell, SnowStaff, TinyMedal, WarpStaff, WarpWing, WorldDew, 
WorldLeaf. Monsters: Snaily, Gulpple, Saccer, MadPecker, EyeBall, Babble, Mummy. 
Special Floors: Conveyor Room, Church, Shop Boss: FunkyBird Stats: HP: 1,200 MP: 160 
Special Skills: Hustle, LifeDance, PaniDance Special Tips: Be sure to have a monster 
with the DanceShut skill. If not, FunkyBird will literally dance away all the damage 
you've done. Two of its skills recover HP. Wisdom Gate Number of Levels: 15 
Requirements: Beat C Class Items: Gold, LoveWater, AGLSeed, Antidote, AwakeSand, 
BadMeat, BoltStaff, ElfWater, Herb, INTSeed, Laurel, LifeAcorn, MapHerb, MistStaff, 
MoonHerb, PorkChop, Potion, Rib, Sirloin, SkyBell, SnowStaff, TinyMedal, WarpStaff, 
WarpWing, WorldDew, WorldLeaf. Monsters: Facer, Tonguella, FloraJay, Pteranod, 
Armorpede. Special Floors: Conveyor Room, Church, Shop Boss: SkyDragon Stats: HP: 
1,200 MP: 150 Special Skills: Scorching, SuckAir Special Tips: This monster is hard 
to even reach! I'm not sure how to get to him, but you can refer to various things, 
and I think there's a topic about it in the DWM Message Boards. If you've trained 
the SkyDragon you get on the farm, you'll know what you're fighting. Monsters who 
are flame-resistant will do best here. Breeding and Advanced Info First of all, to 
be able to breed monsters, the future parents must be level ten, and of course one 
must be male and the other female. Keep an eye on the genders of your monsters to 
open new breeding possibilities. The worst thing that can happen is when you don't 
watch the genders. You get monsters that can create the ultimate monster, only to 
find right as you're about to breed them that they're the same gender. It has 
happened to me before, and now I am much more careful. To actually get new monsters 
in the Shrine, talk to the cloaked man. He can perform two services: breeding and 
hatching. When two monsters mate, they spend the night in the shrine. This is the 
breeding part. The next morning, you can either get the monster hatched right away, 
or you can wait to get it blessed and change its gender. Both services cost money. 
The hatching part's fee will vary depending on the + Level of the monster inside. I 
should also mention that once you mate monsters, you loose them. To breed two 
monsters, you must first select the pedigree. This determines the family that the 
bred monster will be in. The secondary monster is the second half of the mix. Here's 
an example: Say you recruited a Dracky in the wild. You then went out and got a 
slime. If you choose the slime for the pedigree, you would get WingSlime, a member 
of the slime family that has wings, like Dracky. But, if you make the Dracky the 
pedigree, you'd get a Picky, which is a bird family. That Picky is in the same 
family as the Dracky, the pedigree. I am not sure if the pedigree always is the same 
family as the newborn, but in most cases it is. Before you confirm the selection, he 
predicts what the monster will be. He is always right. If you don't like the 
selection, you can safely bail out. If you do, he saves the game and the magic 
happens. There are two ways to breed: by specific monsters or by family. Breeding 
Monsters By Family This happens when you breed a monster of a specific family with a 
monster from a different family. It goes something like this: A Family X B Family = 
C Monster In the beginning, this is how most breeding takes place. You won't get 
into more complexed breeding until later in the game. Be careful, though. If you use 
monsters that are used in a specific recipe, you won't get the wanted monster. This 
table shows breeding by family. Slime Family X Dragon Family = DrakSlime Slime 
Family X Beast Family = SpotSlime Slime Family X Bird Family = WIngSlime Slime 
Family X Plant Family = TreeSlime Slime Family X Bug Family = Snaily Slime Family X 
Devil Family = SlimeNite Slime Family X Zombie Family = Babble Slime Family X 
Material Family = BoxSlime Slime Family X ??? Family = KingSlime Dragon Family X 
Slime Family =DragonKid Dragon Family X Beast Family = Tortragon Dragon Family X 
Bird Family = Pteranod Dragon Family X Plant Family = Gasgon Dragon Family X Bug 
Family = FairyDrak Dragon Family X Devil Family = LizardMan Dragon Family X Zombie 
Family = Poisongon Dragon Family X Material Family = Swordgon Dragon Family X ??? 
