Dungeon #3: Inside Lord Jabbu Jabbu's Belly: The Greatest Walktrough - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: Dungeon #3: Inside Lord Jabbu Jabbu's 
Belly: The Greatest Walktrough

  Inside Lord Jabbu Jabbu's Belly: Getting The Fairy Upgrade

 From the path up to Death Mountain, Go up the path. When you come to the open 
area, go tho the path on the left this time. Climb the ledge and bomb the 
first boulder in the way. Go to where that boulder was and across a gap will 
be another one. Pull out a bomb and wait for 3-4 seconds afterwards. Then 
throw it at the boulder. Hop across the gap and continue up and down the paths 
to see all turning red and rocks falling from the sky. Equipt your Hylian 
Shield and defend until the rocks stop falling. There are 4 areas where they 
fall. Get past them all to be stopped at a climbable wall. Shoot the 
skullwaltula on it with yourr slingshot and land on a platform above. Shoot 
the next skulltwalltula and climb to the next platform with a gossip stone. 
Shoot the next skullwaltula and climb the top of the wall to appear at the top 
of Death Mountain. Up their, you will see an enterance to a cave. a little 
more to the left you will see a weak-looking wall. Place a bomb next to to 
blow a secret enterance and enter. In the fountain, go up to the fountain. You 
will see a triforce symbol on the ground next to it. Stand on it and play 
Zelda's Lullaby. The Great Fairy will appear and give you a magic sword 
techique. After she gives it to you, exit the fountain.

 Inside Lord Jabbu Jabbu's Belly: Getting To Zora's Domain

 When you exit the fountain, talk to the giant owl on the sign and grab on to 
his talons. He will give you a ride back to Kakariko Village. Jump off and go 
left to exit Kakariko Village. From the entrance out in the field, go left to 
see a river. Keep going straight ahead. Swim across the river to a swig of 
land seperated from the the rest of the land. Go to the end of it past a sign 
to enter Zora's River. Go ahead when there and place a bomb next to the 
boulders blocking the path. Then go ahead to find a patch of dirt at the first 
corner near the river. Hop across that area to be on the land across the 
river. Keep going down the path, hop across the gap with a river below, and on 
the next swig of land will be a small swig of land to the left and a little 
gap. Hop across it and continue along the path. Go through the river, and hop 
onto the next ledge at the end of that area of land. Go across the river again 
to another spot, keep going along the path and cross a bridge to come to the 
end of Zora's River. Keep following the path and hop on the next path that is 
in front of the waterfall. In the middle of it will be a stone in the ground. 
Stand on it and play Zelda's Lullaby. Then quickly hop across from the land to 
the doorway behind the waterfall to appear in Zora's Domain.

 Sorry, I had no more time to continue this. I will continue this ASAP( which 
won't be long)!  

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