Dungeon 3- Lakebed Temple Walkthrough - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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This is by far the most challenging temple yet. It has many chambers that are 
filled with enemies. This walkthrough will help you defeat this temple and its 
bosses. Good luck!

2)Dungeon Map
3)Small Key #1
4)Small Key #2
5)Small Key #3
8)Big Key
9)Piece of Heart 1/2
10)Piece of Heart 2/2
11)Fused Shadow #3
12)Heart Container 3/8

NOTE: When your Zora's Armor is on, don't take it off. It makes no sense to 
take it off and on. Only take it off after you beat the boss.
When you enter you will be swimming through a tunnel. Follow it as far as you 
can until you need to put on your Iron Boots. Defeat the Shell Blade with a 
thrust attack or spin attack then continue. Continue until you need to take off 
your Iron Boots. Swim up avoiding the Bari until you enter the main dungeon. 
After the cutscene, defeat the Chu Jellies and climb the stairs. Face the south
and jump off the ledge to hold onto the handle and pull it thus opening the 
door. In this next room there are several geysers and stalactites. After the 
scene, shoot the remaining stalactites with bomb arrows. Follow down the path 
avoiding the Helmasuars. Climb up on the ledge to your left and then climb up 
north. Climb up back to the path and open the door. Cross the bridge and enter 
the next door to be in the main room of the dungeon. This is the confusing part 
of the dungeon. When you enter, go down the stairs straight ahead of you the go 
to the left. Follow it until you are in the very south of the room. You should 
be facing the Big Door. Jump off and grab the handle to make the stairs turn 
toward you. Let go and head up. At the top take a right and go past the door to 
see a moving pot. Inside is OOCCOO. Now head to the west side of the room on 
the same floor. Now jump off and grab the handle to turn the stairway east and 
west. Go down the stairs to the first floor on the east side. Now before you 
enter the door, go to the left and open the chest for your most useful item, 
the DUNGEON MAP. Now enter the door. Inside step up and and blow up the 
stalactites. Now go to a small tunnel on the left and cross to the middle. 
Climb the vines until you reach the platform. When the geyser rises the 
platform up, jump on it and across to where there is a chest with a SMALL KEY. 
Now exit this room the same way you entered. When you are back in the main 
room, go up the stairs and the go to the right. Go to the locked door on the 
second floor, east side. Open it. Now you can go to the right and open the 
chest with some Water Bombs. Now go to the left of the door. Blow up the two 
stalactites and climb up the one on the right then jump up to climb on the 
vines. Climb up and to the left. Drop off onto the top of the wall. Walk 
across, then jump off and grab the handle to make the gate open. This makes 
travel easier. Follow the path until you come to a rock wall. Blow it up with a 
bomb to find a door and some raging Helmasuars. But first lets go to the door 
against the wall on the west. You will now be in a room which seems to be some 
cog. Jump on it and defeat the Lizalfos. Now go across the cog to the door on 
the other side. Open it. Over here, go to the right to find a chest with a 
SMALL KEY. Now head back to where you blew up the rock where the Helmasuars 
are. Avoid them and open the door. Inside you will see a weird little creature 
hop into a bubble. Defeat it with bomb arrows or ignore it to conserve bombs 
and arrows. Now open the locked door on the right. On the left from where you 
enter climb on the ledge and then jump off onto the vines. Climb up then climb 
onto the ledge to find a small ramp. Follow it up defeating the Tektites until 
you come to a chest. Open it to find bombs or if you are full of those they 
will be arrows. Now climb up one of the ladders and then jump off the platform 
and grab the handle to open a water way. This has opened one of the two water 
reservoir towers. You need to open two to raise the water to get to the Bosses 
room. Now jump back down the slide and slide all the way down until you land in 
some water. Swim to the middle pillar and climb up. Jump off the ledge and 
grasp the handle to make a gate open leading water into the rest of the 
chambers. Now exit the doors on the left. Exit back through the cog room and 
then head back to the main room. When in here, go down the stairs to the first 
floor then go to the southern part of this floor. Pull on the handle then climb 
the stairs to the second floor. Now go to the west. Pull on the handle here to 
turn the bridge. Now head down the stairs and enter the door on the first floor 
east. Now the cogs will be moving because the water is turning them so jump on 
one and enter the door on the north. In here go to the right and open the chest 
for a SMALL KEY. Now head back to the previous room. Hop back on the cog and go 
to the door to the east. In here open the locked door to enter a room with 
water. Hop into the water and put on your Iron Boots. Defeat the Shell Blade 
while ignoring the Bari, then bomb the rock. Follow the path until you need to 
take off the Iron Boots. Swim up to enter a small lair. Defeat the small Toado 
that drops from the ceiling then look at the ceiling with C-Stick up to start 
the Mid-Boss Battle!
This huge fatty frog might seem vicious at first but don't fret my children, he 
is pretty easy. He will start by shaking off Toados from his back. Defeat them 
with a spin attack. Once all are defeated he will jump on the ceiling. He will 
then try to jump on you, but run around avoiding his shadow. When he lands it 
will knock him out. Go around to his tounge and chop it up. Now run to his 
mouth and when he yawms, shoot a bomb arrow at his tounge. This will again make 
him unconscious. Slice his tounge when you have the chance. Repeat once or 
twice more. This will defeat him making him cough up a chest with the CLAWSHOT. 
Now face the south and clawshot the medallion on the ceiling to pull open the 
gate. Drop down and exit. When back outside, head south out the door, then make 
your way onto one of the cogs. Jump on, and when you face the entrance, 