Family = Orochi Beast Family X Slime Family = Tonguella Beast Family X Dragon Family 
= Almiraj Beast Family X Bird Family = CatFly Beast Family X Plant Family = 
PillowRat Beast Family X Bug Family = Saccer Beast Family X Devil Family = Grizzly 
Beast Family X Zombie Family = Skullroo Beast Family X Material Family = WindBeast 
Beast Family X ??? Family = DarkHorn Bird Family X Slime Family = Picky Bird Family 
X Dragon Family = Wyvern Bird Family X Beast Family = BullBird Bird Family X Plant 
Family = Florajay Bird Family X Bug Family = DuckKite Bird Family X Devil Family = 
MadPecker Bird Family X Zombie Family = MadRaven Bird Family X Material Family = 
MistyWing Bird Family X ??? Family = ZapBird Plant Family X Slime Family = MadPlant 
Plant Family X Dragon Family = FireWeed Plant Family X Beast Family = FloraMan Plant 
Family X Bird Family = WingTree Plant Family X Bug Family = CactiBall Plant Family X 
Devil Family = Gulpple Plant Family X Zombie Family = Toadstool Plant Family X 
Material Family = Amberweed Plant Family X ??? Family = Rosevine Bug Family X Slime 
Family = GiantSlug Bug Family X Dragon Family = Catapilla Bug Family X Beast Family 
= Gophecada Bug Family X Bird Family = Butterfly Bug Family X Plant Family = WeedBug 
Bug Family X Devil Family = GiantWorm Bug Family X Zombie Family = Lipsy Bug Family 
X Material Family = StagBug Bug Family X ??? Family = Digster Devil Family X Slime 
Family = Pixy Devil Family X Dragon Family = MedusaEye Devil Family X Beast Family = 
Gremlin Devil Family X Bird Family = Demonite Devil Family X Plant Family = DarkEye 
Devil Family X Bug Family = EyeBall Devil Family X Zombie Family = SkulRider Devil 
Family X Material Family = EvilBeast Devil Family X ??? Family = ArcDemon Zombie 
Family X Slime Family = Spooky Zombie Family X Dragon Family = MadSpirit Zombie 
Family X Beast Family = Putrepup Zombie Family X Bird Family = RotRaven Zombie 
Family X Plant Family = Mummy Zombie Family X Bug Family = DarkCrab Zombie Family X 
Devil Family = DeadNite Zombie Family X Material Family = Shadow Zombie Family X ??? 
Family = WhiteKing Material Family X Slime Family = JewelBag Material Family X 
Dragon Family = EvilWand Material Family X Beast Family = MadCandle Material Family 
X Bird Family = CoilBird Material Family X Plant Family = Facer Material Family X 
Bug Family = SpikyBoy Material Family X Devil Family = MadMirror Material Family X 
Zombie Family = RogueNite Material Family X ??? Family = Balzak Breeding by Specific 
Monsters This is the only way to net certain monsters. This chart shows how these 
monsters are made. A Monster X B Monster = C Monster A Monster X B Family = C 
Monster A Family X B Monster = C Monster The more powerful monsters in this game are 
created this way. Strengthing a Specific Monster Through Breeding If you have a 
monster you really like, try this. Breed this monster, it being the pedigree, with a 
monster of the same family. He will get powered up! Letter Grades This section will 
show you which monsters are really good. You want to populate your party with A+ or 
A monsters mainly. You can also settle for a B, which is the lowest rank given on 
this chart, but they're still good. S is the best and B is average. S Ranked 
Monsters DarkDrium Zoma DeathMore (Final Form) DracoLord (Dragon Form) Watabou Sidoh 
Pizzaro Mirudraas (Transformed) A+ Ranked Monsters Armorpion Baramos DarkHorn 
DeathMore DeathMore (Transformed) Divinegon DracoLord (Classic Version) Esterk 
GoldGolem GoldSlime Hargon KingLeo Metabble Metaly Mirudraas Mudou RainHawk SpotKing 
A Ranked Monsters Akubar Durran FangSlime FunkyBird GoatHorn GreatDrak KingSlime 
Orochi Rosevine Servant SkyDragon SlimeBorg Unicorn WhiteKing B Ranked Monsters 
ArmyCrab Babble BattleRex BigEye Blizzardy BoxSlime Centasaur Coatol DeadNoble 
DrakSlime Droll FaceTree GateGuard GiantMoth Healer HerbMan HornBeet Jamirus LandOwl 
MadCat MadGoose MadKnight MadSpirit Mommonja Phoenix Reaper RockSlime SkulRider 
Slabbit SlimeNite Snaily Snapper Spooky TreeSlime Trumpeter WhipBird Foreign Masters 
Throughout the Mystic World, you will encounter other Monster Tamers, called Foreign 
Masters. You will fight them in two places: they will be wondering around the Mystic 
World under certain conditions, or will be in the Arena-style areas. Believe it or 
not, you can steal their monsters from them! Just give them a couple Sirloins in 
battle. Here is a quick rundown of the Foreign Masters you'll encounter: Warrior 
