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Dragonball Z: The Legacy of Goku Walkthrough
by: Fox White

Table of Contents
1. Controls
2. Items
3. Bestiary
4. Skills
5. Stats Per Level
6. Walkthrough
8. Cheats and Such
9. Thanks

	Feel free to E-mail me at [email protected] with comments or 
questions that I can try to answer.

1. Controls
A - Punch
B - Ki Blast/Sonic Flash/Kamehameha
Start - Inventory
Select - Hold to show flying power.
L - Switch between abilities.
R - Fly/Press again to land.

2. Items
	There are only a few items in this game that can be used to help you, 
others are quest items that are used to finish a quest. The items that help you 
only heal your HP for a certain percent.

-Item-		-Description-			-# Held at a Time-
Herb		Use to recover a some HP.	6
Senzu Bean	Use to recover all HP.		3

-Quest Item-	-Description-
Magazines	Roshi's dirty magazines. There are 3 total.
Stones		Stones used to help an old man back across a lake. There are 3 
Pteradactyl Egg	A pteradactyl egg that was stolen from the mother's nest.
Toy Boat	A wooden boat favored by a boy in a village near Goku's house.
Capsules	Dr. Briefs Capsule Corporation. Useful for storing things. There 
are 2 total.
Artifacts	The three artifacts of the Namekian Temple. Colors are Red, Green, 
and Blue.

-Insant Use Items-	-Description
Green Flight Orb	Recovers 5 Flight Power.
Yellow Flight Orb	Recovers 10 Flight Power.
Red Flight Orb		Recovers 20 Flight Power.

3. Beastiary
	There is a small bestiary for this game that consists of animals, 
dinosaurs, and aliens. Here is the list of monsters and the experience that they 

The difficulty rating is between 1 and 5 and is based solely off of what I have 
seen and is also based off of the level I was when I got to them.

1 - Enemy Doesn't Attack
2 - Enemy attacks but not often and the attack is very weak.
3 - Enemy attacks with weak attacks
4 - Enemy's attacks are strong
5 - Enemy's attacks are dangerous

Monster			EXP		Difficulty Rating
Squirrel			5		1
Snake			5		2
Giant Crab		70		3
Wolf			70		4
Pteradactyl		300		3
T-Rex			600		5
Spirit			1000		4
Bank Robber		1000		4
Namekian T-Rex		4000		4
Namekian Pteradactyl	2000		3
Frieza's Henchmen		10000		4
Frieza Form 1		300000		5
Frieza Form 2		500000		5
Frieza Form 3		800000		5

4. Skills
Ki Blast - A small blast of energy, hold down to build up power for a larger blast.
Sonic Flash - A bright flash that stuns enemies, hold down to build up stunning 
Kamehameha - A powerful attack that uses the body's energy, hold down to increase 

5. Stats per Level
Level	HP	Ki	Fly
6	900	1000
7	1100	1000
8	1300	1000	13
9	1500	2000
10	1700	5000
11	2000	6000
12	3000	7000	21
13	4000	8000	25
14	5000	9000	30
15	6000	10000	33
16	7000	18000	35
17	8000	25000	40
18	9000	45000	45
19	10000	60000	50
20	20000	65000	55
21	40000	75000	65
22	50000	95000	70
23	80000	110000	80
24	100000	120000	90
30			99

6. Walkthrough
Caution: Leveling up is useful, it's up to you to level while going through the 
game because it is assumed that you are strong enough to handle whatever situation 
you are in in any part of the game. Also, save often, saving is your best friend, 
if your best friend is not saving, then you are either stupid or evil, because evil 
people don't save anything. Puns are so unfunny. :)

	Our story begins with our humble hero, Goku. It has been a long time since 
he has last seen his childhood friends, and so he has decided to meet with them at 
the house of his old Martial Arts master. Coming along with him is his young six-
year old son, Gohan...

A. Roshi's House
Quests:	Roshi's Magazines - 2 Senzu Beans, 1 Herb, and 350 EXP.
	You take control of Goku at Master Roshi's house. Speak with your old 
master. He will talk to you for a few minutes and will then ask you to find his 
dirty magazines. Since the island is very small, you should have no trouble. One is 
directily to your right. Another is inside of Roshi's house. And the last is around 
the back of the house. Collect all three and speak with Roshi three times. You will 
get 350 experiemce, 2 Senzu Beans and an herb for completing this quest. Raditz, 
Goku's brother, will come down and take Gohan and fly away. Then Piccolo will 
appear and tell you that is going to help you. Get on the flying nimbus.

