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The Forest Temple is a quiet little Temple with many enemies and several 
trapped monkies. The goal of this dungeon is to free all eight monkies from 
their cages. This will lead the way to the boss door. 

1)Dungeon Map
3)Small Key #1
4)Piece of Heart 1/2
5)Small Key #2
6)Small Key #3
7)Gale Boomerang
8)Piece of Heart 2/2
10)Big Key
11)Small Key #4
12)Fused Shadow #1
13)Heart Container 1/8

When you enter the temple, it will be a little dark. Don't bring out the 
Lantern, just walk up some to bring some light to the room. You will be met by 
some Deku Babas. Defeat them then walk north to find a Bokoblin guarding a 
monkey in a cage. Defeat the Bokoblin then use a spin attack to break the cage 
holding the first monkey. Now use your Slingshot on the Walltulas that are on 
the vines. Now climb up the vines and open the door. You are now in the main 
room of the dungeon. There are doors to the north, west, and east. The monkey 
wants to go north, so we will. Light all four lanterns on the wooden deck to 
make steps rise. Before you enter the room, go to the right to find a chest 
holding the DUNGEON MAP. Now go north. When you get out there, you will be met 
by an angry monkey named Ook. He uses a boomerang and almost knocks the monkey 
off into the endless pit. He destroys the bridge causing you to come to a dead 
end. Now head back to the main chamber. Now go to the eastern door. The monkey 
will offer to swing you across. Jump onto him, then press A when appropriate to 
jump onto the platform. Now head through the door. When in the room, go to your 
left to see a small creature. Hit it with your sword to make it start glowing. 
Yes, it will explode, so quickly put it next to the rock on the left to make it 
blow up. You will see a small pot move. Pick it up to find OOCCOO. Ooccoo will 
warp you out of the dungeon, then let you come back to the spot from which you 
warped if you want to. For now, go to the right and burn the web with your 
lantern. Defeat the Deku Baba in front of you then jump on the platforms across 
to land where there is a door leading north. Go through it and cross the bridge 
when it is turned to the right position to come to a room with a immobile 
bridge. We'll come back here later, so just grab the SMALL KEY in the chest on 
the left. Now go back to the room where you found Ooccoo. We are now going to 
go east in this room. There is a Skulltula that is hanging from the ceiling, so 
hit it with your Slingshot to make it fall in the water and die. Now jump 
across and unlock the door with your new small key. In this room there is a 
monkey atop a totem pole. Go to your left across the bridge that falls shortly 
after you cross it. Now go to the pole and roll into it twice to have the 
monkey set free. As soon as that happens, two Bokoblin will notice you. Defeat 
them, then both monkies will swing you across back to the door. Now go back to 
the main chamber with the three doors and now go to the west door using a 
monkey to swing across to it. In this next room there are Deku Babas and Deku 
Likes. Defeat the Babas and go up the ramp to the right. You will see a door to 
the south and a door to the north. Use the Bombling, and throw it between the 
ledge to the west at the Deku Like to kill it. Now you can jump across. To the 
south is a vine-covered wall. Kill the Walltulas with your Slingshot, then jump 
across to hang onto the vines. Climb up, but before you enter the door, use the 
Bombling and throw it in the gap. If timed right, the Deku Like swallow it and 
die. This opens a cove with a chest inside. Go down and open it for a PIECE OF 
HEART. Now you can go back up to the southern door. When you enter, you will 
have to battle a Big Baba. It grabs a key and puts it in a Deku Like. To beat 
it, when the head lunges at you, dodge it and strike it with your sword. Repeat 
until the head is destroyed. Now go to the very southern part of the room and 
get a Bombling. Throw it into the Deku Like, and pick up the SMALL KEY. Now use 
it on the door to free the third monkey. Now go back into the last room. Pick 
up the Bombling, then jump down to where there is a big rock. Place or throw 
the Bombling at the rock to make it explode revealing a door. Go in. When 
inside, roll into one of the totem poles to have a chest fall off. Open it for 
a SMALL KEY. Now there is a bridge with small heads poking out the top. Don't 
touch them because they will launch you into the air. While on the bridge, stay 
on the far left to avoid the Tile Worms. Now look for the worms popping up. 
Stay away from them and light the two unlit torches to make the stairs rise. 
Climb up and defeat the Skulltula. Now unlock the door to free the fourth 
monkey. Now head back into the main room and go to the north door. The four 
monkies you have freed will help swing you across the large gap. Now go to the 