(Red or Yellow) Conditions of Appearance: None Reward: Gives you one item. Minister 
Conditions of Appearance: Pick up all the items on a floor Rewards: Heals your 
monsters, even if one or two are knocked out. Cloaked Man Conditions of Appearance: 
Appears on the floor after a floor that had 16+ screens. Rewards: Transports you 
down 20 floors or to the boss. Shopkeeper Conditions of Appearance: Don't pick up 
any items Reward: Gives you lots of meat Bard Conditions of Appearance: Appears on 
the floor after a floor that only had two screens. Rewards: Gives you a potion that 
raises a stat or your monsters I should also mention that certain monsters can only 
be gotten in the wild this way. You could always breed them, but this way is shorter 
and more time- efficient. Monster Trainer Monsters As I'm sure most of you know, you 
can encounter trainers in the wild that will possess random monsters, based on the 
combined levels of your monsters. I can't post them all here, but to find them, go 
to the following address: Monsters Each monster 
in the game belongs to one of the ten families. These are the monsters and their 
families, as well as a description of the monsters in the family. Slime Family These 
monsters are well-rounded. They are pretty easy to obtain, too. They are essential 
in the beginning of the game. Babble BoxSlime DrakSlime FangSlime GoldSlime Healer 
KingSlime Metabble MetalKing Metaly RockSlime Slabbit Slime SlimeBorg SlimeNite 
Snaily SpotKing SpotSlime TreeSlime WingSlime Dragon Family You definitely want 
these monsters. They are strong and immune to fire attacks. Andreal BattleRex 
Chamelgon Coatol Crestpent Divinegon Dragon DragonKid FairyDrak Gasgon GreatDrak 
KingCobra LizardFly LizardMan MadDragon MiniDrak Orochi Poisongon Pteranod Rayburn 
SkyDragon Spikerous Swordgon Tortragon WingSnake Beast Family These monsters are 
rather powerful too, but they aren't as easy to obtain as Slime monsters. Almiraj 
Anteater BigEye CatFly DarkHorn FairyRat Goategon Grizzly GulpBeast HammerMan 
IronTurt KingLeo MadCat MadGopher Mommonja PillowRat Saccer Skullroo SuperTen 
Tonguella Trumpeter Unicorn WildApe WindBeast Yeti Bird Family Some of these 
monsters, like RainHark and Jamirus, can be quite powerful, while others like Dracky 
and BullBird should be used in an emergency. BigRoost Blizzardy BullBird Dracky 
DuckKite FloraJay FunkyBird LandOwl MadCondor MadGoose MadPecker MadRaven MistyWing 
Phoenix Picky Rainhawk StubBird WhipBird Wyvern ZapBird Plant Family These are smart 
monsters. They are good at the beginning, but then tend to get weaker, with 
exceptions like Rosevine. AmberWeed BeanMan CactiBall DanceVegi EvilSeed FaceTree 
FireWeed FloraMan Gulpple HerbMan MadPlant ManEater Oniono Rosevine Snapper Stubsuck 
Toadstool TreeBoy !Watabou! WingTree Bug Family These monsters start out average, 
but then kind of dip down later. Bugs should not be included in the ultimate teams, 
except for Armorpion, which is an A+ Ranked monster. Armorpede Armorpion ArmyAnt 
ArmyCrab Butterfly Catapilla Digster Droll Eyeder GiantMoth GiantSlug GiantWorm 
GoHopper Gophecada HornBeet Lipsy MadHornet StagBug TailEater WeedBug Devil Family 
This is another powerful family. They would make a nice addition to any team, plus 
some of them look awesome. : ) AgDevil Akubar ArcDemon Centasaur ChopClown DarkEye 
Demonite Durran EvilArmor EvilBeast EyeBall GateGuard Gigantes GoatHorn Gremlin 
Grendal Jamirus Lionex MadKnight MedusaEye Ogre 1EyeClown Orc Pixy SkulRider Zombie 
Family These guys specialize more in inducing status elements such as blindness or 
paralysis than they do in power. BoneSlave CopyCat DarkCrab DeadNite DeadNoble Hork 
MadSpirit Mudron Mummy NiteWhip Putrepup Reaper RotRaven Servant Shadow Skeletor 
Skullgon Spooky WhiteKing WindMerge Material Family These monsters can be pretty 
powerful if trained well, and have some good monsters including Balzak and 
GoldGolem. Like the Devil Family, some of these guys also look cool. : ) Balzak 
BombCrag CoilBird CurseLamp EvilPot EvilWand Facer Gismo GoldGolem Golem Goopi 
IceMan JewelBag LavaMan MadCandle MadMirror MetalDrak Mimic MudDoll Roboster 
RogueNite SabreMan SpikyBoy StoneMan VooDoll ??? Family Ah yes.....The ultimate 
monsters. These guys definitely make up the ultimate team. The best monsters of this 
family are Zoma and DarkDrium. To get DarkDrium, though, you must lose your 