Clawshot the vines on the wall to project yourself to the door. Open it and 
return to the main room. When in here, use the Clawshot to propell yourself 
over the wall by using the vines on the right. Now follow the path to the west 
side on the first floor. Now before you can access the rest of the dungeon you 
must Clawshot the medallion where there is suppose to be a handle. This will 
redirect the stairs and the water. Now enter the door behind you. Run between 
the path of the moving water wheel and open the door on the other side of the 
wheel. In here, Clawshot the medallion on the cog above the chest. Lower 
yourself onto the small island with the chest holding Bombs. Directly to the 
west is a pillar with vines on the side. Latch onto it to pull yourself up. 
Climb over onto the small ledge. Now facing the pillar, look to your right. 
There is another wall with vines. Latch onto it to be on another ledge. Now 
look to the west to see more vines on the wall. This will lead you to a door. 
Open it to be on the outside of where you were just at. To the north is a Chu 
Worm. L-Target him and pull him out with the Clawshot. Chop him up to defeat 
him. Go around to what seems to be a dead end, but not so fast! Shoot the 
stalactites off the ceiling, and use the jet stream to ride up. Now drop down 
to what seems to be another dead end ledge that you can't reach, but there is a 
Clawshot medallion above the door. Use it then open the door. In this similar 
room there are two Chu Worms, defeat them both, then use the Clawshot on the 
vines to the right side on the ceiling. Latch on, then jump down on the ledge. 
On the left from where you landed are some vines. Clawshot them to find another 
ramp. Go up until you come to a broken ledge and a waterspout. Clawshot the 
medallion on the wall when the water is down to cross. Continue up while 
defeating the Helmasaurs with the Clawshot. When you come to another ledge, 
just Clawshot the medallion. Continue until you come to another ladder. Climb 
the ladder and then pull the handle. This makes more water enter the tower. 
Now, right below where the water comes from the top is a Clawshot medallion. 
Latch on to land right in front of the chest. Open it for the COMPASS. Now jump 
over the railing and slide down the slide. You will land in the water which is 
full of Skull-fish. Quickly climb on the middle pillar and pull on the handle 
to allow water into the rest of the dungeon. If you want to waste some time, 
you can fish for the Skull-fish. CAUTION: They still will hurt you on land! Now 
exit out using the vines, but go through the door on the right (which is the 
south side). You will be in a room with a small bit of water. Swim across then 
pass through the water wheel. Now enter to the double cog room. Slay the foe in 
this room, then go over to the wall vines and climb down. You are now back in 
the lower part of this room. Now go back and Clawshot the vines on the north of 
the room. Now Clawshot the moving cog when the medallion comes by. NOTE: Make 
sure you Clawshot the eastern one. Patience on Clawshotting the right spot, but 
when you do, don't drop! Lower yourself on the small island on the southern 
part of the room. When you land, Clawshot onto the east vines where you entered 
this room to begin with. When up there, jump onto one of the moving cogs, while 
on here, jump on another cog, then Clawshot onto the ledge to enter a small 
room with a lot of water. Go to the left side and put the Iron Boots on. There 
will be a small ledge with a Bomb rock and some Bombfish. Blow up the rock and 
head through. When through, drop down again to another rock. Blow this one up 
as well. Swim up to the surface where there is a ledge and a door. Open the 
door. Clawshot the medallion on the roof to open a ledge, now lower yourself 
down in front of the large chest. Open it for the BIG KEY. Now jump in the 
water with your Iron Boots on and go through the door. Now defeat the Bari with 
your Clawshot and swim around until you get back to the entrance of the room. 
Exit out back into the cog room. Clawshot the medallions on one of the moving 
cogs, then drop down on the ledge where you found bombs. Now look to where the 
door is and fire the Clawshot to the vines. Climb up and exit through the door. 
Now back in the main room climb up the stairs to the second floor, then 
Clawshot one of the medallions on the chanelier. This will drop you in front of 
a chest holding a PIECE OF HEART. Now jump down landing on the stairs. You will 
now slide down the step to the first floor. Go around to the east side using 
the Clawshot to propell yourself over the barricade. Now you should be in front 
of the eastern first floor door. Now jump off the ledge and hold onto the 
handle. This will redirect the water. Now enter this room again. Since there 
should be water in this room now, go over to the bridge that just raised on the 
south and climb up. Cross it and then stand on the pressure switch. Out of here 
will come a Lizalfos. Defeat it then get back on the pressure switch. Now 
Clawshot the medallion on the wall to get near the chest. Openn the chest for 
the last PIECE OF HEART. Now head back into the main room. Jump down into the 
middle of this room with the water. Climb onto the ledge in the middle and go 
around until you are in front of the boss door. Open it and you can break the 
pots inside for hearts and a fairy. Now drop down the hole for the boss battle!
Drop down using the Iron Boots to land in front of a large tentacle. This will 
turn out to be the boss. Ok, back up some to avoid being swallowed then 
Clawshot the eye moving about in a random tentacle. When you pull it out, slice 
it with your sword. Repeat three times. Avoid the Bombfish he spits out. After 
that he will reveal his true form. Take off the Iron Boots and swim towards his 
eye on his back. Swim while L-Targeting, and when you are close enough, use the 
Clawshot to grab onto his eye. Unsheath your sword and stab his eye. On the 
second or third time doing this, press A to deliver the Final Blow. You will be 
rewarded with the LAST FUSED SHADOW and a HEART CONTAINER.


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