next door to fight the mid-boss.
The battle starts when Ook uses the boomerang on two Babas. Defeat them, then 
follow Ook around as he jumps from totem pole to totem pole. When he stops to 
throw the boomerang at you, roll into the pole twice to knock him off with his 
butt in the air. Slice it up. Repeat as needed to defeat him. When he jumps 
away, the GALE BOOMERANG will be yours!
To exit the room, use the boomerang on the pinwheel above the door to make it 
move. Repeat that two more times to open the door. Now you must go to the right 
across the bridge. Use the boomerang on the pinwheel on the middle of the 
bridge to turn it. This will lead you to a Bokoblin and a trapped monkey. 
Defeat the monster, then use the Gale Boomerang on the spider web holding the 
trapped monkey. This will now set the monkey free. Use the boomerang to turn 
the bridges the right way, then exit the door to the south. You will be back in 
the room where you found the first Piece of Heart. Now go back to the room to 
the west. You can now defeat those worms by using the Gale Boomerang to pull 
them out of the ground and slice them up. Cross the tile bridge and blow out 
the torches with your boomerang. This lowers the steps revealing a chest 
holding a PIECE OF HEART. Now head back into the main room with the three 
doors. There is a tresure chest hanging from the ceiling by a spider web. Use 
the Gale Boomerang on the web to make the chest drop. Open it for the COMPASS. 
Now go to the eastern door, then head to the next eastern door, but don't 
enter. Look to your right. Cross the bridge and use the Gale Boomerang on the 
pinwheels in the order of the zig-zag which is printed on the ground. This 
opens the gate with a big chest holding your BIG KEY. Now in this room, go to 
the northern door and cross the bridge to the room with the immobile bridge. 
Now use the boomerang on the pinwheel to move the bridge north and south. While 
you are on the bridge, use the boomerang to make the bridge turn east and west. 
Defeat the Bokoblin and head through the west door which is unlocked. Defeat 
the Skulltulas and then use the Lantern on the northern spider web to drop 
right next to the sixth monkey. Use a spin attack to free him. Now jump onto 
the vine wall and climb up. Exit through the door. While on the bridge, 
position it north and south and go north. You will now see the monkies 
gathering to your right. Midna tells you that you must free the rest of teh 
monkies. Lets do it! Use the boomerang to cross the series of bridges to your 
left. When you reach land, defeat the Bokoblin and then defeat all of the 
Walltulas with your boomerang. Now climb up the vine wall, then to the left. 
Land on the small platform. Defeat the Walltula on the next set of vines, then 
climb up. When you are on the higher ledge, defeat the Bokoblin and enter the 
next room through the door. When inside, defeat the Deku Baba. Now target the 
Bombling with your boomerang to bring it to you. Quickly throw it into the Deku 
Like. This defeats it allowing you to cross over to the chest with a SMALL KEY. 
Now use the boomerang to target the Bombling, then target the rock above the 
vines manually. This will blow the rock up allowing you to climb up the vines. 
Defeat the hanging Deku Babas then target the Bombling once more to bring it to 
you. Now go over and place it or throw it at the rock against the wall. This 
will free the seventh monkey. Now head back to the room with the immobile 
bridge. Make it go east and west, then unlock the door with your key. Inside 
there are a few Tile Worms. Defeat them, or let them be, then go to the left 
where there is a small tunnel. You will be met by a Skulltula. Defeat it, then 
use the boomerang on the two Walltulas. Now climb the vines and use the 
boomerang on the pinwheels to open the cage where the eighth and final monkey 
is. Defeat the hanging Baba, then exit. Go back to where all eight monkeys are 
at. They will form a huge swing. Grab on, then hit A when you are close to the 
next ledge. Break the near pots to find hearts, and you can bottle a fairy. 
Open the door to battle the boss!
When the battle starts, target the Bombling in the middle with your boomerang, 
then target one of the heads. It will knock it out. Do that to the same one as 
well. Now the real Diababa will appear. Run around for a minute until Ook comes 
swinging across. He will grab a Bombling and start swinging. Target the 
Bombling he holds with the Gale Boomerang, then target Diababa. This will 
explode on him making him fall to the ground unconscious. Slice his eye with 
your sword. Repeat that, but if you hit him a lot of times last time he was 
unconscious, you have the option of using the Ending Blow on his eye to defeat 
him. You will be rewarded with FUSED SHADOW #1 and a HEART CONTAINER.


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