B. Goku's House
Quests:	None
	You are now infront of Goku's House. In the woods you will find squirrels, 
snakes, and crabs. Killing these will raise your experience points and get your 
level up a little bit. You will need all the experience you can get for when you 
encounter the wolves and then Raditz later on. The forest holds many things that 
you might find useful like herbs and senzu beans (why are they growing on earth?). 
Once you trained a little bit, follow the road to the next area.

C. Forest
Quests:	Found Dino Egg - 350 EXP
	Saved Old Man - 350 EXP, Herbs, Increased Speed.
	The forest is a dangerous place to travel alone in, there are wolves that 
will attack unsuspecting visitors to the forest. Be careful when battling wolves 
because they are quite powerful. In this area, you are looking for 3 stones, a 
pteradactyl egg, Tien, and Chiaotzu. When you enter the forest, walk directly up. 
You will come to some trees, walk to the right of the right tree. Then go up and 
you'll come to a stone. Grab it. Now walk up some more until you come to the river. 
If you have enough power to fly across, do so. You'll see a cliff, fly to the top 
of the cliff and you will have to face a pteradactyl, be careful, he's strong, but 
he gives some good exp and you'll be able to grab the egg from the ledge to the 
left at the very top of the stairs. Now fly back down the cliff and head left. You 
should see some grass that can be destroyed by a Ki Blast and you should also see a 
wolf on the other side of the grass. Kill it and grab the stone that is on the 
left. After that, continue going left. You will eventually come to Tien and 
Chiaotzu, talk to both of them to gain 1000 EXP. Now follow the path until you come 
back to the Pteradactyl Nest. Give the egg to the mother for 350 EXP. Now go down 
the stairs a little bit the the left. You should see a small opening between the 
trees. Go down and grab the third stone. Now walk up and to the left to the stairs 
you came down after fighting the three wolves. Go up the stairs and walk all the 
way across untill you see two paths, one heading up and one heading down. You'll 
want to take the one heading down. You should soon see a tent. Walk up to the lake. 
There should be 3 dark spots in the water. Press A on the first, the walk onto it 
and press A again, then do the same for the third one.  The old man standing there 
will award you with some herbs, 350 EXP, and your speed will increase. Now walk 
down and to the left until you see a wolf. Kill it and fly down the cliff. There is 
a T-Rex here that will give you some good experience, but it is also very powerful, 
you should save before you fight it. After you kill it, go left.

D. Village
Quests:	Recovered Toy Boat - 200 EXP
	Saved Lost Girl - 500 EXP
	Flowers for Sue - 400 EXP
	Returned Kitty - Solar Flare and entrance to Raditz.
	Now you are in the village. Walk down and to the left until you come to a 
small pond. A little boy will tell you that his brother threw his favorite boat out 
onto the island in the pond. And because he can't swim, he can't get it. Fly across 
and grab his boat and give it to him. You will gain 200 EXP for doing this quest. 
Now walk up and to the left. You will see some grass blocking a stairway, walk past 
this grass until you get to another stairway. Go up both sets of stairs and you 
will see Yamcha and Puar. Talk to both of them to gain 1000 more EXP. Now fly up 
the small cliff behind them. And go left until you see a pteradactyl, kill it. Now 
follow the path on the left until Goku says something and fly over the trees into 
the area behind it. Grab all of the flowers. Now fly back across and follow the 
path on the right. You will come to a little girl, talk to her and she will follow 
you. Bring her back to her dad. A little boy will be standing outside of her house. 
Go inside and talk to the girls father for 500 EXP. Go outside and talk to the 
little boy to give him one of the flowers you picked. You'll get 400 EXP for this 
quest. Now go up and left until you come to a set of stairs with grass in front of 
it, go slightly to the left of that and up and you will see another cliff making 
the shape of an L laying down. Fly up the cliff and head up and left until you come 
to a pile of rocks with a black cat trapped behind them. Blast the rocks and grab 
the cat. Now go back the way you came and head to the entrance of the forest. There 
will be some stairs to go up. You will see a house past the stairs. Enter it and 
talk to the old man. He will open the door to the place where Raditz is. Walk to 
the door and he will reward you with the Solar Flare attack!

