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A Dueling Barb should have the skills

    These are the dueling techquines 
I use and believe me, it works, but
of course my barb is rich,lvl 99,so if
you have a better way of dueling submit
it please.

1. Whirlwind- 20
2. Berserk- 10
3. Of Course Crys- 17-20
4. Iron Skin- 10
5. sword mastery- 20
6. Increase Fast/Run spead- 5   

1. Around 150 strenght
2. Around 150 dex
3. around 250-350 vitality
4. Nothing on Mana
5. enough resistances to survive sorcs magic

1. grandfathersword/Ethbotcb
2. shaftstop or 160/40ias armor or valor
3. Gore rider boots
4. 5% ll Bul kathos ring and raven frost
5. Chaos Ammy
6. arreats face, vampire gaze, or shako w/ 40/15max jewel
7. stormshield w/ 40/15 max jewel
8. Ias or damage gloves
9. war cry javas for bo's
10. alot of pdsc's between 100-290pdsc

By the way my account is gamestock,gamestock1,whisper if u have questions
or my email is [email protected] send email if u have questions.

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