Drudic Ritual - Guide for Runescape

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Requirements: None
Items Needed: Raw Bear Meat, Raw Rat Meat, Raw Chicken, and Raw Beef.
Start: Circle of Stones, next to Taverly home portal.

1. Talk to Kaqemeex and he'll tell you what he needs to purify their cursed altar south of Varrock. He 
will tell you to speak to Sanfew.

2. Talk to Sanfew on the 2nd floor of the Herblore stoor in Taverly. He will explain that 4 raw meats 
need to be dipped in the Cauldron of Thunder to complete the ritual.

3. Get the 4 raw meats and go to Taverly dungeon southwest of Taverly. Make sure you have a good 
weopon and armor. You will need to fight the two suits of armor, lvl 19.

4. Go north in the dungeon and you will see a gate. You can see thecauldron. Try to open the gate and 
the suit of armor will attack you. (He kind of sucks so don't worry.) When you fish the first the second 
will attack. (He sucks too.) Now you will be able to go in.

5. Use all the meats with the cauldron. They will turn blue and take them back to Sanfew. He will tell 
you to go back to Kaqemeex.

6. Kaqemeex will reward you and then explain a little about herblore. Quest Complete.

Reward: 4 quest points, 250 Herblore xp, Able to make potions to get your herblore level up.

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