E. Raditz Battle
Quests: Defeated Raditz - 4000 EXP
	I hope you stocked up on herbs and senzu beans, if you aren't very good at 
playing this game you will have trouble fighting Raditz. Go up until you see 
Piccolo. Talk to him. Now go right and talk to Raditz. The minute he's done 
talking, he will start attacking you which will give him the upper hand right away. 
Use your Solar Flare to stun him by holding B down for 1-3 seconds at least and 
letting go. Then run up and punch him 3-6 times and get back and use the Solar 
Flare again. Repeat this process until he is dead. After you defeat him, you'll be 
awarded with 4000 EXP. Piccolo will then walk over to you as you hold Raditz down 
and shoot his Special Beam Cannon which will kill you both.

F. King Yemma's Office
Quests: None
	Speak with Kame and King Yemma and then walk right.

G. Snake Way
Quests: Defeated Snake Queen - 3500 EXP
	The longest most irritating part in the game because you walk in a big 
winding path and if you get too close to the edge you will get hurt. Stay in the 
middle and follow the path. Walk until you see the Snake Queen. Talk to her. 
Defeating her will give you 3500 EXP. Now continue along the path. After a few more 
seconds of walking, you will lose your balance and fall off of snake way.

H. Hell
Quests:	Gathered Spirits - 1500 EXP
	Ate Yemma's Fruit - Causes Red Fly Orbs to appear on Snake Way.
	Goku may not know what this place is, but we do...it's hell! And he's 
trapped here forever! Or so people say, but anyone who watches the show knows that 
there is a way out, but we have something to do first. There are 3 spirits that 
will talk to us are floating around somewhere and we need to find them and bring 
them to one of the employees of hell. Let's find them. Walk straight down until you 
come to a Fitness club. Go left and talk to the man standing outside of the 
building. If you haven't already been attacked by them, most spirits are hostile to 
you. Walk to the left of the man and you will come to a cliff, fly up the cliff and 
defeat the two spirits. Now walk to the right until you come to some rocks. Blast 
the middle and left one. Blast the one on the right and grab the senzu bean if you 
need to. But after you blast the left and the middle, where the left block used to 
be, walk through that spot.You'll walk onto the ground below. Now walk up. There 
will be another cliff that you can fly onto. Do so and kill the spirit that is 
moving around. Now talk to the spirit that isn't moving. Bring him back to the man 
in front of the building. For each of the three spirits you bring back to him, you 
will gain 500 EXP making a total of 1500 EXP. Now go right and walk up. Find your 
way to the lake of blood. Head right past the lake of blood until you see a big red 
devil. Talk to him. Now you will have to catch him, but that doesn't concern us at 
the moment, we want to find the other two spirits. Fly up the nearby cliff and head 
right. You will find another spirit. Bring him back to the man. Now go left and fly 
up the cliff behind him. This time go left and down, then go right. Go up as soon 
as possible to find the third spirit. Now bring him back. After that, go to the 
green tree you saw when you were finding the third spirit and talk to the blue 
devil. Now walk up the stiars and grab the apple off of the ground. The red devil 
will appear and start yelling at you. Then while he is yelling, you will jump on 
him which means you will have caught him, and he will have to show you the way out. 
Follow the path and you will jump out of King Yemma's Desk (at least, that's what 
happens on the anime.).

I. Snake Way
Quests:	None
	Now you are at the start of Snake Way again, but with the fruit you ate, 
your speed will be increased (actually, red fly orbs are everywhere now.) Once you 
reach the end, fly to the left and land on King Kai's planet.

J. King Kai's Planet
Quests:	Caught Bubbles - 1500 EXP
	Konked Gregory - Increased Speed
	Now for a little fun. Talk to King Kai first of all. You'll get to chase 
after Bubbles. The best way to do this is to fly a little past him then land and 
attack. Then you must go after Gregory with a hammer. Do the same as you did when 
you were chasing after Bubbles and you'll have hit Gregory in no time...with a 

	For catching Bubbles and trying to smash Gregory's head open with a hammer, 
your speed will increase and you will gain 1500 EXP. King Kai will also teach you 
the Kamehameha? I thought he got it in Dragonball, oh well... Congratulations! Your 
half-way through the game now! Bulma, Krillin, Gohan, and the rest have already 
gathered the Dragonballs and have summoned you to Earth, so you head back down 
Snake Way with the new clothes that King Kai gives you and then land at Kame's 

K. Kame's Lookout
Quests:	None
	Talk to Kame and Mr. Popo. Then find Korrin and he will give you some senzu 
beans. After your done doing what you want here, fly down Kame's Lookout and land 
on Earth.