Watabou...... Baramos DarkDrium DeathMore DeathMore (Transformed) DeathMore (3rd 
Form) DracoLord (New) DracoLord (Classic) Esterk Hargon Mirudraas Mirudraas 
(Transformed) Mudou Pizzaro Sidoh Zoma Breeding Recipes 1EyeClown 1EyeClown x 
1EyeClown = ChopClown 1EyeClown x Zombie Family = MedusaEye AgDevil AgDevil x 
Andreal, GreatDrak, KingLeo, KingSlime, MetalDrak, MetalKing, Orochi, SpotKing, 
StoneMan, Trumpeter, WhipBird, ZapBird = ArcDemon AgDevil x Coatol, DeadNoble, 
MadCondor, MadRaven, MistyWing, Rosevine, Skullgon, SlimeBorg, Swordgon, WhiteKing = 
GateGuard Akubar Akubar x RainHawk = Jamirus BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon 
x Akubar = Andreal RainHawk x Akubar = Jamirus Almiraj Almiraj x Dragon Family = 
WildApe Slime Family x Almiraj = FangSlime AmberWeed AmberWeed x Beast Family = 
Stubsuck Bug Family x AmberWeed = Eyeder Andreal Andreal x Digster, Golem, 
KingSlime, Roboster, Skullgon, SlimeBorg, StoneMan = MetalDrak Andreal x MedusaEye = 
Orochi AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x Andreal = ArcDemon Servant x Andreal = DracoLord
(1) Material Family x Andreal = MetalDrak Zombie Family x Andreal = Skullgon 
BoneSlave, DeadNoble, Skeletor, Skullgon x Andreal = WhiteKing Anteater N/A ArcDemon 
ArcDemon x GateGuard = Akubar ArcDemon x Dragon Family = Centasaur ArcDemon x 
Material Family = EvilArmor ArcDemon x Beast Family = GoatHorn ArcDemon x Zombie 
Family = Lionex BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon x ArcDemon = Andreal 
BoneSlave, MadSpirit, Mudron, Skeletor x ArcDemon = DeadNoble MetalDrak x ArcDemon = 
LavaMan Bird Family x ArcDemon = Phoenix Armorpede Devil Family x Armorpede = 
EvilArmor Armorpede x Devil Family = HornBeet Armorpion DeathMore(1) x Armorpion = 
DeathMore(2) ArmyAnt N/A ArmyCrab Dragon Family x ArmyCrab = Spikerous Babble N/A 
Balzak Trumpeter x Balzak = KingLeo GulpBeast x Balzak = Trumpeter Baramos Baramos x 
DarkHorn = Mudou BattleRex BattleRex x Akubar, ArcDemon, DeadNoble, FunkyBird, 
Goategon, GoatHorn, Golem, Lionex, MadCondor, Ogre, Trumpeter, WhipBird = Andreal 
BattleRex x CopyCat, DarkHorn, MadKnight, StoneMan = Coatol Dragon Family x 
BattleRex = GreatDrak SpotKing x BattleRex = KingSlime Zombie Family x BattleRex = 
Skullgon KingSlime, MetalKing x BattleRex = SpotKing Goategon, IronTurt, MadCat, 
WildApe x BattleRex = Yeti BeanMan Devil Family x BeanMan = Orc BigEye BigEye x 
Dragon Family = GulpBeast Dragon Family x BigEye = EvilSeed Devil Family x BigEye = 
Gigantes BigRoost Dragon Family x BigRoost = Crestpent Blizzardy Blizzardy x Phoenix 
= RainHawk Blizzardy x Digster, Golem, MetalDrak, RockSlime, SlimeBorg, StoneMan = 
WhipBird BoneSlave, DeadNoble, Skeletor, Skullgon x Blizzardy = WhiteKing BombCrag 
Slime Family x BombCrag = RockSlime BoneSlave BoneSlave x ArcDemon, Copycat, 
GateGuard, Lionex, MetalDrak, Roboster = Deadnoble BoneSlave x Bird Family = 
MadSpirit BoneSlave x BoneSlave = Skeletor BoneSlave x Dragon Family = Skullgon 
BoneSlave x Andreal, Blizzardy, GoldGolem, GreatDrak, KingLeo, KingSlime, MetalDrak, 
SpotKing, WhipBird, ZapBird = WhiteKing BoxSlime Material Family x BoxSlime = Mimic 
Zombie Family x BoxSlime = Mudron BullBird BullBird x Beast Family = LandOwl 
Butterfly Butterfly x Butterfly, Eyeder, TailEater = Droll Butterfly x Devil Family 
= GiantMoth Eyeder, TailEater x Butterfly = Droll Plant Family x Butterfly = 
EvilSeed CactiBall N/A Catapila Catapila x Beast Family = Eyeder CatFly CatFly x 
Bird Family = WindBeast Centasaur Centasaur x GoldGolem = Durran GoldGolem x 
Centasaur = Durran Dragon Family x Centasaur = GreatDrak SpotKing x Centasaur = 
KingSlime MetalDrak x Centasaur = LavaMan KingSlime, MetalKing x Centasaur = 
SpotKing Chamelgon N/A ChopClown N/A Coatol AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x Coatol = 
GateGuard CoilBird Bird Family x CoilBird = MadCondor Copycat BattleRex, Gasgon, 
LizardMan, Pteranod, SkyDragon x Copycat = Coatol BoneSlave, DeadNite, Mudron, 
Skeletor, Skullgon x Copycat = DeadNoble Slime Family x Copycat = Healer Bird Family 
x Copycat = Phoenix GulpBeast, Tonguella x Copycat = SuperTen Crestpent Crestpent x 
Crestpent = WingSnake CurseLamp N/A DanceVegi DanceVegi x Devil Family = HerbMan 
Bird Family x DanceVegi = FunkyBird Zombie Family x DanceVegi = Mudron DarkCrab 
DarkCrab x Devil Family = NiteWhip Bug Family x DarkCrab = ArmyCrab Darkdrium N/A 
DarkEye DarkEye x Zombie Family = MedusaEye Plant Family x DarkEye = EvilSeed 
