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   The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: The Greatest Guide To Dungeon #1 Ever

The Great Deku Tree: Getting The Sword And Sheild.

You will be awakened by a fairy named Navi, who will be your partner from now 
on. When you wake up, exit your house. Go down the ladder(or, how i like to do 
it, jump off!) and talk to the green-haired girl names Saria. She will blab
(nothing important,anyways) about your new fairy. When she is done, go up the 
path and look around. You may see fields of long,mint-green grass(I really 
have no idea what it is). Go in the grass and run around in it to collect 
money. That won't be enough, so there are other ways to get money. From your 
house go east and you will find a house that is Saria's house. You will see a 
path on her house. climb up, go across the bridge to the end to fing a blond-
haired kokiri along with a blue rupee. Northeast from your house is a building 
with a red roof;the Kokiri Shop. Left of it is 3 platforms in water. Jump 
across all 3 to get a blue rupee. Enter a building, come back out and hop on 
those stones. Repeat this process until you have 40 rupees. Enter that red-
roofed building and talk to the shop owner. scroll to find a deku shield for 
sale. Buy it, go to the equipment subscreen, and equipt it with A. To fing the 
Kokiri sword, go east from the shop to find a raised cliff with a path you can 
use to go up. When you go up, you will see a fenced area. Go through it and 
enter the hole at the end. Move up and look left. Wait for the rolling boulder 
to roll across, and follow it through the grass. When the grass comes to an 
end, turn right to find a dead end....along with a large treasure chest. Open 
the chest to recieve the Kokiri Sword!Equipt It from the equipment subscreen. 
Follow the boulder down the path, exit from where you entered, and exit the 
fenced area.

   The Great Deku Tree: Entering The Great Deku Tree

Go down from the raised terrain and go east to where the shop is. Across the 
small body of water is a path being blocked by Mido. Make sure you have your 
sword and shield equipted, and talk to Mido. He will let you pass afterwards. 
Follow the path and make sure you're in the center of the path. Halfway 
through Deku Babas will pop out. Destroy them without touching them and 
collect their deku sticks. Continue through the path to find The Great Deku 
Tree. He will ask you to save him from a curse. say yes and enter from his 
mouth to begin your first adventure and dungeon.

   The Great Deku Tree: Getting The Fairy Slingshot

From inside the Great Deku Tree, You will see a wall with vines. Go over 
there, while avoiding Deku Babas. Climb the vines and go right to a wall with 
more vines. Open the chest for the Dungeon Map. Continue up the bridge to find 
a door. Enter to find a deku scrub in the middle of the room. Get out your 
shield and defend as he shoots a nut at you. It will backfire at him. Walk up 
to him and he will give you a hint and unlock the doors. Enter the other door 
to find a floating platform. Hop on it and quickly jump to the cliff on the 
other side of the room. Open the chest for the Fairy Slingshot. The platform 
collapsed, so turn around and look up at the other side of the room. Hiding in 
the webs is the tip of a ladder. Shoot it with your slingshot to bring it down 
and climb it and exit.

  The Great Deku Tree: Getting To The Boss

Go back down to the where you found the dungeon map. Up in the vines, shoot 
the skullwalltulas down and climb up the vines to the next floor. There will 
be huge spider webs. In the two open areas from the webs, there will be a big 
Skullta that comes down. Wait for it to turn and expose it's belly, then 
quickly slash it. Repeat this again to destroy it. Ok, so be careful this 
time. Jump down and try to remain in the middle of your fall. If you get in 
the right spot, you will fall,breaking the web on the first floor and you will 
fall in a body of water below. Go to the side with the torch and small chest. 
Step on the switch to um....(i don't know what it does). Get out a deku stick 
and set it on fire from the torch. Jump in the shallow water and jump across 
to the other side quickly. Use the flame to burn the web covering a door.After 
that, quickly put it away and enter the door. In the next room, hit back the 
nut the deku scrub shoots. He will surender and give you a clue. On the other 
door, there will be a silver eye above it. Shoot it with your slingshot and 
the door will be unlocked. In the next room, jump in the water. On the left 
side from the enterance below the spike thing, there will be a switch 
underwater. Dive down and press it to lower the water. Quickly get out from 
where you entered and jump on the platform when it is in reach. Ride to the 
other side and jump off. There will be a Skullta blocking the way of the 
block. Destroy him and move the block to where the skullta was. Then jump on 
the block and climb up to the small cliff and enter the next door. In the next 
room there will be a lit torch with 2 unlit ones. Pull out a deku stick, light 
it on fire from the lit one, and light the 2 unlit ones. Then enter the door. 
At the next door pull out your slingshot and kill the skullta hanging from the 
ceiling with it. Go to the lit torch and light a deku stick on fire with it. 
Be careful of the ghomas. Turn around,head for the other side of the room, and 
light the web on fire, then crawl through the hole. In the next room, go left 
and push the block off the platform. Jump off on the other platform, light a 
deku stick on fire, hop on the block, and go to the giant web and slash it 
with the lit deku stick. You will fall in yet another body of water. Get out, 
and bounce back the deku nuts at the scrubs. Bounce back the deku nut at first 
the 2nd scrub,then the 3rd,  then the 1st. Talk to the first one afterwards 
and he will unlock the boss door. Enter that door to fight Queen Gohma.

   The Great Deku Tree: Defeating Queen Gohma

Go farther down the hall until a stone closes the door on you. It will grow 
dark. Look up at the ceiling, and you will have first sight at Queen Gohma. 
When she comes down, she will come after you. Pull out a deku nut, get close, 
and throw it at her eye. She will be temporarily stunned,giving you the 
opertunity to slash her away. She will soon climb up the ceiling and lay eggs. 
When they fall, quickly slash them without touching them to avoid little baby 
ghomas attacking you. Quickly get out of the center of the room or else Queen 
Ghoma will try to crush you. Repeat this process until she is defeated. When 
she dies, collect the heart container and step into the portal. You will then 
be transported back to the Deku Tree, and he will tell you how he was cursed. 
Afterwards, he will give you the Kokiri's Emerald. Congratulations! You have 
beaten the first Boss.

  The Great Deku Tree: The End Of The First Quest

Exit and go back down the path to be stopped bu the Great Mido. After he is 
done blaming you, walk to the other side of the forest. You will see an exit 
that looks like a hollow log. Enter it to exit Kokiri Forest. While you are 
exiting, you will be stopped by Saria. She will say good-bye to you and give 
you a Fairy Ocarina. Reluctantly, Link will exit.

  Well, there you have it. Hopefully, This FAQ helped you. Please check out 
the many other Super FAQs of this game by me!

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