L. Cold Forest
Quests: None
	Vegeta is already on Earth, but he is too far away at the moment to worry 
about. Your in a forest with many dangers. Head directly to the left to find a boy 
trapped on a ledge. Fly up and save him. Now you must bring him back to town. Watch 
out for the wolves and T-rex that are on the Frozen Lake. The town is near the 
bottom left corner. Go there and it will magically not be snowing or cold. Oh well.

M. Town
Quests:	Stopped Robbers - 1500 EXP
	Saved Lost Boy - Capsule
	Found Capsules	- 1500 EXP
	There is a bank robbery in process, but we have to find some capsules and 
this boy's home. The bank robbery can wait. Go to the left on the road until you 
get to some road blocks. Go down and you will see alot of thick grass. Blast it all 
down to find a capsule. Take the capsule. Then head down. Heh, I guess we will have 
to fight the bank robbers, go beat those losers up. After you beat them all you 
will receive 1500 EXP. Now, the first house to the right of the bank is the little 
boy's house, go inside and talk to his mother for a capsule. Now go back to the 
house right beside the entrance to the forest. Go in and talk to him with the two 
capsules for 1500 EXP. Now go to the middle of the town and head down. Keep going 
down and you'll enter another part of town. Talk to the man down there to learn of 
the aliens that took out the entire northern army. Follow the road until King Kai 
starts talking to you telepathically. After he's done, continue down the road. If 
you need healing, speak with the nurse beside one of the 4 gray houses you see. 
Once you are ready, enter the next area.

N. Vegeta and Nappa
Quests:	Defeated Nappa - 20000 EXP
	Defeated Vegeta - 30000 EXP
	Locate Nappa and talk to him. He will be your first target. The minute you 
are done talking he will attack you giving him the upper hand. He is only slightly 
slower than you are, but that is still enough to catch you. Use the same tactics 
you did for Raditz by using the solar flare for 1-3 seconds, then punching him 3-6 
times. After you defeat him, you will gain 20000 EXP. Now you will face Vegeta. 
Using the same tactics, take him down. After you hit him enough times, he will say 
a few words and start attacking again. Just stay on him! After you defeat him, you 
will gain 30000 EXP! Then Vegeta will come back and create a giant moon for him to 
transform into the giant monkey that Saiyans are capable of becoming when they have 
a tail. He will then stomp on you and laugh. Yajirobe will come out from hiding and 
slive off Vegeta's tail (he is actually useful for something!!) which will cause 
Vegeta to return to normal. Then Gohan will see the moon that Vegeta made and will 
become a giant monkey who will in turn, smash Vegeta to the ground. Krillin will 
say that they need to kill him now before he can recover, but Goku stops him and 
allows Vegeta to get in his space ship and leave. After Goku recovers, he will head 
to Namek where Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma are already waiting...

O. Planet Namek
Quests:	Saved Saplings - 7000 EXP
	Namek is a nice green planet, but that will soon be changed by Frieza's 
evil. Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma have learned that Vegeta is here, and Frieza, an 
alien who's power is greater than even Goku's is here searching for the 
Dragonballs. Now Goku arrives to put an end to Frieza's tyranny, but first he will 
have to do some other stuff. Head up the ramp and talk to the namek. He will ask 
that you find the saplings. Time to do some sapling hunting. There are dinosaurs 
and henchmen here so be careful. Look for the saplings in the first area because it 
is where they are found, you can easily tell the difference between a sapling and a 
regular tree because the sapling is smaller and more green then the bigger trees. 
One is in the top right corner. Another is in the top left corner. And the last is 
in the bottom right corner. Place the three saplings in the holes around the 
Namek's house. For completing the quest, you will receive 7000 EXP. Now go to the 
top left corner and head to the next area.
	There are lots of henchmen around here because this is the Namek Temple. 
The temple is right up the ramp, but we don't want to go in quite yet. We want to 
explore this outer area for a quest item. Head left until you come to a ramp. Go up 
and start walking up. Instead of wasting time walking to the right, just fly to the 
top of the cliffs and head right. You should soon see a magical artifact. It's a 
red orb...I think. Anyway, head right until you come to another cliff and walk 
down. King Kai should begin talking to you again. Now go right and fly up the 
cliff. Kill the T-Rex that is guarding the blue magical artifact and take it. Now 
go inside the Temple.