DarkHorn BattleRex, Gasgon, LizardMan, Pteranod, SkyDragon x DarkHorn = Coatol Slime 
Family x DarkHorn = FangSlime Devil Family x DarkHorn = GoatHorn Roboster x DarkHorn 
= KingLeo Baramos x DarkHorn = Mudou DeadNite DeadNite x FloraMan, Gremlin, 
HornBeet, LandOwl, MadGoose, RockSlime, SlimeBorg = BoneSlave DeadNite x DeadNite, 
Copycat = DeadNoble DeadNite x Bird Family = MadSpirit DeadNite x EvilBeast, Golem, 
Grizzly, GulpBeast, MadCat, MadCondor, MadRaven, Ogre, StoneMan = Skeletor Slime 
Family x DeadNite = RockSlime DeadNoble DeadNoble x Bird Family = MadSpirit 
DeadNoble x Dragon Family = Skullgon DeadNoble x Andreal, Blizzardy, GoldGolem, 
GreatDrak, KingLeo, KingSlime, MetalKing, SpotKing, WhipBird, ZapBird = WhiteKing 
BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon x DeadNoble = Andreal Bird Family x 
DeadNoble = Blizzardy AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x DeadNoble = GateGuard Grizzly, 
Tonguella, Trumpeter, Unicorn, WildApe, Yeti x DeadNoble = GulpBeast SpotKing x 
DeadNoble = KingSlime SabreMan x DeadNoble = Roboster Dragon Family x DeadNoble = 
Skullgon KingSlime, MetalKing x DeadNoble = SpotKing DeathMore DeathMore x Armorpion 
= DeathMore (2) DeathMore (2) DeathMore (2) x Mudou = DeathMore (3) DeathMore (3) 
DeathMore (3) x Watabou = Darkdrium Demonite Demonite x Slime Family = 1EyeClown 
Demonite x Demonite = GateGuard GulpBeast, Tonguella x Demonite = SuperTen Digster 
Grizzly, Tonguella, Trumpeter, Unicorn, WildApe, Yeti x Digster = GulpBeast AgDevil, 
Gigantes, Grendal x Digster = Ogre Andreal, GreatDrak, Spikerous x Digster = 
MetalDrak Slime Family x Digster = RockSlime Dragon Family x Digster = Spikerous 
Material Family x Digster = StoneMan Blizzardy, LandOwl, MadCondor, MadGoose, 
ZapBird x Digster = WhipBird Divinegon DracoLord x Divinegon = DracoLord (2) 
SpotKing x Divinegon = KingSlime Durran x Divinegon = Pizzaro Zombie Family x 
Divinegon = Skullgon KingSlime, MetalKing x Divinegon = SpotKing Dracky N/A 
DracoLord DracoLord x Divinegon = DracoLord (2) DracoLord (2) DracoLord (2) x Sidoh 
= Zoma Dragon Dragon (+4 and up) x Dragon = GreatDrak DragonKid DragonKid (0-+3) x 
DragonKid = Dragon DragonKid (+4 and up) x DragonKid = GreatDrak DrakSlime DrakSlime 
x BattleRex, GreatDrak, SkyDragon, Spikerous, Swordgon = SlimeBorg Goopi, MadCandle, 
MadMirror x DrakSlime = Gismo Beast Family x DrakSlime = Goategon Bird Family x 
DrakSlime = Phoenix Golem, StoneMan x DrakSlime = Voodoll Droll Droll x Dragon 
Family = Armorpede Droll x Zombie Family = MadHornet Bird Family x Droll = MadGoose 
Zombie x Droll = Mudron DuckKite Plant Family x DuckKite = EvilSeed Beast Family x 
DuckKite = Mommonja Durran Durran x Divinegon = Pizzaro Esterk Esterk x GoldSlime = 
Mirudraas EvilArmor Dragon Family x EvilArmor = BattleRex SabreMan x EvilArmor = 
Roboster EvilBeast EvilBeast x Dragon Family = AgDevil EvilBeast x Zombie Family = 
Gigantes EvilBeast x Beast Family = Grendal DeadNite, Hork, Mudron, Mummy x 
EvilBeast = Skeletor EvilPot N/A EvilSeed EvilSeed x EvilSeed = ManEater MadMirror x 
EvilSeed = Gismo EvilWand EvilWand x FunkyBird, LandOwl, MadGoose, Phoenix = 
Sabreman EyeBall EyeBall x Slime Family = 1EyeClown Beast Family x EyeBall = BigEye 
Plant Family x EyeBall = EvilSeed Eyeder Eyeder x Butterfly, TailEater, Eyeder = 
Droll Eyeder x Zombie Family = MadHornet Butterfly, TailEater, Eyeder x Eyeder = 
Droll Plant Family x Eyeder = EvilSeed Facer Plant Family x Facer = DanceVegi 
FaceTree LizardMan x FaceTree = Rayburn GulpBeast, Tonguella x FaceTree = SuperTen 
FairyDrak N/A FairyRat Bug Family x FairyRat = MadHornet FangSlime Zombie Family x 
FangSlime = Mudron GulpBeast, Tonguella x FangSlime = SuperTen Beast Family x 
FangSlime = Unicorn FireWeed Goopi, MadCandle, MadMirror x FireWeed = Gismo FloraJay 
N/A FloraMan DeadNite, Hork, Mummy x FloraMan = BoneSlave Bug Family x FloraMan = 
TailEater FunkyBird BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon x FunkyBird = Andreal 
Slime Family x FunkyBird = Healer Plant Family x FunkyBird = HerbMan Zombie Family x 
FunkyBird = Mudron EvilWand, Golem, StoneMan, Voodoll x FunkyBird = SabreMan 
GulpBeast, Tonguella x FunkyBird = SuperTen Gasgon Gasgon x Akubar, ArcDemon, 
DeadNoble, FunkyBird, Goategon, GoatHorn, Golem, Lionex, MadCondor, Ogre, Trumpeter, 
WhipBird = Andreal Gasgon x Copycat, DarkHorn, MadKnight, StoneMan = Coatol Gasgon x 