P. Namekian Temple
Quests:	Namekian Artifacts - 30000 EXP and Increased Speed.
	You are now in the 2nd to last area of the game. This is also the biggest 
map in the game. As you wander around the halls, you may come upon large hands that 
point in a direction. If you walk towards the wall where that hand is pointing, you 
will go through the wall. Follow these paths to find yourself the green magical 
artifact. Now I will let you solve the temple by yourself, unless your just gonna 
check another walkthrough which would decrease the fun rating of this game. It's 
bad enough as it is, don't cheat to make it worse...wait...you are cheating because 
your looking at this walkthrough! Oh well, have fun with the temple. Also, here is 
the wisdom that the Nameks have on their walls.

-Wisdom on the Walls of the Temple-
"Give freely to your brothers, and honor will be yours."
"Banished will be he who keeps from his village."
"Once you accept your fate, you will know no bounds."
"Wither under your enemy, and your name will be eternally shamed."
"Remember that a scorned youth could be a future enemy."
"Youth will be treated with respect, for they will replenish the planet."
"Wisdom will always prevail over brutality."
"Blind strength will bring darkness to Namek."

	Just as a hint, once you collect all 3 artifacts, find the big statue of 
the Guru and place them in the 3 nodes. You will be awarded with Increased Speed 
and 30000 EXP.

Q. Behind the Namekian Temple
Quests:	Defeated Jeice - 70000 EXP
	Defeated Burtur - 70000 EXP
	Defeated Recoome - 40000 EXP
	Defeated Captain Ginyu - 90000 EXP
	It's time to knock Jeice around, fly straight up from the starting point. 
Your reward is 70000 EXP. After that, go left just a little bit and up. Fight 
Burter and get 70000 EXP too. The walk down just a little bit and defeat Recoome 
for 40000 EXP. Now it's time to fight Captain Ginyu. Beat him and you will earn 
90000 EXP.

R. Planet Namek
Quests:	None
	This is a good time to stock up on items. Search the houses for anything 
useful. Also get your last minute training done here. Once you've gotten what you 
wanted from this place and trained, go to the top right corner to get to Frieza's 
ship. Fly into the opening at the top of the ship.

S. Frieza's Ship
Quests:	None
	This is your last chance to train, head to the only door in this hallway 
fly outside if you still need training, but if you are ready, go to the right and 
get in the Rejuvination Chamber.

T. Battle against Frieza
Quests: Defeated Frieza - Increased Speed.
	Start heading up. King Kai will contact you and tell you that your friends 
are all alive. Then go to the top right corner to face Frieza in his first form. 
After you take out his first form, he becomes his second gigantic form. Defeating 
his second form will cause him to change into his third. After taking his third 
form out, the screen will change and Planet Namek will be on a one way course to 
destruction. Frieza will be in his 4th form and will kill Krillin which will cause 
Goku to become a Super Saiyan. Your Speed will increase.

U. Super Saiyan Goku vs. Perfect Frieza
Quests:	None
	Use the same tactics you have for every other boss and you will soon kill 

The evil tyrant Frieza was defeated at the hands of Goku, the legendary Super-
Saiyan. Back on planet Earth, Goku's friends use the power of the newly restored 
Dragonballs to wish all of Frieza's victims back to life. The Namekians, now on 
Earth and without a world of their own, wonder what the future will hold for their 

	The credits will begin to roll. Congratulations, you beat the game! Now go 
buy part two and play an RPG that's actually worth playing!

8. Cheats and Such
	In my opinion, you should only use cheats after you have beaten a game, but 
feel free to do whatever you like. Here are some codes and quick ways to refill 
Health and Ki and reset the game.

When the DBZ Introduction movie is playing, press the following button combination 
for invincibility: Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A. If you did it successfully you will 
here a small ring. Now you can get hit without taking any damage.

Recover HP and Ki
To recover you HP and Ki meters, just save the game and reset it.

Soft Reset
To reset the game while it is on just push the following button combination 
simultaneously (at the same time): L + R + Start + Select + B + A.

Easy Leveling
In the Namekian Temple, fight Frieza's Henchmen as usual. Once you are level 20, 
you can easily kill any of the henchmen with 1 hit. At level 22, just tapping the B 
button with a Ki Blast can kill a henchman.

9. Thanks
I would like to thank the following people:
Myself, because noone I know liked this game.

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