Beast Family = MadDragon Goategon, IronTurt, MadCat, WildApe x Gasgon = Yeti 
GateGuard GateGuard x Zombie Family = ArcDemon GateGuard x Beast Family = Centasaur 
GateGuard x Material Family = EvilArmor GateGuard x Dragon Family = Ogre ArcDemon x 
GateGuard = Akubar GiantMoth Slime Family x GiantMoth = Babble AgDevil, Gigantes, 
Grendal x GiantMoth = GateGuard GiantSlug GiantSlug x Slime Family = ArmyAnt Zombie 
Family x GiantSlug = Mudron GiantWorm GiantWorm x Material Family = Armorpede 
Material Family x GiantWorm = SabreMan Gigantes Gigantes x Andreal, GreatDrak, 
KingLeo, KingSlime, MetalDrak, MetalKing, Orochi, SpotKing, StoneMan, Trumpeter, 
WhipBird, ZapBird = ArcDemon Gigantes x Coatol, DeadNoble, GiantMoth, MadCondor, 
MistyWing, Rosevine, Skullgon, SlimeBorg, Swordgon, WhiteKing = GateGuard Gigantes x 
Digster, GulpBeast, Roboster, Unicorn = Ogre Dragon Family x Gigantes = GreatDrak 
SpotKing x Gigantes = KingSlime LizardMan x Gigantes = Rayburn KingSlime, MetalKing 
x Gigantes = SpotKing Gismo Gismo x Devil Family = EvilPot Bird Family x Gismo = 
Phoenix MadCondor, Phoenix, WhipBird x Gismo = ZapBird Goategon Goategon x Golem, 
IceMan, LavaMan, MetalDrak, Roboster, StoneMan = GulpBeast Goategon x Slime Family = 
Unicorn Goategon x BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, Pteranod, SkyDragon, Swordgon = 
Yeti BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon x Goategon = Andreal Bird Family x 
Goategon = Blizzardy GoatHorn BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon x GoatHorn = 
Andreal LizardMan x GoatHorn = Rayburn GoHopper Dragon Family x GoHopper = LizardFly 
GoldGolem GoldGolem x Centasaur = Durran Centasaur x GoldGolem = Durran KingSlime, 
SpotKing, MetalKing x GoldGolem = GoldSlime Trumpeter x GoldGolem = KingLeo 
BoneSlave, DeadNoble, Skeletor, Skullgon x GoldGolem = WhiteKing GoldSlime Esterk x 
GoldSlime = Mirudraas Golem Golem x DrakSlime, RockSlime, SlimeNite, Snaily = 
Voodoll Golem x FunkyBird, LandOwl, MadGoose, Phoenix = Sabreman Slime Family x 
Golem = RockSlime BattleRex, Gasgon, MadDragon, SkyDragon x Golem = Andreal Beast 
Family x Golem = Grizzly Goategon, Grizzly, IronTurt, Unicorn, WildApe, Yeti x Golem 
= GulpBeast Andreal, GreatDrak, Spikerous x Golem = MetalDrak DeadNite, Golem, Hork, 
Mudron, Mummy x Golem = StoneMan GulpBeast x Golem = Trumpeter Blizzardy, LandOwl, 
MadCondor, MadGoose, ZapBird x Golem = WhipBird Goopi Goopi x DrakSlime, EvilSeed, 
MistyWing, FireWeed, Phoenix, Wyvern = Gismo Goopi x Goopi = MudDoll Gophecada Plant 
Family x Gophecada = Oniono GreatDrak GreatDrak x Digster, Golem, KingSlime, 
Roboster, Skullgon, SlimeBorg, StoneMan, MedusaEye = MetalDrak GreatDrak x MedusaEye 
= Orochi AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x GreatDrak = ArcDemon Servant x GreatDrak = 
DracoLord SpotKing x GreatDrak = KingSlime SabreMan x GreatDrak = Roboster Zombie 
Family x GreatDrak = Skullgon DrakSlime, Metabble, RockSlime, SlimeNite x GreatDrak 
= SlimeBorg KingSlime, MetalKing x GreatDrak = SpotKing BoneSlave, DeadNoble, 
Skeletor, Skullgon x GreatDrak = WhiteKing Gremlin Gremlin x Dragon Family = AgDevil 
Gremlin x Beast Family = Grendal Gremlin x Zombie Family = MedusaEye DeadNite, Hork, 
Mummy x Gremlin = BoneSlave GulpBeast, Tonguella x Gremlin = SuperTen Grendal 
Grendal x Grendal = Akubar Grendal x Andreal, GreatDrak, KingLeo, KingSlime, 
MetalDrak, MetalKing, Orochi, SpotKing, StoneMan, Trumpeter, WhipBird, ZapBird = 
ArcDemon Grendal x Coatol, DeadNoble, GiantMoth, MadCondor, MistyWing, Rosevine, 
Skullgon, SlimeBorg, Swordgon, WhiteKing = GateGuard Grendal x Digster, GulpBeast, 
Roboster, Unicorn = Ogre SabreMan x Grendal = Roboster Grizzly Grizzly x DeadNoble, 
Devil Family, Digster, Dragon Family, Golem, IceMan, LavaMan, MetalDrak, roboster, 
Skeletor, Skullgon, StoneMan, WhiteKing = GulpBeast Grizzly x LandOwl, MadCondor, 
WhipBird, ZapBird = Trumpeter Grizzly x Slime Family = Unicorn Bird Family x Grizzly 
= Phoenix Material Family x Grizzly = Roboster DeadNite, Hork, Mudron, Mummy x 
Grizzly = Skeletor GulpBeast GulpBeast x Copycat, Demonite, FaceTree, FangSlime, 
FunkyBird, Gremlin, JewelBag, Lipsy, MadDragon, MadPlant, Mimic, TreeSlime = 
Superten GulpBeast x Balzak, Golem, IceMan, LandOwl, LavaMan, MadCondor, MetalDrak, 
Roboster, StoneMan, WhipBird, ZapBird = Trumpeter GulpBeast x Slime Family = Unicorn 
Slime Family x GulpBeast = FangSlime Roboster x GulpBeast = KingLeo Dragon Family x 
GulpBeast = MadDragon AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x GulpBeast = Ogre Bird Family x 
GulpBeast = Phoenix Material Family x GulpBeast = Roboster DeadNite, Hork, Mudron, 
Mummy x GulpBeast = Skeletor Gulpple Dragon Family x Gulpple = Andreal HammerMan 
Devil Family x HammerMan = Ogre Hargon Hargon x Orochi = Baramos Healer N/A HerbMan 
HerbMan x Dragon Family = FaceTree Hork Hork x FloraMan, GremLin, Hork, HornBeet, 
LandOwl, MadGoose, RockSlime, SlimeBorg = BoneSlave Hork x Devil Family = Reaper 
Hork x EvilBeast, Golem, Grizzly, GulpBeast, MadCat, MadCondor, MadRaven, Ogre, 
StoneMan = Skeletor HornBeet HornBeet x HornBeet = Armorpion DeadNite, Hork, Mummy x 
HornBeet = BoneSlave Material Family x HornBeet = StoneMan IceMan IceMan x Devil 
Family = Balzak IceMan x LavaMan = GoldGolem Bird Family x IceMan = Blizzardy Beast 
Family x IceMan = Grizzly Goategon, Grizzly, IronTurt, Unicorn, WildApe, Yeti x 
IceMan = GulpBeast GulpBeast x IceMan = Trumpeter IronTurt IronTurt x Golem, IceMan, 
LavaMan, MetalDrak, Roboster, StoneMan = GulpBeast IronTurt x BattleRex, Gasgon, 
MadDragon, Pteranod, SkyDragon, Swordgon = Yeti Bug Family x IronTurt = Armorpede 
Bird Family x IronTurt = Phoenix Jamirus Jamirus x Rosevine = Sidoh JewelBag 
JewelBag x Slime Family = Goopi GulpBeast, Tonguella x JewelBag = SuperTen KingCobra 
N/A KingLeo AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x KingLeo = ArcDemon Dragon Family x KingLeo 
= BattleRex Pizzaro x KingLeo = Esterk Roboster x KingLeo = IceMan SpotKing x 
KingLeo = KingSlime MetalDrak x KingLeo = LavaMan Material Family x KingLeo = 
Roboster Slime Family x KingLeo = FangSlime KingSlime, MetalKing x KingLeo = 
SpotKing BoneSlave, DeadNoble, Skeletor, Skullgon x KingLeo = WhiteKing KingSlime 
KingSlime x GoldGolem = GoldSlime KingSlime x MetalDrak = MetalKing KingSlime x 
BattleRex, Centasaur, DeadNoble, Divinegon, Gigantes, GreatDrak, KingLeo, MadCondor, 
Unicorn, WhipBird, WhiteKing, ZapBird = SpotKing AgDevil, Gigantes, Grendal x 
KingSlime = ArcDemon Dragon Family x KingSlime = GreatDrak Andreal, GreatDrak, 
Spikerous x KingSlime = MetalDrak BoneSlave, DeadNoble, Skeletor, Skullgon x 
KingSlime = WhiteKing Well, I'm done with K. Sorry for the lack of breeding combos, 
but I'm pretty tired, I'll do more next update. Until than, if there's any you need 
to know, mail me at [email protected] Thanks for your patience. Reader 
Teams Here is where I'll post teams that you, the readers sent in to me. Team 1 
(Doom) Darkdrium +92 lvl 99 male Hotblood ATK: 999 DEF: 999 AGL: 511 INT: 255 HP: 
999/999 MP: 999/999 Skills: Revive, HealUsall, MultiCut, TwinHits, QuadHits, 
HellBlast, BigBang and Chance (Miru) Mirudraas(1) +81 lvl 99 male Hotblood ATK: 999 
DEF: 999 AGL: 511 INT: 255 HP: 999/999 MP: 999/999 Skills: Revive, HealUsall, Surge, 
Twinhits, QuadHits, Hellblast, BigBang, and MultiCut (Zoma) Zoma +63 lvl 99 male 
Hotblood ATK: 999 DEF: 999 AGL: 511 INT: 255 HP: 999/999 MP: 999/999 Skills: Revive, 
TwinHits, QuadHits, HealUsAll, DeMagic, Surge, HellBlast, BigBang. This team was 
made by [email protected] Items List AGLSEED-Raises agility 3 points. Only used out 
of battle. ANTIDOTE-Cures poison. Used anytime. ATKSEED-Raises attack 3 points. Only 
used out of battle. AWAKESAND-Awakens one sleeping monster. Used anytime. BADMEAT-
Given to one of your monsters, it lowers Wild stat 5 points but could poison. It 
makes an enemy like you a little bit, and could poison it. BEASTTAIL-When in 
inventory, look on your map to see the direction of the MH. When used in battle, 
shows you which monsters have already joined. BEEFJERKY- Lowers own monster's wild 
stat 5 points. For enemies, use at the beginning of game. BENICEBK- Affects 
personality of monster. BOLTSTAFF-Inflicts 35-50 damage to all enemies in battle. 
BOOKMARK-Save your game anywhere in the Mystic World, except in Special Rooms. 
CHEATERBK-Affects personality of monster. COMEDYBK-Affects personality of monster. 
DEFSEED-Raises defense 3 points. Only used out of battle. ELFWATER-Completely 
restores one monster's MP. FIRESTAFF-Inflicts 140-170 points of damage to one enemy. 
Best staff. HERB-Heals around 30 HP. HORRORBK-Affects monster's personality. INTSEED-
Raises intelligence 3 points. Only used out of battle. LAUREL-Cures curses. Used 
anytime. LAVASTAFF-Don't get this confused with the Firestaff. This only does 30-40 
HP of damage to all enemies. LIFEACORN-Raises HP 5 points. Used out of battle. 
LOVEWATER-Heals around 65 for one monster. MAPHERB-Reveals map of the floor you're 
on. MISTSTAFF- Makes enemies unable to cast spells in battle. MOONHERB-Cures 
paralysis. MYSTICNUT-Raises MP 5 points. Used out of battle. PORKCHOP-Lowers Wild 
stat 10 points. Makes monsters think you're okay. Usually takes a couple to recruit. 
POTION-Heals around 25 MP for one monster. QUESTBK-Affects monster's personality. 
REPELLENT-Avoids random battles for a short time. RIB-Lowers Wild stat 20 points. 
Good for common monsters. SAGESTONE-Recovers around 65 HP for all monsters. 
SHINYHARP-Draws monsters to you. SIRLOIN-Lowers Wild stat 100 points! Great for 
recruiting hard to find monsters. SKYBELL-Cures confusion. SMARTBK-Affects monster's 
personality. SNOWSTAFF-Does 80-110 damage to all monsters. Second best staff. 
TINYMEDAL-Give to MedalMan to get monsters. WARPSTAFF-Warps you to Mystic Hole. 
Don't get confused with WarpWing. WARPWING-Warps you back to the Kingdom. WINDSTAFF-
Does 8-24 points of damage. Worst staff. WORLDDEW-Heals party completely. WORLDLEAF-
Revive fallen monster. That's it for the items. FAQS Q: Once I catch a monster, can 
I catch another one of the same kind? A: It's possible, but much harder. Use Ribs 
and Sirloins, and the Ironize Trick, which can be found in the Hints and Tips 
section. Q: What's the best non-boss monster? A: Probably GoldSlime, because of its 
good resistances and high Agility, Intelligence, and Defense. Q: How do I 
breed...... A: Check the breeding section. If it's not there, email me at 
[email protected] Q: I can't continue after the Starry Night! A: You're 
probably using an emulator, and if you are, you aren't using hellogb. Q: What do you 
think of Gameshark? A: Personally, I don't care who uses it, and others shouldn't, 
too. Q: Can you rate my team? A: Send it to me, and I'll show it to some experts and 
send you their opinions. Q: What are some good DWM sites? A: My favorites are: LCOTA
(http://shell.world-net.co.nz/~jimeous/dwm/index.htm), DWM Central 
(http://dwmcentral.cjb.net) and Big Trunk (http://cipsa.physik.uni-
freiburg.de/~dittrich/) Hints and Tips The Ironize Trick (VERY GOOD) First, make 
sure one of your monsters has Ironize. Then, go to the gate with the monster that 
you desire in it. Then, keep fighting until you encounter that monster. Cast Ironize 
on your party. That will keep them from doing or taking damage for three rounds. 
Keep using the meats (Ribs and Sirloins) on them until Ironize wears off. Then 
pummel them. Make sure you defeat the monster you want last. Examine every pot or 
dresser you find. They could contain something valuable. While in the Main Menu, 
press start to see a screen that tells game time, your name, amount of monsters 
joined, monsters awake, and monsters asleep. Once you're in the Mystic World, you 
may only return to GreatTree by means of WarpWing or going through and defeating the 
boss(es). Make wise use of your MapHerbs. They uncover the whole map and show you 
where the Mystic Hole. Be careful when considering the run command. If you fail, 
they will get a free round of attack on you. In the first quest, try to recruit at 
least one monster. Remember the old saying "There's strength in numbers." If you're 
using at least two monsters to defeat Hale, that's good, but if you're attempting it 
just with Slib, have plenty of herbs handy. Once you return to GreatTree after 
beating a boss, SAVE! You don't want to have to redo the TG. Once you beat Hale, 
keep him in your party for awhile. His healing abilities will come in handy. Be 
careful in treasure rooms. They could be Mimics instead of treasure, and they have 
an attack that instantly defeats your monsters. To get the best personality, 
HotBlooded, use the BeNiceBK, QuestBK, and SmartBK together. You may have to use 
them more than once. Special Thanks Prima Games, for writing the Strategy Guide that 
gave me some ideas of things to write. Gamefaqs, for putting this on the website. 
The Dragon Warrior Monsters Message Board, for praising and encouraging me, and just 
being nice and answering my questions. [email protected] for giving me a breeding 
recipe for BullBird. Contact Information First off, my email address is 
[email protected] Here are the types of mail I will accept: Questions not 
answered in this walkthrough Monster Recipes not yet covered Praise Mail 
Recommendations on Teams Any other mail that I think is legitimate Team Submissions 
(Stated Below) Hints and Tips Submissions Any suggestions for this walkthrough are 
welcome. I may even post your team, if it's a good one. (Friends at the message 
board, I know you guys have some good ones) I will only post it not so you can show 
off, but to give viewers suggestions on their teams. Types of Mail I will not 
accept: Hate Mail Racial Discrimination Mail Chain Letters Questions answered in 
this walkthrough Mail asking for me to send this to you Mail telling me this 
walkthrough totally sucks Any other mail I think is illegitimate THIS FAQ MAY NOT BE 
DOCUMENTS. (C) 2000 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED; James Sandusky Coming Soon: More of the 
Traveler's Gates Skills List More Monster Recipes Info on Monster Personalities (And 
e-mail me wiht more info on eveyrthing you know on Dragon Warrior Monsters)

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